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$1,500 PvP Realism Tournament - Rules and Signups

16 hours ago  l  King purple


This topic will be used for the sole purpose of sign-ups, if you are not signing up to the 1v1 Realism mode tournament, your post will be hidden.

The tournament will start at 6PM Server time and it will be streamed by @[Member="Lowkey"] (will post the link here tomorrow) .


1st Place:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:



The tournament will be held with 1v1 brackets. You must be registered before it begins. You are limited to 5 Saradomin brews. Inventories will be checked before you fight, and you will be forced to stay within this limit. (Any other gear/food is allowed) Account sharing is prohibited and will rest in an instant DQ and a ban.  All fights will be a SAFE death and you will NOT lose items. PVP Weapons/Armour is NOT allowed in the tournament.


Just type in your account's username and get the final touches ready on your accounts. Good luck, love you all. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me ingame, on the forums or discord.King purpleAlora Administration Team


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[7/6/19] Realism Mode & $1,500 Tournament Now Live!

1 week ago  l  Omicron

[June 9th changes]

Realism changes: Glassblowing pipe has been added to Bob's skilling supply shop. The PKP store has been disabled. This may be re-enabled in the future. Revenant artifacts now give slightly less GP than before. (previously 50% of normal amount, now 33.3%) Fixed a bug which caused Realism players to lose their rank when donating. Requirement fixes: Coif now requires 20 Ranged to equip. Studded chaps (regular and trimmed variants) now require 20 Ranged to equip. Studded body (regular and trimmed variants) now require 20 Ranged and 20 Defence to equip.






Hello everyone,


Realism mode is now live! Along with this, the $1,500 USD tournament (along with many token prizes for skilling competitions) has also begun! The tournament will run until June 16th, so make sure to log on and get a good head start this weekend as we offer Bonus Experience until Saturday night!


Additionally, we've included a bunch of other updates ranging from QOL (Puro Puro changes, rejuvenation pool special timer removal) to full-fledged content such as the new Wilderness supply chest, Raid boosters, Superglass make spell & more! 


Note: You must create a new account to play on Realism mode, or an account that has not yet completed the starter tutorial in-game.


Note (2): The exact time for the $1,500 Tournament on the 16th of June will be revealed sometime in the next week.


Realism mode is now live! This game mode is by far our most challenging, and is designed for our most hardcore players. At only 2x the experience rate of OSRS, you'll have a near-realistic experience, while still playing in Alora's environment. Features: Experience rate: 2x (for all skills) Exclusive armour: All Realism players will receive the Realism armour set from the start, and can obtain more sets from Paul at home. Trading/Dueling: You can only trade/stake other Realism mode players. Trading Post: The Trading Post can be used, but only items listed by other Realism players will be listed and purchasable. Shops: Shop stock has been reduced to make the gameplay more challenging and only provide the bare necessities. Notes: Similar to Group and Elite Ironmen, many gold sources in-game have been divided in half. To account for this, many purchases are 50% off (Untradable reclaim, Well of goodwill donations, etc). Booster limitations: Boosters can be opened once every 3 hours. Vote books can be opened once every 12 hours. Donations: Realism players can purchase the same donations that Ironmen could (Boosters, rune pouches, etc). Bond/Boosters transfers: You can transfer bonds and boosters to your Realism account by using them on your player.  IMPORTANT: The proposed restrictions on the Skill of the Day and Well of Goodwill boosts not working on Realism accounts has been removed.



Client launcher fix: NOTE: For this fix to work (if you have ever been stuck on the initializing part), you will need to redownload the client launcher and replace it ( The client launcher that most of you use to play (alora.jar) can sometimes be problematic and get stuck on "Initializing launcher…", never allowing some players to play. We've fixed this in the latest client launcher, and it should no longer occur. At worst, it'll take a few extra seconds to load up. We've also made the launcher a little bit faster when it comes to downloading new updates.



Brimstone keys: Rather than Konar's Slayer tasks dropping loot from Konar's drop table directly, you will receive stackable Brimstone keys. These keys can then be used on the Brimstone chest right next to Konar on Mount Karuulm. The loot has not changed from the keys, you will receive the same exact loot that you would receive from the old drops. Superglass make: The Superglass make spell can now be used to turn Buckets of sand and Seaweed into Molten glass! The Lunar spell requires level 77 Magic and 2 Astrals, 1 Air and 6 Fire runes. It grants 78 Magic experience and 10 Crafting experience per Bucket of sand used. You can used Soda ash, Seaweed or Giant seaweed as one of the component to be combined with the sand. The spell provides a 30% bonus yield, so on average, players will receive 1.3 Molten glass per pair of raw materials. Puro Puro changes: For awhile now, Puro Puro has been avoided due to the abundance of Baby implings and other low level imps, and a distinct lack of valuable imps. Here are the changes we've made to improve this mini-game: Rare impling enhancement: There could previously only be a maximum of 2 rare implings, this has been increased to 3, with a slight chance of a 4th rare impling appearing every so often. General improvements: The average imp will now be a higher level, meaning there will be far less baby implings. Chat filter fixes: Some players have reported certain words not being allowed due to the recently implement chat filter, we've corrected some of these bugs when trying to type in: Chaos rune Join my <eg. For clan chat> Escape Miscellaneous: Purchasing a Quest cape will now also give you the trimmed cape if applicable. Previously, a bug would case you to receive 2 hoods and 1 cape. Players will now retaliate when attacked by Nechryaels. Trollweiss flowers are now tradable. Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix trimmed Rune armour can no longer be equipped with 1 Defence. Ham joint attack speed has been fixed (1 tick faster). Super mystery box no longer announces regular loot. Raids items from mystery boxes will now be announced. Buckets of sand have been removed from the Construction supply shop. Seaweed no longer requires any Cooking level to cook into Soda ash. Cooking level requirements for a few fish has been correct (Raids fish, Anglerfish, Karambwan and Dark crabs) Fixed a bug which caused some in-game news announcements to not show up on the Discord #game_news channel. Fixed a Farming bug which speed up the process of growing and harvesting trees. A bug which allowed players to avoid taking damage in the wilderness by spamming emotes has been fixed. When cooking Anglerfish, the burnt ones would instead be 'Poison Karambwan'. This has been fixed. Possessed pickaxe now only drops 1 iron pickaxe instead of two. Duplicate items have been removed from the Herblore supply shop. Ground item overlay fix (client-sided): Ground item names will now be shown in a smaller font. GIM Orb (Group Ironman) QOL: The GIM orb now has two right-click options which will allow you to quickly enter the following pages without having to go to the main page: Trade Bank Discord activity status fix: As of the last update, something had broken the Discord status from showing. The client will now show you as playing Alora, as well as the activity you are doing, as intended. Additionally, Fletching updates were broken for awhile and have now been fixed. XP counter fix: The XP counter can now track up to 2,147M (2.1 billion) experience rather than stopping at 214m and saying "Lots!". Total level fix: Your total level would always show 2 extra levels, which have now been removed. Max level is no longer 2279, it will show the correct number which is 2277. This did not affect the high scores, only the skill tab in-game. Clue scroll announcement QOL: Clue scroll loot announced over yell will now show the # of clue scrolls the player has opened. This is specific to the type of clue you are on, for example if you opened an Elite clue scroll and received a 3rd age druidic piece on the first one, it would show (#1) even if you did 100 Medium clues before that. PKP Exchange changes: Soul bearer price reduced to 7,500 PKP. Bounty teleport scroll has been added to the Ironman PKP exchange for 5950 PKP. 1v1 Tournament zone portals: Many people prefer to view 1v1 fights in this area on the ledges, but the only way to get there was to be teleported by staff. There are now portals in the centre to allow you to get to the ledges without a staff member's assistance. Pet rates after 200m XP: Assuming you've never obtained a Skilling pet and you reach 200m XP, the chance of obtaining the pet is 15x higher than usual. This turns off if you already have the pet. This boost can be turned off by admins when they are hosting Skilling pet events, to prevent players with 200m XP from having a higher chance of winning. Seaweed obtaining methods: Konar's drop table: You can now receive 100-200 seaweed on Konar's drop table. Barrows secondaries: You can now receive 50-100 seaweed as a Barrows drop. Seaweed spawns: Numerous seaweed spawns have been added to Alora to aid wth Seaweed collection: Waterbirth Island: A total of 19 different spawns have been added all over the island. Relleka (Rock Crabs): A total of 11 spawns have been added to Relleka's shoreline. Kourend Catacomb QOL changes: To make the Catacombs more suitable for only being available on one world, we've made the following changes: Nechryael spawns increased from 10 to 16. The Dust Devil spawns have been increased from 8 to 14. The Hill giants (5 spawns) north-east of the Dark altar (teleport location) have been replaced with Abyssal demons to match OSRS. Other changes: 2 Nechryael spawns removed from Greater demons area (wrong place) Wilderness updates: Revenant artifacts update: Revenant statuettes, emblems and totems are now always dropped on death, similar to Mysterious emblems. This has been updated to match how it is in OSRS. Wilderness supply chest: The Wilderness supply chest has been released! This chest will appear once every 90 to 150 minutes, and will give a 3 minute heads-up before it spawns to let players know where it will spawn. Opening the chest will skull you and tele-block you for 2.5 minutes. A global message will be announced to other players to tell them that you looted the chest. Requirements: Must be at least level 60 Combat. Must have at least 200,000 GP of wealth risked. Restrictions: GIM cannot loot this chest at the moment. This may be polled in the near future. Only 1 player can loot the chest, at which point it will shortly disappear. Loot: 2-5 items are received from the chest, with donators having a possibility to receive 1 extra item, and legendary+ donators possibly receiving up to 2 extra items. Notable rewards: Spectral spirit shield Ancient wyvern shield Dragon Warhammer Heavy ballista PvP weapons and armour: Vesta, Statius, Morrigan's and Zuriel's Godswords (All 4) Toxic staff of the dead Other loot: Dragon bolts (e) Morrigan's thrown axe & javelins Karambwan, Dark crabs, Anglerfish, Super combat potions Rare drop announcements: (Thanks to @[member=TOP FE MAN]) When rare drops are announce over yell, the name of the NPC will now be shown as well! Old: Omicron received 1 x Abyssal whip as a drop! (Kill #13) New: Omicron received 1 x Abyssal whip from Abyssal demon #13! Rejuvenation pool update: The update a few months ago to the Special energy being limited from rejuvenation pools so that you'd have to wait a few minutes before restoring its has been removed. The feedback received on this change overall last time was negative, and we have decided it isn't a big enough problem for us to limit it.



Store updates: Raid booster scroll (+35%): Raid boosters are now available! These scrolls will provide a 35% boost to the points you receive (from fighting monsters, lighting braziers, skilling, etc) in the Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood for 1 hour, boosting your chance at loot, as well as your own team. The cost per scroll is 10 tokens. The scrolls can be transferred to your Ironmen by using the scroll on the player you wish to transfer to. 


Forum updates: Pages not loading: Sometimes, you'd receive a blank page or a Sucuri error page. These should no longer occur for legitimate users, and the website should also load a little bit more quickly. Password reset emails fixed: Emails for password resets were not properly sending most of the time, this has now been fixed. Make sure to check your junk folder if you can't find the email, though! Topic Viewed By list: You can now see a list of users who have viewed the topic you are looking at, by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Streamable tag: Videos posted from will now automatically show up as videos in your posts. Skilling tags/prefixes in the Guides section: You can now tag the skill that your guide is about when posting topics in any of the guide sections. This will show an icon (eg. The Woodcutting icon) next to your post, and will allow you to click on it to sort through all the different Woodcutting tutorials. Ironman icons: You can now use Ironman icons (all 5 - Normal, UIM, HCIM, Elite and Group icons) in the following sections: Guides Goals & Achievements Clan Community Server Media Suggestions Server Events & Competitions Partner requests (EIM and GIM only) Removed the old tags in this section that didn't have an image Links in status updates: You can now properly post links in status updates without them 'breaking'. Highscores improvements: The highscores have been updated to show the rank for each skill when viewing an individual player. This information is refreshed every 1-2 hours, so it may not be the latest information when viewing the page. Mystery box updates: Loot from Super/Ultimate mystery boxes have been slightly improved. For Super mystery boxes specifically, Barrows sets will be awarded less often as well.



As always, please report any bugs that you find as soon as you encounter them. We hope you enjoy this update, and we wish those of you competing in the tournament the best of luck! :) Best Regards, Omicron & Alora Staff Team

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Realism Mode Competition Information

1 week ago  l  King purple



Hey guys, with the imminent release of realism mode, we're bringing back the gamemode competitions.

We tried to change it up a little bit, but due to the fact that it's a very low XP gamemode, a couple of easier challenges have been added. But don't fret, we didn't forget about the hard grinders either. 



The target Release date for the gamemode is:  7th of June, at round 4PM Server time.



Make sure to check out the $1,500 PvP Tournament aswell:




Competition Achievements:


Any achievement that has not been claimed will be coloured red and have 'N/A' as the winner until it is claimed. If you are the first to complete an achievement, you must post proof of completion as a reply to this topic, and we will add the tokens to your account, as well as, update the thread with your name added as the winner for the appropriate task.




First Player to reach 1200 total level:

Reward - 750 Tokens

Winner: @[member="Realitea"]

  First Player to reach 1800 total level: Reward - 1000 Tokens Winner:    First player to get an Abyssal Whip as a drop: Reward - 800 Tokens Winner: @[member="Cowmilk115"]       First player to reach level 99 in a combat skill: Reward - 750 Tokens Winner: @[member="Solivagant"]     First player to reach level 99 in a non-combat skill:  Reward - 750 Tokens Winner: @[Member="2 x"]     First to get a Raids drop (either Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood): Reward - 1000 Tokens Winner:    First player to successfully complete the Inferno: Reward - 5 Bonds Winner:   First Player to get a boss pet (Jad pet is NOT allowed): Reward - 750 Tokens Winner: @[member="Realismus"]     First Player to get a Squirrel / Tangleroot / House / Rocky pet: Reward - 800 Tokens Winner: @[member="Beanism"]   First player to receive Any crystal from Cerberus: Reward - 900 Tokens



First Player to Receive a Tanzanite fang from Zulrah:

Reward - 750 Tokens

Winner: @[Member="Real Timmy"]


First Player to complete a Godsword (Must provide screenshots of Shards/Hilt drops):

Reward - 850 Tokens

Winner: @[member="Realismist"]




If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me ingame. on forums or  Discord ( Purple#5940 ).

Good luck everyone, love you all. 

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