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Celebrating the 1.5 Year Reign!

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 08:48 PM #1

F 8
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F 8
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Was the first weekend events since Jare and I (F 8) returned as Event Managers, as promised we are posting aftermath media of the events! This weekend we peaked at around 1,030 players online on Sunday April 15th, 2018. I believe we have had a bit higher in the past but still a tremendous achievement, and its all thanks to you, the community. Not only did we celebrate our marvelous 1.5 year reign of being the #1 RSPS in the online gaming community, but we got to announce a new gamemode: Elite Ironman and the $500 EIM PvP Tournament that will take place on Sunday April 29th, 2018. Below will be a short recap of this week's events and some information for the Elite Ironman Mode.


Elite Ironman Update Post : http://www.alora.io/...caves-and-more/


Elite Ironman PvM / Skilling Competition 3,800 Donator Tokens in Prizes! : http://www.alora.io/...on-information/


Elite Ironman PvP Tournament $500 : http://www.alora.io/...in-cash-prizes/


$500 Elite Ironman Tournament Announcement






Weekend Events


F 8 vs Jare Clan Wars Battle



On Friday, we hosted a Clan wars event for the first time in awhile between the current Event Managers. Random players picked sides in a epic best of 3 battle. Jare's team took the first round quickly with a stomping 18 our of 24 players left alive. 2nd Round turned the tides as F 8's team came back to tie the series with 15 out of the 24 players. F 8's team in the final round won, to end the series in a intense back in forth engagement! 


Staff vs Community: Kill the King



This was our 1st time hosting a "Kill the King" event between the Staff vs Community. The 10 staff members online all received 1k~ hp and their job was to defend the "King" who had 50k hp. However i underestimated the staff teams ability and unexpectedly in the first round of this event the Staff Team actually beat the community. However we had a round 2 and as you can see we got smashed...


1.5 Year Server Drop Party



We dropped billions in items sorted into Partyhats, Bonds, Mystery boxes, Barrow sets, godwars items and much more. Most of the dropping was done on alt accounts or other staff accounts, we dropped somewhere near 8 inventorys full of items. Most of the video shows just the chaos of people running around and showing up to the event.




(Believe we peaked at around 1030 Sunday, but this is the only screenshot i have)


Once again thank you all for your contribution to our community whether it's through bug reports, suggestions, or just flat out playing the game and interacting with each other. We appreciate you, and hope you continue riding this awesome train to the tippy top with us <3

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 09:41 PM #2

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ohh alora hittin the 1k players o.o







Posted 15 April 2018 - 11:11 PM #3

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It was an amazing weekend with the release of Elite Ironman and with all these great events in between, I think they were hosted great and I’m sure many will follow, each week they’ll improve and get better, can’t wait.

Also I like this video recap of the weekend events, keep ‘er going. :D
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Posted 16 April 2018 - 05:29 AM #4


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Was a great way to release EIM and a good way to celebrate the 1.5 year anniversary.

Major props to the staff team.

Posted 17 April 2018 - 11:34 PM #5

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It was buckets of fun! I enjoyed the events! Hyped for the next ones! Also, make sure you hit those like buttons and subscribe people. Help us get the name out there!



Kind Regards


Posted 18 April 2018 - 01:40 PM #6


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I'm a bit sad that I wasn't able to attend most of the events, looked like there was alot of fun to be had!  ^_^

Great video btw :)

Posted 20 April 2018 - 05:12 AM #7

Austin Post

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Disappointed that I missed all of this, but was very enjoyable to watch back the highlights/videos, so thanks for sharing those. Fantastic to see Alora hitting 1,000 player count once again.

Best Regards,

Austin Post


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