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Regarding Recent Downtime

6 days ago  l  Omicron

Hey guys,


I’d like to sincerely apologize for the lengthy downtime today. An exploit was identified on our website which urgently needed to be fixed, and we took extra time to ensure that we’ve properly patched this exploit for our security and that of all of our users.


It is impossible to have a perfectly secure website in today’s world, and as a result, it is something that most, if not all large websites will have to deal with at one point or another. We have done our best to ensure that this issue is patched, and we’ve increased our security to prevent this from happening again in the future. Your account should not have been affected by this, and neither has the trading post or any other website/game functions.


While your accounts and all personal data are safe, we will be forcing you to change your password every so often (starting today) and will continue do so in the future so that players do not recycle passwords between Alora and other websites. We are currently setting the frequency of password changes to 60 days and will change this if required.


The staff team and I would also like to thank all of you for your patience not only today, but through any road bumps that Alora has had in the past, your support means everything. :)




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The Veteran Rank

1 week ago  l  Haris

Hey everyone,


As you all know the Veteran rank has been out and attainable for a few months now. The requirements have been tweaked a bit a couple of times and weren't 100% just yet. After a discussion with some staff members regarding this subject, we've come up with some requirements that we feel are good and here to stay. Players that already have Veteran rank will be exempt from the newer requirements.


If you meet the requirements below, feel free to PM an Administrator to receive your rank.







Alora Administration Team

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[4/2/18] Dragon Slayer II, Surge spells, Wrath runecrafting, Dharoks accuracy, Boss kill-time reset & more!

3 weeks ago  l  Omicron



Hey guys,


The highly anticipated Dragon Slayer II quest is now live! There is plenty of new content to hop right into, including new bosses, new dungeons, new spells, new items and much more. There may very well be some bugs as this is a large update covering a wide array of content, so as always, please make sure to report any bugs that you find in the appropriate section. Without further ado:


Miscellaneous: Duel arena fixes: Duel bug (losing items) officially fixed: Thanks to @[member="Elvemage"] and @[member="Savitr"] for helping to find the bug! It should now be fully patched, including the “tie” bug introduced in the last fix. Also thanks to @[member="Thorru"] for help on the tie bug. Multiple poison issue fixed: You should no longer be able to be poisoned more than once in a duel. Fixed ::punishments for players with 3 letter names Lumbridge “sailing” update has been reverted/fixed. (Broken map) Fixed Saradomin godsword special attack prayer bug (Prayer going above max level) Battle Royale can now be 1x Combat experience or 330x (regular rate) depending on what option the host selects. Trade bug fixed: When a normal player traded an ironman/classic and got an error message, any other trade they tried to make afterwards (even to normal players) would be declined immediately. This has been fixed. This also fixes the bug where you would lose items while trying to equip them on the Equipment screen. (related to the same bug) Fix for prayer-protection on some NPCs: Using Protect from Ranged against Mithril dragons and Waterfiends will now be more effective. Construction bugs: If you died in the boxing ring as soon as you were expelled, you would lose your items outside of the house. This has been fixed. Additionally, the owner of the house (and anyone with kick permissions) would not have an attack option in the boxing ring, only a kick option. This has been fixed, and the owner of a house (and anyone with kick permissions) must be outside of their boxing ring to kick players, as they will only have an attack option inside. Fixed a bug which caused some players not to be expelled from the house when switching from regular mode to build mode. Total level fix: Total level would always be 2 higher than it should have been (due to 1 level coming from Summoning and 1 from Dungeoneering, but @[member="uTorrent"] won’t let me add those updates and made me scrap the upcoming EoC update so I’ve removed them) and is now fixed. Hitpoint flashing: Fixed a bug where your hitpoints would show ~253 HP for an instant if you were just killed by a player in PVP who dealt more HP than you had. Ignore list bug: Sometimes, ignored players’ messages would still appear in the chatbox or in yells. This should no longer happen. Iban’s staff attack animations fixed: You will no longer kick/punch when attacking with Iban’s staff (staff bash animation added) Slayer helmet (i) from Black mask (i) Previously, you could not use a Black mask (i) to create a Slayer helmet (i). You had to use the regular Black mask, and then imbue the helmet. This can now be done with an already imbued Black mask. Salve (ei) and Salve (i) bonuses corrected: Effects: Salve: 15% bonus to attack and strength Salve (i): 15% bonus to range, mage and melee attack and strength Salve (e): 20% bonus to attack and strength Salve (ei): 20% bonus to range, mage and melee attack and strength Notes: Salve amulets now also go to the untradeable reclaim shop. These effects do not stack with Slayer helmet effects, but the highest effect will be granted. Grotesque guardian jar can now be removed from your Achievement room display. Fixed a bug which allowed players to use the “Preserve” prayer after a raid to keep heightened skill levels. Item value fixes: Completionist monkey value increased Slayer helmets will no longer protect over Super combat potions. Fixed a bug with crossbow fletching: All combinations of crossbow limb + stock will now be fletchable. Edgeville PvP updates: You can no longer drop items worth 50k or more (just as it is in the regular Wilderness) Master donator changes: Pest control benefits fixed: 6 extra points + 75k GP per round instead of 5/60k for Uber. FAQ table updated to reflect proper bonuses/benefits. Rainbow icon in FAQ changed to correct in-game icon. Combat changes: Unfreeze distance for barrage (how far your opponent must run away before your freeze ends) has been reduced from 14 to 11 steps. (To match OSRS) This will make it more difficult for someone to freeze you and escape in the wilderness.  If your attacker is 12 or more steps away, you will be unfrozen. If they are within 11 steps, you won’t unfreeze until the normal timer runs out. Combat misc: Dragon daggers specials would send an XP drop on a 0-0 hit. This has been fixed. Dharok’s accuracy formula: The chance to hit with Dharoks has been adjusted to account for your hitpoints. This means that the lower your hitpoints are, the higher chance you have to hit, up to a ~50% accuracy bonus. This boost is exponentially calculated, meaning that if you’re at 50/99 HP there will not be a huge accuracy bonus, but there would be one at 1/99 HP. Approximations: At 50/99 hitpoints: (12.24% accuracy boost) At 25/99 hitpoints: (27.9% accuracy boost) At 10/99 hitpoints: (40.4% accuracy boost) At 5/99 hitpoints: (45% accuracy boost) At 2/99 hitpoints: (48% accuracy boost) At 1/99 hitpoints: (50% accuracy boost) Dragon Hunter Crossbow Buff: To match the recent buff in OSRS, this crossbow now provides a 30% damage and accuracy boost against Dragons (including Vorkath), Wyverns and Olm. (As opposed to the previous 10% boost) Duo-Raid changes: To make Duo raids more viable, and reduce the requirement for large parties to do Raids, Olm will now only have 2 phases when in a 2-player party. With 3 or more players, the number of phases has not changed (between 3 and 5 depending on the size of the party). The reasoning behind this update is that Solo raids are still quite difficult to do and not an “efficient” way to raid. This is intended, of course, but there are some timezones where it is difficult to find a large party to raid with, where duo raids would make more sense and increase overall activity for raids. Boss Kill-time reset: The staff team and I have agreed that the kill-times should have a fresh start in 2018 for many reasons, including: Giving players a chance to compete and set new records The ability to abuse some bosses in the past have skewed the kill-times The ability to use a Cannon and get a much shorter kill-time than normally possible was a bug that was present for awhile, so many bosses had illegitimate killtimes. As of this update, the leaderboard for boss kill-times is reset. Note that this does NOT apply to kill counts! Those are not reset (for bosses or otherwise). Dragon Slayer II The highly anticipated Dragon Slayer II quest is here! We’ve written our own unique quest designed specifically for Alora for this quest, and there are some very sweet rewards that you’ll be able to obtain through completion of this quest. You can start this quest by speaking to Glen, who is slightly east of Edgeville bank near the jailhouse. He’ll tell you that he has received some very concerning news and needs your help. Requirements: 6 Quest points 85+ Combat level Completion of the following quests: Recipe for Disaster Horror From The Deep Monkey Madness Lunar Diplomacy The quest ends with the Vorkath boss fight (which can be re-entered after the quest), where you can receive the following items as drops: Notable “Always” drops: Superior dragon bones Requiring level 70 Prayer, these bones give 150 experience (multiplied by our experience rate and any bonuses) making them the best bones in-game. Notable “Rare” drops: Dragonbone necklace: While equipped, this necklace will restore prayer points as they are buried as follows: Bones: 1 prayer point Big bones: 2 prayer points Baby dragon bones: 3 prayer points Dragon bones / Dagannoth bones: 4 prayer points Superior dragon bones: 5 prayer points The necklace also provides a +12 Prayer bonus. You must have level 80 Prayer to equip this necklace. Note: This effect also works with the Bonecrusher. Draconic visage Skeletal visage: This visage can be combined (with 90 Smithing) with an anti-dragon shield to create a Dragonfire ward, a Ranged shield which acts like a regular anti-dragon shield in terms of Dragonfire protection, but also protects against the icy breath of Wyverns. Skeletal ward: This ward can collect charges from Dragon/Wyvern breath and boost up to +50 on some of the base defence stats. You can also discharge the shield on your opponent. Vorki: The elusive Vorki pet has a very rare chance to drop from Vorkath. Vorkath’s head: This rare drop can be combined with Ava’s accumulator to create Ava’s assembler, an off-blue coloured device which has an 8% higher chance of saving ammunition. It is also the best-in-slot cape for Ranged attack bonus. You can combine this with a Max cape to receive a cape with the same bonuses and effects. Jar of decay: You can use this jar to add a Vorkath display in your house. Vorkath boss: The undead dragon is one of the most difficult NPCs to defeat in the game, with numerous attack styles: Melee attack (if in range) Magic attack (bright blue projectile) Ranged attack (spiked ball) Dragonfire types: Normal (red) Poisonous (green) Pink dragon fire — disables all prayers upon impact. High-damage dragon fire projectile This projectile can be dodged, and should be, as it can one-hit you (can hit up to 99) If you are standing 1 tile away from the explosion, you will be dealt half the damage. If you are standing at least 2 tiles away, you will not be dealt any damage. Special attacks: Poison pool: Vorkath will launch acid across the entire area, which you should avoid as it damages you very quickly. Immediately there-after, he will begin to spit rapid dragon fire at you, which you must dodge by running around the map while avoiding the poison pools. Ice dragon fire: An icy dragon fire will be launched at the player which freezes you in an ice barrage. The very next attack will be a zombified spawn which Vorkath spits into the corner of the map, which will immediately start walking towards you. This Zombified spawn will suicide attack you, and since you cannot move, you have two options: 1. Use “Crumble undead” to 1-hit KO the spawn 2. Try to kill it with regular attacks. If you do not get it to 0 HP before it reaches you, it will damage you based on how many hitpoints it has left. You can use the Salve amulets against Vorkath as he is undead. Vorkath can be assigned as a Slayer task (boss task) assuming you have defeated Vorkath at least once. Quest rewards: Access to Vorkath fight Access to Myth’s guild You can purchase a Mythical cape on the top floor, as well as the Dragon square shield right half and Dragon metal shard. Access to Myth’s guild dungeon Access to the the Metal dragon labratory, where Rune and Adamant dragons can be found These drop components to form the new dragon equipment (see below) Ability to make Super antifire potions You can crush Superior Dragon Bones with a Pestle and Mortar, and then mix them with a regular anti-fire potion to create this potion. Access to the Wrath altar, which can be used to craft Wrath runes with level 95 Runecrafting (for use in conjuction with the new Wrath spells) Perks: Speak to Ellen in the Myth’s guild to toggle the following perks: Ability to auto-note dragon bones/dagannoth bones that are dropped Ability to auto-note Mole skins/claws that are dropped I’d like to say thanks to: @[member="F 8"] Most of the script for our quest was written by him, so if you enjoy the quest shoot him a thanks for the creativity behind it! @[member="Casual"] For letting me use his account on OSRS to obtain data for DS2. @[member="Chase"] For the awesome slogan on the homepage. @[member="glen"] No reason specifically. Although I did enjoy his recent mixtape, so we’ve paid homage to glen in this quest by giving him his own character! Wrath Runecrafting: Players who complete Dragon Slayer II can now craft Wrath runes! These runes are used solely for the new Surge spells in the Modern spellbook. These grant 8 experience per rune (multiplied by your skilling experience rate and any active bonuses) You can find this altar by entering a cave in the southern part of the Myth’s guild basement, which will bring you up to the island south of the Myth’s guild which contains the Wrath altar. Surge spells: 4 New spells have been released! You do not need to complete the new quest to use these. These spells are only available in the Modern spell book. You must use Wrath runes to cast these spells, obtainable by either purchasing from other players, or crafting them yourself in the Myth’s guild with completion of Dragon Slayer II and 95 Runecrafting. Spells: Wind Surge 81 Magic Max hit: 21 Water Surge 85 Magic Max hit: 22 Earth Surge 90 Magic Max hit: 23 Fire Surge 95 Magic Max hit: 24 Dragon Equipment: You can now create the following pieces of Equipment: Dragon Square shield: This shield can be created by combining the left and right halves of the shield (left half from monster drops, right half from Erdan’s shop on the 2nd floor of the Myth’s guild) with level 60 Smithing. Dragon Kiteshield: This new shield can be created by combining the Dragon square shield, Dragon metal slice, and Dragon metal shard with level 75 Smithing. Dragon platebody: This new platebody can be created by combining the Dragon chain body, Dragon metal shard, and Dragon metal lump with level 90 Smithing. Dragon crossbow: This new crossbow can be created by combining Dragon limbs to a Magic stock (purchased from the 2nd floor Myth’s guild shop) with level 78 fletching, and then with crossbow string. You must have 64 Ranged to equip this crossbow. It can fire up to Dragon bolts (see below) and has a special attack which drains 60% of your special attack bar and hits any enemy in a 3x3 multi-combat area. The primary target will take 20% more damage, whereas other targets will take 20% less damage. For example, if the damage is 10, the primary target will be hit 12 and other targets hit 8. In single-way combat, the attack will still work but only on one target with 20% extra damage. Dragon bolts: (Not to be confused with Dragonstone bolts) A new type of crossbow bolt can now be created! Dragon bolts can be fired from: Dragon crossbow Dragon hunter crossbow Armadyl crossbow To created this type of bolt, you can use Dragon bolts (unf) on feathers, and then on bolt tips. They can be enchanted thereafter.  Teleporatation Wizard updates: New teleport locations: Cities: Draynor village Myth’s guild Dungeons: Metal dragon laboratory Bosses: Vorkath Callisto



Staff updates:

Fixed global logins for some staff members who were having issues. ::localplayers will now provide the exact # of players in your map (up to a maximum of 255) Yell-mute added: You can now ::yellmute or ::yellunmute players. This will disable their ability to use the yell channel, but other forms of communication would still work normally.


Forum updates:

The Moderating Team page has been re-sorted by the proper order of ranks, as opposed to being alphabetically sorted. It is also now more neatly organized, with dividers between the different sub-teams.  You can view the changes here: Award system update: The previous maximum of 15 awards showing when someone posts has been increased to 25. Fixed “Recent Activity” on profiles not showing up for players with spaces in their usernames. Master donator “shimmering effect” A shimmering effect can now be seen around Master donators’ usernames when they post. This is to differentiate them from other ranks, since the color effect loops through many different colors and may make you confuse the rank (eg. When the color is pink, it is mistakable for the Ex-staff rank)




We tried to squeeze in many different pieces of content for players of all game modes, and we're optimistic that everyone can find something to enjoy in this update :)





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