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Regarding Recent Downtime

13 hours ago  l  Omicron
Hello everyone,

Many of you are aware that our website has been offline/very slow for the majority of the past 24+ hours, and first and foremost, we'd like to apologize the inconvenience this has caused any of you.

We've been under heavy DDoS attacks lately, for much longer than we would've liked, and during this time we've done our best to enhance our protection to make sure that we're not affected by things like this in the future.

I'm happy to announce that this attack has been sustained, and that we've upped the protection to be able to withstand attacks of this caliber. Of course, this was completely unexpected and caught us off guard, and I personally haven't slept much at all during the length of this attack to make sure that we could restore our website access as soon as possible.

Some functions on the website are currently not functioning as intended (eg. the donation store), but we should not see downtime anymore and we are working on restoring all functionality very shortly :)

Edit: The store/highscores/staffCP have all been fixed. If there are any other forum issues, please feel free to PM me with details! You may also notice the website being faster overall than it was before ;)

We'd like to thank each and every one of you for being patient during these attacks, your support is highly appreciated, especially during these sorts of circumstances!

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[9/14/17] Trading post tax reduced, Donator zone fixes/additions, Ancient wyvern shield & more!

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


In today’s update, many of you will be happy to know that the Trading post tax has been knocked down from 5% to 2.5%! This means you’ll now barely notice it, as it is exactly half of what it was initially. We monitored the speed at which gold was generated and removed from the economy, and with all the gold sinks (including: tax, well of goodwill, banned accounts being wiped, etc) we’ve actually seen our gold economy slightly shrink. This wasn’t necessarily the goal of the TP tax, although we did need a way to slow the growth of the economy, which we believe a 2.5% tax should achieve just fine and keep prices stable. 


This update is not as large as usual of course, but we’re focusing all of our resources on Construction at the moment, so this is mostly an update to push out some necessary bug fixes. You can see the progress on Construction here:


  • Trading post tax reduced:
    • The % of your sale that goes to tax has been reduced from 5% to 2.5%.
  • New shop item:
    • We can’t get Fossil island out right now due to the full focus on construction, but we know that many of you would love to get your hands on one of the new items in the meantime!
      • Ancient wyvern shield ~ 850 tokens
        • This shield is one of the best Magic shields in the game, with stats comparable to that of the Arcane spirit shield when fully charged.
          • Similar to the Anti-dragon shield, you also receive dragonfire protection wearing this shield.
  • Inferno fixes:
    • Fixed not being able to see the boss on the far right side
    • Fixed distraction monsters on final wave not retaliating to you if you hit them with magic
  • Previous update bug fixes:
    • Redwoods ladder in Woodcutting guild has been fixed
    • Donator zone fixes/changes:
      • The fire has been moved into the bank and other random objects have been removed to make space for it.
      • Slayer master’s (Steve) right click options have been fixed (trade/assignment/rewards)
      • Furnace in DZ is now working
    • Opal crafting has been fixed
    • ::shops command will now bring Ironman to Paul instead of the shop room
    • Godsword special attack animations fixed:
      • For some reason, the previous update broke the old animation ids for the Godsword special attacks. We’ve grabbed the latest ones and pushed the fix.
  • Donator Zone new additions:
    • Rejuvination pool
    • Nurse
    • Altar
  • Battle royale fix:
    • Pressing the ESC key to close the viewing orb interface is now blocked.
  • Object examines added:
    • Objects now have proper examine text!
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fixed Skotizo randomly despawning on players sometimes (not World skotizo, but player-spawned skotizos)
    • Grim reaper hood is now tradable
    • Fixed killstreak announcements showing the player’s rank instead of their icon (eg. OWNEROmicron just shutdown X’s kill streak)












Keep an eye out for construction information soon ;)







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Development Blog #5: Construction Preview

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hey guys,


Following the recent poll results where most of you said that you'd prefer to see construction in-game before Fossil island, we've shifted our focus entirely onto construction!


The core (saving, room configurations, object configurations, landscapes, etc) is mostly done, now we're onto the extra functionalities, such as make the glory amulets on the wall, incense burners, etc all work properly, as well as adding ways of obtaining these things in-game! It's a huge skill, and there's a whole lot to it, but I'm confident we'll be able to cover most of it on release and if we miss anything we'll add it soon after.


This video is intended to show that 90%+ of the rooms and objects are functional, as well as previewing the rooms before you build, removing rooms, etc. 


It may look complete but we still have quite a bit of work to do, as well as testing, before we officially release this. We're not too far off though, and as it's now my primary focus it shouldn't be too long :)






Hopefully everyone's just as excited as we are to be this close to bringing you Alora's final skill :)




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