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[27/1/2020] Major Client Upgrades, Inferno Training, Twisted Slayer helmet, New Bonds & much more!

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Hello everyone,


We've been working hard to bring you an update that satisfies many of the suggestions that we've seen within the community, especially when it comes to client updates which have not had much attention the past few months. This update brings exactly that and so much more, with numerous QoL updates and new content such as the ability for Inferno training, the Twisted bow slayer helmet upgrade from CoX, and new $50 and $100 bonds for the easier transfer of donator ranks. Aside from this, we've also managed to squeeze in numerous bug fixes that we're sure you'll appreciate!


Note: You may have already noticed some of the updates below in-game, as we updated last week with some of the important fixes (particularly with Achievements).


Achievement Perk Viewer: Players can now right-click any diary in their quest tab and click the “View perks” button to view all the perks of each diary, and see which ones are currently active, and which aren’t. Note: We’re aware that some diaries don’t have any perks associated with them at the moment(except for the item perks, and the experience lamp), and would like to expand the perks that are obtained from diary completion. That being said, we encourage players to submit reasonable perk suggestions for diaries that currently don’t have any active. Achievement diary additions: Ardougne Medium Diary:  Upgrade an Iban staff to an Iban staff (u) through Aubury. Kourend Medium Diary: Catch 25 fish through Aerial fishing. Western Provinces Medium Diary: Catch 25 kebbits with a falcon. Achievement completion in order: Achievement diaries now require that you do all the previous ones in that region before receiving rewards. For example, if you complete the Elite Falador tasks, you won't receive your Falador shield 4 until you've completed the Easy, Medium and Hard diaries as well (to ensure that the best reward is locked behind the entire diary). Experience lamps are in the same reward system, so they will be awarded when the prior diary sections are completed as well. With this change, the most optimal way to complete your diaries is in order from Easy -> Hard. Chambers of Xeric reward additions: Twisted horns can now be obtained from the Chambers of Xeric! These horns can be attached to a Slayer helmet to turn it into a Twisted slayer helmet (as well as the imbued version). The horns are also tradable and can be bought and sold between players. This reward is rolled for separately from other rare items, and will not affect your chance of obtaining other loot such as the Twisted bow. The rate of obtaining the horns is similar to the Prayer scroll drop rate, though slightly more difficult. The horns have been added to the Collection log for CoX. Bug fixes: Achievements: Experience lamps are no longer affected by boosts. A purple chatbox message will be sent with the exact reward you receive from the Achievement manager. You can now view all of the items in the Achievement store (total of 48). Previously, it would max out at 39 items shown. You can now "value" all items in the Achievement store. Previously, you could only check the price of the first 10 items. The typo of "Saladomin" in the Falador elite diary task has been fixed. Fixed a bug with the smoke devil task not working properly. Clarified where players should be picking snape grass for the Fremennik easy diary task. Added a clarification on the crystal seed achievement. Fixed a bug where checking the health of a redwood tree would increase the wrong achievement. Fixed a bug with the Bedabin camp dragon dart task. The "Complete 10 Elite clue scrolls" achievement was only requiring 1 clue to be completed, and now requires 10 as intended. Fixed a bug where killing dawn would count towards the achievement to kill Grotesque Guardians. Fremennik boots 3 + 4 removed from Loyalty point shop. Bandits at Bedabin camp should no longer break, and the ones outside of the bar will also count towards the Bandit task in the Desert diary. Players who have the Ava’s accumulator or assembler max cape will now have the Accumulator achievement auto-completed. Replaced the duplicate red berries in the Herblore supplies shop with Jangerberries. Name change ticket fix: Any pending donations in your collection box will now transfer over to your new username. Previously, any pending donations would be attached to the old username. The slayer's staff(e) can now auto-cast magic dart. Fixed a bug where Wilderness swords would only slash webs with 100% accuracy if they were in your inventory. They will now always slash webs as long as they are equipped. Giant mole will no longer do any damage if players are protecting from melee. Opening the Elven Crystal Chest no longer grants 500 experience in crafting/smithing. Fixed a bug where purchasing the quest cape would give players 2 quest cape hoods instead of the quest cape (t). Fixed a bug with the mithril dragon staircase. Fixed a bug with the Occult (or) not having the proper item value. The ::laps command now properly counts Gnome and Barbarian agility course laps. The Antifire/Super-antifire client timers will now be removed upon death. Rune knife (p++) placeholder will no longer appear as a Dagon'hai hat. The Dragon hunter lance boost now applies at Wyrms and Drakes. Previously, if you noted a Blue wizard hat, you could not unnote it. This is now fixed. Fixed a Wilderness godwars dungeon safespot. Fixed a bug where the Elite Void set in the armour case wouldn't store the void gloves. Players can no longer create a rune crossbow with Sinew. The proper method of doing so is with a crossbow string, which can be made by spinning the sinew. Removed monkfish spot from fishing guild. Returned the anglerfish spot back to the wilderness resource area. Fixed the “Trade” right click option on Paul. Fixed a bug where having Wesley crush Lava scales would only provide 1 Lava scale shard per scale crushed. Fixed a bug with the thieving stalls at home doing weird things when thieved from. Players can now store the adamant kite shield (t) and (g) with the adamant armor sets in their POH Treasure Chest. Fixed a bug where players would get Hellhounds in the Karuulm dungeon before they had 44 slayer for the Boots of Stone. Players will no longer receive Metamorphic dust in the Theatre of Blood if they already have obtained it. Quality of life: Added the teleport options to the equipment interface for the following items: Rada’s blessing 1 Rada’s blessing 3 Rada’s blessing 4 Increased the max damage players can do to Zalcano by 5. Added the Arclight to Skotizo’s drop table. There is an ~1/30 chance of receiving it from Skotizo, whether in the Catacombs or the wilderness. Added a new command for suggestions.  ::suggestion/::suggestions can be used in-game to be redirected to the suggestions section of the forums. The bank behind the castle in Etceteria now functions properly. Enchanting jewelry is now a repeating process, so jewelry of the same type(ex: Onyx bracelets) will repeatedly be enchanted unless the action is disrupted. Added a right-click “Crush” option to Wesley so players can crush their secondaries and skip the dialogue. Divine potions will now warn the users when they wear off. A command to go to the Achievement guide, made by @[member=vape tricks] has been added. Players can type ::achievementguide or ::achievements guide in-game to be redirected to the achievement diary guide. Miscellaneous: The remaining Christmas features have been removed.(Login screen music, Varrock Christmas tree, Partyhat pets, etc) Discord bot fix: The #game_news channel was previously not showing drop announcements for players who had spaces in their usernames. This has been fixed. Slayer changes: Tztok-Jad tasks will now be assigned as single-kill extreme tasks. Dying/leaving the fight caves during the task will cause you to fail the task. Failing the q task will not cause you to lose your streak. Players will now be assigned 60-95 aberrant spectres, as opposed to 6-45 previously. Leprechaun tool exchange: The tool leprechaun now supports withdraw “5”, “all”, and “x” optional amounts for buckets/compost/supercompost. The tool leprechaun now supports store “5”, “all”, and “x” optional amounts for buckets/compost/supercompost. Client changes: Hide pet client option. Players can now go into their client settings, and choose to hide the options from their pets. If they toggle this option, they won’t be able to left-click on their pet to interact with them, and will only be able to examine them. Additionally, even though you can't click on other players' pets, you can now at least examine them and see what their name is. Virtual levels toggle: Players can now go into their client settings and choose to toggle virtual levels. Virtual levels allow you to visualize your progress after level 99, which shows the “virtual” level that you would be in a given skill if the max level was 126. This is just cosmetic, and has no effect in-game or on total level. Condense items toggle: This feature will condense duplicate items in item piles when right clicking, so instead of seeing 2 rows for 2 fire capes on the ground, what you’d see instead is “Fire Cape (2)”, and one examine option for both items. Show Item amounts toggle: This feature will allow you to see the amount of stackable items when right clicking on item piles.  For example, if there was a coin pile with 300k coins, when you right click it, you would see “Coins (300,000)”. Item overlay changes: Players can now hold shift to add and remove items from their item overlay list. Remembering resizable client size: The latest position/resize of the client will be remembered so that players no longer have to reset it when opening the client. OpenGL updates: Mac fix: We've changed the way OpenGL loads on your device, making it less prone to failing on Mac OS. Linux support: We've also added a fix OpenGL on Linux, thought this hasn't been tested. Render self command: Players can now type ::renderself to choose whether or not they want their player model to be visible. You’ll still be visible to other players, however you won’t be able to see yourself. Inferno training perk: Uber+ donators will now have the opportunity to practice the inferno starting at wave 67. Master donators will now have the opportunity to practice the inferno starting at wave 68. By speaking to Tzhaar-Ket-keh outside of the inferno (once paying the fire cape fee), players may ask him to practice the inferno. Players can choose to start either at the Triple Jad phase, or the last wave right away. Completing the inferno in this training mode will not award any Tokkul, infernal capes, inferno kill counts, inferno kill times, and will not complete the inferno achievement.  This is also a safe death for HCIM who wish to practice the Inferno. Group Ironman Integrity changes: Group Ironmen can now only kick someone from their team once every 30 days, rather than the previous 7-day cool down.  This is to deter item transferring between non-group members. We’ve seen many players abuse the integrity of the game mode by buying/selling items by switching groups temporarily, and therefore have added a limit and longer cool down period for switching groups, which will hopefully deter most players from doing this.  Group Ironmen now have a hard limit of joining 5 groups over the lifetime of their accounts — if they have changed groups 5 times then they are no longer considered a Group ironman and must play solo. (Or remain in their final group, if they do not get kicked out). If you are currently in a group, that will be counted as 1/5 and you have 4 joins left. Farming guild changes: There were some issues in the past with Farming guild contracts not working properly, which created issues, especially with easy tasks that players could not cancel. We’ve adjusted the level requirements for all farming guild contracts to follow the level requirements listed in the wiki link below: Players now require the following levels to complete each contract tier: Easy contracts: 45+ Farming Medium contracts: 65+ Farming Hard contracts: 85+ Farming Players should no longer get tasks that require them to enter sections of the Farming guild that they do not have the requirements for. For example, in the past, players would get assigned a herb task on an easy contract, without the necessary level to enter the section of the farming guild that contained herb patches, making the contract impossible to complete. A bug that caused players to not be able to complete a contract if they ran out of inventory space on their last yield has also been fixed. Theatre of Blood QoL: Passage fix: The passages between ToB rooms were quite buggy, and would stop your character's movement and say "I can't reach that!" if you clicked on the door from the wrong angle. Maiden fix: Running into the Maiden room will now give a few seconds before the Maiden attacks you, giving you time to run up and not get hit until you can fight back. This only counts for the first hit, and players entering later on will still receive damage no matter where they are in the room. Call pet option: Players can now use the “call follower” option in the equipment interface to summon their pets if they’re more than 5 steps away. Menagerie changes: The following changes have been made to the pet house: Oak pet house now stores 3 pets. Teak pet house now stores 5 pets. Mahogany pet house now stores 7 pets. Consecrated pet house now stores 9 pets. Desecrated pet house now stores 12 pets. Nature pet house now stores 52 pets. Due to the changes to the pet houses, the only the first 12 pets you have in your pet house will spawn and move around. The pet list now includes the pets in your menagerie. Players can now use their pets directly on the pet house to deposit them. Guests can now view the pet list of the owner’s house. Iban’s staff (u): Players can now speak to Aubury to upgrade their Iban’s staff to an Iban’s staff (u) for 3 million coins. Players will need an Iban’s staff in their inventory to ask Augury about it, and playing him 3m coins will upgrade the staff you have to an Iban’s Staff (u), and set your charges to 2,500 casts. No runes will be required to cast the spell if you have charges. When the charges run out, the staff will degrade to a regular Iban’s staff. The Iban’s staff (u) will autocrats Iban’s blast. Note: The charges are account dependent, and NOT staff dependent, so for example, upgrading a second Iban’s staff with Aubury with 1,000 charges left will mean you gain 1,500 charges instead of the full 2,500. Clue scroll changes: 3 new coordinate clues have been added in the Kourend area. 1 new cryptic clue has been added in the Kourend area.




Website: Media page: The Merch page has been removed and replaced by the new media page which can be found below:




Store: Inverted Santa hat: A brand new, never before seen Santa hat with the red and white colours inverted has been added to the store! This Santa hat costs 1,500 tokens and is tradable. It can also be purchased by Ironman/Realism players. New Bonds ($50 / $100): To make trading donations less tedious, the following bond denominations are now available for purchase: $50 bonds: These cost 500 tokens, and add $50 to total spent (as well as removing $50 from the purchaser's rank). $100 bonds: These cost 1,000 tokens, and add $100 to total spent (as well as removing $100 from the purchaser's rank). Note: The cost to convert these bonds scales with the price, so a $10 bond is 5m to convert, while the other two are 25m and 50m, respectively. Bonds have also been changed from (100 tokens) -> ($10) in the name. Miscellaneous: Gold leafs can now be purchased by Ironmen.







We hope you enjoy this update! :) Please report any bugs that you run into.



Omicron & Chad

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Alora Newspaper [1/18/2020]

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Hello gamers, welcome to this month's edition of the Alora Newspaper!  We hope you've been having a great start to 2020!

I'll be taking over this edition for [member=Code 002], he's currently at the hospital recovering from smacking his head into dozens of ceiling fans.


There were no rule updates recently! But we encourage you to check them out!


Keep up to date with our rules.

The full list can be found by clicking


December 19, 2019


  Hello everyone,   We are proud to announce that this Christmas brings back our 3rd iteration of the Christmas Giveaway event! The idea behind this event is simple: Buy tickets to the drawing with in-game GP and have a chance to win great IRL prizes, including a PS4 Slim 1TB Console Bundle, Apple AirPods & a Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse! On top of this, we're also giving away Alora hoodies to another 5 winners.   For those of you interested in a hoodie, we've also taken our Merch shop live for a limited time, and you'll be able to customize & purchase your own merch during this Holiday season!   If you head over to Varrock, you'll find that Santa ran into some trouble and needs your help this Christmas! You can find him in Varrock square surrounded by protesting children, and if you help him he certainly will be more generous with this year's gifts.   We've also launched our Christmas sale, with many limited-time items and a hefty 30% token bonus on all purchases!   Lastly, we've included a number of content updates, bug fixes and QoL that you can check out below.   We hope you enjoy this update!  

Christmas giveaway: To show our gratitude for a wonderful 3 years of continued support that we've received from the community, we'd like to get everyone into the Holiday spirit by hosting another giveaway with IRL prizes this Christmas! You can enter in-game by purchasing tickets from Haris at home (leaning on Well of Goodwill). Tickets cost 20m GP each, and each player (or household if multiple people play from your house) can only have 40 tickets at most. This is very important, if your name is drawn and we find that you’ve purchased more than 40 tickets on multiple accounts you will be disqualified.  The drawing will be on January 1st, 2019 at 09:00 EST. Prizes are unlocked as everyone collectively hits milestones. Prizes: Guaranteed prizes: 5 different Alora hoodies will be given out! You'll be able to pick the color/style of the hoodie. 5b milestone: Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse 10b milestone: Apple AirPods 25b milestone: PS4 1TB Slim Console Bundle FAQ: How many people will win? Assuming the full 25b gets donated, there are 8 prizes for 8 players. 3 top prizes listed above, and then the 5 hoodies. Can the same person win multiple items? To make it fair for everyone, if the drawing lands on the same person twice, there will be a re-roll. To make this fair, the top 3 prizes will be drawn first, and then the hoodies drawn afterwards. Can anyone enter? Yes, anyone can enter, including staff. If it reaches 25b for the PS4 Console, can the other prizes still be won? Yes, if the 25b is reached, all 3 prizes are rewarded, as well as the 5 sweaters. If only 10b is reached, the first two prizes and the sweaters will be rewarded. What if I win but do not want the prize? You can also take 1.5x the amount in Alora tokens, or cash equivalent to the value of the prize (via PayPal). I have a sibling who also plays, can we each enter 40 times? Unfortunately, there is a cap on the number of tickets and it is set at 40 per household. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair chance and that nobody is cheating. We will be looking into the winners to make sure that they fairly purchased their tickets. How will the winner be picked? A random number will be picked, which will correlate to an entry on a list of names. Your name will appear on the list as many times as you’ve purchased tickets, meaning the more tickets you purchase the more likely it is to land on your name.

  Store updates:

The Christmas Sale is now live! It will run until January 1st, offering a hefty 30% bonus applied to any token purchase! Limited-time items: Santa costume Wise old man’s santa hat Christmas cracker: Christmas crackers are back again after a 2 year hiatus on Alora! Simply use these on another player in-game, and one of you will end up with the prize. You are guaranteed a party hat, but if you’re lucky, you might get one of the following partyhats from the cracker (if you hit the special partyhat table): Rainbow partyhat (2% chance) Black partyhat (8% chance) Partyhat with specs (10% chance) Wise old man’s partyhat/santa hat (15% chance) Sale items: Many items are now on sale, ranging from Cosmetic/Ultimate mystery boxes to Elite void set & the new Elysian ornament kit. You can find a full list of sale items on the left-hand side of store: Donator transfer changes: We’ve heard feedback from the community, and we have decided to allow another transfer for Uber donator+ accounts. This means that Uber+ ranks will be allowed 2 donator status transfers instead of 1. Alora Merch: For a limited time, you can pick yourself up some Alora merchandise this holiday season! There are numerous options to choose from (sweaters, t-shirts, long-sleeves and hoodies) and many different colors. You'll also have the choice of the logo being on the front only, or front & back. Check out the selection at

Server Updates:

Christmas game updates: Christmas event: As always, Santa needs you to help save Christmas this year! Santa's mischievous son, Jack Frost, has been causing quite the ruckus in the Christmas bakery. With the help of Anti-Santa, you'll have to get to the bottom of things and make sure the bakery resumes operation! By doing so, you'll be given a glorious Gingerbread gnome shield which has the ability to swap between 3 colours. Alora has been snowed in! You'll find that the landscape around you is now quite different. If you prefer to not have snow, you can type in ;;snow and re-log to remove it. Pet/Boss festivity: Certain pets and NPCs are now wearing holiday rares (party hats, Santa hats, etc) for the holiday season! Bug fixes: The Amulet of Torture(or) is now worth the same as the Amulet of Torture. The Necklace of anguish(or) is now worth the same as the Necklace of Anguish. Broad bolts now require 55+ slayer to use. Broad arrows now require 55+ slayer to use. Shades can now be attacked properly. Deviant spectres now require 60 slayer to kill. Greater Nechryaels now require 80 slayer to kill. Mutated Bloodvelds now require 50 slayer to kill. Warped Jellies now require 52 slayer to kill. Twisted banshees now require 15 slayer to kill. Fixed a bug where players would lose their un-noted potions when trying to decant to a lower dose. This should only have been possible with noted potions. Fixed the Hosidius kitchen, since it was moved due to Kourend map changes. It now works properly, and lower burn rate will apply to players cooking food there. Fixed a bug that allowed players to fletch items without enough inventory space. Fixed the staff bash animations on the Lava Battlestaff, mystic lava staff, and earth Battlestaff. Removed dungeon entrances near Neitiznot. Players will now stop burning lobsters at level 64 cooking instead of 72 if they are using cooking gauntlets. Players will now stop burning swordfish at level 81 cooking instead of 84 if they are using cooking gauntlets. Fixed a bug where players couldn't craft snakeskin items. The Lizardman shaman jump attack AOE range is now 3x3 instead of previously 4x4. Fixed the dragon hunter lance crush animation. Players can now use broad arrows with the Magic short bow and Magic short bow(I). Fixed a bug that would cause the looting bag deposit interface to show random shop items instead of the items in your inventory. Fixed a bug where players could drain shop stocks by purchasing stackable items with a full inventory. Fixed an issue with some staircases not allowing players to go up. Fixed a bug where claiming items from the Kingdom of Miscellania would ignore placeholders in the bank and create a separate slot. Fixed a bug that caused losing a duel to increase the "duelist" achievement by 2 duels instead of 1. Updated the Iorwerth dungeon Bloodvelds to Mutated Bloodvelds. Updated the Iorwerth dungeon Nechryaels to Greater Nechryaels. Removed the banker spawns outside of the Forthos dungeon. Iron bolts can now be used with a rune crossbow. Players can now stash all colors of village sandals in the exam room STASH unit. Previously, this unit only accepted brown villager sandals. You can no longer pick up 2 looting bags if you have an "open" bag in your inventory. Skotizos that are spawned by admins (at ;;events) will now be treated more like the Wilderness Skotizo, creating loot for up to 3 players rather than just one. It will not upgrade or drop any emblems, though. Dragonstone amme equip slot has been fixed (it was previously worn in the weapon slot). Quality of Life: 300 bowls have been added to Trader Stan’s Trading post. Players can now fill empty bowls with water by using a water source or the humidify spell. The music tab will now show how many songs are unlocked. Added barbarian fishing spots near the Chambers of Xeric area. Added harpoon/cage fishing spot to Piscarilius in Zeah. A text warning has been added notifying players to turn off HD mode for interfaces that are blank/not working in HD. If there are any interfaces that don’t work in HD that don’t provide a warning, pm me on the forums and I can add one. Bird snares can now be found in Land's end by searching a specific crate.  Box traps can now be found in Land's end by searching a specific crate. Added Land’s end(zeah) npc spawns. Added Lovakengj npc spawns. Added Hosidius npc spawns. Added Kourend city npc spawns. Kourend guards can now be pickpocketed, sharing the same loot table as other city guards. Pie boosts: Summer pies now provide a temporary +5 agility boost and 20 run energy. Fish pies now provide a temporary +3 fishing boost. Admiral pies now provide a temporary +5 fishing boost. Garden pies now provide a temporary +3 farming boost. Wild pies now provide a temporary +4 range boost and a +5 slayer boost. Youtuber rank changes: As part of a new initiative to try to encourage new content creators, the Youtuber rank now acts as an extreme donator rank. The requirements for the Youtuber rank have been slightly changed. Players now require 50+ subscribers(or followers for hitbox/other streaming platforms), and 5 or more videos made on Alora within the past 5 weeks. Players must also have been creating videos on Alora for at least 2 weeks, to make sure multiple videos aren’t uploaded in quick succession just to obtain the rank. Youtubers/Creators now have their own unique lounge. To access this lounge, they can type any of the following commands: ::cz, ::creatorzone, ::creatorlounge, ::cl This lounge doesn’t boast any special features, it’s just a unique place to hang out with a bank. Steam Battlestaff upgrade kit: The Steam Battlestaff upgrade kit has been added to the vote shop for 160 points. This upgrade kit can also be used on the Mystic steam staff. Lava Battlestaff upgrade kit: The Lava Battlestaff upgrade kit has been added to the vote shop for 160 points. This upgrade kit can also be used on the Mystic lava staff. Treasure Chest Changes: We’ve added 60 new items to the Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master treasure chest box. We’ve added a Beginner treasure trails chest, with 12 new items. The full list of items that are now available in the treasure chest can be found here: Players can now store armour sets that have a skirt variant in their POH. Previously, only armour sets with platelegs were accepted. Defensive magic auto casting. Players can now autocast spells on the defensive mode. This mode provides a base multiplier of 1.33x magic experience for hits instead of the normal 2x. The base multiplier of 1.33x hit points is the same for both defensive and regular casting. The base multiplier is 1x for defence when defensive casting is selected. Konar slayer task changes: Konar can now assign Kalphite lair kalphites as a task: Any kalphites, including the kalphite queen can be killed for this task. Players can now kill Cerberus on taverley dungeon hellhound tasks. Players can now kill the Grotesque guardians on slayer tower gargoyle tasks. Players can now kill Skotizo on Greater demon/Black demon tasks in the catacombs. Players can now the Dagannoth kings on dagannoth tasks on Waterbirth isle. Impling world spawns: A new system for impling world spawns has been introduced, and the system works in such a way that a select amount of implings will always be spawned at some location in the world. 5-10% of these implings will be either dragon or lucky implings Once an impling is caught, a new impling will appear in a different part of the world after a short delay. Implings will spawn on either Zeah or the mainland/karamja. Implings that are not caught after a given period of time will re-spawn in a new location. This is a mechanism to avoid un-reachable implings being stuck in their location forever. This system is new, and may need tweaking, so we’ll be open to feedback regarding it. If you feel that there are too many or too few implings, or that there are too many/too few implings of a given type, feel free to send me a pm on the forums. A teleport to the Taverley farming patch has been added to the farmer’s blessing. Nettle tea/stew: Players can now make nettle tea: To do so, players must pick nettles off the ground(can be found in various places around the game, including Edgeville). Picking nettles without gloves will do 1-2 damage, so be sure to wear gloves! Adding the nettles to a bowl of water will create nettle-water, which can be consumed for 1 hp. It can also be heated on a cooking source to create nettle-tea, which provides 3 hp, and 52 base cooking experience, requiring 20 cooking. Stews can now be made: To make a stew, simply use a potato on a bowl of water, and then add cooked chicken or cooked meat to the incomplete stew. One that’s done, head the uncooked stew on a cooking source, and you will receive 117 base cooking experience. Cooking stews requires a cooking level of 25, and players stop burning them at 58 cooking.

      Happy Holidays! Omicron, Chad & The Alora Staff Team




December 31, 2019 - Dev Blog #8


Hello everyone,



As we wrap up 2019, we'd like to give you some more insight on what we've got planned for the next little while. These planned updates are tentative and won't follow any sort of schedule, and if OSRS releases some content in between we will likely shift our focus to that before turning our attention back to these updates. Nonetheless, here are a few of the updates we are currently working on and/or have planned:


Achievement diaries: We've completely scrapped the current Achievement system and store and have opted to a brand new Achievement diary based on the suggestions submitted by @[member="Mack"]. This is the first priority in this development blog as we've already made extensive progress on it. You can see the details here: Last Man Standing overhaul: As many of you know, Last Man Standing has been non-functional for awhile. We are working to make the necessary changes to match OSRS's updated version of LMS, which essentially gives you gear to start with upon entering. It also includes a brand new reward shop with some great items that will hopefully make the mini-game more popular (see below). Chambers of Xeric rework: As the first server to have released CoX way back in 2017, we admittedly have cut some corners in the functionality of the raid for the sake of releasing it in the RSPS world as quickly as possible. Since then, aside from bug fixes, we have not made many advancements to match CoX to OSRS's version. We will be focusing our attention on making the raid more dynamic as it is on OSRS, with the map layout being randomly generated each raid to make it more interesting. This will take considerable time as it is essentially redoing the raid from the ground up, but we believe that it is a piece of end-game content which many will appreciate the extra effort being put into.







One of our goals for 2020 is to provide you with previews of future updates more often to allow you to get a general sense of what's to come, so we hope you'll enjoy that :)



Omicron & Chad




January 12, 2020


Hotfixes [12/1/20]

Bugs fixed: Achievements: Auto-completing achievements now work properly for the following: Complete Dragon slayer II Purchase Fancy stone for house Purchase house Complete the Inferno (Ironman only) Stake 50m The achievement which required you to make a Rune crossbow in Yanille bank was working in other areas and has been fixed to only work in Yanille. The Brimhaven mine 30 gold ore achievement now works at the north mine as well. Ava's accumulator achievement will now auto-complete if you have it already (or the assembler). Ironmen can now access the Achievement shop. Entering a raid (CoX/ToB) said it required 1100 total level but would not work until you reached 1101 total level. This has been fixed. Monkey removal: Monkeys that are equipped will now be unequipped on login unless you have all achievements completed.

Hello everyone, We're extremely excited to announce that the new Achievement diaries are now live! As our first update of 2020, we made sure to make it worthwhile. Hop right in and start checking off the task lists on your diaries to enjoy the new rewards. There's a boatload of new perks and rewards to enjoy, so have a look below before you decide which diaries to tackle first. We've also expanded the Costume room with Magic wardrobes and Armour cases, giving our UIM (and seasoned players) further storage convenience. Aside from that, we've fixed some persistent bugs and added some QoL updates that we're sure will improve your gameplay. We'll let you have a look for yourself:

Achievements: Achievement Diaries: We've entirely removed our old achievement system and replaced it with one more similar to OSRS's Achievement Diaries, which contains region-based tasks. Of course, we've adapted the tasks to better fit Alora, as some simply wouldn't be applicable. There are 12 different regions, and each region contains 4 types of tasks (easy, medium, hard and elite) which each have their own rewards upon successful completion: Ardougne Easy: Ardougne Cloak 1: Offers unlimited teleports to the Monastery Easy Experience lamp Medium: Ardougne Cloak 2: Offers unlimited teleports to the Monastery Offers 3 teleports to Ardougne Farm each day. 15% more runes from ZMI Medium experience lamp Hard: Ardougne Cloak 3: Offers unlimited teleports to the Monastery Offers 5 teleports to Ardougne Farm each day. Hard experience lamp Elite: Ardougne Cloak 4: Offers unlimited teleports to the Monastery Offers unlimited teleports to Ardougne Farm each day. Elite experience lamp. 1 extra mark of grace from the Ardougne rooftop course Desert Easy: Desert Amulet 1: 1 daily teleport to Kalphite Queen lair Desert Goat Horns drop noted Easy experience lamp Medium: Desert Amulet 2: 3 daily teleports to Kalphite Queen lair Medium experience lamp Hard: Desert Amulet 3: 5 daily teleports to Kalphite Queen lair Hard experience lamp Access to the shortcut in the Kalphite lair Ability to make unfinished potions from Zahur Elite: Desert Amulet 4: Unlimited teleports to Kalphite Queen lair Unlimited teleports to Nardah Falador Easy: Falador shield 1: Restores 25% prayer once a day Easy experience lamp Medium: Falador shield 2: Restores 50% prayer once a day Medium experience lamp Access to the motherlode mine shortcut Hard: Falador shield 3: Restores full prayer once a day Hard experience lamp Access to the crafting guild bank chest Ability to toggle noted mole skins/claws Elite: Falador shield 4: Restores full prayer twice a day Elite experience lamp The tree patch in Falador never gets diseased Slight increase in chance of obtaining higher level ores from cleaning pay-dirt Fremennik Easy: Fremennik sea boots 1: 1 daily teleport to Relleka Easy experience lamp Medium: Fremennik sea boots 2: 3 daily teleports to Relleka Medium experience lamp Hard: Fremennik sea boots 3: 5 daily teleports to Relleka Hard experience lamp Ability to use tan-leather and recharge dragontsone jewelry Lunar spells. Elite: Fremennik sea boots 4: Unlimited teleports to Relleka Elite experience lamp Noted Dagannoth bone drops when the noted-bones option is toggled 10% more rewards from Kingdom of Miscellania Kandarin Easy: Kandarin Headgear When equipped, chopping normal trees gives double logs This works with any headgear 15% chance for an extra mark of grace from the Seers rooftop course Easy experience lamp Medium: Kandarin Headgear 2 25% chance for an extra mark of grace from the Seers rooftop course 33% faster spinning at the Seers village spinning wheel Medium experience lamp Hard: Kandarin Headgear 3: 5 daily teleports to Seers bank 33% chance for an extra mark of grace from the Seers rooftop course Hard experience lamp Elite: Kandarin Headgear 3: Unlimited teleports to Seers bank 50% chance for an extra mark of grace from the Seers rooftop course 50% discount to convert a Zamorakian Spear to a hasta from Otto Godblessed Elite experience lamp Karamja Easy: Karamja Gloves 1(cosmetic) Easy experience lamp Medium: Karamja Gloves 2: These gloves provide a 10% experience boost to agility Medium experience lamp Hard: Karamja Gloves 3: These gloves provide a 10% experience boost to agility Free access to Hardwood Grove Noted red dragon hide drops in Brimhaven Dungeon Ability to toggle metal dragon noted bar drops Hard experience lamp Elite: Karamja Gloves 4: These gloves provide a 15% experience boost to agility One free resurrection in the Fight Caves each day Double Tokkul from the Fight Caves/Inferno Elite experience lamp Kourend & Kenos Easy: Rada’s blessing 1: Unlimited teleports to Kourend woodland 2% chance to catch an extra fish 5% lower burn rate(total 15%) when cooking in the Hosidius kitchen while wearing any Rada’s blessing Easy experience lamp Medium: Rada’s blessing 2: Unlimited teleports to Kourend woodland 3 daily teleports to Mount Karuulm 4% chance to catch an extra fish Free access to Crabclaw isle 5% chance to mine double dense essence blocks Medium experience lamp Hard: Rada’s blessing 3: Unlimited teleports to Kourend woodland 5 daily teleports to Mount Karuulm 6% chance to catch an extra fish 10% more slayer points from completing Konar slayer tasks Hard experience lamp Elite: Rada’s blessing 3: Unlimited teleports to Kourend woodland Unlimited teleports to Mount Karuulm 8% chance to catch an extra fish Protection from Karuulm dungeon burn effect(no blessing required) 10% more blood runes from runecrafting Slayer helmet works as Shayzien helmet(5) This perk is still automatically applied to Legendary donators Elite experience lamp Lumbridge & Draynor Easy: Explorer’s ring 1: Players can replenish 50% run energy twice a day Players can cast low alchemy with the ring without using any runes Easy experience lamp Medium: Explorer’s ring 2: Players can replenish 50% run energy three times a day Players can cast low alchemy with the ring without using any runes 5 daily teleports to the cabbage patch near Falador farm. Medium experience lamp Hard: Explorer’s ring 3: Players can replenish 50% run energy four times a day Players can cast low alchemy with the ring without using any runes Unlimited daily teleports to the cabbage patch near Falador farm. Hard experience lamp Elite: Explorer’s ring 4: Players can replenish 100% run energy 3 times a day Players can cast low alchemy with the ring without using any runes Unlimited daily teleports to the cabbage patch near Falador farm. Elite experience lamp Morytania Easy: Morytania Legs 1: 1 Daily teleport to the Ectofuntus 2.5% bonus experience for slayer tasks in the slayer tower. Easy experience lamp Medium: Morytania Legs 2: 3 Daily teleport to the Ectofuntus 5% bonus experience for slayer tasks in the slayer tower. Medium experience lamp Hard: Morytania Legs 3: 5 Daily teleport to the Ectofuntus Unlimited teleports to Burgh de Rott 7.5% bonus experience for slayer tasks in the slayer tower. 15% more runes from barrows The Bonecrusher now provides the full prayer experience of burying the bone Hard experience lamp Elite: Morytania Legs 3: Unlimited teleports to the Ectofuntus Unlimited teleports to Burgh de Rott 30% more runes from barrows The Bonecrusher now provides the 1.1x the prayer experience of burying the bone 10% bonus experience for slayer tasks in the slayer tower. Elite experience lamp Varrock Easy: Varrock Armor 1: Grants 10% chance of mining double ore up to coal Grants 10% chance of smelting 2 bars up to steel Ability to purchase 15 battlestaves daily from Zaff for 7k each Easy experience lamp Medium: Varrock Armor 2: Grants 10% chance of mining double ore up to mithril Grants 10% chance of smelting 2 bars up to mithril Ability to purchase 30 battlestaves daily from Zaff for 7k each Medium experience lamp Hard: Varrock Armor 3: Grants 10% chance of mining double ore up to adamant Grants 10% chance of smelting 2 bars up to adamant Ability to purchase 60 battlestaves daily from Zaff for 7k each Hard experience lamp Elite: Varrock Armor 4: Grants 10% chance of mining double ore Grants 10% chance of smelting 2 bars Functions as a prospector top Ability to purchase 120 battlestaves daily from Zaff for 7k each Elite experience lamp Western Provinces Easy: Western Banner 1: 1 daily teleport to Piscatoris Fishing Colony Easy experience lamp Medium: Western Banner 2: 3 daily teleports to Piscatoris Fishing Colony Access to the tunnel entrance to Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Medium experience lamp Hard: Western Banner 3: 5 daily teleports to Piscatoris Fishing Colony Ability to upgrade to elite void. Access to the Red Chinchompa Hunting Ground Hard experience lamp Elite: Western Banner 4: Unlimited teleports to Piscatoris Fishing Colony 10% more slayer points from regular(non-Konar) slayer tasks. 1 free daily resurrection at Zulrah: This is a safe death for HCIM, and will restore your prayer/hitpoints to allow you to continue fighting Zulrah upon death. Elite experience lamp Wilderness Easy: Wilderness sword 1: All wilderness swords will always successfully slash webs. Easy experience lamp Medium: Wilderness sword 2: 15% higher success rate when chopping Ent trunks Access to the deep wilderness dungeon agility shortcut Medium experience lamp Hard: Wilderness sword 3: 5 daily teleports to the Fountain of Rune 2 extra lava scale shards when crushing lava dragon scales Access to the Lava Dragon Isle agility shortcut Hard experience lamp Elite: Wilderness sword 4: Unlimited teleports to the Fountain of Rune Wine of Zamorak spawns will be picked up in noted form in the wilderness All dragon bone drops in the wilderness will be noted Elite experience lamp You can keep track of your tasks (and the progress on each diary) using the same button in the quest tab to switch to achievements, though the page has been completely redesigned and Color-coded to show a nice visual progress bar for each diary.

[/list][*]Achievement manager:

The achievement manager can: Explain achievements to you Give you rewards (free) and XP lamps upon completing new diary sections Each section has it's own reward (see above list) and an XP lamp (see below) Open a shop that allows you to reobtain achievement items for a fee, although the first one is always free. Typically, the fee is between 100k (easy reward) and 400k (elite reward)

[/list][*]Experience lamps:

Experience lamps are received from each achievement section completed. They grant a certain amount of XP to any skill you'd like, and there are four types of lamps depending on the difficulty of the section: Easy - 2,500 XP Medium - 7,500 XP Hard - 15,000 XP Elite - 50,000 XP

[*]Old Achievement system item changes:

Due to the nature of this update, many rewards that were in other shops have now been removed. The following items have been removed: Old Achievement exchange removals (no reimbursements): Karamja gloves 4 Ardougne cloak 4 (and max cape) Varrock armour 4 PKP Exchange removals: Wilderness sword 4 (7,000 PKP) Daily Task Reward Shop removals: Full armour sets for 1 & 2 These range from 100 to 350 points per piece. Explorer's ring 3 & 4 (200 and 250 points) Western banner 1 & 2 (2k & 5k points) Vote shop removals: Rada's blessing 2 (600 vote points) You will receive PKP, Vote or Task points for the items that were removed from your account, but not for old achievement store items.

[/list][*]Daily Task Reward shop changes:

With the old achievement store being removed, we have moved many of those items into the Daily task shop: Amulet of nature Pyromancer set Lumberjack set Rock cake Bomber cap Bomber jacket Bonesack Ram skull helmet Chaos gauntlets Cooking gloves Tome of fire Bonecrusher

[*]Notable changes:

With the addition of the new diary system and the rewards they provide, we’ve made some changes to a few pieces of content: The Kalphite cave shortcut now requires the Hard Desert Diaries to be completed to use. Zahur will now only make unfinished potions for players who have completed the Hard Desert Diaries. The Kalphite Queen teleport in the teleport wizard menu will now take players to the entrance of the Kalphite Lair. The crafting guild bank chest now requires the Falador Hard Diary to use. The shortcut in motherlode mine now requires the Falador Medium Diary to use. The auto-note mole skins/claws perk now requires the Falador Hard Diary to toggle. Dagannoth bones will now drop noted only if the player has completed the Fremennik Hard Diaries. The Tan Leather and Recharge dragonstone jewelry spells now require the Fremennik Hard Diaries to be done to cast. Noted bar drops from metal dragons now requires the Karamja Hard Diaries to be done to toggle. The bone crusher will only give half as much experience as normal unless the Hard Morytania diaries are done. The monkfish fishing spot has been removed from the fishing guild. The spots have been moved to Piscatoris fishing colony, where they normally should be. Players require the Western Provinces Hard diary to be complete to upgrade to elite void. Players require the Western Provinces Hard diary to be completed to enter the red chinchompa hunting grounds. This also means non-donators can now enter this cave, given that they have the diary completed. Dragon bones will only drop noted with the auto-note bones perk if the player is not in the wilderness.


Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where using an item on elnock inquisitor would cause the wizard guild rune shop to open. Fixed a bug which caused you to run through a black wall when using the Revenant caves agility shortcut jump (near Revenants). Zooming with your mouse-wheel while on an interface no longer works. Previously, it would appear glitchy while scrolling through an interface (eg. A Quest journal) and also zooming in & out on the game screen. Fixed an interaction bug that let you interact with objects/NPCs from a distance. Fixed a bug where players were being assigned catacomb black dragon tasks from Konar without 77 slayer. The Fruit tree patch at the Gnome Stronghold is now functional. Previously, it would still be usable but you would never see the tree in the patch. The graphics of the cabbage teleport on the explorers ring is now the proper one. Players can now complete agility obstacles with boosted stats. Added Shantay Pass functionality. The rope in the Kalphite lair now takes you to the desert entrance. The Kalphite lair entrance in the desert now works when players use a rope on it. Spinning wheel delay was far too fast, and the delay has been increased to 3 ticks instead of 2. Fixed a bug where auto-noting mole skins/claws was being toggled when players toggle auto-note bones. You can no longer loot another Rune pouch if you already have one in your inventory or bank. Fixed a bug that caused the “craft a rune crossbow” daily task to only work when using a sinew on the unfinished crossbow. Fixed a bug with the explorers ring interface not showing the proper items. The Kalphite queen now gives the proper amount of slayer experience. The cake stall now has a chance to give Cake, Chocolate cake, Chocolate bars, or Bread. Fixed a bug where the elysian spirit shield required 75 range to equip as opposed to 75 prayer. Fixed a bug where some kills wouldn't count when killing lizardmen in the lizardman canyon on a Konar slayer assignment. All pizza's now have a 1 tick delay, as opposed to just anchovy pizza. Fremennik cloaks can now be banked properly. Fixed Paul NPC being treated as an Emblem trader. Fixed Paul walking animation Dagannoth Supreme now counts towards the waterbirth dagannoth slayer task. The Basic decorative sword requires 5 attack to wield. The Detailed decorative sword requires 20 attack to wield. The Intricate decorative sword requires 30 attack to wield. The cave that links the wilderness to the wilderness GWD is no longer a multi-zone. Fixed a bug with bowls in the Trader Stan shop. The Lizardman Shaman temple is no longer a multi-zone. Fixed a bug that caused the wrong item set to be put together/opened when using it on the Trading post. Fixed a bug where people would get stuck inside of the Godwars dungeon doors on an alternate account to tank the minions. The placeholder for Death runes in the bank has been fixed. Paul will no longer despawn and will be facing the correct direction. The Wilderness emblem trader in the Revenant caves was changed to Paul since last update, and has now been changed back to the correct NPC. Mysterious emblems have been renamed on OSRS to Archaic emblems, and we have updated Alora's emblem dialogues / items to match. Quality of Life: Replaced the seaweed spawns on Waterbirth with Snape grass spawns. Added 2 more golden warbler spawns. Added a confirmation dialogue to clear all item overlay filters. The rope at demonic gorillas now takes you back home when you go up it. Clicking on the bonus skill in the quest tab will now open a link to the bonus skill thread so players can see the bonus skills for each day. Deathly Rangers are no longer aggressive. Deathly Magers are no longer aggressive. Salve amulet damage boosts now work on Skeletal mystics. Wilderness bosses and Demi-bosses now have a respawn timer of 18 seconds. Blowpipes can now hold up to 16,383 zulrah scales, the same as OSRS, rather than the previous limit of 2,500. Added Lizardmen as a hard task from Nieve. Players can receive between 90-120 Lizardmen. Spectre changes: Aberrant, Abhorrent, Deviant, and Repugnant spectres now use magic to attack instead of melee. Deviant/Repugnant spectre animations are now correct. Repugnant/Abhorrent spectres now require level 60 Slayer to attack. Players who attack any type of spectre will now have all of their combat stats drained heavily if they are not using a Slayer helmet or Nose peg. Abhorrent/Repugnant/Deviant spectres are now classified as undead, allowing players to gain a boost from attacking them with a salve amulet equipped. Toxic staff of the dead changes: The toxic staff of the dead now requires Zulrah scales to be loaded into it to be used. If there are no scales in the staff, it will revert to a Toxic Staff of the Dead(uncharged). Players can load up to 11,000 scales into the staff. Bounty Hunter Changes: Players can now attack their Bounty Hunter targets with priority if their targets are in level 25+ wilderness and are actively getting the wilderness bonus experience. Costume Room Expansion: Magic Wardrobe: Players can now access the magic wardrobes that are in their Player-owned houses. There are 7 types of wardrobe, each deciding how many items/sets can be stored in the magic wardrobe: Oak magic wardrobe can store 1 item/set, and requires level 42 construction to build. Carved Oak magic wardrobe can store 2 items/sets, and requires level 51 construction to build. Teak magic wardrobe can store 3 items/sets, and requires level 60 construction to build. Carved Teak magic wardrobe can store 4 items/sets, and requires level 69 construction to build. Mahogany magic wardrobe can store 5 items/sets, and requires level 78 construction to build. Gilded magic wardrobe can store 6 items/sets, and requires level 87 construction to build. Marble magic wardrobe can store all items/sets, and requires level 96 construction to build. There are 39 items/sets that can be stored in the magic wardrobe, the exhaustive list can be found here: We’ve also included the dark/light infinite sets, as well as the dusk mystic set, and excluded the bounty hunter hats.

[*]Armour Case:

Players can now access the Armour Cases that are in their Player-owned houses. There are 3 types of armour cases, each deciding how many items/sets can be stored in them. Oak armour case can store 2 items/sets, and requires level 46 construction to build. Teak armour case can store 4 items/sets, and requires level 64 construction to build. Mahogany armour case can store all items/sets, and requires level 82 construction to make. The list of items that can be stored in the Armour case can be found in the link below: All items except for the camouflage gear and white knight armour are available to add.

[/list][/list][*]Broad arrows:

Broad arrows can now be fletched. They require 52 fletching, and provide 10 base experience for each arrow made.

[/list] We'd like to add that due to the breadth of this update, there are certainly bound to be some bugs. We did some beta testing (thanks to the staff team!), but we ask that any bugs you run into are reported immediately. We hope you enjoy this update as much as we've enjoyed putting it together for you guys :) Regards, Omicron & Chad




If you want to check out the entire update list, click


There have been quite a few changes to the staff team recently, you can see them below here:


December 21, 2019


[member=To gain] has been promoted to Event Manager.

[member=Vape tricks] has been promoted to Forum Moderator.

[member=Real try] has been promoted to Server Moderator.

[member=Elite Yin] has been promoted to Server Moderator.

[member=Hinter] has been promoted to Server Support.


Secondary ranks/Name Changes:

[member=Real Try] added secondary staff rank to [member=Im Real Try]



[member=Maleficia] has resigned from his Server Moderator rank.



[member=Laardii] has been demoted from Forum Moderator due to lack of activity.


December 28, 2019


[member=Doofy] has been promoted to Administrator.

[member=Smiv] has been promoted to Administrator.

[member=Morgen] has been promoted to Forum Moderator.

[member=Eim dadex] has been promoted to Server Support.

[member=immortal fox] has returned to the Staff team as a Server Moderator.

[member=Iron Champie] has returned to the Staff Team as a Server Moderator as [member=Hey Champ].


Secondary Ranks / Name Changes:

[member=mhc] has transferred his Administrator rank to [member=Mhk].

[member=22] has changed their name to [member=kaamea].

[member=Jisoo] has removed their secondary rank from [member=edelgard].

[member=Fiji drip] has removed their secondary rank from [member=Dead Fiji] and added it to [member=sad dad].



[member=Lowkey] has resigned from their rank as Community Manager. :PepeHands:

More about this can be found here:

January 3, 2020


[member=immortal fox] has been promoted to Global Moderator.

[member=just monika] has been promoted to Server Moderator.

[member=GIM flex] has been promoted to Server Support.


Secondary ranks/Name Changes:

[member=Hey champ] has transferred their Server Moderator rank to [member=iron champie].

[member=im moe] has added a secondary Staff rank to [member=GIM moe].

For more info on the Staff updates, click


This month I will be interviewing [member=2 Ridiculous] and [member=EIM Zarox] (oh god)!

Let's start with Mr. Raids himself: [member=Sycamore]: Who is your favorite person on Alora and why? [member=2 Ridiculous]: [member=Elite Yin] without a doubt. This gamer and I have been very good friends for most likely just under 2 years now. We both take pride and enjoy raiding and pvming in the most 'efficient' ways as possible, and are ALWAYS strategizing how to do any boss as well as CoX or TOB in the fastest ways possible. [member=Sycamore]: What update do you want to see the most in 2020? [member=2 Ridiculous]: For chambers of xeric rooms to be randomized similar to OSRS, and for TOB drop rates to be adjusted in attempt to limit insane dry streaks. [member=Sycamore]: What's your favorite hobby IRL? [member=2 Ridiculous]: For the longest time it was basketball and weightlifting, however as of the more recent years I've put more time into bowling. It's alot of fun, but I still kinda suck lol [member=Sycamore]: What was your fondest memory of 2019? [member=2 Ridiculous]: 2019 overall has been one of the best years of my life and I would not throw that phrase around lightly. In 2018, I graduated however was unable to pass my licensure exam for physical therapy. In 2019, I grinded the books hard and was not only able to pass my licensure exam, but was also able to have a successful interview as well as start my career and move out on my own. [member=Sycamore]: What are some small things that make your day better? [member=2 Ridiculous]: Straight up, a ton of sleep and a lot of caffiene! [member=Sycamore]: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why? [member=2 Ridiculous]: As ironic as this sounds from having an account named [member=Fear nothing], My answer would be to take more 'risks' in life. And no I don't mean "jump off a bridge and see what happens" lol. I'm more of a conservative type of person IRL, and I think it would be beneficial for me to get out of my comfort areas and explore the world more. [member=Sycamore]: Gotta go into wildy in real life eventually!  :Kkomrade: 


[member=Sycamore]: Let's finish with an easy one - describe your perfect meal. [member=2 Ridiculous]: I'm a fairly simple guy, I would say a steak and lobster dinner with asparagus and a loaded baked potato on the side. [member=Sycamore]: Weird, you copied [member=Moral Truth]'s favorite meal....thanks for coming!

Next up we have the truly one and only, [member=EIM Zarox]!

[member=Sycamore]: How does it feel to be the best Server Mod on Alora? [member=EIM Zarox]: It's pretty nice, but there's not much competition, is there? [member=Sycamore]: If you could flame any current or past staff member without consequence, who would it be? :patrick: [member=EIM Zarox]: Is this even a question? Pretty sure any staff member would answer [member=Hellish] lol. [member=Sycamore]: What is your favorite activity, other than spamming Baby Yoda on Discord? [member=EIM Zarox]: Not sure I have any other favorite activity, spamming Baby Yoda is pretty solid. [member=Sycamore]: What is your favorite random fact? [member=EIM Zarox]: That it's illegal to own only 1 guinea pig in Switzerland, because they get awfully lonely. [member=Sycamore]: Who is your FRIENDS crush and why is it Ross? [member=EIM Zarox]: Not gonna lie, my FRIENDS crush has got to be Gunther, that man just has the swag. [member=Sycamore]: What do Zarox and Zonox actually mean? Google gives me some weird ads.... [member=EIM Zarox]: I'm pretty sure Zarox means gamer and Zonox means epic gamer. [member=Sycamore]: What are your plans for 2020? [member=EIM Zarox]: Beating [member=Hellish] in a rap battle


Disclaimer: Have any interview questions that you would like to ask any of the staff members?  

Don't hesitate to send me a private message via forums / Discord and I'll include them in next edition along with the answers from that staff member!


Congrats to [member=Noobair] with one of the most insane accomplishments in Alora history as the first EIM to 4.6b xp!

:withlove: :withlove: :withlove:

Not to be outdone, [member=HC] was the first HCIM to hit 4.6b xp! This was his second iron with 4.6!

:Dance: :Dance: :Dance:  

[member=Kharyrll] is the first to complete the new achievement diaries!!


Also, shoutout to [member=Fear Nothing] for achieving a HCIM Comp Cape! [member=Little Fe] with the b2b rangers [member=EIM Shits]?!? Do your clues, I guess.... Not even from a demonic gorilla, nice [member=DanTheHutt] Strong username to drop mood correlation [member=Mr Sadness] [member=Chromecast] committing armed robbery at Olm: Congrats [member=EIM Shits] and [member=Morgen]!! Don't let [member=Kaamea] see this, [member=Grass walk].... A million TOB'ers cried out in pain, [member=Grass walk]! [member=Hellish] shows us how it's done at Larran's [member=Mack] died for this... grats [member=NOT TROTZ]! "Thought I'd try out Zalcano" - [member=Ryuu] Check out this double imbued heart drop from [member=Dids] Ok [member=Doofy], no more RNG for you this year Check out [member=Elite Zeah]'s Zeah-locked EIM here:


[member=Real Try] and [member=Phossiphus] continue their long march to maxing realism skillers:


[member=Detharrow26] has gotten 37 out of 48 pets on Alora, his thread is here:


Disclaimer:   Want to be featured in the newest section of the Alora Newspaper?   Make a topic in our Goals and Achievements section or PM me on the forums / Discord with your accomplishment!



The winner of the December MOTM is...



Congratulations! You have stood out in the eye of the community as well as in the eyes of the staff team. Thank you for being such a positive influence here on Alora.  :)


  Visit this link to see the results of the December Community Awards;


Also please make sure to check out our content creators when they are live! They would love to have you keep them company while they grind out whatever it is they are grinding that day!







[member=I Pk Max Jr]:


[member=Elite Yin]:




[member=NOT TROTZ]:


[member=Moral Truth]:




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[January] Community Awards

1 week ago  l  To gain

Hello Alorians and welcome to the 2020 January Community Awards!


You can view the December Community Awards Results Here:


I'd be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes and vote for your nominations in the January Community awards!


This thread will be up until 1/25, don't miss your chance to vote!


Thank you for participating!




1) Guest Accounts will not have their votes counted!

2) You must fill out the entire template provided below. If you do not have anyone to vote for please leave it blank instead.

3) You may NOT vote for yourself.

4) You CANNOT vote for the same person more than 6 times.

5) Any troll posts will be removed and the poster will be infracted.

6) No buying/selling or asking for votes.


Any breached rule will result in disqualification.




Please fill out the entire template.






Best Event Manager:


Best Administrator:


Best Global Moderator:


Best Forum Moderator:


Best Server Moderator:


Best Server Support:


Most active on Discord:


Most active In-game:


Most active on Forums:


Most Respected:


Most Potential Promotion:


Funniest Staff Member:


Overall Best Staff Member:






Most Active In-game:


Most Active on Forums:


Most Active on Discord:


Most Active Overall:


Most Wealthy:


Most Addicted to Gambling:


Most Friendly:


Most Respected:


Coolest Veteran: 


Best Helper:


Best Edgeville Pker:


Best Hybrid:


Best NH Pker:


Best PvMer:


Best Raider:


Best Skiller:


Best Clan:


Best Ironman:


Best Hardcore Ironman:


Best Ultimate Ironman:


Best Elite Ironman:


Best Group ironman (Team): 


Best Group Ironman (Player): 


Best Realism Player:


Best Classic Player:


Best GFX Designer:


Best Youtuber:


Best Streamer:


Top Overall:



Good luck!

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