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[April] Community awards

23 hours ago  l  King purple


Hello Alorians and welcome to the 2019 April Community Awards!


You can view the March Community Awards Result here.


I'd be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes and vote for your nominations in the April Community awards!


This thread will be up until 04/25, don't miss your chance to vote!

Good luck!  




1) Guest Accounts will not have their votes counted!

2) You must fill out the entire template provided below. If you do not have anyone to vote for please leave it blank instead.

3) You may NOT vote for yourself.

4) You CANNOT vote for the same person more than 6 times.

5) Any troll posts will be removed and the poster will be infracted.

6) No buying/selling or asking for votes.


Any breached rule will result in a disqualification.




Please fill out the entire template.





Best Event Manager:


Best Administrator:


Best Global Moderator:


Best Forum Moderator:


Best Server Moderator:


Best Server Support:


Most active on Discord:


Most active In-game:


Most active on Forums:


Most Respected:


Most Potential Promotion:


Funniest Staff Member:


Overall Best Staff Member:






Most Active In-game:


Most Active on Forums:


Most Active on Discord:


Most Active Overall:


Most Wealthy:


Most Addicted to Gambling:


Most Friendly:


Most Respected:


Coolest Veteran: 


Best Helper:


Best Edgeville Pker:


Best Hybrid:


Best NH Pker:


Best PvMer:


Best Raider:


Best Skiller:


Best Clan:


Best Ironman:


Best Hardcore Ironman:


Best Ultimate Ironman:


Best Elite Ironman:


Best Group ironman (Team): 


Best Classic Player:


Best GFX Designer:


Best Youtuber:


Best Streamer:


Top Overall:




Good luck!

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[12/4/19] Amethyst mining & crafting, Multi tab-to-reply, GIM De-ironing, Immortal Donator, New skilling interfaces & more!

1 week ago  l  Omicron

Hotfixes [14/4/19]:

Bug fixes: Immortal donator fixes: Fixed Master donators being able to get the gray skin color. All players with the gray skin have been reset to red (Dragon), so Immortals simply need to go re-obtain it. This is to ensure nobody who doesn't have access to the skin color has it as of this update. Fixed Immortal donators' yell tag not having the shadow background if Immortal was not their main rank (eg. Ironman / Veteran rank). Skilling interface: Using keyboard to select option: You can now use your mouse keys (1-9) to select which item in the skilling interface you'd like to make. New skilling interface has been updated for: Gem cutting Cannonball smithing Fixed a bug which was not allowing you to use the Pestle and mortar on herblore ingredients. Miscellaneous: Group Ironman de-ironing now de-irons you to the Normal game mode (you will no longer be an Ironman). Fixed a problem with staff who are UIM accidentally being able to deposit items into the bank deposit box. Fixed a bug which allowed you to cut amethyst while mining them.


A new award has been added: 5680_diamond7.pngDivine Supporter ~ awarded to players who have reached the Immortal donator rank. (Orange diamond) All current Immortal donators have been given this award. Any future players must apply for it.




Hey guys,


Today's update contains a bunch of content that we've been working hard on, some from the recent content poll (GIM/Raids/Karambwanji changes), and some that has simply been overdue for awhile now (Amethyst mining, crafting and ammunition). We've also managed implement a few other cool updates such as the new skilling interfaces from OSRS, the updated bank deposit box interface (quick deposit buttons) and tab-to-reply working for multiple players. Lastly, we've implemented a new donator rank - the Immortal Donator, which is the highest tier rank on Alora at the moment! 


We're also planning another update very soon for Easter, which should include some new Treasure Trail items. Keep an eye out for that ;)



Game updates:

New skilling interfaces: Many chatbox interfaces for skilling actions have been updated to the latest one used by OSRS, allowing you to choose the amount you wish to create in the top right corner. As this is a big job to manually update every skilling interface, we may have forgotten to update every single one. Please make sure to report any that are not yet updated! Completed interfaces: All Fletching, Crafting, Smelting (bars in furnace), Cooking and Herblore Amethyst mining: Amethyst crystals can now be mined in the Mining guild ('Falador mines' teleport at the wizard). These are the highest level rock in the game, requiring level 92 Mining to mine, and are only located in the Mining guild. These yield 240 Mining experience per ore, and will take ~75 seconds to respawn after being fully mined. Amethyst uses: By using a chisel on Amethyst crystals with the appropriate Crafting level, you can create the following: (60 Experience for any craft) 83 - Amethyst bolt tips (makes 15): Used to create Amethyst bolts, which can then be enchanted. (See below) 85 - Amethyst arrow tips (makes 15): Used to create Amethyst arrows. (See below) 87 - Amethyst javelin heads (makes 5): Used to create Amethyst javelins. (See below) Amethyst ammo: Amethyst broad bolts: Created by attaching amethyst bolt tips to broad bolts with 76 Fletching, rewarding 106 Fletching XP per 10 completed bolts. These bolts have +115 Ranged strength, making them comparable to Runite bolts. Amethyst arrows: These arrows are stronger than rune arrows (+6 more Ranged strength) and can be used with any bow of Magic or stronger. Amethyst javelins: These javelins are stronger than Rune javelins, but not as strong as Dragon javelins. These javelins have +135 ranged strength bonus. Enhanced tridents: You can now enhance both the Trident of the swamp and the Trident of the seas by handing over either staff and 10 Kraken tentacles to Lieve McCracken near the Kraken entrance. Doing so will turn your Trident of the swamp -> Trident of the swamp (e), or Trident of the seas -> Trident of the seas (e) This allows your trident to hold up to 20,000 charges rather than 2,500. The charges from your old trident will be unloaded to Zulrah scales, which you can use to load your new trident. You will need 10 Kraken tentacles for each trident you wish to enhance. Bank deposit box buttons: 3 buttons have been added to the bank deposit box interface for ease of banking: Deposit inventory button: Deposits your entire inventory. Deposit equipment button: Deposits all of your equipment. Deposit looting bag button: Deposits all of the items in your looting bag (if you have one). This update is particularly helpful in areas where there is no bank nearby, such as when mining gem rocks in the Donator zone. Group Ironman changes: GIM De-ironing: Group Ironmen can now de-iron as long as they are NOT currently in an Ironman group. If they are, they must first kick themselves from the group (or be kicked) using a GIM Removal ticket. Upon de-ironing, you will become a regular ironman. You can then de-iron once more to become a regular player. WARNING: This action is permanent. We will not re-iron players under any circumstance. GIM Removal Ticket price reduction: The GIM Removal tickets have been reduced from 350 tokens to 250 tokens to make them more accessible. Miscellaneous: Fixed a bug which caused your pet to lose insurance if you insured a Jal-Nib-Rek and metamorphed it into TzRek-Zuk. They will now both be classified under the same pet insurance. Gourd vials (from Raids 1) will now be 'smashed' after drinking, rather than having empty vials in your inventory, assuming you have the setting enabled by the Emblem trader. If you are ever muted (whether it's a yell mute, regular mute, etc) you will be notified how long the mute will last for, in a red message in the chatbox. Druidic wreath is now tradable. Fixed a bug where Veterans' donator status icon would be incorrect in Clan chat. For the Boss Kiflltime records, many records were only showing 2 instead of 3. This has been fixed, and it will always display the 3 best records. Fixed the Mime top disappearing when deposited into your bank. If you die as an HCIM and lose your rank, there was a bug which did not remove your HCIM equipment. You will now also automatically lose your equipment, whether it is worn, equipped, in the bank, etc. Fletching update: You can now fletch different logs for Arrow shafts rather than only normal logs. These higher tier logs will give more shafts: Normal - 15 Oak - 30 Willow - 45 Maple - 60 Yew - 75 Magic - 90 Redwood - 105 Redwood logs can now be fletched into arrow shafts and Redwood shields. Redwood shields require level 40 Defence to equip. Crafting updates: Redwood shields (see above) can now be crafted into Black d'hide shields. At level 83 Crafting, players can use 2 black dragon leather and 15 rune nails on the shield with a hammer in the inventory to create a black d'hide shield: this gives 172 Crafting experience. Black d'hide shields require level 70 Ranged and 40 Defence to equip. Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) update: Clicking on the worms (from the chest room) with the left mouse button (regular click) will now drop them, allowing you to quickly get rid of the worms. Sapling trees (which give kindling in the Ice demon room) are now far less likely to fall, allowing you to chop them for longer. They will also respawn more quickly. Sapling trees will also give kindling more quickly, though this is still based on your Woodcutting level. Raids bonus changes: Raids bonuses are now separate, meaning the Raids 1 or Raids 2 bonuses can individually be enabled. They can also both be enabled simultaneously at different rates. Due to the previous update boosting Raids drops, we've limited the weekend bonuses to 1.2 maximum rather than 1.3. Tab to reply to PM (multi-reply): Although we already have tab-to-reply to PMs, I have extended this system to allow you to hit the Tab key multiple times to go through your most recent 5 PMers and reply to them individually, rather than only the latest PMer. Clue scroll update: Holy sandals, Wizards boots and Ranger boots will now appear over yell / discord / website drop announcements. Alchemical Hydra drops fixed: The Hydra's pieces (fang/heart/eye) were not dropping in the correct order and have now been fixed: The order players receive the items in are: Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang and finally Hydra's heart. If you have all 3 already in your bank/inventory, you will receive a random piece, but if you are missing one, you will receive the piece that you require. 3rd Age pickaxe fixes: This item can now mine properly at the fastest pickaxe speed. Now requires 65 attack to equip. Combat animations on the pickaxe have been fixed. Special attack temporarily boosts your Mining level by 3, using 100% of your special attack energy. Theatre of Blood changes: The healing phase of Xarpus, where you must stand on top of the exhumed skeletons to prevent them from healing the boss's hit points, has been removed after being voted on in the most recent content poll. The boss will now fly up from the ground and be ready to fight as soon as the whole team has entered the room, although it will have full health as if it were left to heal. Karambwanji changes: Karambwanji, which are used as bait to fish Karambwans, have been removed from all Fishing stores. With this change, you will have to fish Karambwanji at the Karambja docks, near the other Karambwan spots, BUT we've made it so that the Karambwanji are stackable, so you can fish them quite easily without having to bank. Karambwanji can be caught at the same dock as Karambwan, but at the south-western spot on the dock, and requires level 5 Fishing and grants 5 experience per fish caught. Unlike other fish, the amount of karambwanji caught depends on the player's Fishing level, increasing every five levels. The exact formula is 1+floor(level/5). This means players with a Fishing level of 95 or above will catch 20 karambwanji at a time, and boosting beyond 99 will result in 21 karambwanji caught per catch. Slayer update: Completing the Inferno while on a Slayer task will now give you 3x as much experience for completing the task as before. Rate: 7,200 XP * Skilling multiplier (eg. 40x for normal players, 8x for HCIM, etc) This is approximately 216,000 XP for a player on normal mode. Barrows herblore secondary drops: (Thanks to @[member="Kharyrll"] for the help!) Following the latest content poll, we've updated Barrows drops to contain some Herblore secondaries that are sought after by Ironmen. This isn't intended to be the primary way of obtaining secondaries, but can help make it easier to train Herblore and collect many different types of secondaries simultaneously. Overall, the chance of receiving a Herblore  secondary drop from Barrows loot is 6.1%, with the following drops and amounts: (Rare drop scroll enhances this chance) Crushed nest (10-15) (0.8%) Snape grass (40-70) (0.5%) Wine of Zamorak (20-35) (0.8%) White berries (45-70) (0.5%) Potato cactus (40-50) (0.5%) Red spiders' eggs (20-35) (0.8%) Limpwurt root (40-70) (0.5%) Mort myre fungus (45-60) (0.6%) Blue dragon scales (60-100) (0.6%) Unicorn horns (25-35) (0.5%)





Forum updates:

New emoticons added: (Thanks to @[member="Paine"] for helping to collect these!) Many new discord/twitch emoticons have been added to the forums and are now available to use! We even managed to throw in a few of the emoticons used on @[member="Lowkey"]'s streams. (Over 100 new emoticons in total) Examples: :4Head: :Yea: :Pog: :Poggers: :FeelsBadMan: … and many more!


Donation updates:

Immortal Donator Rank: A new Donator rank has been added! This is the ultimate rank - higher than any before it and the most exclusive on Alora, requiring double the amount that Master required at $10,000 total spent. Not many will be able to obtain this rank, adding to its elusiveness. Perks: Forum: Up to 3,000 storable PMs. Profile pictures (animated) can be up to 3mb. Username on the forums is displayed in a black text with a gold outline and glow, along with a gold sparkle effect. (This is the only rank with an outline) In-game icon is a gray-ish black logo with a gold stripe through the middle, and the yell tag says “Immortal” in black with a text shadow (the only rank with this effect). Game: All Master Donator perks (enhanced), notably: Drop rate (general) boosted by 17% rather than 12% (Master) Inferno start wave at 49 rather than 45 (Master) Vote time 50% longer than the normal time, and 15 extra points upon opening vote books. All-new Immortal game perks: 10% increased chance of receiving pets from skilling / bosses. This 10% also applies when gambling your Fire cape or Infernal cape for a new pet. New Alorian Immortal cape which can be claimed from the Donation manager. This cape has the same Teleport features as the other donator capes, and is a combination of black/gold to go along with the rest of the rank. A new skin color that is exclusive to Immortal donators is now available! Immortal Gray can be obtained for free from the Donation manager. Gnome child pet: This pet is exclusive to Immortal donators, and can be obtained for 10m GP from Probita. You will also obtain the previous pet (the Stray dog from the Master rank) for free upon purchasing this pet, assuming you don't already have it. Free pet insurance from Probita Ability to skip Konar's tasks without a fee Increased % chance of Infernal tools effect being applied (33%) Automatically create (4) dose potions instead of the usual (3) dose Ability to set a permanent chat color when speaking, so instead of typing red: or cyan: before every message it is done automatically.  This can be toggled by the Donation manager. You can choose between the following colors: Red Green Cyan Purple White











We hope you enjoy this update! :) Please report any bugs that you find immediately.






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$250 PvM Cup [APRIL]

1 week ago  l  King purple





Hello and welcome to the Fourth edition of the Alora PVM cup!

Due to its success in the past, the PvM Cup will remain in its traditional format.

This time though, you won't be able to signup as a solo player. You will need to have a full team to participate (You can signup as a free agent, and I will put all the free agents together in teams of 5).


The PVM Cup is a Major event where players will form teams composed of 5 players to try and outlast each other in multiple waves composed of all kinds of bosses. There are a few rules to it though. Let's take a look!







Team Name:

Team Members:

Do you agree to the rules?:







Combat Level:

Do you agree to the rules?:




Free Agent List

Players that sign up as free agents can be recruited by teams if that's the case please contact me so that I can remove them from the free agent list. Players that don't get recruited will be put together in random teams of 5 prior to the tournaments start.






Tournament day will be on April 28th, at 7:00 pm GMT (server time)



Previous PvM Cup's Footage:

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