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[September] Community Awards

22 hours ago  l  King purple


Hello Alorians and welcome to the 2018 September Community Awards!


You can view the August Community Awards Result here.


I'd be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes and vote for your nominations in the September Community awards!


This thread will be up until 9/25, don't miss your chance to vote!

Good luck!  




1) Guest Accounts will not have their votes counted!

2) You must fill out the entire template provided below. If you do not have anyone to vote for please leave it blank instead of completely removing the award. This helps myself not become confused when counting votes.

3) You may NOT vote for yourself.

4) You CANNOT vote for the same person more than 6 times.

5) Any troll posts will be removed and the poster will be infracted.

6) No buying/selling or asking for votes.


Any breached rule will result in a disqualification.






Please fill out the entire template.





Best Admin:


Best Global Moderator:


Best Forum Moderator:


Best Server Moderator:


Best Event Manager:


Best Server Support:


Most active on Discord:


Most active In-game:


Most active on Forums:


Most Respected:


Most Potential Promotion:


Funniest Staff Member:


Overall Best Staff Member:






Most Active In-game:


Most Active on Forums:


Most Active on Discord:


Most Active Overall:


Most Wealthy:


Most Addicted to Gambling:


Most Friendly:


Most Respected:


Coolest Veteran: 


Best Helper:


Best Edgeville Pker:


Best Hybrid:


Best NH Pker:


Best PvMer:


Best Raider:


Best Skiller:


Best Clan:


Best Ironman:


Best Hardcore Ironman:


Best Ultimate Ironman:


Best Elite Ironman:


Best Classic Player:


Best GFX Designer:


Best Youtuber:


Best Streamer:


Top Overall:




Good luck!

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[19/9/18] Blast Furnace, Raids pet expansion, auto-looting RoW, bug fixes & more!

1 day ago  l  Omicron

Patch notes:


Theatre of blood passages fixed Blast Furnace updates: All bars can now be smelted in the Blast Furnace (fixes Gold, Steel, Iron) Maximum amount of time you can buy in 1 shot for the Blast Furnace is 5 hours (to avoid people spending their entire cash stack) Ironman/Classic/Elite were unable to see ‘global’ items such as Snape grass spawns following the previous update. This has been fixed. “Stomp” emote would not work in certain areas, giving the “You cannot use this emote in the wilderness” error message. This should no longer occur outside of the wilderness. A warning message will now be given upon login to players using an outdated client. Anyone using a client from August or prior to will not be able to play Alora after October 9th, so we strongly urge you to get the latest client if you see this error message.


Hello everyone,


Today’s update is slightly delayed as I had to work on our security extensively this month. Now that I feel comfortable with the current state of things in terms of security, we can get back to the frequent updates :) This update is packed with many QOL updates, as well as some content which many of you will find useful such as the Blast Furnace. We’ve also managed to squeeze in some bug fixes, as well as some other cool things such as the metamorphosis Raids 1 pet and auto-looting coins with the Ring of wealth.


Please note that some of these updates (particularly the bug fixes) may have already been applied in-game, but were not yet included in an update thread.

Server: Ladder/Staircase changes: When using a ladder or staircase on Alora, you would previously be delayed 1 tick (0.6s) while you perform the animation. This has been removed, and you will instantly use the staircase or ladder, similar to on OSRS. Crafting guild fixes/changes: The Crafting guild had many weird looking objects such as stalagmites, ice columns, etc that did not belong there. This map has been fixed entirely. With the above fix, the following has changed: More ores (particularly gold ores) can be mined. A staircase to go upstairs to multiple Spinning wheels is now available. Paul right-click trade: We know how much some of you loved navigating through Paul’s dialogue to get to the Ironman shop, but unfortunately we’ve decided to add a right-click “Trade” option to speed things up for the rest of us! Barrows change: The dig radius around mounds has been increased. Music cape emote: The Music cape emote, “Air Guitar” has now been added. Theatre of Blood fixes: Sotetseg’s projectile attacks that disable prayer were disabling it too early — upon performing his animation, not upon the projectile landing on you. This has been fixed. Fixed a problem with prayer icon not turning off (Chivalry) Fixed an issue which blocked you from attacking some of the spiders in the Nylocas wave. Ironman / Classic ground item filter: Ironman and Classic accounts will no longer see ground items that belong to other players. This should make it easier to identify loot that is yours, as there should be no reason for you to see anyone else’s loot. There are a few exceptions to this for the following game modes: Classic: As a Classic, you will still be able to see any loot (that is public) dropped by other Classics or creatures they have slain. Elite Ironman: As an Elite Ironman, you will still be able to see any loot (that is public) dropped by your partner or any creatures they have slain. Specific item exceptions for all groups: The Dawnbringer will always be shown as it is part of the Theatre of Blood mechanics to drop it between players. Dragon sq shield ornament kit: This ornament kit, which can be used to convert your Dragon sq shield into the gold-trimmed (g) version, can now be purchased from the Vote shop for 225 vote points. Slayer Helm Recolour: The colour of the Slayer helm has been tweaked so the standard and imbued versions are visually distinct. (See below) Rejuvenation pool update (in POH): Rejuvenation pools can now be used to restore your health, special attack, run energy, prayer and cure poison with only half the usual delay provided that you have not been in PvP combat within the last 3 minutes. This does not apply to the rejuvenation pool at home, but only to the ones location in player-owned-houses. Blast Furnace: The Blast Furnace is now accessible! It can be reached through the Minigames section of the Teleport Wizard’s menu. How does it work? The Blast Furnace allows you to smelt bars while only using half the required amount of coal, while still receiving full experience.  Ores are deposited onto the conveyor belt, and then smelted within seconds. You can collect your bars from the dispenser, which may be cooled down with a bucket of water. You can optionally use Ice gloves to collect your bars rather than cooling down the dispenser. There is a bank chest very close to the furnace. Cost: The cost to smelt your bars in the furnace is 480k GP per hour. You can pay this fee to Ordan every hour, or pay him for many hours at once. This is to cover the labor of the 5 dwarves who run the machinery. You may find these dwarves’ names familiar. If your time runs out, you will not be able to deposit any more ores onto the conveyor. You will be notified of your time remaining in the Blast Furnace periodically, and notified when your time runs out. Notes: You can store up to 200 ores in the melting pot. If you logout, any ores or bars within the machinery will be lost. Ice gloves: These gloves, which allow you to collect bars from the Blast Furnace without needing to use a bucket of water, can be purchased from the Loyalty Point store for 50k points. Buckets of water: Buckets of water (used in the Blast furnace) can now be created: Empty buckets can be purchased in the General/Ironman/Classic shops, and can be filled at any water source.  There is also a bucket spawn at the Blast furnace. Chambers of Xeric reward update: A new reward has been added to Raids 1: Metamorphic Dust! This item can be used on an existing Raids 1 pet (Olmlet or Vanguard) to give your pet the ability to morph between 6 different Raids pets: Olmlet, Mini Vanguard, Vasa Minirio, Tektiny, Vespina and the Puppadile! Previously, there were only 2 pets that you could get (separately) through the raid, the Olmlet and Vanguard. These pets still function as usual, and are both still rewards from raids. The Vanguard can also be purchased in the donation shop. Note that the Metamorphic dust can be used on either of them to get the same final result (morphing pet). How do I obtain it? The Metamorphic dust can be obtained through the Chambers of Xeric if you’re lucky, with the drop rate being 1/400 as long as you complete the dungeon within average time and points. This roll is completely separate from the usual drop table, so it will not affect your chances of obtaining other loot. Notes: Changes to Baby Vanguard: Renamed to Mini Vanguard Anyone previously holding Baby Vanguard will notice that their inventory icon has been updated to better reflect the pet The Vanguard now has a dialogue All of the new pets also have dialogues. Once the dust is applied to one pet, any other raids pets you have (or receive from raids) will automatically have the morph feature. Recoil update: Ring of recoils can now be “broken” by right-clicking on them and using the break option. This will reset the number of recoils they have remaining to 40, useful if you are low on recoils and do not want to carry another ring in your inventory to PK. Ring of wealth update: The Ring of wealth (and it’s imbued version) can now optionally auto-loot your coins and tokkul from slain enemies! You can toggle this setting by right-clicking either ring and selecting the “Features” option. Miscellaneous bug fixes: Discord status when fighting a barrows brother had a grammatical error. Red skull will now go away after dying or entering and leaving a mini-game such as Fight caves. You can no longer skip Extreme tasks for free by walking away before selecting an amount. If you do, a random amount will be selected for you. You can no longer choose to assign a specific amount for TzTok-Jad or TzKal-Zuk tasks, you will only be assigned 1 of either. Revenant ether collected by your bracelet will no longer be banked if your inventory is full. Beret mask will no longer make your head invisible. Barbarian icons (defender, attack, healer, collector) will now be worn in the glove slot rather than the cape slot, allowing you to wear a cape while having an icon equipped. Justiciar armour requirements fixed (75 defence) Christmas cracker bug fixes: When using the cracker on another player and then cancelling, the dialogue would freeze. If used on another player who logged out before you could confirm that you indeed wanted to use their cracker on them and they received the party hat, it would technically disappear. The cracker will no longer allow you to confirm that you’d like to use it if the other player has logged out or Died. Pathfinding bug: Fixed a major bug which allowed players to interact with objects/npcs/etc even though they were not close enough. For example, if you somehow could stop your movement forcefully (being frozen in combat or by other means) you could enter a cave from many steps away. This applied to interacting with objects, npcs, items (picking up), as well as using items on players. A bug which caused your character to look very glitched (“spaghetti arms”) after doing ::watchbr to watch a Battle Royale and then leaving has been fixed. A requirement of 53 Fletching has been added to Toxic Blowpipe creation. Gem/Coal bags can no longer be worn with the equipment interface bug.


General Further improvements have been made to our protection systems for DDoS attacks. We were hit with some attacks just over a week ago and did experience bouts of lag, but the server never fully crashed which is a great sign, and the attacks were mitigated relatively quickly. We’ve made even more changes to improve our firewall, and we’ll continue monitoring and improving our systems as required. We've also improved our stability and are able to have longer uptime without lag as many of you have likely noticed :)


Store: Pet booster price reduced to 10 tokens from 15 to more accurately reflect its value.


Forum: Our userbars have been updated! Thanks to @[member="Dumbshit"] for creating the lovely new ones. Along with these, we’ve added some new userbars that previously did not exist for Ironmen (they all used the default Ironman icon): Ultimate Ironman Hardcore Ironman Elite ironman Postbit backgrounds (background colors on posts) have been added for the following groups: Official Designer Designer Ex-Staff Youtuber Discord widget color: Instead of the usual purple color of the Discord widget, we’ve made it follow the color theme of the website (eg. If the right side of the page is green, the discord widget will be green). If you are on a solid color (eg. You always want the website green), the Discord widget will match this color. Homepage: Newspapers and community awards will now show up on the homepage news feed. Meta image updated: When posting Alora links (eg. On Discord) the old logo would be affiliated with the URL. This has been updated to match our current logo. Elitist: Maxed Elite Ironman award (thanks to @[member="EIM 1gp"] for the suggestion) This forum award can now be awarded to you if you are a maxed Elite Ironman! The award description has been added to the thread which lists them. All current 11 maxed EIM’s have been given this award. Future maxed EIMs will need to submit a request.




A bug which was introduced about a month ago was causing java.exe to not shut down gracefully when you closed the client, causing RAM to be taken up unnecessarily and eventually leading to lag, has been fixed. This has only been seen by me personally on Windows 7. Windows 10 and OSX were unaffected.



Postbit backgrounds:





Pathfinding update media:

OSRS: Alora New: Alora Old:




Dragon SQ creation:


Blast Furnace:


Slayer helmet recolor:


Air guitar:



Ring of wealth auto-loot:



Metamorphosis dust:


Metamorphosis pets:



We hope you enjoy this update :)




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Ancient Warrior's equipment

1 day ago  l  Salter



Lately, I've been hearing some about the new equipment that you can see on the seasonal deadman mode.

I thought it would be a great idea to poll this for the community to get an idea if you guys would like this added.


In this post, I will describe the different items that would be obtainable with these new sets of items.

I will also try and clarify some of the upsides and downsides of having them.


There are 4 sets of items that are included in the Ancient Warrior's equipment. 


These are;

Statius's equipment7c894ad2e3890d3fcd59a0d76a5068a2.png   Vesta's equipment   Zuriel's equipment   Morrigan's equipment  

The different sets were initially introduced to Runescape 2 but have recently resurfaced on the Deadman mode scene on OSRS.

They offer unique bonuses mainly focused for the PvP scene. The items would have a 78 defense requirement and respective stats for each type of armor.

(For example, Zuriel would require 78 defense & 78 magic.)


These items are very strong;


In the clip above, the person getting killed did only have rune armor, but it still proves how much damage it can do.


I think the biggest upside that the armors would introduce is the fact that it would give new life to the PvP scene.

These items have been sought after since the initial poll on OSRS a while back.



Great stat bonuses New stylish equipment PvP oriented equipment A way to bring more people out into the wilderness 


I think the biggest downside to having them, is the fact that they will re-vamp how people PvP and how people act in the wilderness.

They will also stray away from the original OSRS feel that some people enjoy.



Great stat bonuses Unorthodox for the game Might add to current issues in the wilderness (bugs/mechanics/etc) Not implemented in OSRS (outside of DMM)

There might obviously be more pros/cons that I'm not currently thinking of.


If you have anything you would like to add or say, you can always make a post describing your pros/cons with adding these items.

I hope you will take the time of your day to vote on this.


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