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[September] Community Awards

1 day ago  l  KP


Hello Alorians and welcome to the 2019 September Community Awards!


You can view the August Community Awards Result here.


I'd be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes and vote for your nominations in the September Community awards!


This thread will be up until 09/25, don't miss your chance to vote!

Good luck!  




1) Guest Accounts will not have their votes counted!

2) You must fill out the entire template provided below. If you do not have anyone to vote for please leave it blank instead.

3) You may NOT vote for yourself.

4) You CANNOT vote for the same person more than 6 times.

5) Any troll posts will be removed and the poster will be infracted.

6) No buying/selling or asking for votes.


Any breached rule will result in disqualification.




Please fill out the entire template.





Best Event Manager:


Best Administrator:


Best Global Moderator:


Best Forum Moderator:


Best Server Moderator:


Best Server Support:


Most active on Discord:


Most active In-game:


Most active on Forums:


Most Respected:


Most Potential Promotion:


Funniest Staff Member:


Overall Best Staff Member:






Most Active In-game:


Most Active on Forums:


Most Active on Discord:


Most Active Overall:


Most Wealthy:


Most Addicted to Gambling:


Most Friendly:


Most Respected:


Coolest Veteran: 


Best Helper:


Best Edgeville Pker:


Best Hybrid:


Best NH Pker:


Best PvMer:


Best Raider:


Best Skiller:


Best Clan:


Best Ironman:


Best Hardcore Ironman:


Best Ultimate Ironman:


Best Elite Ironman:


Best Group ironman (Team): 


Best Group Ironman (Player): 


Best Realism Player:


Best Classic Player:


Best GFX Designer:


Best Youtuber:


Best Streamer:


Top Overall:




Good luck!

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$500 Hardcore Champion Challenge

6 days ago  l  King purple



Welcome to the Hardcore champion challenge!

This month, we will be rewarding a total of $500 to the top 3 of this event!



What is The  Hardcore Champion Challenge ?



Well, we usually do these tournament where you have a certain amount of time to prepare your account and fight it out in the end. This time, we will be eliminating the PvP Factor out of it, and we will be introducing a point system, rewarding PVMers and Skillers.

You will have 2 weeks to make sure you accumulate the most amount of points possible, according to the images we will provide in the topic. You can keep track of your items and post the screenshot with the items you got in this post, using this website:

Once the two weeks are done, we will be checking the accounts with the most amount of points and anounce the winners !

This is a great way to reward people that are willing to either grind hard or risk it for the most points possible.






Easy - 1 Point

Medium  - 2 Points

Hard - 3 Points

Elite - 5 Points




You are not allowed to use any form of boosts or donations to your account, except for vote books, those will be allowed. (You can't use bonds, drop boosters etc). Duplicates will not count to the point system (IE if you get two berserker rings the points will only count once) You can only make an account after the prefix is released. That will be released tomorrow at around 11:50PM (Server TIME). The account must have the prefix at the start of its name Gamemode: Hardcore Ironman If there is a tie between two players, the winner will be decided by their total level. Account sharing will not be allowed You are not allowed to use friends to boost your account in any way (this includes duo slayer, Slayer Point boosting etc), unless its something like the duel arena achievements. You can of course, do bossing, Raids and have friends protecting you in the wilderness for supply chests or any activity. You MUST provide the items you obtained on the account using this website , you highlight the items, screenshot it and add to your signup page once the competition is over. The competition starts on Monday 00:00 SV Time (Sunday to Monday), and ends on the 30th of September (29 to 30 00:00 SV TIME) You are allowed to open supply chests, but you CAN NOT open bloody key chests. If you are caught doing so you will be disqualified. NOTE that items that you get from the supply chests that grant you points will NOT count.



Sand crabs will not be allowed on tournament accounts until further notice (YOU WILL BE KICKED)



Example: DIF KP - DIF GOD

Best of luck. Don't die to hobgoblins.



To enter the event, please follow the template below.


Account name:  (FILL THIS UP ONCE THE TOURNAMENT STARTS/PREFIX IS RELEASED) Screenshot of your log: (when the competition ends) 


1st Place - 300$


2nd Place - 150$


3rd Place - 50$





I find this concept absolutely amazing, it will please the majority of our playerbase with the competition itself, and the wilderness activity it will bring with all the hardcores trying to get those points from wilderness items.

If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to post them here, or PM me or @[member="God"] ingame, the forums or discord!

I will see you tomorrow, and start planning!

Thank you [Member="DB Aspect"] for the item tables. <3

Love you all. <3

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[14/9/19] Custom usernames, Classic changes, Magic secateurs + Priff Farming, RC shop expansion & many QOL/Bug fixes!

6 days ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


Today's update contains a ton of random QOL updates and bug fixes that you guys have requested. Some of the updates include making some necessary changes to the Gauntlet to make runs smoother, a boss respawn timer on the client (icon), Custom 1-2 letter usernames — and some information on future name changes, Classic mode integrity changes (less restrictions), updates to the website to be a bit more attractive, and so much more. We'll let you check them out for yourself below!


Gauntlet changes: Increased weapon frame drop rate by 3% on all npcs. Players were complaining that they often found it difficult to get a weapon frame, so we’ve decided to increase all weapon frame drop rates by 3% across the table, which should hopefully greatly reduce the chance of not getting one early on. Monsters in the Gauntlet will now drop loot 2 ticks quicker, during their death animation rather than after, to allow you to progress through the dungeon a bit more quickly. The Gauntlet killcount on the Collection log will now include both regular and Corrupted killcounts combined. Players will now have a chance to find 10-30 crystal/corrupted shards when doing the following actions: Mining Crystal/corrupted ore Chopping Phren bark Picking Grym leaves,  Picking Linum Tirinum Fishing Raw paddlefish Boss respawn timer: A new client timer has been added which will display the exact amount of time until a boss respawns. Notes: This timer is only shown for bosses, and not any normal NPCs. Some bosses don't respawn without player action, such as Vorkath, in which case no timer will be sent. It works for instanced bosses as well. It will show for any player that has attacked the boss (even if no damage was dealt). You must have client timers enabled. Username formatting change: You can now have a username that is entirely lowercase, rather than the first letter being capitalized.  If your forum username's first letter was lowercase, this will automatically change for you in-game.  Example: Previously, if you registered with the username "omicron" it would get converted to "Omicron". This will no longer occur. Username changes (FUTURE UPDATE) Custom name changes will soon be allowed by PMing @Omicron. As there is some manual work that needs to be done to link all of the old player's logs, this is upon request only and done manually for now. The cost of a name change is estimated to be around $20 once it is released. This may be subject to change in the future after some testing is done, and if we can automate name changes (through the website or through a name change ticket) then we will likely reduce the price even further. Rare 1-letter and 2-letter usernames (AVAILABLE NOW): These are the only name changes currently allowed (we are testing for future name changes to make sure everything works properly, as these will be lower volume): We have changed our login system to allow shorter length usernames, but these usernames are meant to be rarer and are sold as custom donations. You can create a new account, or change your current account's name to one of these rare names for the following price: $100 - 1 Letter $50 - 2 Letter Quality of life: The commands ::prices/::priceguide will now link players to the official price guide topic. Players can now trade in noted ensouled heads to Nieve. Players can now use the charge/uncharge option on the Sanguinesti staff to regain their blood runes/charge it with blood runes. Added 4 agility shortcuts to the Catacombs of Kourend The shortcuts require 34 agility to use. The Magic shortbow(I) will now to go the reclaimable shop upon death, and can be reclaimed for 250,000 coins. Wesley will now crush bird nests for 200 coins each. Added Keymaster teleport functionality. The Bracelet of slaughter now shows how many charges are left each time it is triggered. Added the options to the Slayer ring(eternal) in the equipment interface. Added the “Check charges” option to the Scythe of Vitur in the equipment interface. Added the “Check charges” option to the Sanguinesti staff in the equipment interface. Seed pod teleport location moved next to the ladder in the grand tree. Players can now make super combat potions by using Torstol potion(unf) as the herb component. Added red spiders’ egg spawns to Forthos dungeon. Mutated bloodvelds will now spawn mutated insatiable bloodveld instead of the regular instatiable bloodveld. Fixed an interface exploit which allowed players to teleport places without being near the teleport wizard. Bug fixes: Players now need the Prifddinas requirements to get there when using a teleport crystal. The Skillcape black chinchompa teleport location has been adjusted to level 34 wilderness. The Prifddinas compost bin is now functional. Players who have a Taverley black dragon task from Konar can now kill black dragons/baby black dragons in the upper area of the dungeon. Fixed some bugs which caused players to not be able to complete Dragon Slayer 2. Crystal platelegs now only require 2 crystal armor seeds to make instead of 3. Fixed the entrances to the Ogre Enclave south-west of Yanille. TzHaar-Mej can now properly be attacked. Added the proper requirement and special attack to the dragon pickaxe(or). Fixed typo in Mac’s dialogue. Players can now imbue dense essence blocks with 0 prayer points. The achievements that had to do with reaching a certain total level (100, 500, 1000) were not awarding acheivement points and have now been fixed. Players who were listing an item in the trading post and have one of their other listed items sell would have their trading post completely cancel the item they were trying to list and go back to the main interface.  This will no longer occur, allowing you to complete listing your item. Agility shortcut fix: The rock climb when you teleport to the dense essence mine would previously only allow you to go one way (south), but will now work on the way back as well. Studded leather crafting: Players can now craft studded bodies and studded chaps. Studded leather body: Requires 41 crafting to make, and provides 40 base experience. Can be made using steel studs on a leather body. Studded leather chaps: Requires 44 crafting to make, and provides 42 base experience. Can be made using steel studs on leather chaps. Agility lap counter: Players can now track how many laps of each agility course that they’ve completed. The command ::laps / ::agilitylaps will list the amount of laps the player has completed from each agility course. Players can also speak to Grace in the Rogue’s den to find out how many laps they’ve completed. We were not previously tracking the number of laps that players had completed, so the counter will start at 0 for all players as of this update. Konar slayer task expansion: The following tasks have been added to Konar: Slayer Stronghold: Aberrant spectres Ankous Bloodvelds Fire giants Hellhounds Lizardman Canyon Lizardmen Smoke devil dungeon Smoke devils Ogre Enclave Blue dragons Iorwerth Dungeon: Players can only receive the following tasks if they can access Prifddinas: Bloodvelds Dark beasts Kurasks Nechryaels Kraken Cove Krakens Classic mode changes: The following changes were made since they were deemed to no longer be necessary to the game mode: Classic players can now claim vote books as many times per day as they’d like, and stack boosts similar to regular players. Classic players can now use as many boosters as they’d like, and stack boosts similar to regular players. Classic players must now pay full price for the rogue set in the vote shop. Classic players can now use other players’ restoration pools. Classic players can now receive the prayer bonus from using bones on other players’ gilded altars. Alternative use for boss heads: Players can now use their extra boss heads on the Dark Altar for prayer experience. Each head the player has will provide 2,500 base prayer experience. The Vorkath head, being the most common, will only provide 1,000 base prayer experience. Magic Secateurs: Players can now use Magic Secateurs when farming Allotments and Herb patches. Secateurs(magic or regular) are now required to harvest Allotments/herbs. If a player has Magic Secateurs equipped when they harvest their herb/allotment patches, they will receive a 10% boost to their yield(guaranteed at least 1 extra yield). This boost stacks with the Skillcape 5% yield boost. If the player has the Magic Secateurs in their inventory, they will function as normal secateurs, with no boost given. Players can now store the Magic Secateurs with the tool leprechaun. The Magic Secateurs will take priority when storing tools, so it will first store your Magic Secateurs instead of your regular ones if you have both. Magic secateurs have been added to the vote shop for 400 points. Prifddinas farming patches: The following Farming patches in Prifddinas are now functional: Two allotment patches Flower patch Immortal donator perk: Immortal donators will now receive noted bone drops from various enemies. The bones that will drop as noted bones are the following: Lava dragon bones Hydra bones Wyrm bones Drake bones Ourg bones Big bones Babydragon bones Superior dragon bones Regular dragon bones and dagannoth bones will not be noted, as they are a quest reward for completing DS2. Runecrafting shop changes: The following runes have been added to the Ironman Runecrafting shop. Blood runes:  Cost 6 Runecrafting points each, and require 77 Runecrafting to purchase. Death runes:  Cost 4 Runecrafting points each, and require 65 Runecrafting to purchase. Nature runes:  Cost 3 Runecrafting points each, and require 44 Runecrafting to purchase. Chaos runes:  Cost 3 Runecrafting points each, and require 35 Runecrafting to purchase. In the future, more runes will likely be added to the shop if it is well received. Spinning Changes: The spinning interface has been updated to a newer interface. Players can now spin Yak hair into rope. This requires level 35 crafting, and grants 25 base experience. New server event bonuses: Zalcano bonus: It is now possible for Event managers to enable a Zalcano bonus, which boosts the chance of loot (and the pet) from Zalcano. Gauntlet bonus: It is now possible for Event managers to enable a Gauntlet bonus, which boosts the chance of rare loot (and the pet) from both the regular Gauntlet and the Corrupted variant. Booster scroll fixes: A few cases where booster scrolls were not giving the proper boost (too low) have been corrected: Drop boosters now properly boost the loot from Zalcano. Pet boosters now properly work for the Smolcano pet from Zalcano and the Youngllef pet from the Gauntlet. Zalcano changes: Zalcano's respawn time has been cut in half to speed up kills.



Website update: Firewall tweaks: We've received many reports that legitimate users are being banned from the website when performing normal actions (the ban lasts 5 minutes). We've made our firewall less sensitive to prevent this, as it is intended to only block IPs of attackers that are flooding the website. Should we receive any more reports of users being blocked, we may tweak this further in the future. Play page: Our play page has been updated! It was looking a little bit outdated, so we decided to give the Play page a bit a makeover.  Not too much has changed, except for the .ZIP file being a link under the 3 main options. Mac client (application): We've also added a Mac-specific client, so you can install the launcher as an application and pin it to the task bar. Vote page: We've tidied up the vote page a bit as well. This page now not only looks cleaner and more professional, but it also includes a screenshot of the Vote Reward Shop in-game to entice players to vote more.






Lowercase first letter:





New play page (Old page can be seen here:


New Vote page:



We hope you enjoy this update! Please report any bugs that you encounter :)



Omicron & Chad

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