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Christmas Giveaway 2022

Christmas Festive Giveaway

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Posted 21 December 2022 - 08:52 PM #1

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Christmas Giveaway


Aha! You thought that I had taken the slip!

But best believe Santa Ankou's here to stay!

But all other past Giveaway rules will have to skip

So prepare as to what I have to say!

For this year will be quite a trip!



ETA: Sometime on Christmas Eve evening(Dec: 24)





New Format: 

  Ok so here me out on this one, since I'm a bit...poorer than I should be this year due to bad spending habits, this year will be run a bit differently than usual. Rather than finding me all over Alora, this time it'll be done in 1 fell swoop. 


Objective: Find the "Crates" that are filled with goodies!





There will be several "Crates", or in this case, presents, hidden around Falador, your task is to "trade" these crates in order to claim the prize inside! 


  • ​Unfortunately, I can only be logged onto so many alt accs to do this



  • The "Crates" will not be located in Falador Mine (Underground) due to just how big it is
  • It will be within the city walls of Falador
  • Please don't just camp the city tele
  • Players can only claim 1 "Crate", allows others to have a chance





  • I should've done this weeks ago cause now I barely got anything extra to give away because i've been investing on other items...
  • Have yourselves a Merry Christmas because this winter storm has yet to hit where I live (East Coast) so I'm gonna try to stay warm..Hopefully get out of work early...*CRIES IN GODDAMIT*




#1 killcount of Thermonuclear smoke devil

-no pet-

(Also what happens when you cant find cool ass pictures)

Posted 21 December 2022 - 10:42 PM #2


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Absolutely amazing idea for the community. Your an absolute legend! Get it ;)

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Posted 22 December 2022 - 07:21 PM #3


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Thanks for hosting the giveway! :)

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