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[11/6/18] Giant Mole / Thermonuclear Instances, Raid milestone capes, Increase clan capacity & more!

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


I know, I know… You hoped this would be the Theatre of Blood update! You knew that it was impossible to get it out this quickly only a few days after release, you knew that we needed more time… but you had your fingers crossed anyway. Rest assured that we’re working day and night to get Raids 2.0 out on Alora as soon as possible! We can’t wait to see everyone immersing themselves into the Theatre of Blood. 


Nevertheless, we’ve got some updates for this week to keep you afloat while you wait!


Content updates: Slayer updates: Rune dragons and Adamant dragons are now available as Medium Slayer tasks! You can be assigned between 45-100 Adamant dragons and 35-80 Rune dragons. Clan chat changes: Capacity increased: You can now have up to 200 players in your Clan chat channel! This apples to all channels. You must restart your client to get the latest version, otherwise you will still see a maximum of 100 players per channel in your Clan chat tab (although you can indeed be chatting with up to 200 people) Ranking order: Last update’s fix for organizing clan member lists by ranks (descending) was not properly implemented, and will be functional as of this update. (assuming you have the latest client) Chambers of Xeric: Milestone capes: The Xeric milestone capes are now available! These untradable, cosmetic capes will signify your Raid accomplishments. There are 5 different capes, achieved at the following milestones: Xeric’s guard ~ 100 raids completed Xeric’s warrior ~ 500 raids completed Xeric’s sentinel ~ 1000 raids completed Xeric’s general ~ 1500 raids completed Xeric’s champion ~ 2000 raids completed How to obtain: Captain Rimor, who stands outside of the Chambers of Xeric entrance, will give you the capes that you have earned. These capes are free as long as you meet the requirements. If you lose them, you can go back to Captain Rimor and reclaim them. Happy raiding! Bracket tournament area: A new area with 5 different 1v1 combat pits has been added for tournament use. Event managers may use this area to host multiple fights at once. Deaths are safe here, and the only way to enter one of the arenas is to be teleported in by a staff member, but you can teleport there by typing in ::1v1. Instances expansion: Giant mole instance: Due to popular demand, the Giant mole area can now be instanced! For the price of 4.5m, you can create an instance for your clan and kill as many Giant moles as you’d like within a 90 minute period. Themonuclear smoke devil instance: Also a highly requested instance, the Thermonuclear smoke devil can now be instanced! For the price of 4m, you can create an instance for 90 minutes. Other changes: Most Instanced monsters will now randomly walk around as intended. Miscellaneous: Vorkath can now be spawned by Event managers.



Bug fixes: Sanfew serum fix: Previously, if you had boosted a combat stat with another potion (eg. If you drank a Magic potion and boosted your Magic) and then drank a Sanfew serum, the serum would actually lower your Magic back to 99 (or whatever your base level was). This should no longer happen, and the serum will not affect boosted stats. Clan wars fix: A bug which sometimes allowed defeated players to attack other players in the waiting room after being defeated should now be patched. We’ve changed the way that we check whether or not you’re allowed to attack a certain player in Clan wars to make sure this no longer occurs. Inferno fix: A bug which allowed players to log back into the boss stage of the Inferno after dying has been patched. Arclght fix: Fixed a bug which caused your Arclight charges to decrease even when using it on a non-demonic creature. Daily task fixex/changes: Fixed the “Craft 25 green dragonhide bodies” task. The “Open a bond” task has been removed. Slayer related daily tasks fixed: The tasks that required you to complete 1-3 tasks were auto-completing after 1 kill, rather than 1 task. This has been fixed. Raids fix: Although not fully confirmed, we’ve made some changes that will hopefully fix the issue where players entering the Olm room would sometimes appear elsewhere. (in another instance or in Edgeville) Bandos fix: A Bandos “safespot” which allowed players to not get attacked with melee at all has been fixed. Kree’arra fix: Kree’arra was able to attack players from very far away (noticed during the PvM cup event), which has been fixed and limited to the correct distance.



Client updater (Alora.jar) changes: (MUST REDOWNLOAD Our updater has been revamped once again, with a few useful changes: Added an awesome loading animation to the loader (Huge thanks to @[member="Jare"] for creating this animation, it looks absolutely incredible!) Added a fallback if a player closes the updater halfway through and then re-opens it, it will be able to realize that the downloaded client isn’t complete. Overall smoothening of the updater, making the progress bar increase more fluidly. Not a major change, but the launcher can now be dragged around as well in case you want to move it out of sight to see something on your screen. Mac/Windows now in the same jar: We’ve removed the need for alora_mac.jar. The default alora.jar now does both in one! If you are on a Mac client, you will be asked when launching whether you are planning to play in HD or LD. Fix for Java 10: Some users with the latest version of Java (10.0.1) were having issues with the client never opening. Although the bug has only been seen on Macs, I assume it will also occur on Windows. This has been fixed in the latest updater.



Client updates: Item overlay changes: Updates: The item names will now longer appear over: Interfaces (eg. Trading interfaces, trading post, bank, clan chat setup, etc) Basically any interface that closes when you walk somewhere (most interfaces) will block the item names from being displayed. Some interfaces (such as the Wilderness target interface) will not affect this. Gameframe (eg. Chatbox, inventory) This update primarily applies to item overlays on resizable mode, since the fixed game mode already had the overlays only drawing in the game area. The names of items should no longer be drawn over your chatbox, inventory or minimap. QOL: Item amounts will now be highlighted in yellow to be more easily readable, and also to differentiate from numbers in the item’s name (eg. Super restore (4) (350)) Text on a tile with many different items will now be more neatly organized, with the text for each item being centered. The purple color for high-value drops is now slightly easier to read (more purple than pink) Bug fixes: Large item stacks (Eg. More than 30,000 of an item, such as coins) would show up as the wrong amount on the floor. This has been fixed for all values! Trade interface fixes: Some of you may have noticed some broken/misplaced border pieces on the trade interfaces. We’ve fixed these interfaces to make sure they don’t look choppy as they did before, and now match OSRS. Right-click fix: Some players had experienced issues where the right-click wouldn’t work at all, and every click was a left click. We believe this is only present on Java 10, but nonetheless we have issued a fix for anyone affect by this. ::java command This command will tell you what version of Java your client is running with (for debugging purposes if there are any errors we need to diagnose)



Forum updates: You can now use Emoticons and BBCode (links, fonts, colors, etc) in the following areas: Recent status updates Profile feed (comments on your profile) New emoticons added: Heart ( <3 ) Broken heart ( </3 ) Forum Inbox size increased for the following groups: Normal groups (member + ironman + classic) All groups’ inbox size increased from 50 to 100. Donators: Regular (100 -> 200) Uber (500 -> 750) Master (500 -> 1000) Staff: Server support inbox increased to 5,000 PMs to match with other staff limits. Other: Veteran rank inbox size increased to 500 from 50. Youtube rank inbox size increase to 250 from 50.


Store updates: Bonds are now purchasable by Ironmen/Classic accounts: Although Ironmen cannot trade bonds and this will likely not be of any use to them, this will allow Classics to buy bonds from the shop, as well as EIM partners to gift bonds to each other. Drop Boost Scrolls: Rare drop scroll: Improve your chances for loot with this scroll! Redeeming a scroll will give you a 30 minute 15% rare drop boost, making those extra-rare drops more likely during your bossing session. Here are the details: This applies to any rare monster loot, as well as Raids loot (Chambers of Xeric, as well as the Theatre of Blood once released). You will be notified that your scroll helped you in receiving your loot if you do receive any rare loot. Pet drop scroll: Improve your chances to receive Pets by 25% for 30 minutes!  This applies to all pets, including those found from: Skilling, bossing and mini-games (Such as raids). It also improves your chances when gambling Infernal/Fire capes for pets! FAQ (applies to both scrolls): Are these stackable? The item itself takes up 1 inventory slot per scroll. As for the effect, it depends on your game mode: Normal players: You can open as many of these as you’d like, and the timer will increase. Elite Ironmen/Classic/HCIM: You can only use 1 scroll every 3 hours. You can have both types of scrolls active simultaneously, though, as the timers are different. EIM only: You cannot stack scrolls, even if you opened one yesterday and immediately logged out, and tried to open one now to get a full hour of improved drops. Does the timer go down if you’re AFK? If you haven’t clicked within the past couple of minutes, your timer will stop going down. It will only go down for active players to avoid wasting bonus time. Can these scrolls be transferred between accounts? These scrolls are tradable, and as for transferring to non-trade accounts, these scrolls can be transferred between accounts the same way that Bonds can be by using them on players. How do I know how much time I have left? Client timers will show you the time left on your scrolls on-screen.













We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please notify us of any bugs that you encounter as soon as possible :)




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Broken client? HD not working? Update your launcher!

3 weeks ago  l  Omicron

Hey guys,


With the recent upgrade of our website to HTTPS, I managed to break the auto-updating launcher (alora.jar). Most of you probably don't ever re-download this client, since it's meant to be auto-updating, but I highly recommend that each and every one of you re-downloads the launcher by following the links below. If you're experiencing issues such as missing features (item overlays) or broken HD, this should fix them. And if not, I still recommend that you re-download the client to make sure you're up to date!



Download links:


And if you're on a Mac, you can download the Mac-specific client here:


How do you know if you need this?


You'll know by the loading screen when you launch the .JAR. Here's what it should look like!



If it doesn't look like the above image, and it has the old Alora logo / background, you need to redownload the client.

(The old background looks like this:


Simply downloading this and allowing it to fetch the latest client should fix your HD and any other problems related to this update, but if not you can either shoot me a PM or open a support topic and we'll work to resolve your issue.


This should be a one-time thing due to our move from HTTP->HTTPS, and once you've updated your launcher you shouldn't have to re-download it again!





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[27/5/18]Chaos Altar perks, Client overlays (item/bank), Daily Task streaks, Seed box, Shop revamp, and more!

3 weeks ago  l  Omicron

Hello everyone,


Make sure you update your client launcher before playing! (alora.jar) Read here for more details:


Today’s updates have some heavy focus on the client which hasn’t received any big updates in awhile, where we’ve added some QOL features such as the bank value overlay and the ground item overlay, which should both hopefully improve your gameplay. We’ve also applied some fixes to Daily tasks, as well as added a new “streak” system and the Seed box as a new reward. There are also plenty of other cool updates included today which you’ll see below!


In other news, as some of you may already know, OSRS’s planned release date for Raids 2 is quickly approaching, and we’re just as excited as you are! As with the first Raids release, we’re planning to be the first RSPS to release Raids 2, so we’re going to be grinding day and night to make sure you don’t have to wait too long to jump into the action. Keep an eye out for more information on this!


Note: Some of these updates may have already been added earlier this week in a silent update, but many are newly available as of today!



Daily task changes: Weekend bonuses: Event managers can now enable bonus Daily Task points on the weekends! This will give you up to 2x as many points for completing Daily task. Daily task streaks: (Thanks to @[member="fiji water"] for the suggestion!) Every day you fully complete your daily tasks will now count towards your streak! You have to complete every day’s set of 3 tasks to keep your streak going, otherwise it’ll reset back to 0 if you miss a day. By completing all 3 tasks every day and building your streak, you can earn streak bonus points (only when fully completing the tasks of that day): First day ~ 0 bonus points (starting the streak) Second day ~ 2 bonus points Third day ~ 4 bonus points Fourth day ~ 6 bonus points Fifth day ~ 8 bonus points Sixth day ~ 11 bonus points Seventh day ~ 15 bonus points ALL days after 7 days (no limit): 15 bonus points Bug fixes: Fixed Coal bag reward: The Coal bag in the shop was the wrong item and did not function as a coal bag. Anyone who purchased this item will automatically have a properly working Coal bag as of this update. Fixed the following tasks: Fish 250 Manta ray Cook 250 Manta ray Cook 100 Monkfish Defeat TzTok-Jad Defeat TzKal-Zuk Complete 1 (or 3) Wilderness Slayer tasks Was completing the task after 1 or 3 kills, not 1 or 3 tasks. Complete 6 Raids This one was working, but only required 5 Raids. We’ve decided to leave it at 5 Raids as this is difficult enough, and have renamed the description to avoid confusion. Shop changes: Seed box added for 350 points. Arclight reduced from 600 to 500 points. Mask of balance reduced from 500 to 250 points. Seed box: The seed box is now available to store your seeds in! This can currently be obtained through the Daily task reward shop, as well as through the donation store. It can store up to 6 different types of seeds, and is able to carry up to 2,147,483,647 of each seed. If lost on death, it can be reclaimed from the Lost items manager for 250,000 GP. Please note that as wth the looting back/herb sack/etc, if you destroy this item, you will lose the seeds inside. Additionally, banking the seed box will bank the seeds themselves as well. Red Dungeon Cavern : Brimhaven Dungeon: A new cavern with a total of 6 Red dragons (and 7 Baby red dragons) is now accessible within the Brimhaven dungeon! The entrance is located in the Steel/Iron Dragons area in the Southern part of the dungeon, with the Red dragon entrance being on the west side of this area. You must have an Agility level of 33 to go through the entrance. PvP/Combat/Wilderness updates: Combat fixes: When attacking another player with Magic, you can now freeze them from a slightly further distance (1 extra step) to avoid your target easily escaping a fight. The Chaos Altar (level 38 wilderness): The altar in this temple will now be highly useful to players due to the following perks: 1. It will provide the same bonus experience as a Gilded altar (POH) with two incense burners lit (the maximum experience in-game) 2. There is a 50% chance of the Altar not consuming the bones that are sacrificed to it. This means that, in the long run, you’ll only need to use half the bones that you normally would to level up. 3. The Elder Chaos druid immediately outside the temple can unnote your bones (and only bones!) for 200 GP each. Prayer drain fixes: General: Overall, prayer was draining significantly slower than they should have been. The drain rate is now more accurate to OSRS for every single prayer. PKP Exchange changes: The PKP shop prices were too low following a recent update and introduced too many items into the economy, so the prices in the shop have been increased by 25%. Slayer updates: Slayer reward changes: Ammo mould has been reduced in price from 15,000 Slayer points to 7,500 Slayer points. Superior Slayer Encounter drops: Some of the Superior Encounters were dropping bars (sometimes up to 15) that were un-noted. These should all drop noted now if they are noted on OSRS. Affected monsters include: Marble gargoyle Night beast Clan chat QOL: (Thanks to @[member="Dutchie"] for the suggestion) Clan chat members are now organized by their ranks (as in OSRS)! This will make it easer to see the top ranked, as well as the owner, in the clan chat list as they be sorted from greatest rank to lowest rank, top to bottom. Raids changes: Tekton’s defence (melee, range and mage) have been nerfed by 40% in Solo raids. This change was requested as it is quite difficult to defeat Tekton as a solo raider. Tekton’s defence in teams larger than 1 player has not been changed at all. Boss drop table patch: (Thanks to @[member="Lowkey"] for collecting data!) As many players know, Alora’s drop system has had a major inconsistency since day one: Bosses are supposed to have a guaranteed number of drops, and we haven’t been delivering on that feature.  To correct this, we’ve matched OSRS’s number of drops per boss and updated it, guaranteeing your loot on boss kills. No more killing the Corporeal beast for zero loot! Here are the affected NPCs: Zulrah Kalphite queen Vorkath 2 guaranteed drops Giant mole Kraken General Graardor Commander Zilyana K’ril Tsutsaroth Kree’arra Corporeal beast Lizardman shaman Cerberus King black dragon Chaos elemental Chaos fanatic Crazy archaeologist Vet’ion Venenatis Callisto 1 guaranteed drop Miscellaneous: Crazy archaeologist and Chaos fanatic are now counted as “boss” kills, and will appear on the Boss killcount records. Toy cat is no longer tradable (loyalty system reward) Corporeal beast fix: Corp could previously hit players in the safe zone (immediately outside of his lair) if someone lures him very close to the entrance. This should no longer occur. Quest tab update: Barrows points will now show up in your quest tab next to your other point totals. Clue scroll guide link: ::clue/::clues/::clueguide now redirects you to the Clue scroll guide made by @[member="F 8"] (




Client updates: Rank icons in Private messages: Previously, when someone PMed you, the only icons that would appear were Moderators and Administrators. After this update, you’ll be able to see icons for all of the following ranks: Ironmen: Regular, elite, hardcore, ultimate Classic players Server support We’ve chosen to leave out donator icons at the moment, simply because it isn’t necessary to display them over PM (whereas it can be useful to know that the person you are speaking with is Server support, or even an Ironman) Item names overlay: You can now choose to have item names displayed over ground items! This setting is completely optional, and you can find the toggle for it in the settings tab. It is turned off by default. It will show items that have a High alchemy value of more than 50,000 GP in a special colour. Bank tab value overlay: A new toggle has been added to show the value of your bank tabs! Notes: If on the main tab, the entire value of your bank will be presented. If on any other tab, only the value of that tab will be presented. Untradable items do not add to the total value of any tab. The value used will be the highest of the exchange price or the high alch price. IMPORTANT: Please note that this is often not the exact market value, but a rough estimate based on previous trading post prices. You can toggle this setting in the settings tab. Enemy health box update: When attacking an NPC or player then running away (or eating), their HP box disappears. From this update forward, their HP box will stick around for 5 seconds before disappearing, as long as they are still online/alive. This means you can eat or switch weapons without worrying about the box disappearing. Bug fixes: Fixed an issue with some users (on 32-bit Windows OS) not being able to enter HD after downloading the client (or re-installing it). It will now work properly, but if you were previously affected please delete the entire (C:/aloracache/) folder and re-launch the alora.jar client.(Thanks to @[member="Jare"] for pointing this out!)



Shop updates: Our shop hasn’t received any love in awhile, so we’ve added some new exciting items to revitalize it! We also added numerous ironman donation items, since many Ironman/classics have expressed interest in obtaining higher donator ranks but didn’t have many items to spend their tokens on. New additions: Instance tokens have been added! These tradable tokens will allow you to create any instance of your choice! While having a token in your inventory (or multiple, as they are stackable) you can create an instance without spending and GP.  These tokens come in packs of 10 from the shop, which costs 70 tokens. Cosmetics: Cow outfit Equipment: Shayzien armour set Elite void set (with 3 helmets) General: Tome of fire Herb sack Seed box Imbuement scroll Changes: Many items were moved from the General tab to the Supplies tab: Anglerfish, Dark crab, Super combat potion, Dragon javelin and Dragon bolts.



Website updates: HTTPS Support (SSL Encryption) Our domain is now SSL certified! You may have already noticed this if you’ve seen the green padlock and “secure” text next to the URL. This long overdue procedure will offer increased protection while browsing our website. Vote changes: RSPS-Page has been removed from our vote page due to frequently failing to correctly notify us when a player has voted. This means that there are now 6 websites to vote on, and you need to vote on 5 in total to get your auth. (though we recommend all 6 as this helps the server tremendously!)



















NOTE: You must update your client to play after this update!

NOTE2: The game will not work at all if you are using the .ZIP client and do not re-download! The .ZIP client does not auto-update like the .JAR client (alora.jar), and you will need to either start using the .JAR client located here. If you always use alora.jar, simply close and restart your client. You’ll know if you need to do this if you see the following error:



We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any bugs in the correct section or directly to me in a private message :)





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