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$1,000 EIM Tournament Video/Stream

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Hey guys!


What a tournament it was yesterday. I had a ton of fun participating and commentating over all of the fights! Huge thanks to [member="Omicron"], [member="hsoj"], [member="King purple"], and everyone else that was involved with hosting and promoting the entire event. 


Big congratulations to [member="Pn1 Yezi"], [member="Pn1 Username"] and [member="Pn1 Password"] for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! 



Full bracket -


Full video -

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September Community Award Signatures

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As always, thanks to [Member=Dumbshit] for his hardwork <3


Sorry for the delay, [Member=Dante] is big slackermens.








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[8/10/18] PvP Armour and Weapons, Soul Runecrafting, Lunar spells & more!

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Hello everyone, Today’s update includes a number of bug fixes, and plenty of QOL and small content updates… But more importantly, following the Ancient armour poll which seemed to get a very positive response from the community for the most part, we’ve decided to roll out PvP armour and weapons! Statius, Vesta, Zuriel and Morrigan’s armours and weapons are now available in the wilderness, more details below. We’ve also got some cool Halloween updates coming soon, as well as plenty of 2nd Anniversary events right around the corner ;)Note: PvP Armours and Weapons will not be allowed in the upcoming Elite Ironman tournament ($1000 prize tourney).WARNING: You MUST be on the latest client to fully take part in the new content provided in this update. If you are on an old client, you may have issues viewing Ancient equipment that is dropped on the ground. Most of your clients will automatically update if you are using the launcher, but if not (ZIP file), please manually re-download the latest client.




Blast Furnace updates: A cap of 100 bars has been added to the dispenser.  This means that if you have more ores in the melting pot, but have 100 unclaimed bars, no more bars will be made until you remove the unclaimed ones. Ordan will now present a confirmation box before spending money on more hours in the Blast Furnace. He will list the total hours and final cost and ask you to confirm. Steel bars fixed: Previously, any Iron ores deposited into the Blast furnace would be turned into Iron bars (no coal required), and Steel bars could never be created. The furnace will now prioritize steel, so that if you have at least 1 coal, Steel bars will be created. Simply do not add any coal if you would like to create Iron bars. Clue scroll changes: Your clue completion count is now counted (as of this update) for each type of clue. Clues completed before this update will not be counted. The # you’ve completed will be displayed after every clue. Sack of scrolls: A clue completionist reward which is available after completing at least 150 clues in total (of any type) This item can be purchased from the Skillcape shop for 1,000,000 GP. Goldsmith gauntlets added: Goldsmith gauntlets can now be purchased from the Loyalty Point Exchange for 50,000 points. These gauntlets allow you to obtain 2.5x the usual experience when smelting Gold bars. This applied to: Normal smelting, Blast furnace XP, and Superheat spell. Ahrim’s staff update: Ahrim’s staff can now be used to autocast spells. Ignore list upgrade: Ignore list capacity has been upgraded from 100 to 200 maximum names. You must update your client to have the updated list, and if not, your list will have the old maximum (100) but will send you a warning that you are using an outdated client. Lunar spell updates: Humidify spell can now be casted: Casting this spell requires level 68 Magic and 1 Soul rune, 1 Fire rune, and 3 Water runes, and provides 65 Magic experience (before any multipliers based on your game mode). This spell can humidify your water-containing vessels (empty buckets, jugs, and vials) and can also be used to soften clay. Monster examine: You can now use the Monster examine spell to get more details on any attackable NPC. Tan leather: You can now tan up to 5 hides with this spell, assuming you have level 78 Magic and 2 Soul runes, 1 Nature rune, and 5 Fire runes. Hides that may be tanned: Green, blue, red and black dragonhide Cowhide Snakeskin Outdated client warning: We try to keep our old clients as compatible as possible, but it is always best to be on the latest clients. Some players choose to play with the ZIP file rather than the launcher, and may not know when client updates occur. To prevent this, players on old clients will now receive a warning on login that their client is outdated and may not be supported in the future. Miscellaneous: Amounts on the NPC drop table interface are now formatted. Fixed a bug which caused quest tab dialogues to display “Line1” rather than the intended text. Fixed the bug which caused the “Trust this computer for 31 days?” dialogue to appear when speaking to other npcs. Scorpia safespot fixed. Tournament cup updated with August’s King of the Skill event winner (Sololite) Clan chat changes: The clan chat member list will now be sorted alphabetically rather than by rank. (to match OSRS update) Runecrafting updates: Soul runecrafting: Soul runes can now be crafted!  The way that these are crafted is quite different from other runes, and you’ll need to have the following stats: 38+ Mining 38+ Crafting 90+ Runecrafting (Recommended) 73+ Agility How to craft Soul runes: First, you’ll need to teleport to the Arceuus essence mine. Here, you’ll be able to mine Dense essence blocks.  You can access this area through the teleport wizard, on the skilling menu. Once mined, you can take these to the Dark altar to the west and convert the blocks into Dark essence blocks. Using essence blocks on the altar reduces Prayer points by 1 point per block, but also provides 2.5 Runecrafting experience per block. These dark essence blocks can then be used with a chisel and crushed into Dark essence fragments. Each block can be broken down into 4 fragments. Finally, you can head to the Soul altar east of the mines to turn these fragments into Soul runes. Note: You can only have a maximum of 108 Dark essence fragments in your inventory. Therefore, it is advisable to mine a full inventory, break them down, then mine another full inventory to take to the Soul altar but only break them done after you’ve converted the first 108 fragments into runes. Runecrafting pouches -> Untradable reclaim: If you die with your Runecrafting pouches, you can now reclaim them for the Lost items manager at the following costs: Small pouch - 100k Medium pouch - 200k Large pouch - 400k Giant pouch - 800k Combat changes: Opal bolt special attack fixed: Opal bolts (e) and Opal dragon bolts (e) can now trigger the bolt special “Lucky Lightning” which has a 5% chance and deals extra damage on your target based on your visible ranged level. Formula: (visible ranged level * 10%) Eg. At 112 ranged level (boosted), the extra damage is 11. Dwarf cannon change: The Dwarf cannon can now hit enemies up to 9 steps away rather than the previous 6 step maximum. Javelin bug: Javelins were providing too much Ranged attack bonus (Should only be Ranged strength). Affected Javelins have been fixed. Additionally, the Ranged strength of each of these javelins was too high as of a recent OSRS update. They have been updated (slightly lowered) to match OSRS bonuses. Theatre of Blood reward changes: We’ve increased the number of rune drops from ToB, specifically for Ironmen as many blood runes are used in the Theatre. Blood rune: Old range: 40-400 runes New range: 250-1200 runes Death rune: Old range: 50-500 runes New range: 300-1300 runes Pet changes: Pets will now follow you as soon as you log in rather than going to your inventory every time, assuming there is enough room around you for your pet to appear. Zulrah loot dismantling: Tanzanite fang, Magic fang and Serpentine visage can now all be dismantled for 20,000 Zulrah scales for each item. This is useful for Ironmen who have multiple drops of the same kind and no need for duplicates. A warning dialogue will be displayed to ensure that dismantling is what you would like to do. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Redesign: The Thermonuclear smoke devil has been graphically reworked.  Additionally, the Pet smoke devil has been changed to match and given a transform option, allowing it to switch between the boss and regular Smoke devil models.  Ancient PvP Armour and Weaponry: PvP armour/weapons are finally here! These powerful pieces of equipments are ancient artifacts in the Wilderness and can be obtained by rare chance from killing any monster over level 50 combat. Equipment: Statius’s Warhammer, full helm, chest plate and platelegs. Statius's warhammer special attack, Smash, costs 35% of the wielder's special attack energy. Upon a successful hit it will deal anywhere between 25% and 125% of the wielder's standard max hit, any successful hit will lower the opponents defence level by 30%. Vesta’s longsword, spear, platebody, plateskirt. The Vesta's longsword special attack costs 25% special energy and will deal anywhere between 20% and 120% of the wielder's standard max hit, the accuracy of this special attack is rolled against 25% of the opponent's defence. The Vesta’s spear special attack costs 50% of the wielder's special attack energy. Upon use the spear will damage all targets within 8 tiles surrounding the player. Outside of multicombat zones, only one target is damaged. This special attack can hit a maximum of 16 targets at once. Morrigan’s javelin, throwing axe, leather top and chaps. Zuriel’s staff, hood, robe top and robe bottom. The staff provides a 10% magic damage boost. Binding: When received, these items are tradable, but NOT equipable. To make them equipable, you must bind the item to your account (right-click option), which makes it become untradable. Once you have binded the item, there is no going back. It is locked to your account until it crumbles to dust. A warning is displayed before binding. Degradation: These items, unlike any other items in Alora, will degrade after a number of uses in combat. All of the items have 5,000 uses before degrading. A “use” is defined by you attacking another enemy. Each combat action is 1 use. Balancing: Outside of the wilderness, the bonuses from these pieces of equipment have been nerfed 20%. This does not apply to PvM within the wilderness, as these are primarily intended to be used for PvP and wilderness PvM. Formula to hit the drop table for these items is as follows: Assuming the monster is at least level 50 combat: Step 1. Denominator = 20,000 - ((npcCombatLevel - 50) * 150) Level 50 combat: 1 out of 20,000 chance Level 100 combat: 1 out of 12,500 chance Level 150+ combat (same rate after 150 combat): 1/5,000 chance Step 2: (Wilderness level) Reduce denominator by wilderness level * 50. If the monster is level 150, the rate is 1/5,000. Assuming we are in level 50 wilderness, reduce this by (50 * 50), bringing our rate down to 1/2,500. Step 3: (Hotspot) If you are in a hotspot, an additional 10% reduction will be applied to your rate. Carrying over the example above at level 50 wilderness with a level 150 combat enemy (1/2,500 chance), if we are also in a hotzone, this is reduced to 1/2,250. Step 4: (Multiplier) This rate is applied at the very end, and the final denominator is simply divided by the multiplier. The multiplier is currently set at 1.5, though we can change this for events and/or if the armours are appearing too commonly. 2,250 / 1.5 = 1,500. Final chance is 1/1,500 Once you hit the drop table, some items are rarer than others (eg. Javelins and thrown axes are more common than Statius’s warhammer). Other notes: If you kill another player who has a piece of PvP equipment that is degraded, you will receive 250 PK points (per piece of equipment) assuming you are eligible for PKP. (not suspected to be farming) All of the equipment requires 78 defence to wear, and the weaponry requires 78 in whichever skill it is based in. (eg. Zuriel’s staff requires 78 Magic)


Store: Mithril seeds can now be purchased by Ironmen and Classics. Imbued hearts can now be purchased by Ironmen and Classics. Coal bag has been added to the store, and can also be purchased by Ironmen/Classics. PvP Mystery Box: A new mystery box, the PvP mystery box, is now available in the store! At a cost of 350 tokens, it has a guaranteed chance of any piece of the new Ancient PvP equipment. Note: The rewards include Morrigan’s javelins and throwing axes to balance out the loot. Additionally, weapons are more rare to obtain than equipment.




Forum/Website updates: Terms of Service page upon registering has been updated to match our current rules. (




CC Before:mFjQxMX.png CC After: We hope you enjoy this update! :) Please be sure to report any bugs as soon as possible. Regards, Omicron

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