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Custom Donations & Donating With OSRS GP

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Q: Can I buy a Custom Donation and/or donate with OSRS GP?

A: Yes you can!

Q: Can I buy a Custom Donation and/or donate with OSRS items?

A: Sorry, we currently only accept OSRS GP as an alternative.

Q: Why can't I buy these items from the Store?

A: These types of donations are privately handled.

Q: Who should I message about making a Custom Donation?

A: You should send Omicron a Private Message on the Forums. He is the ONLY one who may handle Custom Donations.

Q: Can I donate using PayPal or Bitcoin?

A: Yes you can! We currently accept both forms of payment.

($0.70 = 1M)

Click Here PM Omicron.




Omicron reserves the right to deny any Custom Item requests.

Custom Items:

(NEW) 3rd Age Druidic outfit (with custom-only Druidic wreath) - $600

(NEW) Bryophyta's staff - $125

(NEW) Ring of 3rd age - $200

Scythe - $150

Ale of the Gods - $125

Holy Water - $125

Heavy Casket / Large Spade - $125

Black Demon Mask - $125

3rd Age Axe/Pickaxe - $125

Sled - $225

Twisted Bow - $300

Elysian Spirit Shield - $450

Infernal Cape - $100

Black H'Ween Mask - $225

Clockwork Outfit - $150

Bedsheet - $200

Boxing Gloves - $200

Easter Basket - $150

Anger Weapons - $125/per

Partyhats (Normal) - $150

Custom Skin Color - $100

All other Custom Items - $125

Custom Sets:

Note that all Custom Sets are $150

Skeleton Set

Angler Set

Ankou Set

Mummy Set

Banshee Set

Deadman Outfit

Varrock Diary Set

Gravedigger Outfit

Clockwork Set

Moonclan Outfit

Vyrewatch Set

Rogue's Set

Grim Reaper Set