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[16/7/18] The Theatre of Blood is live!

2 days ago  l  Omicron

Hotfixes applied on July 19, 2018:

Combat: Fixed a bug with Magic attacks and special attacks in the same tick. Theatre of Blood: Dawnbringer special attack seemed to constantly hit 75. It will not hit a minimum of 75, and a maximum of 150. Rewards: Sanguinesti staff would apply the healing effect when using it to cast other spells (eg. Ice barrage), when it should have only been applying it to attacks with its own built in spell. Charging the Scythe of Vitur would only require 300 blood runes and 1 vial of blood to get to full. It should be 300 blood runes and 1 vial for 100 charges, which it has now been patched to require. Battlemage + Bastion potion ingredients were swapped — Potato cactus is now used to create the Battlemage potion, and Wine of Zamorak is used to create the Bastion potion. Fixed a bug which would “null” the Maiden and cause her to not attack anyone. Fixed a bug which caused Sotetseg’s (dark beast) special attack (red magic ball which should be split) to not hit any damage. Daily task fixes: The “Use 100 Dagannoth bones on an altar” task would only work if you used 1 bone at a time. It will now work when you use all of your bones on the altar. Slayer: Rune/Adamant dragons will no longer be assigned to players who have not completed Dragon Slayer 2.




Hotfixes applied on July 17, 2018:

Theatre of Blood bugs/changes: General: Any items dropped within the raid will be instantly visible to your teammates. This will allow you to more quickly drop supplies to share between teammates. Fixed a bug which would cause a player to get stuck in a death-cycle if the ceiling collapses in the Nylocas room and the player is not in that room at the time. Phases: Maiden: A bug which caused players to not be freed from the prison in the first (Maiden) room. A bug which caused the Maiden to still be able to attack players in the prison of the first room should now be fixed. Blood spawns (rolling balls) can now be attacked by multiple players at once. A safespot which caused the Nylocas to not move has been fixed. Nylocas Vasilias: This phase will now scale according to the team size. For example, if you enter solo the room will be 60% of the difficulty of a 5 player team. The number of Nylocas required as well as the amount that spawn simultaneously is nerfed. The larger Nylocas (which die and split into two) will now deal 2 damage to the pillars instead of 1. You can no longer leave this room during the boss fight. Sotetseg: The dark beast’s attacks have been slowed down. The projectiles will now fly towards players more slowly, giving you more time to coordinate your prayer switches. This includes the Red magic ball which hits up to 115 if no other players are nearby to split the damage. Additionally, if the shadow phase begins, none of the incoming attacks should do any damage. This helps immensely if a large red ball is coming towards you, as you would be unable to split it with teammates when sent to the Shadow realm. Shadow realm: During this stage, it was easier to just run across the room quickly and tank 30-40 damage. This damage has been increased from 3-12 to 12-24 to prevent this from occurring and to force players to complete the path. The damage from the red vortex has also been increased accordingly. Prayer disabling: It will also no longer disable your prayers if you are not praying at all. For example, if a range attack hits you and you are praying against melee, your prayers will be disabled for a few seconds. But if you did not have any prayer active, you will not have your prayers disabled. Xarpus: Healing phase length has been reduced by over 30%. It should move to it’s acid attack more quickly. At the final phase where he faces a corner, if he was in the process of turning towards your corner and you attack him, he would KO you. There is now a delay between switching corners, meaning that you will not get KO’d unless he has fully faced the corner you are attacking from. You can no longer go through the 2nd barrier if the boss is not defeated (you would get stuck there previously) Rewards: If you receive a rare drop, it will not be announced to the world on the yell channel early. It will only be announced once you open the chest. The Scythe of Vitur was misconfigured, and has now been fixed. Chambers of Xeric changes: A bug which caused the Dragon thrown axes reward to show up as Dragon claws on the reward interface has been fixed (it did not actually give Dragon claws as a reward, but simply showed them on the interface).



Pest control bugs: Pest control portals were bugged due to a change in the latest OSRS cache. This has now been fixed. The Runner hat will now be added to the lost items manager’s shop upon death. Arrows will now stack on the ground when you shoot them (broken from last update) Dagannoth kings update: The three kings will now be more defensive against the attack styles that should not be used to kill them. For example, Dagannoth rex could previously be hit with melee though it should be required that players use magic to damage him. Whitescreen / client crash fix: A problem which caused players in lumbridge to disconnect and not be able to log back in has been fixed.




tob_slogan.png   Hello everyone,  Make sure to check out the competitions for Raids 2 over here:   The waiting is finally over! The Theatre of Blood is now open for your entertainment. Hop right into it with your most trusted allies in hopes of obtaining epic rewards.   You can participate in the Theatre of Blood by using the mini games menu on the teleport interface, or by speaking to the Mysterious Stranger slightly south of Edgeville near the Lost items manager.   We’ve spent as much time as we could perfecting this Raid, from the exact attacks and mechanics of the bosses, right down the music that plays in each room. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have putting it together for you! I’d also like to give a huge thank you to all of the beta testers who helped identify bugs before release.     Without further ado…

Slayer task changes: Mithril dragons have been moved from Extreme tasks to Hard tasks, where Rune/Adamant dragons are. Cave horrors are now available as Medium a Slayer task! You can be assigned between 40-110 of them. Giant mole fixes: Instance: The Giant mole would often dig it’s way out of the instance, never to be seen again. This has been fixed, and the mole will now always reappear somewhere within your instanced cave. Additionally, the “Time remaining” overlay would sometimes disappear within the instanced mole cave. General: The dig animation will now show up every time (sometimes you would not see it), as well as a new message that tells you that the mole has dug its way out of the fight. Barrage(and other multi spell) PvM fixes: Barrage would only hit other enemies that were within 1 tile of the main target. This does not work well with large enemies, such as the Nylocas from the Theatre of blood. Multi-spells will now hit enemies surrounding the main target based on size. For example, if your target is size 5 and is barraged, any targets within 5 tiles from the central location will be affected. (Creates a much larger radius, allowing you to barrage large NPCs in a stack) Mute timer fix: If you are muted and attempt to yell or speak, you will be told how long is left until your mute is lifted. This timer was incorrect, meaning that even if the mute would be lifted in 5 hours, it would show random numbers (Eg. 24 hours or more). This timer will now be accurate. Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) updates: Dragon Thrownaxes are now a much more common drop from Raids. It is too uncommon in-game and should be more accessible for use in PvP. It has been added to the resources table (herbs, essence, etc). Combat fixes: Fixed Torag’s armour set + Amulet of the damned effect being way too defensive, making it almost impossible to penetrate. Smite fix: If you hit more damage than the player’s current hitpoints (eg. 70 with AGS on a player with 30 HP), Smite would previously reduce their prayer points based on the 70 HP removed. It will now base it off of the maximum hitpoints that can be removed from the victim, meaning 30HP in this case. Ruby bolt (e) special attack damage capped to 100. Miscellaneous: Fixed a bug with Dragon Slayer 2 where the quest would show up as green (complete) in the quest tab, but was in fact incomplete as you did not kill Vorkath yet. All defenders from Bronze-Rune (not including Dragon) had the incorrect Defender animation and have been fixed. Fixed a bug with the “Craft 500 Wrath runes” Daily task (would only count 1 inventory as 1/500 (whether you have 1 or 28 essence) When players defeated a Juggernaut in a safe area (eg. Clan wars), their death would not be announced. This has been fixed, and their death will be announced regardless of their location. Fixed a bug which allowed players watching BR to enter the arena and attack people. Fixed a bug with dropped items causing them to appear sooner than possible if someone knows there is an item on a certain tile. Pet drop scrolls / Rare drop scrolls renamed to: Pet booster / Drop booster Fixed a Clan wars bug that allowed players to force teleport out of areas. Theatre of Blood Requirements: You must have a Total level of at least 1250 to enter the Theatre. The Theatre of Blood is now available to any player who is up for the challenge! The Theatre contains 6 different rooms: The Maiden of Sugadinti The Maiden will primarily target the nearest player with a Magic-based attack, but also shoots out blood spawns every so often at every player in the room. Nylocas Matomenos will also appear at 66.6% and 33.3% health to heal her. If they reach her successfully, they will heal her for however much health they have remaining. Pestilent Bloat The Bloat will walk around while severed arms and legs fall from the ceiling. You must avoid the Bloat as well as the falling objects until the Bloat falls asleep, at which point you can deal damage to it. Nylocas Vasilias Hordes of Nylocas will spawn in rapid succession until Nylocas Vasilias, the largest of them, will drop from the ceiling for a battle more worthy of your time. Sotetseg The dark beast, which has attacks that bounce between players. He will also occasionally drag a player into the Shadow realm, where they must solve a maze which other players must try to follow. Xarpus Xarpus begins weakened; exhumed skeletons appear on the floor to heal him. If you stand on top of them, they will not be able to heal him. Eventually, Xarpus will cover the room with acid attacks, so you’ll need to watch your step. At 25% hitpoints, Xarpus will face a single corner for a few seconds. If you attack from the same corner he is facing, you will be killed quickly. You’ll have to coordinate your attacks to survive this wave. Verzik Vitur The final battle is a challenging one -- it beings with Verzik seated on the throne and protected by a shield that can only be taken down with the Dawnbringer. You must time your attacks, hiding behind the pillars while Verzik launches her attack. Eventually, Verzik will walk down to the centre of the room and attack with all styles. Rewards: Justiciar armour Wearing the full set will apply a damage reduction in PvM. The exact formula for the amount of damage reduced is bonus / 3000, where bonus is the player's defence bonus for that particular style. Stacks with Elysian spirit shield effect. Scythe of Vitur Must be charged with Vials of blood and Blood runes. Has a multi-damaging effect which allows you to attack multiple (up to 3) nearby enemies at once. If it is a larger creature, it can deal up to 3 hits on it. Sanguinesti Staff Must be charged with Blood runes. Similar to the Trident of the Swamp, has a built in attack. Can deal slightly more damage than the Trident, having a base max hit of 34. Avernic hilt (defender) Used to create the Avernic defender when combined with the Dragon defender. Blood vials Used to create Battlemage and Bastion potions … as well as many different supplies! Each room has it’s own unique mechanics which will require you to coordinate with your teammates to properly escape the Theatre alive. FAQ: Will this count as a dangerous death for Hardcore Ironmen? No. We feel that this is too limiting, and we’d like our HCIM to be able to participate in this content. Will I lose items if I die within the Theatre? No. Your items are safe upon death. What happens if I die within? You are placed into a prison while your teammates complete the room. If everyone dies, the raid is failed. What if I run low on supplies? There are two supply chests within the raid, at the 30% and 70% completion marks. Depending on your performance, the Vampyres will award you points to spend on supplies in these chests. (Saradomin brews, restores, food, stamina potions) Client updates: A client icon for OSX has been added to the tray. Fixed an issue with the mouse when switching items. Forums: Like button has been upgraded to be more personal! (Smite icon, purple color)

        As always, please make sure to report any bugs that you find in the appropriate section. Enjoy! :)   Regards, Omicron

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Theatre of Blood Development Blog

2 weeks ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone, 


I know you have all been patiently waiting for information on the Theatre of Blood release, and I’d like to apologize for this update taking a bit longer than expected… It has been a busy month, but rest assured that we’re working our hardest to get Raids II out on Alora! We’ve made significant progress and have approximately 75% of the raid completed at this point, with the remaining content expected to be completed within the next few days. 


We’re also debating on whether or not to make it a dangerous death for Hardcore Ironmen, so I’ve included a poll for this. On OSRS, it is indeed a dangerous death, making it an extremely dangerous activity for HCIM. With that being said, there is a teleport crystal sold for 75,000 GP which would allow an HCIM to safely teleport out of the Raid in a dangerous situation. We’d like to hear your opinion on whether you’d want Alora’s Theatre of Blood to be dangerous for HCIM.


Although it’s difficult to give a guaranteed ETA, we will release it no later than July 14th. At the earliest, if everything goes perfectly, it could possibly be completed this weekend, but this depends on whether any obstacles arise during testing. Whatever the case, we know that it will be worth the wait! :)


Here's some media to keep you entertained in the meantime...








Keep an eye out for more information soon! :)


Best Regards,


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[11/6/18] Giant Mole / Thermonuclear Instances, Raid milestone capes, Increase clan capacity & more!

1 month ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


I know, I know… You hoped this would be the Theatre of Blood update! You knew that it was impossible to get it out this quickly only a few days after release, you knew that we needed more time… but you had your fingers crossed anyway. Rest assured that we’re working day and night to get Raids 2.0 out on Alora as soon as possible! We can’t wait to see everyone immersing themselves into the Theatre of Blood. 


Nevertheless, we’ve got some updates for this week to keep you afloat while you wait!


Content updates: Slayer updates: Rune dragons and Adamant dragons are now available as Medium Slayer tasks! You can be assigned between 45-100 Adamant dragons and 35-80 Rune dragons. Clan chat changes: Capacity increased: You can now have up to 200 players in your Clan chat channel! This apples to all channels. You must restart your client to get the latest version, otherwise you will still see a maximum of 100 players per channel in your Clan chat tab (although you can indeed be chatting with up to 200 people) Ranking order: Last update’s fix for organizing clan member lists by ranks (descending) was not properly implemented, and will be functional as of this update. (assuming you have the latest client) Chambers of Xeric: Milestone capes: The Xeric milestone capes are now available! These untradable, cosmetic capes will signify your Raid accomplishments. There are 5 different capes, achieved at the following milestones: Xeric’s guard ~ 100 raids completed Xeric’s warrior ~ 500 raids completed Xeric’s sentinel ~ 1000 raids completed Xeric’s general ~ 1500 raids completed Xeric’s champion ~ 2000 raids completed How to obtain: Captain Rimor, who stands outside of the Chambers of Xeric entrance, will give you the capes that you have earned. These capes are free as long as you meet the requirements. If you lose them, you can go back to Captain Rimor and reclaim them. Happy raiding! Bracket tournament area: A new area with 5 different 1v1 combat pits has been added for tournament use. Event managers may use this area to host multiple fights at once. Deaths are safe here, and the only way to enter one of the arenas is to be teleported in by a staff member, but you can teleport there by typing in ::1v1. Instances expansion: Giant mole instance: Due to popular demand, the Giant mole area can now be instanced! For the price of 4.5m, you can create an instance for your clan and kill as many Giant moles as you’d like within a 90 minute period. Themonuclear smoke devil instance: Also a highly requested instance, the Thermonuclear smoke devil can now be instanced! For the price of 4m, you can create an instance for 90 minutes. Other changes: Most Instanced monsters will now randomly walk around as intended. Miscellaneous: Vorkath can now be spawned by Event managers.



Bug fixes: Sanfew serum fix: Previously, if you had boosted a combat stat with another potion (eg. If you drank a Magic potion and boosted your Magic) and then drank a Sanfew serum, the serum would actually lower your Magic back to 99 (or whatever your base level was). This should no longer happen, and the serum will not affect boosted stats. Clan wars fix: A bug which sometimes allowed defeated players to attack other players in the waiting room after being defeated should now be patched. We’ve changed the way that we check whether or not you’re allowed to attack a certain player in Clan wars to make sure this no longer occurs. Inferno fix: A bug which allowed players to log back into the boss stage of the Inferno after dying has been patched. Arclght fix: Fixed a bug which caused your Arclight charges to decrease even when using it on a non-demonic creature. Daily task fixex/changes: Fixed the “Craft 25 green dragonhide bodies” task. The “Open a bond” task has been removed. Slayer related daily tasks fixed: The tasks that required you to complete 1-3 tasks were auto-completing after 1 kill, rather than 1 task. This has been fixed. Raids fix: Although not fully confirmed, we’ve made some changes that will hopefully fix the issue where players entering the Olm room would sometimes appear elsewhere. (in another instance or in Edgeville) Bandos fix: A Bandos “safespot” which allowed players to not get attacked with melee at all has been fixed. Kree’arra fix: Kree’arra was able to attack players from very far away (noticed during the PvM cup event), which has been fixed and limited to the correct distance.



Client updater (Alora.jar) changes: (MUST REDOWNLOAD Our updater has been revamped once again, with a few useful changes: Added an awesome loading animation to the loader (Huge thanks to @[member="Jare"] for creating this animation, it looks absolutely incredible!) Added a fallback if a player closes the updater halfway through and then re-opens it, it will be able to realize that the downloaded client isn’t complete. Overall smoothening of the updater, making the progress bar increase more fluidly. Not a major change, but the launcher can now be dragged around as well in case you want to move it out of sight to see something on your screen. Mac/Windows now in the same jar: We’ve removed the need for alora_mac.jar. The default alora.jar now does both in one! If you are on a Mac client, you will be asked when launching whether you are planning to play in HD or LD. Fix for Java 10: Some users with the latest version of Java (10.0.1) were having issues with the client never opening. Although the bug has only been seen on Macs, I assume it will also occur on Windows. This has been fixed in the latest updater.



Client updates: Item overlay changes: Updates: The item names will now longer appear over: Interfaces (eg. Trading interfaces, trading post, bank, clan chat setup, etc) Basically any interface that closes when you walk somewhere (most interfaces) will block the item names from being displayed. Some interfaces (such as the Wilderness target interface) will not affect this. Gameframe (eg. Chatbox, inventory) This update primarily applies to item overlays on resizable mode, since the fixed game mode already had the overlays only drawing in the game area. The names of items should no longer be drawn over your chatbox, inventory or minimap. QOL: Item amounts will now be highlighted in yellow to be more easily readable, and also to differentiate from numbers in the item’s name (eg. Super restore (4) (350)) Text on a tile with many different items will now be more neatly organized, with the text for each item being centered. The purple color for high-value drops is now slightly easier to read (more purple than pink) Bug fixes: Large item stacks (Eg. More than 30,000 of an item, such as coins) would show up as the wrong amount on the floor. This has been fixed for all values! Trade interface fixes: Some of you may have noticed some broken/misplaced border pieces on the trade interfaces. We’ve fixed these interfaces to make sure they don’t look choppy as they did before, and now match OSRS. Right-click fix: Some players had experienced issues where the right-click wouldn’t work at all, and every click was a left click. We believe this is only present on Java 10, but nonetheless we have issued a fix for anyone affect by this. ::java command This command will tell you what version of Java your client is running with (for debugging purposes if there are any errors we need to diagnose)



Forum updates: You can now use Emoticons and BBCode (links, fonts, colors, etc) in the following areas: Recent status updates Profile feed (comments on your profile) New emoticons added: Heart ( <3 ) Broken heart ( </3 ) Forum Inbox size increased for the following groups: Normal groups (member + ironman + classic) All groups’ inbox size increased from 50 to 100. Donators: Regular (100 -> 200) Uber (500 -> 750) Master (500 -> 1000) Staff: Server support inbox increased to 5,000 PMs to match with other staff limits. Other: Veteran rank inbox size increased to 500 from 50. Youtube rank inbox size increase to 250 from 50.


Store updates: Bonds are now purchasable by Ironmen/Classic accounts: Although Ironmen cannot trade bonds and this will likely not be of any use to them, this will allow Classics to buy bonds from the shop, as well as EIM partners to gift bonds to each other. Drop Boost Scrolls: Rare drop scroll: Improve your chances for loot with this scroll! Redeeming a scroll will give you a 30 minute 15% rare drop boost, making those extra-rare drops more likely during your bossing session. Here are the details: This applies to any rare monster loot, as well as Raids loot (Chambers of Xeric, as well as the Theatre of Blood once released). You will be notified that your scroll helped you in receiving your loot if you do receive any rare loot. Pet drop scroll: Improve your chances to receive Pets by 25% for 30 minutes!  This applies to all pets, including those found from: Skilling, bossing and mini-games (Such as raids). It also improves your chances when gambling Infernal/Fire capes for pets! FAQ (applies to both scrolls): Are these stackable? The item itself takes up 1 inventory slot per scroll. As for the effect, it depends on your game mode: Normal players: You can open as many of these as you’d like, and the timer will increase. Elite Ironmen/Classic/HCIM: You can only use 1 scroll every 3 hours. You can have both types of scrolls active simultaneously, though, as the timers are different. EIM only: You cannot stack scrolls, even if you opened one yesterday and immediately logged out, and tried to open one now to get a full hour of improved drops. Does the timer go down if you’re AFK? If you haven’t clicked within the past couple of minutes, your timer will stop going down. It will only go down for active players to avoid wasting bonus time. Can these scrolls be transferred between accounts? These scrolls are tradable, and as for transferring to non-trade accounts, these scrolls can be transferred between accounts the same way that Bonds can be by using them on players. How do I know how much time I have left? Client timers will show you the time left on your scrolls on-screen.













We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please notify us of any bugs that you encounter as soon as possible :)




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