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[20/3/18] Ancient Wyverns, Herbi pet, Zahur, Battlestaff crafting/orb charging, Bar-note perk, misc. fixes & more!

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Hello everyone,


Today’s update contains a ton of background updates, particularly those that will help us combat the use of third party programs on Alora, which will translate into a more fair and enjoyable experience for everyone. Aside from this, we’ve tried to squeeze in some cool content, QOL and bug fixes into this update.


Additionally, it has been quite some time now since Fossil Island was released on OSRS, and at the time we had let it slide to focus on construction and other updates that took priority within the past few months. We don’t think that full Fossil island is necessary, nor is it worth the time to implement when it could be better spent elsewhere, since it is somewhat dead content on OSRS at this point. With that being said, there’s no reason that the the important parts should not be available on Alora, those being the Wyverns (and their drops), as well as the Herbi pet. With this update, we’ve included just that  :)




Yell update: Staff/support team members that are also ironmen/classics will no longer have their rank color changed to their donator color. For example, if you are Global mod but also Super donator, your yell tag would be green. It will now stay green as it should be. Rune pouch update: Wrath runes can now be stored. World bosses update: World bosses now drop loot for the top 3 hitters instead of the top 2.  The loot rate for the pets has been increased by 1000%. The loot rate for Staff of Light & Hilts have been increased by ~35%. ::event area update: You will no longer lose pets when dying at ::event. Graceful recoloring: You can now recolour previously coloured Graceful pieces! Previously, you could only use your Marks of Grace to colour the plain (beige) Graceful set pieces. You can now use it on any piece (eg. To colour from Blue to Red). Note that you still cannot get back the original beige colour without re-obtaining it from Grace. Slayer fixes: Thermonuclear smoke devil was not attackable while on a dust devil task. This has been fixed. Mutated bloodveld and Greater nechryael kills will now count towards your Bloodveld/Nechryael task. Farming fixes: The tool leprechaun will now note both grimy and clean herbs for you. Hunter fixes: Sometimes, a box trap would create an “empty” bugged trap which you could not remove. This has been fixed. Bar-note perk for donators: Bar drops from dragons can now be auto-noted for donators! You can toggle this perk through Ellen in the Myth’s guild, which means you must have completed Dragon Slayer II as with other perks. Alchemy warning: When alching high value items, a warning interface will appear to ensure that you did not accidentally alch a party hat or something valuable. High value items are classified as having a value (alch, shop or trading post) of more than 1,000,000 GP. (1M) Fletching fix: Previously, you could only fletch short bows and long bows when using a knife on a log, except for normal logs. You can now fletch crossbow stocks for any type of log, and not only normal logs. Taverley dungeon agility pipe: Players with 70 agility can use the Agility pipe to Blue dragons from the ladder in the Taverley dungeon. Barrows loot update: The number of supplies given from the reward chest has been greatly increased (up to 20x the old amounts), but is also now randomized. Runes: Water ~ 1-1,960 Death ~ 1-998 Blood ~ 1-445 Chaos ~ 1-1,398 Mind ~ 1-2,889 Nature ~ 1-285 Ammo: Bolt racks ~ 1-445 Rune bolts ~ 1-165 Addy bolts ~ 1-265 Vorkath fix: Zombified spawn was too fast to kill before it exploded near you. It will now sit for 2-3 seconds before walking towards you to allow for extra reaction time. Vorkath’s damage through prayer has been reduced, especially for Magic attacks. Dragon hunter crossbow will now provide a 30% damage boost on Vorkath. Ranged strength fix:  Ava’s assembler now provides +2 Ranged strength bonus Assembler max cape now provides +2 Ranged strength bonus Monkey (completionist) cape also now provides this +2 Ranged strength bonus New Dragonstone bolt fix: Some of the new bolts were missing their damage boost on the special attack, specifically: Diamond dragon bolts (e) Dragonstone dragon bolts (e) Onyx dragon bolts (e) Opal dragon bolts (e) Pearl dragon bolts (e) Miscellaneous: You can no longer add yourself to your ignore list. Random PM Disconnection bug fixed: Although not fully tested since it is difficult to reproduce, we believe we’ve found the reason that sometimes groups of players would simultaneously DC after receiving a weird gibberish PM. If the bug appears again, we’ll look into it to try other solutions. Staff and server support can no longer be ignored in-game. You can add them to your ignore list, but it will have no effect. Fixed a bug where you would see loot from a different plane (eg. Being on the 1st floor of a building) that should only be visible on the ground floor. Inferno bug-fix: Fixed a bug where the ranger in the Inferno could get “stuck” and not attack you back after being frozen. Shadow sword is now tradable. Silverlight sword attack animations fixed. Tome of Fire update: When worn, the tome will now provide 50% damage bonus to any fire spells, not only the Fire surge. Untradable item drop bug: Fixed a huge bug with untradable items being dropped. Many of you have dropped or died with untradable items only to have them disappear 60 seconds later. A popular reported item for this is the Amulet of Torture (or). We’ve fixed this bug, and made it so that untradable items will be on the ground for just as long as normal items are. Lizardman shaman fix: Wearing Shayzien T5 armour (from achievement shop) will now reduce the green acid pool damage from the shamans to 0. It will also not allow you to be poisoned by shamans. Combat fixes: Sometimes, “dead” players would still be able to attack. For example, if you DDS spec a player which kills them, they would still be able to attack once (while their hitpoints are 0) before dying. This will no longer happen, and the dead player will simply die without executing their final spec/attack. This will also slightly change the dynamics in the duel arena, since the player with the first hit will have a considerably higher chance of winning. Risk protection nerf: Since risk protection complicates multi-pking with clans and really any non 1v1 situation, we’ve made it so that risk protection is disabled for 2 minutes after combat.  This means that if you’ve attacked someone, anyone can attack you for the next 2 minutes.  Everytime you attack a player, this 2 minute counter is reset. This means that as long as you are in combat, you will always not be under the protection of the risk protection mechanism. Teleblock update: Teleblock immunity will now last 30 seconds as opposed to 60 after teleblock wears off. Myth’s guild “Mythical metal shop update”: This shop will now sell the Dragon battleaxe, primarily for Ironmen/Classics to obtain. Dragon battleaxe special attack fix: The Dragon battleaxe special attack is now functional: Consumes 100% special attack energy: This drains the player's Attack, Defence, Ranged, and Magic levels by 10%, while increasing their Strength level by [10 + (levels drained / 4)]. The strength boost is comparable to that of a super strength potion. However, depending on the player's combat levels and preexisting boosts, it can raise strength by up to +21. Zahur has been added: Zahur can provide many Herblore related services, including: Cleaning of grimy herbs to clean herbs, regardless of your Herblore level: For a cost of 500gp per herb, Zahur, can clean an inventory of herbs in an instant. Note that she cannot clean noted herbs. Decantation of potions: This is identical to the service provided by Bob Barter. Completing Unfinished potions: Zahur can take all noted ingredients (herbs + vials of water) to create Unfinished potions for you! The cost of this depends on your donator rank: Normal player: 3,000 gp per potion Donator: 2,750 gp per potion Super donator: 2,500 gp per potion Extreme donator: 2,250 gp per potion Legendary donator: 2,000 gp per potion Uber donator: 1,750 gp per potion Master donator: 1,500 gp per potion Example: Vial of water + Toadflax = Toadflax potion (unf) Notes: No experience is gained by this.  Your herblore level does not matter for this process. Battlestaff crafting + orb charging: Orb charging: You can now charge orbs! Having the required Magic level, simply take the required runes (see the relevant spell in your Magic spellbook) to the obelisk which you would like to charge your orb at and use the unpowered orbs on the obelisk. The available obelisks are: Air, earth, water and fire Battlestaff crafting: With charged orbs, you can now craft battlestaves! You can use your charged orb on a battlestaff to be presented with the crafting options. The requirements and experience gains are as follows (before your experience rate multiplier and other bonuses): Water battlestaff: 54 Crafting 100 experience Earth battlestaff: 58 Crafting 112.5 experience Fire battlestaff: 62 Crafting 125 experience Air battlestaff: 62 Crafting 137.5 experience Anti-bot system: We won’t get into too much detail on this update, but we’ve implemented a number of methods to help us detect players that are using 3rd party programs. We’re committed to ensuring that players use any type of software that is against our rules to gain an advantage will not be welcome on Alora, and we will continue to improve our detection methods to be able to quickly detect and ban these players. Fossil Island content: Herbi pet: This pet can now be obtained through the Herblore skill! Creating potions will yield the highest chance of obtaining Herbi, but cleaning herbs has a very slight chance as well. Wyvern cave: The Wyverns cave can now be accessed! Ancient Wyverns are lurking within this cave, waiting for the unprepared adventurer to add to their piles of bones.  You must have a minimum of 82 Slayer to harm these wyverns. The wyverns have a drop table with a wide array of loot, with the most valuable item being the Wyvern visage: The wyvern visage can be used to create the Ancient Wyvern shield. This can be done by using it on an Elemental shield while having 66 Smithing and 66 Magic. The Elemental shield is commonly dropped by the Ancient wyverns. These wyverns can be assigned as a Hard slayer task. They will also count towards your Skeletal wyvern task. The Dragonhunter crossbow will deal significantly more damage on these wyverns. The cave can be accessed through the teleportation wizard’s dungeon teleports. Requirements:  82 Slayer 4 Quest points Teleport interface update: Two new teleports have been added: Donator Zone Ancient Wyvern cave




You can now use a mobile-friendly version of the forums! When browsing on a mobile device, a message at the top of the page to switch to the mobile version will appear. If you do not see this message, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a “Use Mobile version” link on the bottom right side of the page near the “Terms of Service” link. You can easily switch back to the full version on your phone/tablet by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the “Full Version” button. Award updates: Awards are now resized to a maximum of 25x25 pixels. This allows for a more neat and uniform award area. We’ve also cleaned up the awards container, gave it a border, in-line title and spaced it out properly. 









We hope you enjoy this update  :)




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Content Poll: Elite/Duo Ironman Mode

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hey guys,


Lately, many people have been talking about the possibility of a new ironman mode, with the main ideas being a lower experience Ironman (without having to be an HCIM) and also perhaps a "Duo-ironman" functionality to be able to have a partner for your account. 


We already have many game modes, so we won't be adding two entirely separate game modes at once. On top of that, if we simply add Elite ironman with a lower experience rate and no other differences, it isn't all that different since you can play HCIM with only the death restriction (not too difficult to work around). So with that in mind, we'd like to provide some other new aspects to this game mode, with these being the possible ideas:

An even lower experience rate, for those who want more of a challenge (around 3x) The possibility of having a partner (duo/partner mode), which will be optional Disallowing usage of Vote books and/or other experience boosts (eg. Well of goodwill)


The name "Elite ironman" is not yet set in stone, and it may end up being "Duo Ironman" or even something entirely different depending on how the community feels about it. We'd love to hear your opinion on this game mode, as well as any additional ideas you may have for it.


Let us know what you think in the poll/comments :)


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[9/3/18] God Bosses revision, Vorkath Slayer helmet, Fire surge fix, and many bug fixes!

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


Today’s update is mostly focused on getting out some important bug fixes, including some that have been lingering around for quite awhile now. For the next update, we’re working on getting out some content that we’ve been meaning to implement for awhile as well (Fossil island content, Battlestaff crafting, etc.), so make sure to keep an eye out for another update soon!   Game updates:

World bosses update: Hitpoints on all world bosses has been increased. The fight did not last long enough (usually 15-20 seconds max) for players to get there and participate / obtain the God’s blessing XP bonus. Increase from 750 HP to: 1,750 for Saradomin/Zamorak bosses 2,500 for Guthix boss With the above HP change, the Guthix boss (Derwen) now has better chances of dropping the pet as well as the Staff of Light. The minimum damage required to obtain the God’s blessing has been reduced from 100 damage to 75. This, along with the hitpoints increase, should give most players an opportunity to participate for the blessing. Cooking update: The cooking skillcape bonus (no burn at 99) now works when wearing the Max cape (only the red one — not the variants) or the Completionist monkey. Slayer changes: If you have a Smoke devil task, you can defeat the Thermonuclear smoke devil and it will count towards your task. Additionally, if you have a Dust devil task, you can also kill the Thermonuclear smoke devil and it will count. Black mask (i) can now be unimbued. Staff of light fix: The magic attack bonus for the Staff of Light has been updated to match the TSOTD — +25 instead of +17. Magic fixes: Staff of the dead / Toxic SOTD can now cast Zamorak flames spell. Staff of light can now cast Saradomin strike. Fire surge fix: When using the Tome of Fire while casting Fire surge, the max hit is increased from 24 to 36. This brings the true max hit up to 49 in PvP when using: Tome of fire Occult necklace (10%) SOTD/SOL/TSOTD/Kodai (15%) Ancestral outfit (6%) Imbued god cape (2%) Tormented bracelet (5%)  TOTAL: 38% magic bonus * 36 max hit = 49 The max hit in PvM with an imbued Slayer helmet could be as high as 55 with the above gear. Slayer mask/helmet/salve amulet were not properly providing the magic damage bonus. This has been fixed. Range fixes: Crystal bow bonuses have been fixed. It now has +100 Ranged attack and +70 Ranged strength. Vorkath fixes: Vorkath fight: Zombified spawn: Crumble undead would sometimes splash on the Zombified spawn. This can no longer happen. The spawn can no longer be evaded. Antifire effectiveness: Antifire potions/shield will now be slightly more effective in defending against Vorkath. Vorkath’s Turquoise Slayer helmet: The Turquoise Slayer helmet can now be created through one of the following methods: Vorkath’s head + Slayer helmet Vorkath’s head + Slayer helmet (i) (gives Turquoise Slayer helmet (i)) Additionally, if you added Vorkath’s head to a regular Slayer helmet, you can then imbue it with an imbuement scroll. Has all the same bonuses from the other Slayer helmets. Can be reclaimed from untradables shop for 400k GP. Farming update: When farming herbs, you will now receive Grimy herbs rather than clean ones. This will give some extra Herblore XP when cleaning herbs, and matches OSRS. Empty watering can added to Ironman supply shop. Bones on altar update: You can now use Superior dragon bones on altars, including POH altars (gilded and otherwise.) Technical: Fixed some bugs that were not allowing users to login at times (stuck on connecting for awhile) Miscellaneous: From the previous update, the donator bonus on the Make Flax spell was not fully applied. It should now work as intended. Fixed a bug which allowed Skotizo to teleport people from the ground floor near ::event up to the top. (During World boss massacre) Event area “safe death” zone slightly expanded. Random events disabled in raids. Fixed Revenant caves entrance saying that you need a minimum of level 40 combat when it is in fact level 50. Yell updates: Youtube icon will now show up in yell. If you are a classic or ironman player but also a donator, your title in yell will now reflect your donator status. For example: Previously (where (*) represents ironman symbol): [<gray>Ironman</gray>](*)Omicron: message Now, assuming I am an Ironman but also a Legendary donator: [<purple>Ironman</purple>](*)Omicron: message

Client update:

Page-up button (or Fn+Up on OSX) can now be used by all players to re-enter your previous messages in your chatbox. You can also use Page-down to move through them. This was previously broken for regular players and moderators.

Store update:

JalRek-Jad reduced from 1500 tokens to 1000 tokens.

Screen%20Recording%202018-03-09%20at%201           Enjoy :)   Regards, Omicron

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