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 Forum Loyalty Program

What is the Forum Loyalty Program?

The program is our way of rewarding our members who are active on our forums! Of course, we have the Loyalty point system in-game, but many users tend to frequent the forums far more often than they venture in-game.

How does it work?

The system works in two ways; firstly, any posts that you make on the forum will earn you Loyalty points in-game next time you log in! Secondly, there are milestones for your post count that can be achieved to earn you awesome rewards. The rates and rewards are as follows:

Loyalty Point rate

Every forum post will earn you 25 Loyalty points the next time you log in!

Postcount level Rewards Pets Barrels
50 posts
Hill giant club

125 posts
Rubber chicken

Black cat
250 posts
White and black cat

500 posts

White cat
750 posts
White and blue cat

1000 posts
Cruciferous codex

White and brown cat
1250 posts
Brown wily cat

1500 posts
Hornwood helm

Gray wily cat
2000 posts

2500 posts
Cabbage cape

Toy cat
5000 posts
Rainbow scarf

Lazy hellcat