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Mystery box

50 tokens
Full of mystery! Could it be a Dharok's platebody.. or a white partyhat?!

Super mystery box

100 tokens
The superior mystery box - double down and try your luck for incredible rewards!

Mithril seeds (x25)

12 tokens
Magical seeds in a mithril case. Heavily used for flower poker!

Alora bond

100 tokens
Trade your tokens/rank. WARNING: You will lose $10 from your rank!

Dice bag   

1,000 tokens
A percentile dice bag which rolls from 0-100. Perfect for dice gambles!

Crystal key

10 tokens
A mysterious key for a mysterious chest.

Ring of wealth (i)   

100 tokens
A mysteriously imbued lucky ring.

Prayer scroll

400 tokens
Unlock one of the 3 newest prayers: Preserve, Rigour or Augury, by using this tradable scroll!

Rune pouch   

65 tokens
The rune pouch is an item that can store 16,000 of three types of runes.

Bounty teleport scroll

80 tokens
A tradable scroll that unlocks a teleport to take you directly to your target!

Imbued heart

100 tokens
This heart holds a magical power within. Temporarily raise your Magic as often as you wish.

Anglerfish (x250)

50 tokens
I hope this tastes better than it looks.

Dark crab (x250)

45 tokens
This looks tricky to eat.

Super combat potion (x50)

30 tokens
The ultimate combat potion.

Dragon javelin (x250)

75 tokens
The most powerful javelins in Alora. For use with the Heavy ballista.

Dragon bolts (e) (x250)

60 tokens
Enchanted dragon bolts.

Ancient wyvern shield

850 tokens
One of the best Magic shields, with stats comparable to the Arcane spirit shield when fully charged.

Dragon defender

50 tokens
A defensive weapon.

Dragon warhammer

600 tokens
A highly useful weapon with a unique special attack aimed to decrease any opponent's defence.

Fire cape

50 tokens
A cape of fire.

Abyssal whip

45 tokens
A weapon from the abyss.

Saradomin sword

45 tokens
The incredible blade of an Icyene.

Saradomin godsword

300 tokens
A beautiful, heavy sword.

Armadyl godsword

350 tokens
A beautiful, heavy sword.

Armadyl crossbow

250 tokens
A weapon originally developed for Armadyl's forces.

Dark bow

30 tokens
A bow from a darker dimension.

Toxic staff of the dead

185 tokens
A ghastly weapon with evil origins.

Mage's book

25 tokens
The magical book of the Mage.

Fighter torso

50 tokens
A Penance Fighter torso armour.

Amulet of fury

40 tokens
A very powerful onyx amulet.

Dharoks armour set

75 tokens
A set containing a Dharok's helm, platelegs, platebody, and greataxe.

Ahrims armour set

75 tokens
A set containing an Ahrim's hood, robetop, robeskirt and staff.

Karils armour set

75 tokens
A set containing a Karil's coif, leatherskirt, leathertop and crossbow.

Guthans armour set

75 tokens
A set containing a Guthan's helm, chainskirt, platebody, and warspear.

Torags armour set

75 tokens
A set containing a Torag's helm, platelegs, platebody, and hammers.

Veracs armour set

75 tokens
A set containing a Verac's helm, plateskirt, brassard and flail.

Warrior ring (i)

30 tokens
A legendary ring once worn by Fremennik warriors.

Berserker ring (i)

50 tokens
A ring reputed to bring out a berserk fury in its wearer.

Seers ring (i)

40 tokens
A mysterious ring that can fill the wearer with magical power...

Archers ring (i)

50 tokens
A fabled ring that improves the wearer's skill with a bow...

Pharaoh sceptre   

10,000 tokens
An ancient sceptre, which gives those who wear it a god-like aura.

Partyhat set   

10,500 tokens
A set containing red, yellow, blue, purple, green and white partyhats.

Black partyhat   

4,500 tokens
A highly sought after Black partyhat

Black santa hat   

2,500 tokens
A highly sought after Black santa hat.

Gnome child hat   

150 tokens
Stylish, by gnome child standards.

Gnome goggles   

100 tokens
Tally Ho!

Gnome scarf   

100 tokens
A scarf. You feel your upper lip stiffening.

Golden chef hat   

50 tokens
What a perfectly reasonable hat.

Golden apron   

50 tokens
An astonishingly gold apron.

God boss pet   

1,500 tokens
A rare pet that can be morphed into all 3 God bosses: Baby Derwen, Baby Justiciar and Baby Porazdir!


1,000 tokens
An exclusive pet that is unique to Alora - only available by gambling your Infernal cape!


750 tokens
Spawn of Darkness.

Baby vanguard   

1,000 tokens
The exclusive Baby vanguard pet, from deep within the Chambers of Xeric and 100% unique to Alora!

Pet penance queen   

200 tokens
Got eggs?

Bloodhound pet   

300 tokens
Tracking down clues all over the world.

Golden hammer   

120 tokens
Build in your house without needing a hammer in inventory. Also, enjoy a 25% pet-rate boost!

Crystal saw   

100 tokens
Build in your house without needing a saw in inventory. Also, enjoy a +3 level boost!

Marble (x25)   

100 tokens
A beautifully carved marble block. Used for many luxurious house furniture!

Magic stone (x5)   

150 tokens
A magic stone to make high-level furniture.

Gold leaf (x80)

80 tokens
A very delicate sheet of gold used to make high-level furniture.


After you have completed your transaction, you will receive the tokens you bought. With these tokens, you can buy items on this webshop, and then you will receive these items ingame. You will immediately receive the tokens after you have purchased them. After purchasing items in the shop, you can collect them in-game by speaking to the Donation Manager located in the Edgeville bank!


Your donation will go towards supporting Alora and ensuring that development/hosting/advertisement costs are all met!
We appreciate all donations, and every little bit counts towards benefitting all players.

Also, because of the awesome benefits provided to donators, listed in the table below!

Can I donate with OSRS Gold, Bitcoin or another method?

Of course! OSRS GP is accepted at a 1M = $1 ratio. Bitcoin donations will also receive bonus tokens.

We will also try to facilitate any donations with other payment methods. send Omicron a private message if you are thinking of donating with an alternative payment method!


Normal Donator  Super Extreme   Legendary   Uber   Master
Amount required to spend($)








Donator Zone Access
Ability to Yell
Cooldown between yells 60 seconds 30 seconds 10 seconds 5 seconds 1 second 1 second
Private Red Chinchompa cave access
Items on death last 2x as long
Ability to decant potions
Slayer tower shortcut
Double GP from Coin Caskets
Chance of receiving noted resources while skilling(fishing, mining, etc)
Extended Donator Zone Access
Boosted rare chance from clue scrolls
% Boost for rare item from clue scrolls 7% 10% 20% 35%
Chance of an extra item in Raids
% Chance of an extra item in Raids 5% 10% 15% 30%
Coloured forum post background
Boosted drop-rate for all rares
Free custom skin color swaps
Dragon (red) skin color unlock
Boosted drop-rate % 7% 12%
Maximum loot in Raids 3 items 3 items 3 items 5 items 5 items 5 items 6 items
Fight Caves start wave 31 41 41 41 41 41 41
The Inferno start wave 1 15 20 25 32 40 45
Price to cancel Slayer tasks 30 points 15 points FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE
Lowered GWD Killcount requirement 1 25% lower 50% lower 75% lower 75% lower 75% lower 75% lower
Points lost on Raids death 33% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 7.5%
Planks made per Plank make cast 1 planks 2 planks 3 planks 4 planks 5 planks 7 planks 9 planks
Extra Trading post listings 2 4 6 8 12 12
Increased clue bottle/birds nest chance 3% 5% 7% 10% 15% 20%
Increased Superior slayer tasks 6% 6.6% 7.6% 9% 9% 9%
PK Point bonus 10% 15% 25% 35% 45% 50%
Bloody chest loot chance increase 5% 7.5% 10% 14% 18% 32%
Boss instance cost reduction 10% 14% 16% 20% 25% 30%
Crystal chest reward boost 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Extra Pest Control rewards 1 point & 30,000 GP 2 points & 35,000 GP 3 points & 45,000 GP 4 points & 50,000 GP 5 points & 60,000 GP 6 points & 75,000 GP
Extra benefits Master-only Stray dog pet