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Looking for Partner

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Posted 08 November 2019 - 12:34 AM #1

Gim ProTools
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Gim ProTools
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Hello, my partner and i are looking for 3 motivated individuals to join up on our group , we are both grown and drama free so we are looking for 3 like minded people. must be mature, active, reliable and respectful, childness and drama will not be tolerated . we are not looking to just fill the void with the first 3 people that hit us up. if you are interested you will be vetted for a few days so we can evaluate and make sure that we are all a right fit for each other as theres no point in wasting spots on the team for people that we will not all get along with each other nor that you will just quit or such after a couple days. pretty new team we just made our accs a few days ago so if you are interested in being apart of this kick ass group and feel you can bring something to the table send eihter of us a pm ingame or fourms and we can further discuss. thank you all for reading and look foward to speaking with some of you.!




In-game name: gim protools, piklewikle

Timezone: US Central

Discord: TBD