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Official Graphic Designer Rank

1 week ago  l  Lowkey

Hey guys,


First of all, I would like to thank [member="Chase"] for the work he has done not only for myself but for Alora & [member="Omicron"]. He's been super busy IRL and has not been able to fulfill the duties, so his rank has been removed.


For the next few weeks Myself and [member="Omicron"] will be taking a look over the applications filled out provided below. Only serious applications will be reviewed. You must fill out this application and send a Discord/Forum PM to me titled with "Official GFX Designer". We will announce our next Official GFX Designer by 6/2/18 so feel free to create new art and make an up to date portfolio. Best of luck to everyone interested and we're very excited to see what the community has to offer.



Name in-game -

Reason you want to apply for this rank -

Would you be able to create quality art when needed -

How long have you been creating art -

Programs used while making Graphics -

Please list your most recent work (Portfolio) -




Alora Administration Team

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[13/5/18] Daily Tasks, Arclight, Kurask Expansion, Hotzone system + PvP updates & more!

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hotfixes (May 13th):

Timer for Daily tasks fixed: The timezone was not matched to the server time (GMT), and has been fixed. It will now reset the tasks at midnight server time. Additionally, as many of you noticed, tasks were being changed every 10 minutes. This has been fixed. Daily task reward shop fix: The Shayzien top and bottom were tier 4 rather than tier 5. Arclight fix: In addition to the previously affected creatures, the Arclight will now work on: Abyssal Sire Zamorakian GWD enemies: K’ril Tstusaroth Balfrug Kreeyath Tstanon Karlak Zakl’n Gritch



Hello everyone,


This update took longer than anticipated due to Daily tasks taking a ton of time to configure, as well as some unprecedented circumstances that took up some of my time, but I’m thrilled to announce the release of this new system! The Daily tasks will give you that extra challenge each and every day, while working towards your goals, which could be short term monetary gain (bloody/crystal keys), items that will increase your efficiency (Arclight, Propsector kit) or simply going for that fashionable cosmetic! (Achievement armour, western banners) Whatever your goal is, we know that you’ll find something in this update to enjoy :) On top of this, we’ve got some other long awaited updates such as the Kurask cave expansion, and some much needed PvP updates including a rotating Hotzone system. I’ll let you read the details yourself below!


Daily tasks: Daily tasks are now available! (Thanks to @[member="F 8"] for the awesome idea) Mr. Daily can be found in Edgeville bank, and he’ll tell you which tasks are available today. Features: 3 daily tasks, one easy, one medium, and one hard. These tasks are changed every 24 hours, based on UTC (server) time. Each task will give a set number of points, typically 3, 5, and 10 for easy, medium and hard respectively. Extreme Donators will receive an extra 1, 2, and 3 points for each task respectively. Legendary Donators will receive an extra 2, 3, and 4 points for each task respectively. Uber donators will receive an extra 3, 4, and 5 points for each task respectively. Full completion bonus: If you complete all 3 of today’s tasks, you’ll receive an extra 12 points! Typically, this means a maximum of 30 points per day can be earned, while donators can receive up to 42. All game modes can access this shop. (iron/classic included) What types of tasks are available? There are many different tasks that are randomly selected each day! The same task will never be given back to back, but can be given two days after. Some examples include: Easy: Cut 50 gems of any type — 3 points Claim a vote auth — 3 points Use the high alchemy spell 100 times — 3 points Medium: Harvest any 3 herb patches — 5 points Complete 3 raids — 5 points Chop 300 Redwood logs — 5 points Hard: Gamble a Fire cape — 12 points Earn 425 Runecrafting points — 10 points Kill 35 Krakens — 10 points What types of rewards are available? General: Bloody key, Crystal key Anglerfish, super combat potions Looting bag Shayzien outfit (tier 5) Mask of balance Dark totem New items: Prospector outfit — provides 2.5% Mining experience when full set is worn. Dwarven helmet — Highest crush bonus for a helmet in-game Arclight — Extremely powerful sword against demons (provides 70% accuracy and damage boost, but requires charges from Ancient shards) Achievement armour set 1 Achievement armour set 2 Western banner 1 Western banner 2



Kurask expansion (task-only): A Kurask expansion area has been added in the Fremennik Slayer caves! This area can only be entered by players who are currently on a Kurask slayer task (solo or duo) to ensure that it does not get over-crowded. Notes: 9 new Kurask spawns are available in this area, complementing the original 6 Kurasks in the non-task area. The west side of the task-only area contains an intentional safespot which allows you to range/mage/halberd Kurasks with ease.



Propsector kit added: This outfit, which provides a total bonus of 2.5% more Mining experience when worn, is now available for purchase in the Daily tasks shop! Boosts: Helmet: 0.4% Jacket: 0.8% Legs: 0.6% Boots: 0.2% Full set bonus: 0.5% Total bonus: 2.5% The prices in the Daily Task reward shop are based on the experience given by each piece and are perfectly scaled. For example, the jacket (0.8%) is 4x the experience of the boots (0.2%), and is 4x the price.



Items dropped on death fixes: Ironmen’s items would not last as long on the floor as normal players. This has been fixed. The UIM update last update was bugged in some circumstances, and should now work as intended (tested). Fixed a bug with some untradable items (eg. Ornament kit amulets) disappearing more quickly off the ground. The timer on the client for how long until your items are visible to other players (or completely disappear, in the case of Ironmen) was showing a time longer than it should have been. It will now be more accurate. Bones on Altar fix: Ironmen (specifically Elite) will now receive bonus experience from using bones on their own player-owned-house altars, as well as Elite being able to receive bonus experience from their partner’s house altars. (This was broken last update) Fixed instance-kick issue Sometimes, if players are wearing a Ring of Life or Defence skillcape inside of certain instances (zulrah, vorkath, kraken, etc) which you can teleport out of, the ROL/cape would teleport you out even if you had high HP. This will no longer happen, and you will only be teleported out at low HP (<10% of max HP) as intended. Raids fix: Some of you may have noticed a bug that occurs periodically within Raids which causes you to enter another player’s instance when trying to enter the final room for the Olm fight. This should hopefully be fixed as of this update, but will need to be tested over time as it is a hard bug to reproduce. If it is still broken, please report it as soon as possible. Clue scroll fix: A clue scroll calling for players to wear certain equipment and bow outside the Legend’s guild was asking for an Oak longbow or Regular longbow to be worn. As this is not skiller friendly, and the Regular longbow cannot be obtained, we’ve updated it to ask for a regular (normal wood) short bow instead. Fire wave/blast fix: When using the Fire wave spell with the Tome of fire equipped, you will now receive a 50% damage boost as intended. Storage box changes: Although the item limit is 10,000 per stack within the Storage box, we’ve increased the amount of gold that you can store within the box to 1,000,000 (1M) GP. Karambwan fishing in Fishing guild fixed: There is now a Karambwan fishing spot on the northern dock of the Fishing guild. Serpentine helmet uncharging: Uncharging/dismantling the Serpentine helmet would give you a chisel every time (chisel dupe). This has been patched, and dismantling will no longer grant you a chisel at all. Seers agility course fix: The first obstacle (wall climb) was giving way more experience than any other obstacle, causing players to simply teleport back to Seers village after the first obstacle. This obstacle has been nerfed, but the entire course will still give the same experience. The last obstacle will give the most experience. Miscellaneous: Pickup sound fix: When picking up an item, sometimes another player would get it first (eg. At a drop party) but the pickup sound would still play for you. This was confusing, and ultimately disappointing (see: drop party) and has been fixed so that the sound only plays if you truly received the loot.



PVP/Combat Updates: Bloody key changes: Bloody keys can now only be picked up by players who are at least level 57. Bloody keys can now be dropped upon killing your Bounty target! The rate at which these keys drop is based on your Wilderness level as well as your target’s risked wealth. Guidelines for wilderness levels: 50 Wildy: 2.5x as likely 35 Wildy: 1.5x as likely 20 Wildy: 1.25x as likely 10 Wildy: 1.15x as likely The majority of the influence for risked wealth is in the <100M range, meaning that if the target’s risked wealth is greater than 100M (eg. 2b) it will have essentially the same chance as someone who has 100m assuming the same wilderness level. Prayer fixes: Some changes to prayer determination in combat have been made to make the effect of your selected prayer take effect more quickly. Zamorak godsword special attack timer: The timer for the freeze effect is 20 seconds, but the client timer would show 30. This has now been fixed. Dragon claw special attack boost: The accuracy of the special attack has been increased. Berserker necklace special effect: The berserker necklace effect was only working for the Obsidian maul (Tzhaar-ket-om), but now works for all of the intended weapons: Toktz-xil-ak (sword) Tzhaar-ket-em (mace) Toktz-xil-ek (dagger) Skotizo updates: Drop table improved with new items: Bloody key Amulet of torture Necklace of anguish Teleblock effect: With these improved loot additions, the risk of fighting Skotizo has increased… anyone attacking Skotizo will take on the challenge of being teleblocked for 2 minutes and 30 seconds! Hotzones: The hotzone feature has been revamped! Hotzones are now rotating spots where you will earn double PKP. The zone will rotate every 30 minutes and will always be different than the last one. Possible zones: Edgeville Mage bank East dragons Dark castle Demonic ruins You can see whether you’re in a Hotzone or not in the bottom right corner, and you can also view the current hotzone in your quest tab. You’ll also receive notifications globally when the hotzone changes. Dragonhunter crossbow fix: The effect of this weapon on Dragons/Olm/Wyverns was underpowered and has been corrected to 30% increased damage and accuracy.



The Arclight is now available! Available in the Daily tasks reward shop This sword, requiring level 75 Attack, is extremely effective against demon type monsters with it’s 70% increase in accuracy and damage against them, making it more effective than the Abyssal tentacle. The affected creatures include: Imps Lesser demon, Greater demon, Black demon Abyssal demon Nechryael, Nechryarch Demonic gorilla Skotizo Porazdir (Zamorak boss from world bosses event) Charges: This sword holds charges (up to 10,000) for its effect. Charges can be added by using Ancient shards on the sword, every 3 providing 1,000 charges. If there are no more charges, the sword does not provide any accuracy or damage bonus against demon type monsters. Untradable reclaim: Upon death, this item will go to the Lost items manager and can be reclaimed for 500,000 GP.











Enjoy :)




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[21/4/18] Storage Box for Elite Ironmen, Bug fixes, QOL and more!

1 month ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


We're back with a few content updates / bug fixes this week, mostly pertaining to the Elite Ironman release last week which was hugely successful. I'm thrilled to see so many people enjoying the new game mode, and hopefully these bug fixes and content updates improve the experience even more!

Elite Ironman Storage Box: Due to popular request, Elite Ironmen who have partners can now share a storage box with their partner! Located next to Paul in Edgeville, this box allows you to deposit up to 14 items which are shared with your partner. Any items that you deposit will be left in the box until you or your partner retrieves them. This box is perfect if your partner is not online at the same time as you are, and you’d like to leave them some supplies. Although the maximum number of items is 14, you can only store 10,000 of any specific item within the storage box. Elite Ironmen who do not have partners cannot use this box as storage. Miscellaneous: Fixed duel arena no movement bug (“I can’t reach that!”) Limpwurt seed is now tradable. Fixed a bug which would technically cause the game to think you were a Hardcore ironman when you weren’t, causing your status to be downgraded upon death. Fixed the “huge” crossbows on the “How many would you like to make?” Interface when stringing or creating unfinished crossbows. Sapphire ring Crafting level requirement fixed (from 30 to 20) Duo Slayer changes: Previously, you were able to receive tasks that involved an instanced boss (eg. Zulrah, Grotesque Guardians, TzTok-Jad, etc). This will no longer be possible. If your partner finished the task, your counter would still say (Task: 0 Green dragons) without resetting, causing you to have to kill one more. This will no longer happen. XP Counter fix: A bug which caused your XP counter to go negative at high amounts has been fixed. Elite Ironman changes: House altars: You can now receive bonus experience from using bones on your EIM partner’s house altars. Thieving changes: When pickpocketing, your level/equipment bonuses will now have more effect on your thieving success rate. You should fail less often, overall. Tournament ring: For the EIM pvp tournament (and future tournaments), a safe-death PVP ring has been added.  You can type ::tournament to teleport to the spectator sidelines around the ring, but competitors can only be teleported in by staff members. Ultimate Ironman update: When dying to an NPC, Ultimate Ironmen’s items lost on death (NOT applicable to PvP death) will now last 60 minutes before disappearing. After the 60 minutes, the items will become publicly visible for a few more minutes. This is intended to help UIMs temporarily drop their inventories by dying to an NPC, allowing them to more easily participate in certain types of content (particularly wilderness content such as Mage Arena II). NOTE: We will not be responsible for your losses if you are unable to recover your items due to a server update. There is always a 5 minute timer before a server update, which should be plenty of time for UIMs to get their items back. Dwarf Multicannon fixes: A bug allowed players to set up a hunting trap (eg. Box trap or bird snare) next to someone’s cannon, causing it to disappear. This has been fixed, and traps can no longer be set up near a cannon. Additionally, to prevent people from putting cannons in typical trap areas, cannons can no longer be set up in Feldip hills, the Donator zone, the donator Chinchompa cave or the Black chinchompa hunting area.


Website: Fixed EIM highscores pages for specific skills (not Overall) showing (Solo) for all players, even if they have a partner. Added ReCaptcha + new registration questions when signing up (to prevent spammers from registering)






We hope you enjoy this update :)




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