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Alora was released on November 4th, 2016.
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Welcome to Alora!

Alora is the most innovative Oldschool RuneScape Private Server - featuring the latest content, and always free to play!

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  • Omicron


    Hello everyone,


    Note(January 15): We have pushed a small, quick update to fix a few issues this morning. It is posted below!

    Make sure to take advantage of the 1.5x XP, Vote points, PKP and Barrows points event happening right now for the weekend!

    Today's update includes the highly anticipated Ultimate ironman mode for those who are craving a more challenging style of gameplay! This mode also includes its respective highscores tab to keep track of the top players.


    [Quick fixes (January 15)]
        Items on ground timer reset to normal for the time being Imbued heart was giving 1 extra Magic level, this has been fixed. Fixed Mage arena shop, can now sell back as intended Superior slayer encounters will no longer attack other players Fixed issue with superiors spawning on objects Items that an NPC always drops will no longer be announced on the rare drop yell
        Highscores were still displaying banned members on the skill pages, this has been fixed. Highscores search function has also been implemented! (also fixed the black text for the search box)


    [Full update (January 14)]

      Thermonuclear smoke devil changes:
        It is now counted as a boss and will show you your killcount after every kill // announce to the world after certain # Respawn time decreased by 200% You are now able to kill these even if you are assigned a regular "Smoke devil" task
      Bank changes:
        Your bank will now re-open to the last tab you were viewing (while logged in) Fixed issue where you could not swap items in your bank if the size of your bank was too large Fixed examine text
      Superior Slayer tasks have been added:
        You will now have the chance to face a Superior Slayer encounter while completing your Slayer tasks! These superior versions of your task may provide a greater challenge, but will drop 3 times the loot!
          The loot from these superior version is enhanced vs. the normal version You also have the chance to receive an imbued heart!
        The chance to face a Superior on a task is 5% for regular players, and these rates for donators:
          (You may not receive two encounters within 3 minutes of each other) 9.0% for Legendary 7.6% for Extreme 6.6% for Super 6.0% for Regular
        Superiors available:
          Crushing hand, Chasm crawler, Screaming banshee, Screaming twisted banshee, Cockathrice, Flaming pyrelord, Monstrous basilisk, Malevolent mage, Insatiable bloodveld, Cave abomination, Abhorrent spectre, Choke devil, King kurask, Marble gargoyle, Night beast, Greater abyssal demon **Superiors are currently available to all players for free, although within the next week they may have to be unlocked for Slayer points. **
      Fixed many broken npc animations in the process of doing superiors:
        Pyrefiends Crawling hands Dust devils Bloodvelds Banshees *NOTE: You must be wearing a Slayer helmet or earmuffs when fighting banshees, or you will have your stats reduced.
      Imbued heart:
        A rare, tradable drop from Superior encounters Temporarily boosts your Magic level between 2-10, depending on your base level
          This will not work in the Duel arena if the "No potions" rule is on.
        The imbued heart is also available through the web store
      Duel fixes:
        Removing/adding items to the stake interface will now "unaccept" the duel and you'll have to accept again It will also send a chatbox message stating that items were removed or added to the duel.
      Clue scroll reward changes:
        Junk is now much more rewarding from higher-end clues, as well as slightly more rewarding from easy clues. Broken amulets (emerald, sapphire, etc) from clues have been fixed.
        Fixed Monkey Madness quest not completing properly Fixed Shooting star bug when server restarts Friend "smiley faces" will no longer appear in the default clan chats(help/ironman/gamble) This is to provide more visibility for ranked members. Thermonuclear smoke devil -> Thermo smoke devil in quest tab display to prevent cutting off of text Heavy ballista can no longer cut through Slashed webs
      Dismantle warning:
        When dismantling any item, you will now be presented with a confirmation box to make sure that is what you want to do.
      Arrows mechanics changed:
        There is now a random 1/7 chance to lose arrows when shot, they will simply not appear on the ground.
      Ultimate Ironman mode:
        Ultimate Ironman mode is now playable!
          You must create a new account to play in UIM mode. This will set your forum rank to Ultimate ironman as well.
        UIM players are similar to normal Ironman, but they cannot:
          Use banks Any functions that adds items to bank(eg. Dying with cannon) will instead drop items on ground. Deposit items in to banks by using item -> bank deposit box
        They may:
          Use items on a bank booth to note them Obtain Ultimate ironman equipment from Paul at home
        Ultimate Ironman highscores are available on the website! *Looting bags will be released within the next week.
      Fixed lever distance
        Previously, you could use a lever from a far distance
      Fixed doors issue
        Some of you may have noticed a bug when two players open a door at the same time causing the shop room wall to beinvisible and walkable. This has been fixed.
      Autocast issue:
        Removing your weapon while autocasting will now reset your autocast as intended.
      Fixed broken Blowpipe bonuses
        The dart bonus would be applied to numerous stats rather than simply Ranged attack/strength
      Youtuber icon / yell tag added
        Players who have the youtuber rank will now have the icon and rank title in their yells. Youtubers can also use the yell channel without having to be a donator.
      Starter pack now given to all players
        Even if the player skips the tutorial, they will still receive the starter pack. The starter pack will now be placed in the inventory rather than the bank to avoid confusion.
      Ground items now last 10 times longer:
        Similar to OSRS, items dropped on the ground will now remain there 10 times longer. This does NOT affect the "show" delay. They will go public after the intended time(typically 2 minutes).
      Slayer changes:
        Killing these NPCs will count towards their equivalent tasks: Demonic gorillas -> Black demons Brutal (red/black/green) dragons -> (Red/black/green) dragons
      Clan wars changes:
        Bug that would place player in opponent's room has been fixed.
      Ironman webshop added:
        Many ironmen have donated simply for the rank, and then have had to either transfer tokens or let them sit on their account due to not having an alt to transfer them to. This update will solve that, by providing a few items that ironmen can donate for. There items are mostly cosmetic. The items are: Golden apron Golden chef's hat Ring of Wealth (i) Gnome scarf Gnome goggles Gnome child hat
      Ring of wealth (i) changes:
        ROW(i) now affects Barrows loot at a higher rate than the regular Ring of wealth
      Mage arena exchange changes:
        You can now sell back items to the Mage Arena exchange shop(eg. Apprentice wands) for 45% of the buy price. Many items(eg. Apprentice wand) are essentially useless otherwise, and will now have some value as a drop.
      De-iron feature:
        Due to requests, you are now able to de-iron your account and play as a normal player.
          This is not free however, you will have to cough up 10M gp to do this and it cannot be reversed.
            If you have less than 1 hour of playtime, you don't have to pay this fee!
          This will reset your game mode and forum rank permanently. Choose wisely if you wish to do this, as it cannot be reversed,even by staff members.
        Speak to Paul at home to de-iron your ironman. NOTE: It will be announced to everyone online that you have de-ironed
      Highscores changes:
        Banned players will no longer appear on the highscores. Ultimate ironman highscores












    [Quick fixes (January 15)]
        Items on ground timer reset to normal for the time being Imbued heart was giving 1 extra Magic level, this has been fixed. Fixed Mage arena shop, can now sell back as intended Superior slayer encounters will no longer attack other players Fixed issue with superiors spawning on objects Items that an NPC always drops will no longer be announced on the rare drop yell
        Highscores were still displaying banned members on the skill pages, this has been fixed. Highscores search function has also been implemented! (also fixed the black text for the search box)

    Posted by Omicron on 14/01/2017

  • Omicron


    Hello everyone,



    Today's update consists of many bug fixes but also plenty of new content! A few days ago, raids were released on OSRS and we've begun working on them to get them to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, here are the latest updates:


    NOTE: You must restart your client to obtain the latest version!


        Dragon scimitar special fixed once and for all Teleblock issues fixed:
          Fixed spam-teleblock bug which didn't allow you to attack a player who was already teleblocked Teleblock accuracy slightly increased Visual teleblock timer on client was previously 5-10 seconds too long, this has since been fixed.
        Fixed issue where two people could attack the same person in 1 tick Dragon spear special fix:
          If you spec someone against a wall, it will not try to run them to the other side of the wall.
      New Duel Arena System:
        The new OSRS duel arena has been implemented!
          Due to the amount of scam reports the staff team has had to deal with, the new duel arena system seemed like a great option to deter scamming.
        We've implemented the new system with the following useful features:
          View other player's inventory/equipment (without showing amounts of any item) No switch weapon ~ You will not be able to switch your weapon once the duel starts (Coming later this week) Presets/Load last duel ~ Later on this week, this option will be added to make the setup interface process even smoother.
        Bug fixes:
          Firemaking/mithril seeds blocked within arenas Flags/trapdoors fixed -- You are now able to forfeit the duel
          There are bound to be bugs with this system, so please help us perfect it by reporting them in the correct section!
        Fixed issue with trading interface -- second screen would show old item text Fixed teleporting out of monkey madness and not losing items on death Administrators are now able to spawn NPCs that all players can attack(for event purposes) Pet options fixed:
          Pets such as Rift guardians can now undergo metamorphosis
      Pet insurance changes:
        Your pet will now always be insured! If you do die with it, you will only need to pay to retrieve your pet.
          This means you won't have to pay the 5M again for insurance
        With this update, pet insurance has been increased from 5M to a one-time fee of 10M.
        Fallback for bug abuse ~ If you do manage to get out of a minigame, you will not be able to duel. Dragon claws are also now tradable
      Raids items teaser:
        Everyone is excited about raids coming out, OSRS and Alora players alike! We wanted to give everyone a small taste of what the raids items are like, so we've added these 3 components to the website store:
          Elder maul
            Similar to the Chaotic maul, this powerful weapon provides a heavy blow to any formidable opponent.
          Ancestral robes set
            A magical set of robes, in which each component provides a magic damage boost. The entire 3-piece set provides a 6% boost to Magical damage!
          Kodai wand
            The strongest of the wands, the Kodai wand provides a 15% boost to all Magical damage!
        Raids are being worked on as we speak, but it is a huge job which will takeat least 10 days, which is why we've decided to release a few of the items early while the hype is extremely high. Keep an eye out for more Raids information soon!
      Smoke devil cave:
        You may now access the Smoke devil cave through the shortcut in Nieve's cave(north-west in the cave)
          This cave has many Smoke devils which require 93 Slayer to kill and can drop:
            Occult necklace Dragon chainbody & frequent alchable drops
          Additionally, the cave can lead to the Thermonuclear smoke devil boss's lair which drops:
            +Also drops the above items, but more frequently Pet smoke devil Steam battlestaff
              Provides a 10% accuracy and damage boost when casting from the Normal spellbook
        Smoke devils have been added as Slayer tasks:
          *You must be on a Slayer task assigned to the Thermonuclear smoke devil to kill it!* Both Smoke devils and the boss can be assigned.
      Clue scroll changes:
        # of clue steps required greatly reduced:
          1-3 Easy 3-6 Medium 4-6 Hard 7-11 Elite
        Hard/Elite clues now have a higher chance of receiving a minimum of 3+ items rather than two Hard clue rewards buffed Elite clue rewards buffed (even more than hard)
      Skotizo reworked:
        Skotizo combat rework:
          Skotizo is now more powerful, and switches between Magic and Ranged based attacks Combat bonuses increased HP increased Has a special attack which teleports players to him:
            If you do not move immediately, you will be hit for 10 damage
        Skotizo now SKULLS all players that attack him Skotizo drop changes
          Loot additions:
            Tormented bracelet Dark crabs(noted, 20-70) Super combat pots(noted, 10-15) Stamina potions(noted, 15-25
          Skotizo now drops items for all THREE players who dealt the most damage(as long as they hit at least 75 dmg):
            He will also always drop an emblem for the top 3 hitters:
              #1: Emblem between tiers 1-6 #2: Emblem between tiers 1-5 #3: Emblem between tiers 1-4
            For the player who dealt the most damage, Skotizo will upgrade an existing emblem in their inventory.
      Barrows point exchanging:
        Previously, there were not many uses for barrows points. We've decided to change that and make them more useful!
          You can now purchase a random barrows set for 15,000 points!
            Simply speak to the Strange old man at Barrows to do so.
    Sneak peak:





    Hope that you guys enjoy this update! :)




    Posted by Omicron on 10/01/2017