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#456503 March 2023 MOTM (Poll)

Posted by Tae Iron on Yesterday, 07:26 AM

Best of luck gamers!

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#456302 Fix "The Collector" NPC

Posted by Tae Iron on 25 March 2023 - 11:06 PM

No support.


It doesn't make sense to enable a feature like this for a selective number of game modes when the game news channel can prove that a player of any game mode authentically obtained an item. At least for announced drops. This would provide an unfair advantage to the game modes mentioned despite any player being able to demonstrate valid proof that they obtained a drop legitimately. Yet they would be forced to regrind the same drop if they wanted to fill the slot again just because of their game mode.

I can definitely see where you're coming from. Ideally, if it were feasible, it should be available to all ironmen, but the fact that It's not available to some game modes because of the questionable integrity of other game modes doesn't seem completely fair either. It's a preventative measure for some games modes and, as a result, the other ones are getting screwed over.

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#456288 Fix "The Collector" NPC

Posted by Tae Iron on 25 March 2023 - 08:43 PM

What is your suggestion?:

The Collector NPC serves as a method for players to add items that they have previously obtained but are not in their collection logs to their collection logs. Currently, players are only able to add non-trabeable items to their collection logs via The Collector (presumably as a preventative measure so that players cannot buy items and add them to their collection logs). As a result, Ironmen are unable to add tradeable items that they've obtained to their logs and will have to spend hours upon hours to reobtain their items just for the log slot. Please change it so that ironmen and hardcore ironmen can add tradeable items to their logs via The Collector. I will include pictures at the bottom of this post.


Is this in OSRS?:


Has this suggestion been accepted already?:

Not that I'm aware of


How would this benefit Alora?:

As I'm sure all of us adults are aware, time is a valuable commodity. Please implement this change. It will save players many hours.



Here I have an Ecumenical Key, that does not show up in my log, that I can't add via The Collector.







#456243 COX Private storage

Posted by Tae Iron on 25 March 2023 - 10:49 AM

Would be a nice QOl update 

Nice forum signature  :DoggoKek:

#456236 COX Private storage

Posted by Tae Iron on 25 March 2023 - 10:09 AM

QoL is always welcomed

#456233 Weekend Events 3/24/2023 | 3/26/2023

Posted by Tae Iron on 25 March 2023 - 10:01 AM

Thanks for the bonuses!

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#456099 Staff Update 3/23/23

Posted by Tae Iron on 23 March 2023 - 04:03 PM

Congratulations, gamers!

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#456043 Arclight Suggestion

Posted by Tae Iron on 23 March 2023 - 09:57 AM

While I think your idea is very creative and original, I'm inclined to agree with Beans Here  :P

#456042 New random event reward

Posted by Tae Iron on 23 March 2023 - 09:43 AM

So what you're saying is that you want a reward for disabling rewards?

#456020 Ironman Progress Series | Ep. 2

Posted by Tae Iron on 22 March 2023 - 10:39 PM

That was very entertaining to watch! don't let up on the series

#456016 Trading up to a Twisted Bow (Giveaway)

Posted by Tae Iron on 22 March 2023 - 09:08 PM

Off to a strong start

#455837 WE GOT A 3RD AGE ITEM! Opening 40 Clue Scroll Caskets!

Posted by Tae Iron on 20 March 2023 - 09:10 PM

Great video! Too bad you got the vambraces instead of something cooler lol

#455743 Custom Donations more custom

Posted by Tae Iron on 19 March 2023 - 11:33 AM

Lmao the P.S. is enough for no support.

You can donate smaller amounts and try to sell but yeah, it'd devalue $100

After seeing this all I read was the PS and I thought to myself there's no way this could be real

#455372 Predict my KC / Miq's journey for shadow

Posted by Tae Iron on 15 March 2023 - 07:24 AM

Lucky number 777

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#455260 How a Penguin ended up in Port Sarim Jail

Posted by Tae Iron on 13 March 2023 - 06:02 PM

If you're not attacking the boss and the boss isn't attacking you, it shouldn't be considered a safespot? Just my two cents. With that being said, I can see how leeching could be considered a gray area, and why that would lead to making this method off limits. If it's suddenly determined that it's against the rules, I think you should've been warned prior to being jailed. Especially if staff was also using this spot as stated above. The staff members that used it are just as culpable. Everyone deserves to be treated equally.