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Alora Newspaper [12/11/2019]

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Hello everyone, welcome to this month's edition of the Alora Newspaper!


We would like to give thanks to everyone over the holidays!


There were no rule updates recently! But we encourage you to check them out!


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Hello everyone,


We're back with another weekly update! This week's update contains a gift for players who've been with us since the beginning — the Veteran's shield, which is a large exclusive shield to show your support for Alora. As of this update, only 6,000 accounts have access to it (out of 425,000+), so only the most dedicated players will have it! There is no playtime requirement, it only requires a registration date of November 10th, 2016 or prior. Every day, more players will be allowed to obtain this cape.


We've also finally gotten around to some much request QoL, especially for UIM players. We've added STASH units, which allow you to store clue-related items that are required for riddles right next to the location. We've also added Treasure chests to PoH, which will allow you store hundreds of clue items to save bank space. We'll also be adding in some other methods of storage in this room very soon.


Aside from bug fixes, a few other cool updates include Name change tickets in the store, a buff to the Theatre of Blood drop rate (explained below), Divine green skin color as a custom donation, as well as the Divine spirit shield ornament kit that can be attached to your Elysian.


Bug Fixes: The Anger Spear is now tradable. Brimstone chest count in drop announcements was 1 too low. Fixed a bug with combination runes: Previously, if a player had a combination rune for a spell they wanted to cast, but not enough of that rune to cast a spell, it would tell them that they didn’t have enough runes, even if they had enough regular versions of the rune required. The drop warning will no longer appear for items that do not have a drop option. This used to happen for actions such as dismantling the Bracelet of Ethereum for Revenant Ether. Players who do not have the 60 slayer requirement will no longer receive basilisk knights as a task. The Zamorak/Guthix/Saradomin vestments now require the appropriate prayer levels to equip. Potato cooking: Due to popular request, players can now cook and eat raw potatoes. Cooking a raw potato requires level 7 cooking: Cooking a raw potato will grant 15 cooking experience. Eating a raw potato will provide 1 hitpoint. While this is technically possible, we recommend baking the potato first, and enjoying it with a piece of cooked meat, sourced from the cows in Lumbridge. Thanks to @[member="Elysian King”] for helping us make this possible. Maxing announcement: Players who max out every skill at 200M exp for a total of 4.6b experience will now have a news announcement displayed on the yell channel and on Discord as well. Alorian Shield: 3 Year Veteran Gift: Players who have accounts that are 3 years or older (must be registered Nov 10th, 2016 or earlier) can now claim an exclusive item from Hans! This shield will cost 5M, and can be reclaimed if lost on death for 500K. As of this update, approximately 6000 accounts qualify for this shield. Rejuvenation pool update: The delay between rejuvenation pool uses in your Player-owned house has been significantly lowered. Previously, the default delay: 1.5 mins for donators 3 mins if recently in PvP 3.5 mins for other players 7 mins if recently in PvP The new rates are: 45 seconds for donators 90 seconds if recently in PvP 1 min 45 seconds for other players 3.5 mins if recently in PvP Theatre of Blood changes: The loot rate has been slightly increased: We have modified the ToB loot rate a few times this year, once to match it to OSRS, and then we reverted that to allow all the players on the team a chance at receiving a purple chest (rather than one). From your feedback, we've come to understand that the rate was a bit low, so we've bumped it up a bit to make ToB a more enticing activity. If this boost is too low or high, we can reevaluate in the near future. Sotetseg attack change: Sotetseg's normal attacks (small red/black projectiles for range/mage attacks) will no longer hit anything through prayer. Previously, correct overhead prayers would reduce incoming damage by 80%. Dagon’hai robe changes: The Dagon’hai robes previously purchasable in the Castle wars shop can now also be found in Larran's big chest (in the Wilderness pirate ship) at a rate of 1/256 per piece, with a few changes: Bonuses have been slightly increased (eg. +20 magic to +25). Graphical issues (missing arms on some characters) have been fixed. Anyone with the old robes has had them auto-updated. Larran's chest announcements / open count: Rare loot from Larran's chest will now be announced: At the moment, this only includes Dagon'hai robes. The # of Larran's chests that you've opened will now be counted. Unfortunately, this starts as of this update, so any previous chests you've opened are not already in the counter. STASH Units: Various STASH units are now available around the game. Each STASH unit is associated with a clue, and can store the items that are required for that clue. These units do not have to be built, however they do have a construction requirement to use. STASH units available: Keep Le Faye: The STASH unit in Keep Le Faye can now be used, and requires level 42 construction to do so. Wizard Tower: The STASH unit on the Wizard Tower Bridge can now be used, and requires level 27 construction to do so. Duel Arena: The STASH unit in the Duel Arena ticket office can now be used, and requires level 27 construction to do so. Catherby: The STASH unit in the Catherby range shop can now be used, and requires level 27 construction to do so. Druid Circle: The STASH unit at the Druid circle can now be used, and requires level 27 construction to do so. Exam Room: The STASH unit at the Digsite exam room can now be used, and requires level 42 construction to do so. Shayzien arena: The STASH unit at the Shayzien combat ring can now be used, and requires level 42 construction to do so. Ardogune Zoo: The STASH unit at the Ardougne zoo can now be used, and requires level 27 construction to do so. Legends Guild: The STASH unit outside of the Legends guild can now be used, and requires level 27 construction to do so. Port Sarim: The STASH unit on the Port Sarim dock can now be used, and requires level 27 construction to do so. Costume room treasure chest added: Players can now use the treasure chest in the costume room in their Player-owned houses to store various clue scroll items. The treasure chest can be used to store items from the following clue scroll difficulties: Easy Medium Hard Elite Master Upon clicking on the treasure chest, players will be able to select an option to choose which chest to view. For the full list of items that can be stored in each chest difficulty, see the list available in this link: Players can store 1 of each type of item in the treasure chest (no duplicates), and there are various sets included in the lists. To store sets, you must have all the items necessary to complete that set, otherwise you cannot store the items. Clue scroll reward updates: Elite Clue scroll additions: Top hat & monocle Pirate hat & patch Gilded med helm Gilded chain body Gilded 2h sword Gilded spear Gilded hasta Hard clue scroll additions: Gilded med helm Gilded chain body Gilded 2h sword Gilded spear Gilded hasta Bandos/Ancient/Armadyl Stole Bandos/Ancient/Armadyl Cloak Bandos/Ancient/Armadyl Crozier Cavalier Mask Zombie Head Cyclops Head Medium clue scroll additions: Bandos/Ancient/Armadyl robe top Bandos/Ancient/Armadyl robe bottom Bandos/Ancient/Armadyl mitre Easy clue scroll additions: Beret Mask



Store changes: Name change ticket: You can now change your username with a name change ticket! These tickets can be purchased from the store for 250 tokens, and can be used by any player. The tickets are also tradable. 1 and 2 letter usernames are still custom donations and can only be handled by @[member="Omicron"], but if you'd like a normal 3-12 letter name you can use this ticket to do it manually. Divine green skin color: A new skin color has been added to the custom donation list! Divine green can now be permanently unlocked through the $100 custom donation. (Through contacting @[member="Omicron"]) Elysian spirit shield ornament kit: You can now purchase an exclusive ornament kit for your Elysian spirit shield to give it the appearance of a Divine spirit shield. It can be purchased from the store for 2,000 tokens. The bonuses and effects do not change whatsoever, it only affects the appearance. The ornament kit is tradable, but the shield becomes untradeable. The shield can be reverted back into the regular Elysian to be made tradable again. The ornament kit gets refunded in this case. If killed on death with this shield, it will be reverted to the regular Elysian (losing the ornament kit).




We hope you enjoy this update! Please make sure to immediately report any bugs that you encounter. :)



Omicron & Chad






Hello everyone,


This week's update contains many long-awaited bug fixes, numerous QOL updates (from some great suggestions you guys have put out) and some unique content. Some of this content includes 7 new Theatre of Blood pets that you can unlock when you obtain the Metamorphic dust from the loot chest, Autocast saving when you swap weapons, Jewelry decantation through Murky Matt for a fee, Hosidius farming patch functionality, the Farmer's blessing item & more! We'll let you see the rest for yourself below:


Bug fixes: Fixed client crash due to item filters: Players with 50 or more filtered items previously would not be able to log in, this has been fixed and you can now add more than 50 items to your filters. Replaced the rock golems in Tzhaar city with Tzhaar bankers. The combat dummy at home can no longer be envenomed or poisoned. Fixed a bug that caused the Edgeville dungeon monkey bars not to work. Elder chaos druids can now be killed for chaos druid tasks. Sergeant Grimspike and Sergeant Steelwill will now be aggressive in instances. The Saradomin’s tear can now be attached to the Staff of the dead to create the Staff of light. Previously, this required a Toxic staff of the dead to do. The following staffs now provide unlimited water runes: Trident of the swamp Trident of the seas Trident of the swamp (e) Trident of the seas (e) Combat bracelet(5) and Combat bracelet(6) are now functional. Crystal implings will no longer spawn in Puro Puro. Fixed Elysian spirit shield ornament kit turning into another ornament kit when noted (Dragon sq shield kit). Added the equipment tab Completionist monkey options.  Players with the Designer OR Official Designer as their main rank will now have their donator symbol show alongside their yells, assuming they do not have a game mode icon (eg. Ironman or Realism). Changed the end location for RFD so that it's no longer on top of the combat dummy. Cavalier mask can now be properly equipped. Raid death bug: We've fixed a bug which caused players to lose their items if they died as soon as the raid ended. Teleport Interface update: You can now use the Teleport Wizard to teleport to Brimhaven through the "Cities" menu, which should make reaching the farming patch there a bit quicker. Theatre of Blood Metamorphic Dust: (Thanks to @[member="No"] for the suggestion!) Metamorphic dust is now an available reward from the Theatre of Blood! This does not affect your chance at unique loot from the chests, and is rolled entirely separately, so you don't need to feel bad if you obtain this instead of a Scythe. The chance to obtain this dust is similar to the chance of obtaining the Lil' Zik pet, but you cannot get them both in a drop, it will have to be one or the other. This item can be added to the Lil' Zik pet, allowing you to access 7 different metamorphosis options for your pet: Lil' Maiden Lil' Bloat Lil' Nylocas Silver Green Blue Lil' Sotetseg Lil' Xarpus It is not a tradable item, and once you obtain it once you will no longer have a chance for it as loot from ToB. If you have insured Lil' Zik already, it covers all of these pets. You only need to buy insurance for one of them to cover them all. Quality of life: Players can have a 1/20 chance of receiving a clue scroll of any type from a barrows chest. Players can now dismantle the Avernic defender, however the Avernic defender hilt will be lost upon doing so. Using the cleaning cloth on an item will now prompt the player to confirm their action. Players can now ring the cloister bell in the Grotesque Guardian room to re-spawn the guardians without having to leave and re-enter. Zulrah snakelings will now be killed off when zulrah dies. The Angler set previously only granted a maximum of 2.3% bonus Fishing experience, but will now grant the intended 2.5%. Players can now left click on objects that have the “Cook” option to bring up the cooking interface if they have raw food available. Doing so will give you the option to cook the first raw food available in your inventory. Players can now left click the animators in the warriors guild to animate armor sets. Doing so will animate the first available armor set in your inventory. Pest control changes: The # of bonus points from Pest control will now round upwards, meaning if you previously earned 3.1 points (3), you will now earn 4. Pyromancer outfit Firemaking bonus: The Pyromancer outfit (from the Achievement shop), similarly to the Angler outfit, will now grant bonus Firemaking experience while worn. Each piece will grant: Hood - 0.4% Garb (top) - 0.8% Robe legs - 0.6% Boots - 0.2% Bonus for wearing all 4 pieces: 0.5% TOTAL: 2.5% with full outfit equipped. Dark Mage QOL - Previous Option: (Thanks to @[member="Free June"] for the suggestion!) You can now use the 'Previous' right-click option on the Dark mage to quickly teleport to the last Runecrafting altar you visited, without having to open the interface and click a button, which should speed up Runecrafting a bit. Autocast spell saving: When setting up an autocast spell on a staff, that will now be re-applied when you un-equip and re-equip the staff. Note that this will only work for re-equipping the same weapon, so if you setup an autocast spell on an ancient staff, and later equip a staff of air, it will not save automatically apply the autocast spell to the staff of air. Jewelry Decanting: Players can now speak to Murky Matt to decant their jewelry to condense the charges. Only noted jewelry can be decanted, and each piece of jewelry that gets decanted costs 500 gp. The following items can be decanted: Dueling rings (1-7) Games necklaces (1-7) Burning amulets (1-4) Necklaces of Passage (1-4) Combat Bracelets (1-5) Skills necklaces (1-4) Glory amulets (1-5) Xeric’s talisman: The inert xeric’s talisman can now be dismantled for 100 Lizardman fangs. The inert talisman can now be charged with up to 1000 Lizardman fangs, and each teleport will cost 1 fang. Players can right click on the Xeric’s talisman in their inventory/equipment tab to check how many charges they have left. They will also be notified how many charges they have left after each teleport. If a xeric’s talisman runs out of charges, it will revert to the inert form. Xeric’s talismans can be uncharged at any moment to have the Lizardman fangs returned. Godwars changes: It has come to our attention that minions have not been functioning properly in a few of the Godwars chambers, so we’ve implemented the following fixes: All GWD minions attack range has been doubled. Some minion spawns have been moved to a more central location. There was a bug in Bandos instances that caused the range and mage minions not to be able to attack players at all, this issue has now been fixed. Drop rate changes: The rate of obtaining Godsword shards from minions has been reduced to the correct OSRS rate. The rate of obtaining Bandos equipment from minions has been reduced to the correct OSRS rate. The rate of obtaining Armadyl equipment from minions has been reduced to the correct OSRS rate. Hosidius farming patches: The farming patches at Hosidius are now fully functional as intended, with the following patches available: 2 Allotment patches 1 Flower patch 1 Herb patch 1 Compost bin



Store changes: Farmer’s Blessing: The farmer’s blessing can now be purchased in the shop by all players for 300 tokens. The farmer’s blessing is an ammo slot item that allows players to teleport to various farming patches around the game, including an exclusive herb patch, only accessible through the blessing. The teleport locations are as follows: Tree gnome village fruit tree patch Falador farming patch Port phasmatys farming patch Catherby farming patch Hosidius farming patch  Varrock tree patch Lumbridge tree patch Troll stronghold herb patch (Exclusive access) The blessing also provides a +1 prayer bonus.




We hope you enjoy this update :) Please report any bugs that you encounter immediately.



Omicron & Chad





If you want to check out the entire update list, click   There have been quite a few changes to the staff team recently, you can see them below here:   11/10/19

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So, I'm sure you've seen some "new" Staff members around. We started to allow secondary ranks for any Staff member that cannot run more than 1 client on their potatoes. You can always check the Staff List for up to date changes, posted here: [member="J Boogs"] has added a secondary staff rank to [member="Tiggy"]. [member="EIM Zarox"] has added a secondary staff rank to [member="Creamysky73"]. [member="Moral Truth"] has added a secondary staff rank to [member="Curaga"].     11/22/19


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[7/12/19] Zulrah death box, Potion decanting, Scroll of redirection, Realism PvP Exchange & more!

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Hello everyone,


We're rolling into the Holiday season with many new updates, ranging from bug fixes to QOL and brand new content! Some long-awaited content such as the Zulrah death box has been added, and some recent suggestions such as matching the Realism PvP point shop to the normal one (with a few small changes). We've also included a ton of bug fixes and QOL, but we'll let you check that out for yourselves:


Bug fixes: Fixed a long-standing bug that caused HCIM to lose all of statuses other than Ironman when they died. Tzhaar city lava forges now function as furnaces. The amulet of bounty now only works on Allotments/Herb patches. Auto-cast spell saving no longer works if a player is in combat with another player. This includes non-wilderness situations such as castle wars, LMS, etc… Fixed a bug that caused players to no-clip if they went up gnome stronghold ladders from the wrong side. Fixed a bug that allowed players to solve multiple clue steps of different difficulties by doing the same step over and over. Fixed an issue where you would be told you can’t reach the arial fishing spot if your cormorant was already flying. The entrance to the ogre enclave from the ogre city now functions properly. Items with negative weight bonuses will no longer reduce overall weight if they are not equipped. Fixed an issue where players could not deposit the rune shield h(4) and h(5) into their POH treasure chests. Fixed a bug which caused Name changes to bug accounts if they typed in a username with more than 1 space between characters. Fixed an item drop bug with Ironman accounts. Log balance / Tight rope bug fix: It was previously possible to get stuck on log balances if you clicked to pick up an item while crossing. This bug primarily affect the Tightrope in Chambers of Xeric, where it is detrimental to get stuck. Fixed Elysian spirit shield (or) placeholder: The ornamented spirit shield (divine) would show up as a Magic sapling placeholder when you withdrew it from your bank. This will no longer occur. Fixed knives/ammo not stacking when thrown by Ironman or Realism mode players. Fixed an Ironman loot bug with degradable equipment dropping in PvP (eg. PvP armour). Pet metamorphosis bug fixed: A bug which caused your morphed pet to revert to the main pet when you log out has been fixed. For example, if you had the ToB pet and morphed it to the Lil' Maiden but logged out, it would be Lil' Zik again upon logging in. Fixed double smithing bug: You'll no longer be able to smith 2 items in one tick. Fixed Herblore double-potion creation bug: A bug which allowed you to quickly spam create options without waiting the 2 ticks per potion has been fixed. Theatre of Blood changes: Pet changes: Xarpus' size has been increased to match other pets. Maiden's size has been increased to match other pets. Loot changes: The chance of obtaining Metamorphic dust has been significantly increased (30%) due to only 1 player obtaining it in the past 12 days. Skotizo drop changes: The non-wilderness version of Skotizo (spawned in Catacombs) will now drop a Hard clue scroll 100% of the time. Scroll of redirection: The scroll of redirection can now be purchased from the Vote shop for 4 Vote points. The scroll allows you to change the next destination of the Home teleport tablet to any PoH portal, with the following locations to choose from, depending on your Construction level: Rimmington Taverley (10) Pollivneach (20) Hosidius (25) Rellekka (30) Brimhaven (40) Yanille (50) Prifddinas (must have access based on quests/skill level) The scroll is not reusable, and you will need to purchase more of them to set more than one teleport. After teleporting to this location, the next teleport tablet will go to your default location (which is either your house, or your home-town location (usually Edgeville)). Using the right-click option to select between your House or Edgeville will also remove the effect of the Scroll of redirection. POH Portal Addition: The Player-owned House portal in Prifddinas is now functional. Experience drop stacking: XP drops will no longer be sent multiple times for multi-combat attacks, and rather will all be sent together. For example, if you use Ice barrage to hit 5 different monsters, previously 10 different XP drops would be sent (2 for each monster). Instead, it will now add up all of the Magic/HP additions and send it all in 2 XP drops. Affected combat methods: All multi-combat spells Chinchompa ranging Quality of Life: 300 Empty vial packs have been added to Trader Stan’s Trading Post for 1050 coins each. Name change tickets can now be transferred to other accounts of all game modes. To do so, just use the name change ticket on another player, and players will be prompted with an option to transfer the ticket. Players can now use items on the treasure chests in their POH to add deposit them if they don’t already have the item/set stored. Added a tool leprechaun to the Trollheim farming patch. Added a tool leprechaun to the Hosidius farming patch. Item overlay changes: More than 1 item overlay filter can now be added/removed at a time. To do so, just type in the items you wish to add/remove from the filter separated by a comma. Players can now exchange coins/platinum tokens by using them on the Trading Post. Realism PvP shop: The Realism PvP shop has been overhauled, and now contains similar items to the normal PvP shop. There are 2 key differences in the Realism PvP shop. The prices are all 30% higher than the normal PvP shop. Pegasian, Primordial, and Eternal boots have been removed from the Realism PvP shop. Lizardman shaman changes: Lizardman shamans will no longer use the jump attack if there is an obstruction near the player. Lizardman shaman spawns will now stop moving for 2 ticks before exploding. Lizardman shaman spawns shamans now cover a 2-tile radius instead of 1-tile radius when they explode. Lizardman shaman spawns will now last 1 tick longer to give players slightly more time to react. Zulrah Death Box: Players who die at Zulrah will now lose their items when they die. These items are not permanently lost, and can be re-claimed by speaking to Priestess Zul-gwenwynig. A fee of 100k must be paid to reclaim your items. This fee is omitted for Immortal donators. NOTE: If a player does again before they claim the items in their death box(a dangerous death, or another death at Zulrah), then their items being held by the priestess will be permanently lost. Farming timer changes: A little while back we polled a change that would make farming timers 1/4 as long as they are in OSRS, which has now been implemented. All farming timers have been effectively doubled in length. Slayer reward shop additions: Loop half of key: Costs 75 slayer points. Tooth half of key: Costs 75 slayer points. The Falador patch teleport has been removed from the farmer's blessing. This was an oversight and shouldn’t have been added, since it renders the explorer’s ring useless to players who have both items. H.A.M Hideout: Players can now access the H.A.M Hideout. It can be accessed by going through the trapdoor near the Lumbridge farming patch. H.A.M pickpocketing: H.A.M member(male): Requires level 20 thieving to pickpocket, and provides 22 base experience. H.A.M member(female): Requires level 15 thieving to pickpocket, and provides 18 base experience. Rewards: The rewards are the same for both the male and female H.A.M members, and the full list can be found here: One of the main purposes of the HAM Hideout was to be able to provide non-donators with access to a supply of topaz/jade/opal. For this reason, we’ve added uncut topaz to the reward table for H.A.M members(these are not on the list provided in the link). Zahur potion decanting changes: We’ve added the option for players to decant their potions into various sizes through Zahur. This feature, as before, is a donator+ only feature. Due to the nature of these changes, we now require that players have the necessary amount of empty vials to decant their potions into lower doses. We also now reimburse the empty vials from decanting potions into higher doses. Decanting potions to 1, 2, and 3 doses only works for noted potions. Un-noted potions can still be decanted into 4-dose potions. Lizardman temple: Players can now access the Lizardman temple under Molch. The temple is a multi-zone, and contains 3 separate rooms, each with 2 Lizardman shamans inside of them. There are mystical barriers the player must pass through to access them, and these barriers deal damage if players pass through them too frequently. The temple also contains the stone chest, which requires 64 thieving to picklock, and provides 280 base exp upon successfully doing so. The chance to picklock the stone chest increases by 10% if the player has a lock pick in their inventory. The possible rewards from the chest can be found through the link below: There is a small chance upon failing to picklock the chest that the player will be teleported out of the temple, back above ground.   Xerician robe crafting: Players can now craft Xerician robes by using a needle and thread on Xerician fabrics. Xerician hat: Requires 14 crafting and 3 Xerician fabric, and provides 66 base crafting experience. Xerician robe: Requires 17 crafting and 4 Xerician fabric, and provides 88 base crafting experience. Xerician top: Requires 22 crafting and 5 Xerician fabric, and provides 110 base crafting experience. Sound effect additions: Sound effects for the following actions have been added: Mixing potions for herblore Sacrificing bones on the altar for prayer exp Smelting bars Cannonball smithing Crafting jewelry Fully chopping down a tree Eating Dwarven rock cakes Digging with a spade Modern spell book teleports Ancient spell book teleports Potion timers running out (stamina, anti-fire, super anti-fire) Cleaning herbs Pickpocket success Pickpocket failure



Forum updates:

Previously, if you tagged a username that was less than 3 characters (Eg. @22), it would not highlight the name and tag the user. Additionally, if you manually typed out @[member="22"], it would highlight the name but never send them a notification. Both of these issues have been fixed and tags will now work properly for both 1 and 2 character usernames.







We hope you enjoy this update :) Please report any bugs that you encounter immediately.



Omicron & Chad

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November Community Awards Signatures

1 week ago  l  Lowkey

Here are the signatures for this month's Community Awards!

Huge thank you to [member="Dumbshit"] for making these for everyone.

See you guys next month!














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