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January Vote Competition[January 2nd - January 16th]

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Hey guys, I would once again like to announce the Vote Competition for the month of January. Your votes will begin being counted on January 2nd, 12 am GMT, so be ready, because every vote counts!

What will the rewards be?
The top 5 voters will receive the following rewards in order of highest(#1) to lowest(#5) ranked voters, and the rewards will be as follows:
1st - 1 
x $100 Bond

2nd - x $50 Bond

3rd - 3 x $10 Bond
4th - 2 x $10 Bond
5th - 1 x $10 Bond

What constitutes a "vote"?
AEverytime a player votes and receives an auth, this will count as a vote, and player with the most votes wins!
QHow do I vote?
A: You must simply follow this link http://www.alora.io/vote/ to the vote page, click and vote on all of the links, and then use the auth you get at the vote manager in-game to claim your vote book!
QWhen will the winners be declared?
AThe winners of the competition will be declared after the 17th of January(1-5 days after)! 

We hope to spark a bit of healthy competition and get more players voting to help get Alora's name out there a bit more so that we can continue to grow in the future!

IMPORTANT: Ironmen, Realism, Hardcore Ironmen, and Ultimate Ironmen will not be able to claim the rewards DIRECTLY onto their accounts unless they are cosmetic, however they may claim the items onto an alternate account that is not an Ironman.

Additional Note: The vote competition in such a way that any player with more than 30 votes will be entered into a random draw, where one will be chosen as the winner, giving multiple players a fair chance to win.

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Good luck to everyone participating in this month's vote competition! <3

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i didn't even know about this :o Thanks :)