The Nightmare

The Nightmare has descended upon Alora... Do you have what it takes to defeat her?
Step into the Nightmare realm and find out!


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Game Activity

Spiz received a Tangleroot pet at 418,386 Farming XP!

GIMWavy received a Heron pet at 303,738 Fishing XP!

Brewlite received 1 x Occult necklace from Smoke devil! (#35)

Squid Nipple received 1 x Bloody key from Revenant demon! (#46)

King Daz received 1 x Seers' ring from Dagannoth Prime! (#1,521)

Andariel received a Rock golem pet at 110.9m Mining XP!

Real Phero has slain Lizardman shaman a total of 100 times!

Temper received 1 x Tanzanite fang from Zulrah! (#1,222)

Baldtimate received 1 x Twisted buckler as a Chambers of Xeric reward! (#379)

Temper received 1 x Crystal seed from Zulrah! (#1,221)

Person125 received 1 x Crystal seed from The Gauntlet (Corrupted)! (#99)

BACK2HIDING is on a killstreak of 33 and can be shut down for 66% bonus PKP!

King Daz has slain Dagannoth Supreme a total of 1,500 times!

GIM Deeds received 1 x Marble block from Abyssal demon! (#305)

Pronography received 1 x Crystal seed from Zulrah! (#6)

killa kelv received 1 x Inquisitor's mace from The Nightmare! (#23)

FACTORX received a Rock golem pet at 19.5m Mining XP!

Elite has slain King Black Dragon a total of 250 times!

CBA Fuujit has reached level 99 in Magic!

GIM SSS received 1 x Armadyl hilt from Kree'arra! (#2)

Forum Activity

Striked some luck at nightmare

May 28, 2020 3:05 am by killa kelv

Why is it so hard to get a whip..

May 27, 2020 9:04 pm by Lights91

Buying Tbow

May 27, 2020 6:15 pm by nwin

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