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10 January 2019 - 09:22 PM

This Forum Section was created with the intention of finding a Partner or Group easier for those who don't have one. This being said, posting in the Partner Requests section without the intent to form or join a group or partnership is prohibited. Any other posts will be removed and if it is continued, you will be infracted accordingly under Forums Rule 4:


4. Spamming


• a. Posts that consist of one word (e.g. posting "support" on a suggestion thread) are considered spam and will be deleted off of the thread along with the wrongdoer receiving a warning or an infraction. This rule does not apply to the Spam section or the Red Carpet section.

• b. Posting in the correct section and board is required at all times. Failure to do so results in an infraction.

• c. Grave digging is the act of posting on an inactive thread (the last post being 14 days or older). Unless a member is posting relevant, useful information regarding the topic at hand, then it is considered spam and an infraction will be in order along with the removal of the post. Members are permitted to comment on older threads only in the suggestions section if given a detailed response otherwise they will be punished accordingly.

• d. Trolling is not permitted on the forums. This applies to any portion of Alora.

• e. Posting in the marketplace section without the intent to buy or sell something is prohibited.



Let's keep this section clean to make finding groups as easy as possible. Thanks ahead of time.




Alora Moderating Team

PLEASE Activate 2FA & Make Your Password UNIQUE!

06 January 2019 - 04:07 PM

Hey everyone.


Here at Alora, our number 1 priority is the well being of our players. We do everything within our power to keep you guys safe and can assure you that our database is rock solid and secure. However, we can not say the same for other communities that might have your login information in their database and keeping their database secure is outside of our control. Getting hacked is a very real thing in the RSPS scene and it can happen to anybody.


This being said, I would like to stress the importance of activating 2FA and changing your Alora password to something that is unique and isn't used anywhere else. The Alora Staff Team works day in and day out to combat hackers and keep your accounts safe for you. But activating 2FA and making a unique password makes this much easier and keeps your account as well as your in-game wealth safe.


2FA is the highest level of account security that we offer and if you have it enabled, even if your account is hacked, the chance that a hacker can get to your items is severely reduced. Not to mention that for those that have 2FA enabled, vote books give bonus XP. It's a win-win.


Click Here for a guide on how to set up 2FA.

You can change your Password under the UserCP settings on the Forums.


If you have any questions or issues at all with your Password or 2FA, Click Here to make a Support Ticket or simply PM a Staff Member.




Alora Administration Team.

Drai's Staff Feedback

27 December 2018 - 12:17 AM

Hey everyone. For those that don't know me, I'm Draisaitl (better known as Drai, hunter and slayer of all things gargoyle). I've been an Administrator for a little over 4 months now, and I've been part of the staff team for almost 9 months. I know that a staff member making a feedback thread is a little different, but here's why I'm doing it. I always make sure everyone on the staff team knows how much I and we (the community) appreciate the work the Staff Team puts in on a daily basis. It's a thankless job that doesn't pay, but we do what we do because we love Alora and we love the community.


This being said, it's the holidays and I wanted to just give my appreciation as well as maybe some constructive criticism to everyone individually and I felt this was easier than talking to everyone on the team individually, as well as show a little bit of public appreciation.


A bit of a disclaimer before I begin, I want to say that the Staff Team is exactly that, a team. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, but the reason we work well together is we put that together in order to accomplish a common goal. I'm most certainly not a perfect staff member either. But I still feel it's worth giving my perspective on any negatives as well as all of the positives.



Okay, paragraph over! Let's get into it.



It's pretty much the same thing with you in pretty much every serious feedback that's been made but I'll keep the broken record looping. The work you put into Alora is unmatched and I don't think we could ever thank you enough for what you do for us. You give us consistent, high quality updates while still maintaining solid communication with both the Staff Team and the Community. 



God bless, can someone get me a CM with hair?


Jokes aside, there's definitely not another you. Not everyone may agree with the way you do things but there's no perfect way. You do your best to make everyone happy while keeping the good of Alora in mind with every decision you make. You also give the title "Community Manager" a true meaning by constantly interacting with the community. Your streams are alright too I guess, but consider putting some of Paine's donation money towards a wig or something.


King purple

Grab some tissues Jalapeno man, time for some feels.


I didn't know much about you when I first joined the Staff Team aside from other members telling me that if I had any questions, I could go to you. The day I was promoted to Server Mod, that changed completely. You taught me everything I know in regards to Staff Duties and have literally molded me into the Staff Member that I am today. And on an unrelated note, became one of my best friends that I hope sticks even after we've left Alora. You've completely built a reputation as a legend in your Event Manager role. But even when you were a Global Mod, you were always the community driven one, using your skills to build up the rest of the team instead of taking any credit for yourself. One of the best Staff Members Alora has seen.



Grab some tissues from King purple


I've literally known you since the day I joined Alora (shoutout to Christina). I can easily say you've always been my best friend on Alora. You also joined the Staff Team not long after I came to Alora. When I first joined the team, you guided me and mentored me. That is until you temp resigned. And when you came back, ironically I outranked you (omegalul). That being said, you allowed me to return the favor when you came back and show you what I had learned. You took that and you made yourself a better staff member every day. You're still getting the hang of the Event Manager role, but as a Moderator and as a current Admin, you've always been a great Staff Member.



Pretty sure you've been on the Staff Team since pretty much day one. I know you've been around much longer than I have and you were here when I joined Alora. To me you're someone who kind of lurks, throwing in some memes and at times a bit of savagery. However when it comes to the rules and enforcing them, you know them like the back of your hand. The input you have to offer in serious discussions is always solid. I think if I made this feedback a few months ago I would have a few constructive comments, but as of late you've done exactly what you need to be doing.



Like Sheep, a Veteran staff member from my point of view. You were a higher-up when I first joined Alora. I think the role you fill is similar to that of King purple, that being you're a bit more community driven in the sense that you much prefer to direct and guide others with the intent to teach them rather than take credit for yourself. Also like Sheep, you pretty much know the rules like the back of your hand. And if I were writing this feedback a few months ago, I may have a few constructive comments, but also as of late I think you're a great Admin and a great asset to the team.



Even though you're not the real Josh, you're still one of the best Staff Members Alora has seen. You and I literally got promoted together through every rank, and that's no coincidence. I feel that you and I have always learned from each other in order to mold each other into better staff members. As of now, I think you put in more work than anyone else combined in terms of behind the scenes work, cleaning up Alora in the category you specialize in (we both know what I'm referring to) as well as having a firm and unbiased view on the rules.



Noon pet.


Code 002

I didn't know too much about you when you were first promoted. However I watched you develop as you climbed the ranks to Global Mod. On the way, I saw a lot of potential in you. And I wasn't disappointed. I think you're still learning every day, but learning and using these lessons to better yourself as a staff member every day is exactly what we want for every staff member, no matter what rank they hold. 


Scuffed EIM

I met you through King purple and Hellish. The moment I met you I knew that you had the staff trait in you. You've always been one of the most helpful players I've known. You're never afraid to voice your opinion on a matter, even if it isn't a popular one, because it's what you believe is right. You have a great natural sense for what's right and what isn't, which translate to being a natural stud in enforcing the rules. I think you're also still learning every day, but you're absolutely headed in the right direction.



I think the number 1 thing you offer as a Staff Member is confidence. You're one of the most confident members we have on the team and you show it at all times. Much like Scuffed EIM, you're never afraid to voice your opinion argue your point when you feel something is right or wrong. I also think you're very skilled on the technical side of things, as you've taken lead on our war against a specific group of rule breakers along side Doctor Drew . Keep doing exactly what you're doing.


Immortal Fox

You've been on the team for a while now. Though I'm not sure if it's because of our massive time difference, but I haven't had an insane amount of interaction with you. So it's hard for me to form a rock solid opinion on you as a staff member. What I think right now is that you're a very active member and you always offer your opinion and your input in serious discussions. I would say that from what I've seen, you have the skills necessary to be an amazing Mod, you just need to take the initiative to put them to use more often.



The amount of growth I've seen from you vs how you were say, a month ago, is unreal. You're showing incredible interest in putting in the extra effort and taking on the workload. I'm very impressed with how far you've come as a staff member. However, I feel that the only thing holding you back is a bit of a confidence boost. Keep doing what you're doing, but don't be afraid of being wrong. At the end of the day we're a team.



Every role you've been given since you joined the team, you've taken on beautifully. You show great initiative in doing what's expected of you. I don't have a whole lot to say because you do exactly what you should be doing. Just keep up the great work.


EIM 1gp



You've been on the team for quite a while now and you've shown quite a push to earn your way up the staff ladder. You were only just promoted to Forum Mod, so I won't make any comments regarding that role. As a Server Mod though, I feel that you excelled in learning from your mistakes. I know that it's taking time to get to where you want to be, but my advice is don't slow down.



Since you joined the team, I think I've figured you out. You're a very kind, down to earth person and you'll do pretty much anything that's asked of you. However, I feel like you get discouraged every time you've been passed over. You have loads of potential but instead of being discouraged, don't stop what you're doing!


Iron Aritus

Another player who's been on the team for a while now. Before and after you temp resigned, the role you fill on the team hasn't changed. You're a very helpful player and very active in the community, and willing to do anything we need you to do. You're a solid Server Mod. Keep up the good work.



You're a great guy and a valuable member of the community. You were a Global Mod before you temp resigned and you filled that role well, which means you're no novice and know exactly what you're doing. However, you work insane hours, which I can imagine is exhausting. IRL always comes first and I will never tell anybody otherwise, but my only comment is I wish you had more time to be on Alora.


To gain

You've been on the team for just as long as I have. So needless to say I think I've formed a solid opinion on you. You've definitely had your ups and your downs, but in the end you always emerge a better Staff Member than you were before. We on the team know exactly what your specialty is and know that you do your job extremely well. My comment, however, is that I think at times you forget what we're here for and sometimes make it more of a competition than a team effort. Keep doing your job as well as you have, but try to be more humble.


Doctor Drew

Pretty much a legend right here. You've obviously taken charge with Mack in the war against you know what. Your contributions to the development of this is something I don't think we could thank you enough for. This aside, I haven't worked with you for too long. But I think you're an excellent Staff Member who definitely knows his way around the block. Just keep doing what you do best.



One of our newer members, not much I can say. So far I think you show a lot of promise. You're very friendly and very active. I can see you doing great things on the team. I do think at this point in time you lack a bit of initiative, but that's only natural being new to your Moderator position. I'm confident that some time and experience will fix that no problem.


Moral Truth

You've been running the show on the Server Support Team for a while now. And you haven't slowed down at all since you were promoted. I know that the time may indicate otherwise, but you've been doing great and the role you're playing on the team right now is a lot more important than you probably realize. You're a very helpful and active player on both the Forums as well as in-game. Just keep doing what you're doing.


EIM Django

You're brand new to the team. Like, a couple days. You're also relatively new to the Server. So I can't say too much about you. However, it'd be unfair if I didn't recognize how much of a helpful player you've been to the community since you joined Alora. I have extremely high hopes for your future on the team, make us proud.



Once again I'd like to thank each and every member on the Staff Team for the work they put in on a daily basis. The decisions we make may not always be popular and it's definitely not always easy being us. But we do what we do because we love Alora and the Community as a whole.


Anyways, ya'll know the deal. Constructive criticism, positive feedback.  :ph34r:

Custom Donations & Donating With OSRS GP

24 November 2018 - 01:16 PM





($0.70 = 1M)

Click Here PM Omicron.







Staff Update 11/7/18

07 November 2018 - 05:39 PM

Hey everyone.


We know it's been a while since the last staff update but we've made a few changes. I'll be filling in for Lowkey this update while he's having a hair transplant done. We are also still actively looking for more Server Supports so if you meet the requirements and are interested in joining the staff team, feel free to do so here: https://www.alora.io...f-applications/



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Loo has resigned from Global Moderator.

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