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Alora Veteran Rank

2 weeks ago  l  Blank

Alora has been out for a year now, that means that we now have some true veterans around. Slowly you'll see some of these appearing through out the world of Alora, we've already got some respectable members running around with this title but soon you can run around with this title showing that you truly have stuck around and can show off that true veteran badge. 


Below you shall find the requirements of the veteran rank. These requirements can be reviewed at any given time, so if you are to automatically gain or lose your veteran rank, worry not as we are always tweaking it a little to figure out the best requirements for this rank. This is a primary rank and goes above your donor status, and game mode rank.


If you have the set requirements; please take up contact with an administrator+ and they shall apply the respective ranks and titles to your account.



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[11/5/17] Alora Birthday Event & Grotesque Guardians

2 weeks ago  l  Omicron



Hello everyone,


I apologize for the late update! Of course, yesterday was Alora’s birthday, and I wanted to push the update then but was conflicted between continuing to work on Grotesque Guardians or just pushing the event by itself. I decided it’d be a much nicer update to have the new gargoyle bosses released alongside the birthday event, and that is why it was postponed. Nonetheless, the update is here and you’ll be able to participate in the event and hunt down those new gargoyle bosses right after!


Note: You will need a client update to play following this update! For most of you, this simply means restarting the client and clicking "Yes" when asked if you want to update. For those of you who have the RAR client, you'll need to re-download it manually from the client page.


  • Miscellaneous:
    • Duel arena fix:
      • Items can no longer be picked up or dropped within the Duel arena. 
  • Engine performance update:
    • We’ve made some changes to the game engine in hopes of reducing the processing delay of players every cycle. We’re going to continue to monitor this and make the necessary changes to ensure that the server doesn’t lag after extended periods of uptime.
  • Trade interface fix:
    • Very often in-game, the second trade window would say “You are about to trade: Item” without listing the items in the trade, or would show “Trading with: Other” instead of the other player’s name. Both of these issues have been fixed.
  • Thieving update:
    • You can now thieve cakes from the Ardougne cake stalls with level 5 Thieving.
  • Lost items shop update:
    • New items that will be protected upon death:
      • Jonas mask:
        • Reclaim cost: 250k
      • Birthday hat:
        • Reclaim cost: 250k
  • Zulrah fix:
    • Sometimes, Zulrah would be invisible once it goes down under and wouldn’t come back up again for a long time. This should no longer happen, and you’ll be able to see Zulrah as soon as it comes back up.
  • Inferno fix:
    • JalTok-Jad should no longer go invisible in the final wave.


  • Birthday Event:
    • Claus the Chef is distressed and in need of help! He’s preparing a huge cake for all of Alora to celebrate, but can’t seem to get it right without special ingredients.
      • Talk to Claus in Edgeville, near the western house (where the cooking range is) to see what he needs to make the birthday cake for this year’s celebration.
        • You’ll be sent on a journey across Alora to obtain these items, but you’ll be rewarded with a cool celebratory item that will help you remember this event for years to come!


  • Store update:
    • The Halloween sale has been extended as it overlaps with the Birthday event — but we’ve also added an exclusive Birthday item to the store!
      • Birthday balloons:
        • These tradable balloons will be available in the store for the next few days until the sale ends.


  • Grotesque Guardians:
    • Recently released in OSRS, this pair of Gargoyles — Dawn and Dusk — terrorize the rooftop of the Slayer tower.
      • You’ll need to find a brittle key — occasionally dropped by regular Gargoyles at a rate of about 1/121, to unlock the portal to access the roof.
      • These gargoyles are highly unusual, and you’ll need stay on your toes while fighting them to make sure that you can leave the rooftop alive!
    • Notable Rewards:
      • Granite dust:
        • You can mix this dust with Cannonballs to make Granite cannonballs.
          • These cannonballs have a max hit of 35 rather than the usual max hit of 30.
          • You can only have one type of cannonball in your cannon, so if you still have 10 regular cannonballs left in your cannon, you’ll need to fire them all before loading any granite balls, and vice-versa.
      • Granite hammer:
        • A hammer requiring level 50 attack and strength, with a special attack that has one powerful swing at 50% increased accuracy, requiring 60% special energy.
      • Granite gloves:
        • Gloves requiring level 50 defence, slightly superior to Adamant gloves.
      • Granite ring:
        • A ring requiring level 50 defence.
          • Can be imbued with a scroll, effectively doubling its bonuses.
      • Black tourmaline core:
        • Can be merged with Bandos boots, leaving you with Guardian boots — which have the best defensive melee bonus in-game.
      • Jar of stone
      • Noon:
        • Arguably the coolest looking pet now available in Alora, which can also be changed to it’s gargoyle variant, Midnight, through the metamorphosis option!
    • Notes:
      • This is a safe death, which means you’ll keep your items, BUT a dangerous one for HCIM who will lose their rank if they die here. You’ve been warned.
      • Level 75 Slayer is required to enter the portal.
      • Another huge thanks to @[member="Chase"] for the wonderful work on the homepage slogan (Grotesque guardians await you)!

















Good luck with the birthday event & gargoyle hunting!


Enjoy :)




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One Year Of Alora

2 weeks ago  l  Omicron


Thanks to @[member="Chase"] as always for designing the logo!


Happy Birthday!


Hello everyone,


Today is an exciting day, as it officially marks an entire year since Alora was released! Some of you were around even earlier than that, as we opened the forums sometime in July of that year, but for all intents and purposes we’ll consider November 4th, 2016 as the official release date. 


It has been quite the exciting year, with many ups and downs, and much to my surprise, we’ve managed to build an incredible community in such a short time. Never did I anticipate Alora eventually becoming what is, in my opinion, the greatest community of players on any RSPS that I have seen in my many years of affiliation with RSPS. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if it weren’t for the loyalty and support that you guys have consistently given over the past year (and more in some cases). 


Even when things got rough, through DDoS attacks, exploits and downtime in the early stages, each and every one of you has pushed through those times and did not give up on us, and we’d like to thank you for that. I’d also like to give a huge thank you to the staff team (and previous staff members) who have given their all to moderate the community and ensure that toxicity and negativity don’t drag down the community, your work is highly appreciated and has provided the foundation for what Alora has become.


With that being said, I’d like to congratulate everyone on one year of Alora, and hopefully many more to come! As long as the community is still spending their time around here, we’ll keep making the experience better and better. Your support makes us want to work harder and make it an even better place for you to hang around. :)


Note: An in-game Birthday event will be released later today, so keep an eye out ;)


Best regards,



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