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Frequently Reported Problems

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Good day Gentlemen and Ladies,
I've noticed as of lately there has been a tons of questions that have been asked to me that may be deemed as repetitive. Please address to the following simple brainstorming techniques that may solve your problem. If you still have your problem, feel free to PM me or any other staff members available. 
For other staff members and/or community helpers, feel free to message me certain common troubleshooting questions so i can add it here.

                                                                       Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why am I getting black screens?

​Black screens tend to happen when a failure of cache happens. A easy way to solve this issue is to simply delete our cache in your :/C drive and ensure you have the latest client as well as the latest java. You can also try using Omicron'sfix.

  • Why wont my client open?

​When your client won't open, it is most clear that your problem involves your java. My suggestion is to reassure your java is updated to the latest version. You can do this by visiting http://java.comand looking at the download page. Next, Please restart your computer.

  • Why do I keep getting disconnected?

​We are having a few problems but Omicron is aware and he is doing the best that he can to assure the problem is fixed. Please remember, patience is key.

  • Why is my client claiming Alora is being updated and is not letting me log in?

​Omicron tends to do updates during the day to ensure we are receiving content. Unfortunately, at that point, you can not log in to the server because it is being updated. You should reload your client and wait 5-10 minutes respectively.

  • Why is my client not letting me click the play button on the login screen?

​This seems to be happen quite a lot. The Development team is aware and is trying everything they can to fix it. Your best bet is to close your client and reload it. 

  • Why is it claiming that my password/username is incorrect?

Multiple users have reported this, if you come across this issue, possible solutions include : continuously clicking login until it works, if problem still persists, contact a staff member.

  • I donated and did not receive my rank!

If you have donated and did not receive a rank following the purchase, please contact a staff member.


  • I am getting stuck on 'connecting to update server' 

If you are getting this issue please download the cache manually from this URL (https://mega.nz/#!Kk...ten9O5nHBaPd1TU) and extract it in your C:\ drive. 

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