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How to fix RuneLite graphical artifacts (buggy sidebar)

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It has come to my attention that some players have been having issues with the RuneLite frame/sidebar glitching out and creating artifacts that make it difficult to play the game. Here is a picture of what it might look like if you are facing this issue:





This happens due to a RuneLite feature called Hardware acceleration which attempts to utilize your graphics card for certain processes rather than relying on the CPU.


The currently recommended solution for this is to run Alora using a special launcher that disables Hardware acceleration. You can simply delete the old Alora launcher, and start using this one instead:

Click here to download the launcher with no hardware acceleration


For those of you who don't have any graphical issues with the sidebar, it is recommended that you keep using the launcher found on the download page, as Hardware acceleration is useful when it works as intended.


If you run into any issues, or this problem persists after using the new launcher, please PM me with a detailed explanation @Omicron




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