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[February] Community Awards

5 days ago  l  King purple


Hello Alorians and welcome to the 2019 February Community Awards!


You can view the January Community Awards Result here.


I'd be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes and vote for your nominations in the February Community awards!


This thread will be up until 02/25, don't miss your chance to vote!

Good luck!  




1) Guest Accounts will not have their votes counted!

2) You must fill out the entire template provided below. If you do not have anyone to vote for please leave it blank instead of completely removing the award. This helps myself not become confused when counting votes.

3) You may NOT vote for yourself.

4) You CANNOT vote for the same person more than 6 times.

5) Any troll posts will be removed and the poster will be infracted.

6) No buying/selling or asking for votes.


Any breached rule will result in a disqualification.




Please fill out the entire template.





Best Event Manager:


Best Administrator:


Best Global Moderator:


Best Forum Moderator:


Best Server Moderator:


Best Server Support:


Most active on Discord:


Most active In-game:


Most active on Forums:


Most Respected:


Most Potential Promotion:


Funniest Staff Member:


Overall Best Staff Member:






Most Active In-game:


Most Active on Forums:


Most Active on Discord:


Most Active Overall:


Most Wealthy:


Most Addicted to Gambling:


Most Friendly:


Most Respected:


Coolest Veteran: 


Best Helper:


Best Edgeville Pker:


Best Hybrid:


Best NH Pker:


Best PvMer:


Best Raider:


Best Skiller:


Best Clan:


Best Ironman:


Best Hardcore Ironman:


Best Ultimate Ironman:


Best Elite Ironman:


Best Group ironman (Team): 


Best Classic Player:


Best GFX Designer:


Best Youtuber:


Best Streamer:


Top Overall:




Good luck!

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[12/2/19] PvP/Wilderness changes, Discord announcement bot, De-classic, Instance respawns & more!

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hotfixes [13/2/19]:

Konar task fixes: Fixed Rune dragons task from Konar (Typo, wasn't counting kills) Fixed Jelly task in Kourend catacombs Fixed the Aberrant spectre task in Kourend catacombs Fixed drops (and tested). Many times that the table was being rolled, no items were being received due to the items being quite rare and there being no guarantees to receive items.  The drop rates have been fixed, and you will always receive at least 1 item when hitting the table. Miscellaneous: Fixed problem with picked up items taking 1 longer to appear in your inventory Fixed problem with inventory 'flashing' for a second when opening the bank. Fixed Shayzien set effect with Slayer helmets. Fixed a bug with Shooting stars (same player receiving XP drops). Fire/Ice/Moss/Hill giant death times reduced (loot will appear more quickly) Zulrah fixes: Fixed Zulrah's which respawn being the incorrect colour at times Calquat tree seed drop fixed (Green cape) Wilderness GWD cave changes: The entrance area (cave with the boulder) is no longer multi-combat. There are now 2 entrances inside the GWD cave, meaning that upon entering you will end up at a different location in the cave based on which entrance you use (The jetting wall or the boulder pass). Quick prayer changes: Quick prayer no longer turns off any other prayers when toggled. For example, if your quick prayer is smite and eagle eye, but you already have protect item prayer on, it previously would turn off protect item. This should no longer happen. Discord announcement changes: Players without a profile picture will now show the default forum profile picture on announcements (rather than an empty space where the picture should be). Announcements which have no picture (eg. Skilling related, kill streaks, etc) were not appearing in the #game_news channel. This has been fixed. Brimhaven dungeon entrance / exit: When teleporting to the Brimhaven dungeon, you can now use the exit to leave and quickly end up in Brimhaven. You can also re-enter from the outside. This will help with Calquat tree farming runs, providing a quicker way to get to them. In the future, we may add a Brimhaven city teleport as well.


Hey guys,


Today's update brings some long awaited PvP and Wilderness changes which we hope you'll enjoy, as well as a ton of Slayer/Karuulm dungeon fixes and changes, a Discord announcement bot which will display in-game achievements in real time on Discord, the ability to De-classic, certain instanced bosses being able to respawn and many more bug fixes and QOL to be excited about.


Konar’s drop table changes: General changes: Fixed a bug with Konar’s drop table causing some NPCs to not have access to it. Konar's drop table is now far more common to hit. Konar's drop table will now give more items when it is hit. Loot additions: We've decided to improve the drop table to better suit Alora, so we've added the following items: Sanfew's serum (3) (noted) Battlestaves (noted) Unpowered orbs (noted) Noted food (sharks, monkfish and manta rays) Noted bars (Mithril, adamant) Herblore secondaries (noted): Chocolate bars, Snape grass, Mort myre fungus, Blue dragon scales, Bird's nests, Wine of Zamorak, Whiteberries and Potato cactus Bone experience changes: The experience given for the new bones obtained from slaying monsters in the Karuulm slayer dungeon has been increased: Wyrm bones now give 50 XP when buried. (Previously 30) Drake bones now give 80 XP when buried. (Previously 60) Hydra bones now give 110 XP when buried. (Previously 90) De-classic option: Classic players can now choose to de-classic to the normal game mode if they would like, by speaking to Paul in Edgeville. If you are within your first hour of game-time, this is free to do, but afterwards it will cost 10m GP. Any classic swords will be removed from your account upon doing this. This action is permanent and irreversible, so choose wisely before going ahead with the de-classic. Miscellaneous: The animation for cutting down Dense essence blocks has been changed to the correct one. Zulrah's 'Calquat tree seed' drop has been fixed (was a cape). Ivandis flail (custom item) changes: The animations for this item have been fixed. ( The flail is now tradable. Retribution can no longer damage players who are not in attackable areas. Removed a random 'Man' from the Catacombs of Kourend (near Abyssal demons). Shayzien armour / Slayer helmet combination: Legendary donators (and above) can now use any Slayer helmet in conjunction with the Shayzien equipment and still receive the protection bonuses from wearing the full set. Hydra changes: Hydra’s respawn time is now approximately 20 seconds rather than 60. Hydra can no longer be frozen. Poison protection from potions like anti-poison and the Serpentine helmet now reduce the damage taken from the Hydra's special poison attack.  New drops: Hydra jar This jar can be configured in your player owned house to show a Hydra display. Hydra heads The hydra heads can be used on a Slayer helmet (and the imbued variant) to create a Hydra slayer helmet. Drake changes: The Drake's fire attack can now be resisted by dragonfire protection such as the Anti-dragon shield. This will work as it does with the metal dragons.  Shooting star changes: Shooting stars will now award the first 3 players to locate it with Mining experience rather than only the 1st player. The XP is slightly reduced from what it used to give, here are the amounts for each player: Base formula (unchanged): (mining_level * 5) * game_mode_multiplier For example, for a level 99 mining ironman: (99 * 5) * 30 = 14.850 experience 1st player: 80% of previous amount 2nd player: 50% of previous amount 3rd player: 33% of previous amount Boss respawns: As a QOL update, to prevent you from having to teleport home and return to the instanced area, many instanced bosses will now respawn after being killed: Zulrah will now respawn indefinitely, with a 20 second respawn timer. Cerberus will now respawn indefinitely, with a 20 second respawn timer. Kraken will now respawn indefinitely, with a 20 second respawn timer. Bone fixes: Wyrm/Drake bones now restore 3 prayer points if buried while wearing a Dragonbone necklace. Hydra bones now restore 4 prayer points if buried while wearing a Dragonbone necklace. Kourend Catacbombs fix: All bones will now provide the prayer point restoration if buried in the Catacombs of Kourend, even if you aren’t wearing a Dragonbone necklace. Slayer changes: Removed impossible tasks from Konar’s list: Taverley Greater demon Taverley Fire giant Fixed tasks: The Waterbirth dagannoths task from Konar is now fixed. Fixed error message: When having a location-based Slayer task and killing any other monster, you would receive the following message: You must slay this creature in the <area_name>. This message will now only appear if you are attempting to slay your assigned monster (eg. Abyssal demon) in the wrong location (in Slayer Tower rather than Catacombs which is assigned). Slayer helmet (i) and other item effects fixed on Konar’s tasks. Monster changes: Hydra / wyrms maximum attack distance increased by 2 steps (from 6 to 8 steps away) to prevent safe-spotting. Pet drop announcement fix: Receiving a pet from a boss (eg. Ikkle Hydra) was still announcing it without showing the kildcount, this has been fixed. Karuulm Slayer dungeon changes: Alchemical Hydra shortcut: A shortcut from the main room in the Karuulm Slayer dungeon can take you closer to the Alchemical Hydra, bypassing the regular Hydra room. To enter the mysterious pipe shortcut, you must have at least level 88 Agility. Legendary donator perk: If you are a Legendary donator, you will no longer take damage in the Karuulm slayer dungeon if you are not wearing protective footwear. You'll be able to go in there without equipment and not take any damage. Raids 1 reward changes: Dragon thrownaxes, Dragon swords and Dragon harpoons have been removed from the Chambers of Xeric rare drop table. The chance of hitting rates is still exactly the same, you'll just have more of a chance to receive another item from the rare loot table rather than these 3 (improved loot overall considering this). Last man standing changes: The Dragon Warhammer can now be obtained within the arena. This weapon can be obtained from any chest, and is not limited to using a Bloody key. Collection log updates: Skilling pets: Phoenix pet has been added. Hydra tab: Hydra jar has been added. Hydra heads have been added. Yell update: The yells of players who have Ex-staff as their primary rank will now contain any applicable icons based on your secondary ranks. For example, if you are a Classic mode player, the classic icon will appear next to your yell. If you are a Master donator, then the master donator icon will appear next to your yell. Friend's list update: Upon request, the size of the friends list has been updated from 200 players to 300. Saradomin Godwars Dungeon updates: Commander Zilyana: A bug was allowing Commander Zilyana to hit through Magic protection prayer. This will no longer occur, and she will hit 0 if you have the correct prayer up. Catacombs of Kourend updates: Certain NPCs in the catacombs can 'walk through' each other, and pile up on the same tile. For example, if you are fighting Abyssal demons here, you will now be able to stack many of them on the same tile, and ice barrage / chinchompa them easily on the same stack. Previously, they would all have to take up a separate tile and could not occupy the same tile. Affected NPCs: Abyssal demons Dust devils Nechryaels Farming updates: Calquat seeds are now plantable! There is only 1 Calquat patch in Alora, and that is in the forest north of Tai Bwo Wannai. ( Requires level 72 Farming 129 experience for planting, 12,096 experience for harvesting. Fully growing the tree takes around 21 hours.




PvP/Combat/Wilderness Changes: (Thanks to @[member="Kitty is bad"] for the compiled list) Item switching improvements: Switching between equipment should feel smoother, with less timing differences between the items being equipped (they'll show up on your character at the same time if you get them all in the same tick). Combat accuracy formula changes: We've made some changes to the combat formula to match it more closely to OSRS's formula: Magic accuracy has been slightly improved, leading to less splashing in combat. Ranged accuracy has been slightly reduced, allowing people to more effectively tank against range. Ranged combat distance fix: The # of steps from which you can attack other players or monsters varies with each ranged weapon, and Alora’s system wasn’t matching OSRS’s. Certain weapons such as blowpipes and knives are now much more short-ranged weapons, as they should be. We’ve updated to use the following: Darts: Normal: 3 Long range: 5 Knives / throwing axes: Normal: 4 Long range: 6 Blowpipe: Normal: 5 Long range: 7 Shortbows: Normal: 7 Long range: 9 Crossbows: Normal: 7 (8 if ACB) Long range: 9 (8 if ACB) Longbows: Normal: 7 Long range: 10 Seercull: Normal: 8 Long range: 10 Ballistas / Chinchompas / 3rd age bow: Normal: 9 Long range: 10 Crystal bow / Dark bow / Ogre bow / Twisted bow: Normal: 10 Long range: 10 Food/potion changes: Max HP fix: If you eat an Anglerfish it can take you up to 121hp, but if you drink a brew after this it would reduce you to 115hp (max for brews). Drinking a brew will no longer reduce you from your current hitpoints. Pot-blocking: After drinking a potion (or brew), there should be a delay before you can eat any food. This delay was non-existent on Alora. There will now be a delay, but you can still go from eating food to drinking a potion with zero delay. This means that you must eat/drink in the correct order (food first, then potion/brew) to get around this delay (as it is in OSRS). Ancient teleport tablets: Ancient teleport tablets have been added to the Grand Supply Shop to allow for more convenient navigation around the wilderness: Annakarl, Carrallangar, Dareeyak, Ghorrock, Kharyrll, Lassar, Paddewwa and Senntisten teleport tablets Magic skillcape: The Magic skillcape now allows you to swap your spellbook (to any spellbook that you have already unlocked) up to 5 times per day. This allows you to potentially swap from ancients to the modern spellbook to tele-block while in the wilderness. This timer starts as soon as you use it, and resets 24 hours later. For example, if you use it at 2:00 PM, you can use it up to 4 more times before 2:00 PM the next day. Wilderness changes: PJ Timer changes: The PJ timer after being in combat with an NPC in the wilderness has been reduced, allowing other players to attack you earlier after combat with an NPC. Hotzone changes: Black chinchompa hotzone has now been added to the rotation of zones. NPC changes: Zombies animations in certain areas were very buggy and caused the NPCs to appear as if they were hitting you from very far away. This has been fixed. GWD cave: The GWD cave now has a main entrance area which you must go through before ending up in the GWD area. This area can act as a buffer between yourself and players who are tailing you, allowing you to escape more easily, as there is a boulder to squeeze through in the area. Ancient mace: The Ancient mace has been added to the PK Point Exchange for 1,500 PK points! The Ancient mace requires level 15 attack and 25 prayer to wield. If lost on death, it can be reclaimed from the lost item shop for 125k. This mace has a special attack which drains the opponent's prayer points for 100% of the damage you hit, and restores your prayer by the same amount. It also ignores melee protection prayer.



Store changes: PvP mystery box removal: The PvP mystery box has been removed from the store. The items that were originally obtainable from this box can now be found in the Super mystery box. (See below) Super mystery box updates: Loot additions: All PvP armour (Vesta, Statius, Zuriel, Morrigan's) are now possible rewards.  Weapon are in the Extremely rare loot section. Equipment is in the Rare loot section. Dragon warhammers are now a possible reward. (Extremely rare loot) Prayer scrolls can are now a possible reward. (Extremely rare loot) Instance token pack (10 tokens) are now a possible reward. (Rare loot) Drop boosters and Pet boosters are now a possible reward. (Common loot) The amount is randomized between 2-5 scrolls.  Other changes: Barrows sets are now less likely to be obtained.



Discord bot: A new discord channel (game_news) has been created, and will list in-game announcements in real-time! No longer will you have to be in-game to check out the latest drops or achievements in the community. The channel will list the same news that is announced in-game. All of the in-game details will be shown, as well as the forum profile picture of the player, and their username will be a link to their forum profile as well. There will also be an item icon image (if applicable) for the drop. For certain announcements, such as maxing out a skill, different icons will also be shown. Lastly, the color on the announcement is based on your rank colour (for example, as a Legendary donator, your Discord announcements will have a purple color).
















Enjoy! :)




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Alora Newspaper 2/4/2019

2 weeks ago  l  Dante


Hello everyone, welcome to this month's edition to the Alora Newspaper!


This is our first newspaper of 2019, and I wish everyone a great year 


full of new possibilities!



Rule #12 had a small change.






Date & time of updated rule: January 2nd, 2019Updated section: Rule #12: Gambling/Scams/Refunds (Disconnects, Donations etc.)Time or date that the updated rule(s) will be put into effect: ImmediatelyPart(s) added, changed or removed: Highlighted in YELLOW




12. Gambling/Scams/Refunds (Disconnects, Donations etc.)

 • a. Scammers will be punished severely with a permanent ban on their first offense, followed up by an IP-Ban on their second offense. Scammed members will not be refunded because we provide effective methods to avoid being scammed, such as using a middleman (server support, moderator, administrator etc.). Please note that we do not accept photo-reports of members being scammed. One must provide video evidence, or it will not be handled.   • b. Disconnections will not be refunded.• c. Donations will only be refunded if the player has not been given their items or position (forums, server) after 72 hours; otherwise, a refund is not required. Items that have been claimed through our donation system will not be refunded.• d. Reset of the server and/or forums will be refunded if the player has posted valid proof of their purchase in 'Donations' board; otherwise, a refund is not required.   - Gamble scams will be refunded if the user has proper proof as stated above.   - Changing agreed-upon rules or switching weapons (Staff of the dead + spec in a dds fight) in a duel is considered scamming regardless of who wins the duel.   • e. Glitch refunds will only be refunded if the member has enough proof and has proof of containing the items prior to the occurrence of the glitch. Note that if Omicron does not see the proof as satisfactory, it can be declined and a refund will not be issued.





12. Gambling/Scams/Refunds (Disconnects, Donations etc.)

 • a. Scammers will be punished severely with a permanent ban on their first offense, followed up by an IP-Ban on their second offense. Scammed members will not be refunded because we provide effective methods to avoid being scammed, such as using a middleman (server support, moderator, administrator etc.). Please note that we do not accept photo-reports of members being scammed. One must provide video evidence, or it will not be handled.   • b. Disconnections will not be refunded.• c. Donations will only be refunded if the player has not been given their items or position (forums, server) after 72 hours; otherwise, a refund is not required. Items that have been claimed through our donation system will not be refunded.• d. Reset of the server and/or forums will be refunded if the player has posted valid proof of their purchase in 'Donations' board; otherwise, a refund is not required.   - Gamble scams will be refunded if the user has proper proof as stated above.   - Changing agreed-upon rules or switching weapons (Staff of the dead + spec in a dds fight) in a duel is considered scamming regardless of who wins the duel.   • e. Glitch refunds will only be refunded if the member has enough proof and has proof of containing the items prior to the occurrence of the glitch. Note that if Omicron does not see the proof as satisfactory, it can be declined and a refund will not be issued.


• f. The only people who are allowed to be Middle-Manning or Hosting (this includes FPing) are Staff Members or those who hold a rank in the Gamble CC (refer to the Gamble thread here for more information). Anyone caught doing so without a rank will be punished accordingly with a wipe of all wealth gained from the incident as well as a 24 hour ban, followed by a 48 hour ban, and finally a permanent ban.



Brief explanation: This rule has been in place for a while via the Gamble thread. However it was never concrete in the Official Rules, so this should clear that up. Please refer to the Gamble thread here for more information.


Keep up to date with our rules & full list can be found by clicking HERE!




Since the last Newspaper [member=Omicron] has released 2 updates during the month of December! These updates include changes to the Classic game mode, 3rd age, LMS improvements, a brand new holiday quest, and a HUGE Giveaway that includes irl prizes! Make sure you get your tickets to enter today!


Huge thank you to [member="Omicron"] for being a beast!




12/01/2019 Update



Hey guys,


We’re extremely excited to announced that Group Ironman is now live! I’d like to deeply apologize for the significant delay from the announced release time, unfortunately we were not able to meet the deadline while still ensuring that the update was ready to be pushed. I know that many of of you were prepared a few hours ago, and I thank you for your patience since then! Our priority is ensuring that there aren’t any major bugs in new updates, and we’ve taken some extra time for this one considering it is a larger update. Nonetheless, the new game mode is ready to be played, and you can hop right into it! We’ve also included some other cool updates such as the Collection log and some much needed Theatre of Blood updates that we hope you’ll appreciate!



Group Ironman (team) mode is now available! Group Ironman is a new game mode designed for Ironman who have more than one friend that they’d like to partner up with. Here are the details: Experience rate: 6x base rate This rate is slightly faster than Elite Ironman mode (4x) and Classic mode (5x), but not as fast as Hardcore Ironman mode (8x). We think that this is a nice fit for the game mode, as it provides a challenging experience rate, yet it isn’t the most challenging for those of you who simply want to play as part of a group and not be on the most difficult game mode (Elite). Experience bonuses: The same limitations of the Elite game mode apply to GIMs. Typical XP bonuses such as the Well of Goodwill will give 50% of the usual bonus (15% rather than 30%), and Vote books can only be opened once every 12 hours. Group feature: A requested feature not only on Alora, but on OSRS as well, the Group feature will allow you to form a group of 4 other players to join you on your adventure. Your team mates are the only other players you could trade with, and are permanent. Once you reach 5 players total, no new players can be added to the team (or removed). There is no time limit for when you can add players to the team, but once the team is full no changes can be made. You can use the Group Ironman Orb in the house west of Edgeville to configure your team. Highscores: (**The Highscores for Group Ironman will be available within 24 hours**) Vote books: You can only open a vote book once every 12 hours. You cannot open another vote book if you still have bonus XP. Bonds/donations: Bonds are the only item you can transfer from your main to your GIM. The same donation rules that apply to other ironmen/classics apply to GIM (mostly cosmetic only). Clan chat: “Group” clan chat will be auto-joined for GIM players (if not already full). Gold: Similar to Elites, Group Ironmen receive half the usual gold. Bloody keys: Although the poll results were very close, we’ve decided to block GIMs from picking up Bloody keys, at least for the first little while. We very well may allow these to be looted in the near future, though. De-ironing: At the moment, de-ironing is not a possibility for Group Ironmen. This is due to the fact that teams are final, and once 5 players have formed a team it is something that should be permanent. 



Miscellaneous: Spiky d’hide vambraces now all have the correct Ranged level requirements. Fixed some pink pixels that would sometimes flash around the inventory area (visual bug) Fixed a typo when receiving rare loot from a clue scroll (news yell) Default clan chat changes: Upon attempting to enter the “Alora” clan chat, if it is full you will be redirected to a “Help” channel (eg. “Help” or “Help1”). Random events will no longer affect players in the Wilderness, due to them freezing the player and cancelling out combat. The Antisanta outfit is now tradable. (Custom set) KOTS winners from December added to the PvM Cup: (1. Unknown, 2. Sololite, 3. 2 Ridiculous) Mist battlestaff stand and attack animations have been fixed. Mist battlestaff requirements (30 attack 30 magic) have been added. Items such as the Arcane spirit shield will no longer protect over the Elysian spirit shield. Woodcutting improvements: The 3rd age axe can now be used to chop trees. Cutting speed changes: The rate at which you get logs from a tree will now be significantly based on the type of axe you use, with Dragon / 3rd age pickaxes being the fastest to chop with. This won’t bring much change unless you’re using a bad axe. For example, if you’ve been using a Dragon axe to cut Magic logs, you won’t see much of a difference in the rate at which you obtain logs. If you’ve been using a Bronze axe, though, you’ll definitely notice that it takes longer to successfully obtain logs. Christmas removals: The following have been removed from Alora: Christmas event Snow Christmas tree + snowfall objects Christmas giveaway + Haris NPC Abyssal dagger poison: You can now use weapon poison on the Abyssal dagger to convert it to the (p), (p+) or (p++) version. Special attack energy orb: An orb has been added to show you how much special attack energy you currently have. This orb will be hidden along with all the others if you toggle the “Data orbs” setting. Theatre of Blood loot changes: Passage changes: When going through a passage, usually HP and Prayer are restored (as well as any lowered combat skills). We’ve also made it so that special attack energy and run energy is restored, and any poison is cured upon passing through to the next room. Loot changes: We’ve changed the way in which you receive rare loot in the Theatre of Blood, making it more similar to OSRS. Firstly, the rate of obtaining any rare drop from doing a raid has increased across the board by approximately 17%. Aside from this, and being the most major change, we’re changing the percentage chance of obtaining each rare item once you have already hit the rare loot table. The Scythe of Vitur will become much more rare, and certain items (Avernic defender, for example) are becoming much more common. With that being said, these are the approximate percentages of landing each item after this update: 43.5% - Avernic defender 34.8% - Justiciar piece (11.6% chance for each piece) 10.1% - Sanguinesti staff 7.9% - Ghrazi rapier 3.7% - Scythe of Vitur The visual chart below will show you these percentages more clearly. This was calculated based on OSRS rates, but the only difference is that we’ve made all of the Justiciar pieces the same % rate (11.6%) and removed 1% chance from the defender. We have not changed the rate of obtaining Lil’ Zik. Collection Log: The Collection log has been added! You can access your own collection log through the Quest tab, by clicking on the “View Collection Log” button. The collection log tracks your drops from bosses, pets you’ve obtained, minigame items you’ve earned, raids loot, clue loot, slayer unlocks and more!  Any items that are already obtained by you and are untradable will already be counted in the Collection log, but any tradable items (Eg. Abyssal whip) will not show up from previous drops. This is necessary as we can’t be sure whether or not the items that are currently in-game were earned or purchased from other players, and the collection log is designed to only track and count loot that you have earned yourself. To make it fair for everyone, all game modes are starting at the same place (only untradables are unlocked). We’ve attempted to identify combination items as well, for example the Dragon defender (g) will unlock the Dragon defender on first log on. Another example is that if you have the Vorkath slayer helmet, it will unlock Vorkath’s head drop in your collection log. Welcome screen upgrade: Clickable buttons: The email block (top right) can now be clicked to open up your forum inbox. The store/token block (bottom right) can now be clicked to open up the store on the website. Hovers: Both the email block, store block and the “Click here to play” buttons will now all light up when you hover your mouse over them. Well of Goodwill fee increase: Since Alora launched over 2 years ago, we’ve had the same cost for the Well of Goodwill, which is 25m GP per 90 minutes. Considering that the economy is quite established, and 25m is not as costly as it was on launch, we’re raising this amount to 100m GP. We’d like for the well to be more expensive so that the donations stand out and are more appreciated, and there is the added benefit of the extra gold being removed from the game will have a positive effect on the economy. With this change, the announcement for big donations to the well has been increased from 2.5m to 10m. To encourage players to donate items into the well more often, we’re increasing the amount of GP that items are worth to the well by 50%. This means that instead of the item being worth half of the exchange price when donating it, it will be worth 75% of the exchange price. Skill tab update: When hovering over a skill, the numbers will now be formatted. For example Firemaking XP:  100000 -> Firemaking XP: 1,000,000 When hovering over a skill, you will now be shown the amount of XP remaining until your next level.




Forum updates: A partner request sub-forum has been added for players looking for a duo partner for Elite Ironman, or a group for Group Ironman. This is listed under the General Discussion forum.




27/01/2019 Update



Hotfixes: (27/01/19)


Considering the scale of the previous update, there were bound to be a few bugs. Thankfully, you guys were great at reporting them quickly and I’ve been working hard to patch them up as quickly as possible. Here are the latest fixes and updates, Hydra should feel much smoother and more similar to OSRS now   :)

  Slayer tasks: Slayer points will now be deducted for cancelling Konar’s Slayer tasks, the absolute minimum deduction (assuming Super donator status) is 3 points to cancel one of her tasks. Slayer helmet, and other damage/accuracy enhancing equipment will now work on Konar’s tasks. Konar’s tasks that did not deduct / add XP have been fixed. Obtaining a task you shouldn’t be able to (eg. Catacomb Abyssal demons at level 30 Slayer) should no longer happen from Konar’s tasks. General: It should be easier to log in to the server following an update. There are many players attempting to log in during the first few minutes of a server reboot, which slows things down and makes it difficult to get online. We’ve tweaked the login system a bit to be able to get more players in without trouble. Alchemical Hydra: Fight mechanics: Prayer now blocks 100% of damage for Ranged/Magic attacks. The distance which the shock attack travels has been reduced by 1 step. The distance which the “tracking fire” attack travels has been reduced by 1 step. Attack timing slightly tweaked, previously special attacks would count as 1 attack and mess up the order. For example, the first phase should attack 3x mage, 3x range, 3x mage, 1x special, then back to 3x range, then restart the loop. Instead of going back to 3x range after the special, it would count the special as an attack and only hit twice with range. Tweak #2: The timing of the special attacks will always be after the first 3 attacks on each phase. Fire phase: You will now be locked into the side/corner which you are in when the fire wall is constructed, and can not leave this area until the wall is taken down. Fixed a bug which caused Hydra to get stuck in the centre of the room. At the start of each phase, Hydra has 75% more defence than usual. You usually need to lure Hydra over the correct pool of acid to reduce it’s defences, and then the rest of that phase your damage on it will be normal. This was bugged, as you needed to keep Hydra near the pool for the entire phase. You no longer need to do this, and should only have to have it near the pool once per phase (“watch the for “Roaaaar” message above Hydra’s head). Gray/final phase: Will always start first attack with the opposite of the last attack style of the previous phase, switches every attack (had phase). General: Respawn: Hydra will now respown after approximately 60 seconds. Dragon hunter crossbow / Dragon hunter lance both now apply their damage/accuracy increases when fighting the Alchemical Hydra, and the regular Hydras. When entering the lair, the requirements were flipped (if you had a Hydra task, you wouldn’t be let in). You now must have a Hydra task to enter the Alchemical hydra lair. Drops: Hydra’s eye/fang/heart will now announce over yell when received as a drop. Players will no longer receive doubles of an item if they are missing other pieces of the items required to create the Brimstone ring. The order players receive the items in are: Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang and finally Hydra's heart. If you have all 3 already in your bank/inventory, you will receive a random piece, but if you are missing one, you will receive the piece that you require. Fixed the pet announce as “Hydra1” rather than “Ikkle Hydra” Karuulm Slayer dungeon: The task-only areas for these bosses can now properly be entered if you are on the correct task. Wyrms: Pure essence drops are now noted. Sulphur lizards: Can now be attacked, and are aggressive. Miscellaneous: Using Wyrm/Drake/Hydra bones on an altar will now work as intended.


Hey guys,


Today’s update brings a whole bunch of new content for you to keep busy with, including a new Slayer master with unique tasks, an entirely new Slayer dungeon with 5 new monsters to slay, as well as a challenging boss to defeat and rewards to obtain. We initially planned to release Hydra by itself last weekend, but decided to take some extra time to develop the entire slayer system and dungeon, and properly implement this update. This way, we’re able to give you guys a larger, more enjoyable update and hopefully the extra time we’ve taken has allowed us to filter through the bugs. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it:


Miscellaneous: Rare drop scroll effect on Barrows loot fixed. You will be notified when this scroll affects your loot (as in other areas of the game). The level 145 Dark warriors in the Dark Warriors’ Fortress had the same HP and max hit as the level 8 warriors and were giving too many Slayer points. They have been fixed and now have 137 hit points and a max hit of 18. Fixed the ‘0’ amount showing up next to items on certain interfaces (certain shops, skill guide interfaces, etc). The only place this is intended to show up is in the GIM Bank where it is worthwhile knowing that you have 0 of a certain item. A bug which caused stackable items (eg. Coins) to merge with an existing coin stack on the floor and then quickly disappear (due to the old stack expiring) has been fixed. The merging of the two item stacks will now reset the expiration timer. Group Ironman can still loot pieces to create Bloody keys for the time being, but cannot open the chest at the moment. Fixed Ahrim’s pieces not protecting over items of lower value (eg. Barrows gloves). If a player is a Veteran and also a Super donator, it would show the wrong donator icon over yell (regular donator icon). This has been fixed. The Dragon hunter crossbow dragon effect no longer works on Revenant dragons. Ground loot changes: A bug which caused some of your own loot to not be able to be picked as an Ironman has been fixed. Here’s how it worked: If another player kills a monster and it drops Big bones, then you kill a monster on the same tile and it also drops big bones, you might not have been able to pick up either of the bones as the server would think you were picking up the other player’s bones. This should now be fixed, with the server prioritizing your own loot, or your EIM partner’s loot, or your GIM group’s loot, over another random player’s loot. Highscores: Group Ironman highscores are now available! You can choose to view the top teams, or the top individual players. When viewing teams, you’ll be able to see the team names, player names, average total level, average total XP, and average combat level. The teams are ranked primarily by average total level, and if two teams have an equal average total level, then the one with the higher average total experience will be ranked higher. Mining update: Similar to last week’s update with Woodcutting, the Mining skill has now been updated to factor in the type of pickaxe you are using. Your mining speed will be affected by your pickaxe, meaning that using a Dragon pickaxe will allow you to mine ores far more quickly than a bronze pickaxe. If you’ve been using a decent pickaxe already, you won’t see much difference in your mining speed, but if you’ve been using a bronze pickaxe you will notice that it takes significantly longer to mine ores. Thieving update: Thieving from the Cake stall will now yield Chocolate bars at a 1/15 chance (for Ironman Heblore training). Elite Ironman / Group Ironman armour sets: Respectively coloured Ironman armour sets for the Group/Elite ironman modes are now available! For Elite ironman, this means that a gold armour set can now be obtained. For Group ironman, this means that a blue armour set can now be obtained. Notes: If you have any regular Ironman sets in your bank/inventory/equipped, they will be replaced with the correct set for your game mode. If you speak to Paul, you can obtain the new armour set. Group Ironman changes: General changes: Bones on altar XP in player-owned-houses: You can now receive bonus experience when using your bones on the altar of a POH owned by a player in your group. Previously, you would only get bonus XP in your own POH. Group Ironman shared bank changes: The shared bank will no longer “cut off” at the bottom if you have many items stored. This bank now functions as more of a true bank, with items you deposit acting as stackable items at all times. For example, if you deposit 10 unnoted whips, they won’t take up 10 spots, they’ll stack together as they would in your personal bank. Auto tab-switching: If you are depositing a “stock” item, (eg. A Shark, which is in the food tab) you will be switched to the correct tab upon depositing it rather than depositing to the main tab. If you are depositing an item that doesn’t fit into a stock (eg. Rune plate body) and you are on a stock tab, you will be taken back to the main tab. “Shifting” of items: Upon withdrawing items, the other items will shift to fill the empty slot. Private chat split: Private chat is now split by default for new players. Collection log changes: Many NPC drops (particularly those that don’t show up over announcements) were not being included in the collection log. This has been fixed. Barrows loot was not being counted properly, this has been fixed. Players who previously had a Rock golem that was coloured may not have had it logged in their collection log. We’ve fixed this for future cases, and if it happened to you please open a support thread and we’ll add the item for you manually. Included in this update is a tweak for Rock golem pet insurance, which fixed the pets having to be individually insured after using an ore on it. Insuring one rock golem should now insure any colour you change it to. The smoke devil pet was not correctly being counted at all, this has been fixed. The Elder maul and Kodai wand had the wrong item ids and were not properly being counted. This has been fixed. Ranger boots have been added to the Medium clue loot list. They were already a possible reward ingame, they simply were not on the list. The House pet will now show up under the Skilling pets (rather than simply in the Misc. pets tab. Obtaining an item (Specifically an Onyx) from Crystal chests, Shooting stars and Bird’s nests will now add it to your Collection log. Vorkath changes: You will no longer be able to splash on the Zombified spawn that Vorkath summons if using Crumble undead, even if you have a very low magic bonus. Crumble undead will guarantee that you kill the spawn in 1 hit 100% of the time. Pet broadcasts have been added! Many pets were not being broadcast, or were being broadcast incorrectly. Changes: Boss pets: Many boss pets simply don’t get announced, as NPC drops are only announced if they have value (pets don’t have a value attached to them). They will now announce as they should, with the killcount of the boss being displayed. Skilling pets: Skilling pets typically do announce, but they don’t show the experience at which the player received the drop. The XP for the corresponding skill will now be shown, if applicable. Eg. “Sheep has received a Beaver at 65.9m Woodcutting XP!” Affected pets: Rock golem, Rocky, Herbi, Rift guardian, Desert phoenix, Tangleroot, Baby chinchompa, Heron, Giant squirrel, Beaver, House pet Mini-game pets: Most of these were unchanged, for example the Raids pets always announce. The Inferno/Fight cave pets will now show the killcount which they were received at. Rare drop announcements over yell: Items which will no longer be announced: Leaf-bladed weapons All drops from the city of TzHaar (Weapons starting with Tzhaar or Toktz) Dragon battleaxe Clue hunter equipment Items added to yell: Mutagen drops Slayer changes: Some Slayer effects (eg. Damage boost for Slayer helmet) for Wilderness tasks were not being applied properly. This has been fixed for all affected Wilderness tasks.




Karuulm Slayer dungeon: A new Slayer dungeon with brand new enemies is now available! Dungeon: The dungeon contains 3 levels — each with many different creatures to slay. (See map below) First level: Hydras (includes a task-only room) Wyrms (62 Slayer required) (includes a task-only room) Alchemical Hydra (95 Slayer required) (boss — see below) Middle level: Drakes (84 Slayer required) (includes a task-only room) Greater demons Sulphur lizards (44 Slayer required) Upper level: Fire giants Hellhounds Note: Venturing into any part of the dungeon past the first chamber (any part with monsters in it) will require foot protection — if you are not wearing any of the following boots, you will take constant damage while in the dungeon: (a warning is issued before entering these areas) Boots of stone Boots of brimstone Granite boots Cannons cannot be used here. New Slayer master: Konar quo Maten, the slayer master who is located atop Mount Karuulm, can now assign you unique new tasks. You must have a combat level of 75 to obtain tasks from Konar. Unique assignments: Unlike other Slayer masters, Konar’s assignments must be defeated in the location of her choosing. If you kill the assigned monster in the wrong location, it will not count towards your task. You will receive 25% more Slayer points and experience than your typical Slayer task, but skipping tasks is never completely free with Konar, even if you are a donator. Konar’s drop table: Aside from the specified task locations, Konar’s tasks all have a chance of obtaining loot from Konar’s drop table. This drop table, similar to the Rare Drop Table that many NPCs on Alora have access to, may contain some valuable supplies. All assigned tasks by Konar have a chance to hit this drop table, but the higher the combat level, the higher the chance of landing on it. You will receive a purple chatbox message when hitting this drop table. Example items: (Full drop table screenshot below) 2-3 Magic seeds 120-160 Magic logs 40-160 Dragon dart tips Dusk Mystic robes (new recolour) Access: You can use the Teleport interface and navigate to the bottom of the Dungeons menu to teleport here. New items: Dragon hunter lance: A one-handed weapon which increases both accuracy and damage by 20% when fighting dragons (excluding revenant dragons) and other draconic creatures, such as wyverns and the Great Olm. Created by using a Hydra claw on a Zamorakian hasta. Requires 70 Attack to equip. Boots of stone: Slayer equipment worn in the foot slot. These can protect your feet within the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Purchasable from any Slayer master. A Slayer level of 44 is required to wear them. Boots of brimstone: Created by using Drake’s claw to Boots of stone. A Slayer level of 44, along with level 70 in Defence, Magic and Ranged is required to wear them. Devout boots: Created by using Drake’s tooth on a pair of Holy sandals. Requires 60 Prayer to equip. Brimstone ring: Created by combining Hydra’s eye, fang and heart. When casting combat spells while wearing this ring, it has a 25% chance to ignore 10% of the target’s magic defence. Bonecrusher necklace: Created by combining the Dragonbone necklace, Hydra tail and Bonecrusher. Combines the effects of the Bonecrusher and Dragonbone necklace. Reclaimable for 500k GP if lost on death. Dragon knives: The most powerful type of throwing knife, required 60 Ranged to equip. The dragon knife has a special attack which consumes 25% special energy and throws 2 knives at once. This attack is similar to the Dragon dagger special attack, but without the increase in accuracy and damage. Dragon hasta: A one-handed hasta which requires 60 Attack to wear, obtained from the monsters in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Has a special attack which causes the next attack to have a 5% boost in damage, and a 2.5% boost in accuracy for every 5% of special attack energy used. For example, a player with 100% special attack energy who performs the special attack will cause their next attack to have 100% increased accuracy and a damage boost of 50%. Ferocious gloves: These can by created by using Hydra leather on the machinery outside of Hydra’s room Requires 80 Attack and Defence to equip. Reclaimable for 500k GP if lost on death. Bones: With the introduction of new creatures we bring new types of bones. Wyrm bones offer 30 Prayer XP, Drake bones offer 60 Prayer XP and Hydra bones offer 90 Prayer XP (both Hydras and the Alchemical Hydra drop these). These bones would work in the usual way with other features like the Gilded altar. Alchemical Hydra: The Alchemical Hydra is a challenging new boss that can be fought within the Karuulm Slayer dungeon. Upon entering the instanced room, you’ll be faced with a much larger version of the regular Hydra which changes colours and phases through different attacks as you weaken it by chopping off it’s heads. Strategy: Hydra attacks with both Ranged and Magic, switching styles in a predictable pattern every 3 attacks. The Hydra will change phases during the fight as follows: 100% HP - Green phase Hits up to 17, and uses a special poison attack. (50% more damage if on wrong vent) 75% HP - Blue phase Hits up to 35, and uses a special lightning attack. (50% more damage if on wrong vent) 50% HP - Red phase Hits up to 35, and uses a special fire wall attack. (50% more damage if on wrong vent) 25% HP - Gray phase Deals 50% more damage (up to 52) and has a 75% damage reduction which cannot be removed. It is important to note that the Hydra has a 75% damage reduction by default, which can only be removed by luring it over one of the vents in the room (opposite of its current colour/style). Green form -> red vent Blue form -> green vent Red form -> blue vent Gray form -> you will not be able to lure the Hydra over any vent in this phase. If you lure it over the wrong vent, it will have 50% increased damage towards you. This damage increase is permanently on when the Hydra reaches the penultimate (gray) form. Notable Drops: Hydra bones (x2) (always) Bury these bones for 90 experience. Ikkle Hydra A pet which can metamorph between all 4 phases/colours of the Alchemical Hydra. Hydra’s eye, fang and heart (3 separate drops, ~1/161 chance for each) Combine these to create the Brimstone ring. Hydra’s tail (~1/403 chance) Combines with Dragonbone necklace and Bonecrusher to create Bonecrusher necklace. Hydra’s leather (~1/403 chance) Used to create Ferocious gloves. Hydra’s claw (~1/806 chance) Combine with Zamorakian hasta to create Dragon hunter lance Dragon knife Dragon thrownaxe Notes: You will always receive two guaranteed drops. You must be on a Hydra Slayer task to enter the area. Cannons cannot be used here. The drops for the Alchemical Hydra have been added to the Collection log.



If you want to check out the entire update list, click HERE!


Over the last month, there have been some changes to the staff team, you can see them below:


Staff updates as of January 16th, 20th and 28th:





[member=Paine] has been promoted to Global Moderator.

[member=Mhk] has been promoted to Global Moderator.

[member=To gain] has been promoted to Forum Moderator.

[member=Kaamea] has returned as Forum Moderator.

[member=Not Swagy] has been promoted to Server Moderator.

[member=IM Moe] has returned as Server Moderator.

[member=Moral Truth] has been promoted to Server Moderator.

[member=EIM Django] has been promoted to Server Moderator.

[member=DB Aspect] has been promoted to Server Support.

[member=Iron Champie] has been promoted to Server Support.

[member=Doofy] has been promoted to Server Support.





[member=Draisaitl] has resigned from Administrator.

[member=Smiv] has resigned from Forum Moderator.

[member=Elite Sheets] has resigned from Server Support.





[member=EIM 1Gp] has been demoted.

[member=Iron Aritus] has been demoted.

[member=Doctor Drew] has been demoted and banned.



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This month I will be interviewing [member="Kaamea"] who has returned to the team

and our CM, Chief of Head Waxing, Alora Safety Administrator, [member="Lowkey"]!



Hello, [member="Kaamea"]



[member=Dante]: How does it feel being the Head-Veteran of Alora? What do your duties entail?



[member=Kaamea]: It honestly feels great to have such a great title which has such a big purpose, because self-promote is a beautiful thing.



[member=Dante]: Since you have come back to the staff-team and have other duties, is there someone else who is going to be considered the 'Head-Veteran'?

    [member=Kaamea]: I will be passing the status to fellow countryman [member=inferno]...    

[member=Dante]: What was the most enjoyable part during your hiatus in terms of being staff?

    [member=Kaamea]: Probably when I was promoted to Global Moderator made so many things easier and was able to vote on so many things as well.    

[member=Dante]: If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance of winning a medal for?

    [member=Kaamea]: Probably Counter Strike Source, because I love e-sports and that is game that I did grind a lot when I was a kid.    

[member=Dante]: When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

    [member=Kaamea]: Usually ask to lend money, because I am known as someone who likes to save their money.    

[member=Dante]: If you suddenly became a master at woodworking, what would you make?

    [member=Kaamea]: Probably a boat, so I would be able to go fishing.    

[member=Dante]: What age do you wish you could permanently be? Why?

    [member=Kaamea]: Probably 25 old enough to drink and able to make own decision.    

[member=Dante]: If you had unlimited funds to build a house that you would live in for the rest of your life, what would the finished house be like?

    [member=Kaamea]: Probably something similar to this. [spoiler] [/spoiler]    

[member=Dante]: What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to it?



[member=Kaamea]: Start investing in stocks.  


[member=Dante]: What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

    [member=Kaamea]: Probably what the hell has been happening can't imagine being frozen for 100 years.  






Hello, [member=Lowkey]!




[member=Dante]: If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?



[member=Lowkey]: I would be going to the next Safety meeting with our Safety meeting coordinator [member="Horror"].



[member=Dante]: How was your trip meeting [member=Hsoj]?



[member=Lowkey]: I enjoyed my time there, met a ton of awesome people and took a big pooper on josh's toilet.



[member=Dante]: If you could be partnered with any sauce company to get free sauce for life, what sauce would you get?



[member=Lowkey]: Hidden Valley RANCH. I put that on hecking everything. My personal favourite is Frosted flakes cereal with a spoon full of Ranch right on top.



[member=Dante]: What is your perfect pizza and what needs to be on it?



[member=Lowkey]: Every type of meat (including yours, Dante) Also dipped in some ranch.



[member=Dante]: When Alora HQ becomes full built, who will be your two roommates in the apartment?



[member=Lowkey]: [member="King Purple"] so we have taco's and burritos on deck at all times of the hour and [member="hsoj"] so I can wake up every morning just to annoy him.



[member=Dante]: How many bags of flaming hot Cheetos do you think you could eat without water?



[member=Lowkey]: At least 4 bags, I personally enjoy sucking on every single Cheeto to get all of the hot seasonings off while drinking a gallon of Hidden Valley Ranch.



[member=Dante]: What is the ultimate Halloween Costume?



[member=Lowkey]: A bald monk with a hard hat, safety vest, and steel toe boots for Safety meetings.



[member=Dante]: What was your first job and did you like it?



[member=Lowkey]: My first job was working at Home Depot when I was 18. I worked as a stocker overnight and hated it.



[member=Dante]: What role in a movie do you think you would perfectly play?



[member=Lowkey]: I would want to play as a bald superhero. As I slaughter the bad guys with my shining head (which blinds them). I would then force them all to shave their heads bald and finally pull out my secret weapon (Rogaine). After they lather that onto their big heads, we watch the magic happen.



[member=Dante]: If you had $67 right now what would be your first order of business?



[member=Lowkey]: 3 Large pizzas, a $10 bond on Alora and a Donald Trump hat.








Have any interview questions you would like to ask any of the staff members?

Don't hesitate to send me or [Member="Dante"] a private message via forums/discord and I'll include them in next edition along with the answers from that staff member!






The MOTM poll has concluded and here are the final results received from the community.

The 3 top winners have been picked and the final voting has taken place amongst the staff team.


The very final winner of Jnauary MOTM is...





Congratulations [Member="Draisaitl"] ! You have stood out in the eye of the community as well as in the eye of the staff team. Thank you for being a great member here on Alora  :)

Contact [member="Lowkey"] for your 3 bonds prize in-game, and your Forum Awards will be active shortly.


Stay tuned until the next month when voting takes place!




The January Community Awards are out now!

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