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#299316 Guam's Hello!

Posted by Lunar Spell on 07 June 2019 - 04:54 PM

Hello everyone on Alora!


I'm actually not new to Alora, I played quite a bit probably a little less than a year ago, maybe longer not too sure. I actually had an account close to max from when I used to play, but I've decided to make a new account because I like the grind to max. I've always seemed to have a lot of fun on this server. Most of the time you play a server you find yourself getting bored or getting tired of playing that server after just a few weeks of playing, or even less than that sometimes but I've never really found myself getting bored on Alora. I'm planning on maxing my account that I've just made, so hopefully that goes good. I do work a lot irl so my work schedule tends to put a hold on my gaming time, how unfortunate right? But anyway, I look forward to meeting people in-game and on the forums, hopefully you all have a great time as well! Happy grinding!  B)  If you'd like to add me just to chat or hangout and do some bossing or whatever feel free! My IGN is Guams.