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King Of The Skill #4 - Final Results !

1 day ago  l  King purple


Hey guys,

Another edition of the King of The Skill event ends, this one is marked by having a lot of deaths.

The fight for first place was intense, while having great distance to the third place.



1st Place -  [Member="Bae Blade"]  ( [Member="Not Gfx"] ) 1496 Total

2nd Place - [Member="Bae Xiojiang"]  ( [Member="Realitea"] ) 1493 Total

3rd Place - [Member="Bae Bee"] ( [Member="Exmark"] ) 1223 Total


Thank you for participating boys, I will be contacting the winners soon so that you can receive your goodies! 

Love you all.

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The Gauntlet Competition Information

1 day ago  l  King purple





Hey guys, with the release of the gauntlet, we decided to reward the best players on this update, as well as the biggest grinders on it.

With that being said, we are giving away a ton of Store tokens to the players that have the highest/fastest record by the 24th of August.

These are the challenges we have for you: 


   Fastest times:   *Note - All fastest time competitors are currently required to record their WHOLE runs, subject to change.*           Fastest Corrupted Gauntlet completion — 1,000 tokens         Fastest Gauntlet completion — 750 tokens     Highest kill counts:            Highest Corrupted Gauntlet kill count — 1,000 tokens          Highest Gauntlet kill count — 750 tokens     If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me in-game, on forums or Discord ( Purple#5940 ).

Good luck everyone, love you all. 

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[17/8/19] Prifddinas & The Gauntlet, Forthos Dungeon & Sarachnis, Competitions & much more!

1 day ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


First of all, we'd like to thank all of you for your patience during this update. I know that it was a long wait considering we had just started getting comfortable with weekly updates, but I promise that it was worth the wait, just see for yourself below! Chad and I have been grinding relentlessly to piece this update together, and we're extremely excited to announce that we're now the first RSPS with The Gauntlet! It is essentially OSRS's version of dungeoneering, but it is not a skill. You'll have approximately 10 minutes to run through a dungeon to collect supplies and create your own armour, weapons, food and potions to prepare for the boss fight against the Hunllef. 


We're also the first RSPS with the city of Prifddinas, which contains a new Agility course, the Elven crystal chest, Crystal implings, a Crystal crown worth 2.147b GP, and much, much more. On top of this, we've pushed the new Forthos dungeon with the Sarachnis boss, as well as a host of other updates and bug fixes we're sure you'll love.


Without further ado… 


Update to latest OSRS version (#181): We've officially updated to the latest version of OSRS, which means that we have the latest maps, objects, npcs, items, etc.  In the past, this was not extremely difficult, but OSRS has recently 'shuffled' many of the IDs for objects and npcs. This means that, for example, if the Banker NPC had the ID 394, it now had ID 1027, in a completely random order. This posed some difficulties as OSRS hasn't done this in years, but we've managed to overcome this obstacle and have developed some tools to unscramble the IDs relatively quickly if they choose to scramble them again in the future. Pet loss bug fixed: A bug which caused you to sometimes lose your pet (eg. When teleporting out of an instance or dungeon) and not be able to find it again until re-logging has now been fixed. Your pet will teleport to meet you should you leave an instance or dungeon. Miscellaneous: The coal bag now appropriately allows players to store 36 coal in the bag if they have a smithing cape/max cape/completionist cape. Fixed a few bugs with the coal bag when adding/removing coal. Trading post will now only exchange sets if the item used on it is part of a set that can be exchanged. Previously, if you had an Ahrim’s robe set and used any other item, for example a banana, on the trading post, it would exchange the set in your inventory. Orb charging now works with the runes provided by staves. Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to set anymore salamander net traps even though none were currently set. Fixed a bug where players could use a suitable item on a closed compost bin and it would reset the bin. Fixed a bug that caused Ardougne cloak 4 teleports not to work in equipment interface. Suitable items will now be automatically added when used on a compost bin, instead of having to use each item 1-by-1. Updated the Ardougne cloak/max cape teleport graphics and animation. Some maps were corrupted and would display thousands of 'Petrified spine plants', such as next to Experiments. These spine plants should no longer appear in those areas. Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix platebody, platelegs and helmet now equip to the proper equipment slot. Fixed an issue with some Sand crabs not retaliating. Some duplicate spawns were also removed. Mask of balance changes: The Mask of balance no longer makes the back of your head invisible. The mask is now tradable. Corporeal beast is now more difficult to damage with Ranged attacks. Added proper crystal bow green arrow graphic. Eternal teleport crystal/regular teleport crystal now work as a means to travel to Lletya and Prifddinas. The string jewelry spell now counts towards the achievement. Fixed an issue where players could complete various quests without having the proper requirements. Skotizo will now only teleport players that are within distance of him Previously, if he used the his teleport attack, and you teleported away, he would teleport you back to him. Wilderness task emblem upgrading change: The previous update added a chance of upgrading emblems when slaying your assigned Wilderness task. If you had a Tier 10 emblem, since it could not be upgraded you would receive a Tier 8 emblem. Rather than Tier 8, you will now receive a separate Tier 7 emblem as the upgrade for Tier 10. Forthos: Players can reach the dungeon by speaking to the teleport wizard, or going down the leader north of sand crabs. Olbertus: Players can speak to Olbertus to obtain a temple coin by either fighting him, or paying him 5 dragonstones. If you pay him 5 dragonstones, you will obtain a temple coin, and 100 bones will be added to the sacrificed bone count on the Sacred Bone Burner. Stone Relief: Players can use a temple coin on the Stone Relief to access a hidden room where they can tan hides and sacrifice dragon bones to the Sacred Bone Burner. Players will receive 3x the prayer experience for burying bones if they have at least 100 bones sacrificed to the Sacred Bone Burner, otherwise they will receive no exp. Once a player has sacrificed 200 bones to the Sacred Bone Burner, they will receive a temple key, which they can use to permanently unlock the Western and Eastern gates in the dungeon. If the player loses this key before they unlock the gates, they will NOT be able to get it back. Players can check their faith on the altar to get a rough idea on how many bones have been sacrificed to Rolos. Once the temple coin has been added to the stone relief, the gate leading to the room with the Sacred Bone Burner will be accessible. Shortcut: There is an agility shortcut in the dungeon to go to the red dragon area, which will require 75 agility to use. Grubby Chest: If players obtain a Grubby Key from a monster within the dungeon, they can use it to open the Grubby chest, which rewards a random food item, potion item, and loot item. The potential items that will be rewarded can be found on the OSRS wiki: Undead druids: The Forthos dungeon is home to these druids, who are known for their unique masks (the Mask of ranul) which can be obtained as a rare drop. They also drop numerous Herblore secondaries, many herbs and almost every seed available. Note: Dwarf multi-cannons cannot be used in the dungeon. Sarachnis:  Players can now fight Sarachnis in the Forthos dungeon. Mechanics: Sarachnis primarily uses Melee/Range as its main attacks, and will attack with melee if it’s within range. Every 4 attacks, Sarachnis will spawn sticky webs around all the players in the room and they will be unable to move for up to 5 seconds, while Sarachnis retreats into a corner.  When Sarachnis has 60% and 30% of its health left, it will summon 2 spiders to attack each player in the area, one spider uses mage, while the other one uses melee. When Sarachnis dies, the spawns will also die. If Sarachnis lands a hit on a player with melee, it will automatically heal itself for 5 damage. Loot: Sraracha: Players have a small chance to obtain the pet upon killing Sarachnis. Jar of eyes: Players have a small chance to obtain the Jar of Eyes, which can be used to setup the display in a player-owned house. Sarachnis will always drop 1-3 noted red spiders’ eggs per kill. This is not implemented in OSRS, however we know that some players have been requesting more ways to get Herblore secondaries, and a logical way to get the red spiders’ eggs them seems to be from Sarachnis. Sarachnis Cudgel: Players have a small chance at obtaining the Sarachnis cudgel when killing Sarachnis. The cudgel is a one-handed crush weapon that requires 65 attack to wield. Giant Egg Sac: Players can receive the Giant Egg Sac as a drop, which when cut open will provide the player with 100 red spiders’ eggs. Prifddinas: Access: In order to enter Prifddinas (and any of its content), you must meet the following requirements: All quests completed At least level 70 Agility, Construction, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Smithing and Woodcutting Iorwerth dungeon: This dungeon is found beneath Prifddinas and contains a variety of Slayer monsters. Dwarf multi cannons can be used in the dungeon, though the whole dungeon is single-combat. Monsters: Dark beasts, Nechryaels, Bloodvelds, Waterfiends, Moss giants Agility course: Players with 75 agility can now use the Prifddinas agility course, which can be accessed by climbing the ladder just outside of the north-western bank in Prifddinas. Each run, one of 6 portals placed around the course will be visible to players, and you can use it to skip an obstacle and get teleported to the next one. There is also a chance to get a crystal shard when going through one of these portals. Crystal implings: Crystal implings can now be caught within Prifddinas! These cannot be caught anywhere else, and are rare spawns within the city. Catching these requires level 80 Hunter and grants 280 experience. Notable loot: Elven signet This is a unique ring only obtainable from Crystal implings, which offers a 1 in 10 chance to not use a charge when using the Blade of Saeldor (when worn). Elite clue scroll Dragonstone (x2), Dragon dagger (x2), Dragon dart tips, Onyx bolt tips, Dragonstone amulet Divine potions: Taking a sip of a divine potion will decrease Hitpoints by 10, and players can only drink a dose if their Hitpoints are higher than 10. Creating divine potions will provide 0.5 base Herblore experience per dose made. Players can now make divine potions by using crystal dust on select pre-made potions. Crystal dust can be obtained by using a pestle and mortar on crystal shards. Each crystal shard will provide the player with 10 crystal dust, and each dose that is turned into the divine variant will require 1 crystal dust to make. Divine potion variants: Divine magic potion: This potion will boost the player’s magic level by 4 for 5 minutes, during which the player’s magic will not drain(unless other potions/spells drain it) until the 5 minutes are up. This potion requires 78 Herblore to make, and is made by using crystal dust on a magic potion.  Divine ranging potion: This potion will apply the normal ranging potion boost for 5 minutes, during which the player’s range will not drain(unless other potions/spells drain it) until the 5 minutes are up. This potion requires 74 Herblore to make, and is made by using crystal dust on a ranging potion.  Divine super attack potion: This potion will apply the normal super attack potion boost for 5 minutes, during which the player’s attack will not drain(unless other potions/spells drain it) until the 5 minutes are up. This potion requires 70 Herblore to make, and is made by using crystal dust on a super attack potion.  Divine super strength potion: This potion will apply the normal super strength potion boost for 5 minutes, during which the player’s strength will not drain(unless other potions/spells drain it) until the 5 minutes are up. This potion requires 70 Herblore to make, and is made by using crystal dust on a super strength potion.  Divine super defence potion: This potion will apply the normal super defence potion boost for 5 minutes, during which the player’s defence will not drain(unless other potions/spells drain it) until the 5 minutes are up. This potion requires 70 Herblore to make, and is made by using crystal dust on a super defence potion.  Divine super combat potion: This potion will apply the normal super combat potion boost for 5 minutes, during which the player’s attack/defence/strength will not drain(unless other potions/spells drain it) until the 5 minutes are up. This potion requires 97 Herblore to make, and is made by using crystal dust on a super combat potion.  Elven crystal chest: Players can use Enhanced crystal keys to open the Elven crystal chest and gain a reward. The chest requires 80 smithing and crafting to open, and grants 500 base smithing and crafting experience. Each time the chest is opened, the players Elven chest count will be displayed. Rare items in the chest include: Dragonstone platebody/helmet/platelegs/boots/gauntlets, and an uncut onyx. Singing bowl crafting: Players can use the singing bowl in Prifddinas. Players can craft the following items using the singing bowl, given that they have the required items and levels: Crystal Helm: Requires level 70 Crafting and Smithing, 50 crystal shards, and 1 crystal armor seed. Crystal Body: Requires level 74 Crafting and Smithing, 150 crystal shards, and 3 crystal armor seeds. Crystal Legs: Requires level 72 Crafting and Smithing, 100 crystal shards, and 2 crystal armor seed. Crystal Pickaxe: Requires level 76 Crafting and Smithing, 120 crystal shards, 1 crystal tool seed, and 1 dragon pickaxe. Crystal Axe: Requires level 76 Crafting and Smithing, 120 crystal shards, 1 crystal tool seed, and 1 dragon axe. Crystal Harpoon: Requires level 76 Crafting and Smithing, 120 crystal shards, 1 crystal tool seed, and 1 dragon harpoon. Crystal Bow: Requires level 78 Crafting and Smithing, 40 crystal shards, and 1 crystal weapon seed. Crystal Halberd: Requires level 78 Crafting and Smithing, 40 crystal shards, and 1 crystal weapon seed. Crystal Shield: Requires level 78 Crafting and Smithing, 40 crystal shards, and 1 crystal weapon seed. Enhanced Crystal Key: Requires 80 Crafting and Smithing, 10 crystal shards, and 1 crystal key. Note: Players can also speak to Reese, near both singing bowls, if they do not have the requirements, and she will trade an 15 crystal shards and a crystal key for an enhanced crystal key, however players will not receive any experience from this. Eternal Teleport Crystal: Requires 80 Crafting and Smithing, 100 crystal shards, and 1 enhanced crystal teleport seed. Crystal armor: Players who have crystal armor equipped, along with a crystal bow, will gain a 3% damage boost, and 6% accuracy boost to the crystal bow for each piece of the set equipped. If the full set is equipped, players will gain a 30% accuracy boost, and a 15% damage boost to the crystal bow. Almodd’s rune shop: Players can trade Efa in Prifddinas to access a new rune shop which stocks various runes. This shop has limited stock, and can be used by ironmen. Lliann's Wares ~ Crystal Crown This is a new shop in Prifddinas that sells the Crystal crown, and various other crystals used to recolor the crystal crown. The price of the crown is 2.147b, only to be owned by the wealthiest of players. The crown is untradeable, and cannot be re-sold back to the shop once purchased. There are also various other crystals in the store that are used on the crystal crown to recolor it. These crystals cost 5m each, and crowns can be re-colored multiple times by using different crystals on them. Pickpocketing: There are various NPC’s around Prifddinas which players can now pickpocket. Level 85 thieving is required to pickpocket these NPC’s, and they give 5000-9000 coins per thieve most of the time, with a small chance to receive other various items from them, such as the following: 10 Death runes 15 Nature runes 2 Jugs of wine 2 Cut diamonds 2 Fire orbs 2 Gold ore 1 Crystal shard 1 Enhanced crystal teleport seed(Very rare) Each successful pickpocket will yield 353 base thieving experience. Trahaearn Mine: Players can now access the Trahaearn mine by entering the cave slightly south of the crystal staircase at the centre of the city. This mine includes various ores, including runite ores, which players can mine if they have the necessary level. There is also a mine cart which functions as a bank deposit box, so players can deposit their ores once they’ve filled their inventory. The Gauntlet: The Gauntlet is a solo mini-game in Prifddinas in which the player is given a limited amount of time to explore a completely randomly generated dungeon layout, gather supplies and resources by utilizing both skills and combat, in preparation to fight the Crystalline Hunllef.  Access: It can be accessed through a portal in Prifddinas, or through the Teleport wizard. Additionally, you can type ;;gauntlet to teleport there quickly. Objective: You must move through the dungeon to explore the different rooms, which may contain resources or monsters, or both. You have 10 minutes in the dungeon to gather resources and equipment for the final fight. Once the timer runs out, you are teleported into the final room automatically and must fight to the death. You can enter the boss fight room earlier if you choose, which can lead to better loot. Different resources can be collected through Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing and other gathering methods. These resources can be cooked into food, and some are necessary for creating weapons, armour and potions which will assist in the final boss fight.  Smaller crystalline monsters, such as bats, rats and unicorns can be killed for supplies, while higher level monsters such as Dark beasts and Dragons offer better drops at the cost of taking more time to defeat. The Crystalline Hunllef must be defeated to complete the dungeon: The Hunllef primarily attacks with range or mage. It always starts with magic attacks, and after 4 attacks it will alternate to ranged, and so on. The Hunllef also will always have a protection prayer up, and after every 6th hit it receives it will change it’s prayer to your last attack style. If you walk under the Hunllef, you may get crushed by a Stomp attack that deals up to 40 damage, so you'll want to stay out of its way. The room will constantly have dangerous tiles that you can’t step on. At first, these tiles will turn blue to warn you and give you time to run off of them. Once they have turned orange, they will damage you every tick you are standing on them. Occasionally, the Hunllef will summon 2 whirlpools that chase you around the room. You’ll have to outrun these for 14 seconds, otherwise they will deal damage constantly if they reach you. Completion of the Gauntlet will reward players with various loot, including crystal armour seeds to create new Crystal equipment. Dying or leaving early may still grant small reward for your time and effort, but does not grant any unique rewards. Corrupted Gauntlet: Players who are up for a real challenge can enter the Corrupted Gauntlet, which is a fiery red dungeon that is very similar to the regular gauntlet, though with a few key differences: Rather than 10 minutes to explore the dungeon, you are only allowed 7.5 minutes. Rather than 600hp, the Hunllef has 1000 hp. Upon completion, you have a better chance of obtaining a unique reward, and better base loot. Upon the first completion of the Corrupted gauntlet, you will receive the Gauntlet cape. Teleport wizard additions: The Teleport wizard has numerous new locations to teleport to: (a (*) denotes requirements to enter Prifddinas): Mini-games: Inferno teleport (*)Gauntlet teleport Dungeons: Forthos dungeon (*)Prifddinas dungeon Cities: (*)Prifddinas city









Gauntlet Competition:

To kickstart this update, we're hosting a few token competitions that will run until August 24th, midnight EST. Best of luck! NOTE: @[member="King purple"] will be posting a competition thread with more details either tonight or early tomorrow. Fastest times: Fastest Corrupted Gauntlet completion — 1,000 tokens Fastest Gauntlet completion — 750 tokens Highest kill counts: Highest Corrupted Gauntlet killcount — 1,000 tokens Highest Gauntlet killcount — 750 tokens



We hope you enjoy the content in this update as much as we've enjoyed putting it together for you! :) Considering the size of this update, there may be some bugs that we're counting on you to report as soon as you find them.




Omicron & Chad

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