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Alora’s 2nd Birthday (& Infographic!)

1 week ago  l  Omicron



Hello everyone,


As of today, Alora has officially been open to the public for 2 years! It’s been quite the roller coaster ride... with many ups, many downs, countless friendships formed, and countless unforgettable moments to remember. It has been my utmost pleasure maintaining and managing Alora, with the help of our community manager Baldy/@[member="Lowkey"] and the rest of our dedicated staff team. Most importantly, though, this has all been possible because of you guys, otherwise none of us would be here. Your support, and your love for the game and community keep us going. Everyone’s had their part in making Alora, both game and community, the wonderful place that it is today, and I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of you for choosing to spend your free time here and being a part of our vibrant community. I remember just how exciting the launch was on November 4th, 2016. I remember the joy felt by bringing everyone together simply for our love of the game, and that’s one of the foundations that Alora has been built upon - as long as that enjoyment is still felt by the community, I can speak for myself and the staff team when I say that we’ll still be here to steer this ship in the right direction. Here’s to another year, and many more to come! 


Some of you have been here since the beginning, and if so, as of today you’ll be able to claim your 2 year Veteran cape from Hans to signify your dedication to our community. You’ll have to have a join date of at least 2 years ago, so, for example, if you registered December 4th, 2016, you’ll be eligible for the cape in a month. (And for those of you who were there on the first day of release, here’s some nostalgia for you ;) Jare's perspective - Day one)


Now, let’s get to the fun stuff... 


In-game birthday items: Party Pete at home is giving away 2nd year Birthday balloons and a new birthday hat to celebrate this year’s birthday in style! (Hint: they’ll go perfectly with the 2 year Veteran’s cape) Birthday events: We’ve got many fun activities going on today, including a huge drop party hosted by Lowkey which you do not want to miss, as well as many events organized by @[member="King purple"] More info here: Infographic: @[member="Dumbshit"] has helped me create a neat infographic to show off many different interesting statistics for those of you who are into that sort of thing, it’s at the bottom of this post. Make sure to send him a thank you if you enjoyed it :) Store sale boost: For today only, we’ve boosted the 20% sale to 30% bonus tokens, so make sure to take advantage of this while you can! Boss killtime reset: Lastly, as of today we are resetting all of our boss killtime records. Many of them were unrealistic kill times obtained during times when a certain boss or weapon was bugged, so we’d like to give everyone a chance to get on the boss killtime rankings!







Happy Birthday!


Best regards,



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Alora Newspaper 10/31/2018

2 weeks ago  l  King purple


Hello everyone, and welcome to this month's edition of the Alora newspaper!


Hope you are all having a great day, enjoy reading.




Rule 1 and Rule 7 have received some minor changes, please acknowledge them : 



Date & time of updated rule: 18th October, 2018 


Updated section: Rule 1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content 


Time of date that the update rule(s) will be put into effect: Immediately


Part(s) added, changed, or removed: Highlighted in YELLOW




c. Account names containing inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another's race, belief system, ethics, or sexual orientation are not tolerated. Failure to comply with this will result in a name change OR a permanent ban of the account.




c. Account names containing inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another's race, belief system, ethics, or sexual orientation are not tolerated. Failure to comply with this will result in a permanent ban of the account.


Brief explanation: As name-changes result in numerous bugs on accounts, they will no longer be an option. If needed, players will be given time to transfer items before the ban is placed. 




Date & time of updated rule: October 30th, 2018Updated section: Rule #7: Account SharingTime or date that the updated rule(s) will be put into effect: ImmediatelyPart(s) added, changed or removed: Highlighted in YELLOW




7. Account Sharing


An account should be used by one person only. There are no cases or circumstances where another person is allowed to play on your account. This goes for all types of accounts whether it is a level 3 scout for the wilderness, a shared account people used to Teleblock other players, or an account you would share with a friend. There is absolutely zero tolerance for account sharing in any way, shape, or form and people will be punished with a Permanent ban for both parties.


  • a. Any attempt to give an account away will not be tolerated on Alora. Offenders will receive a Permanent ban on the account being given away.





7. Account Sharing


An account should be used by one person only. There are no cases or circumstances where another person is allowed to log into on your account. This goes for all types of accounts whether it is a level 3 scout for the wilderness, a shared account people used to Teleblock other players, or an account you would share with a friend. There is absolutely zero tolerance for account sharing in any way, shape, or form and people will be punished with a 48-hour ban, followed by a Permanent ban for both parties.


  • a. Any attempt to give an account away will not be tolerated on Alora. Offenders will receive a Permanent ban on the account being given away. 


 • b. Any form of services or progress made on a shared account (ex. Inferno Cape service, XP gained, PVMing or PKing) is strictly prohibited and will result in a Permanent ban for both parties.



Brief explanation: We acknowledge that Account Sharing is allowed in Old School Runescape. While we're not going to stop enforcing the rule, we are however reducing the bans on First Offenders who may be ignorant of the rule. Do keep in mind that we will continue to enforce the rules on those who attempt to gain an unfair advantage over other players via Account Sharing.



Keep up to date with our rules & full list can be found by clicking HERE!




Since the last Newspaper there have been 2 updates. The first update was dropped on 08/10/2018,

and the second update was dropped on 28/10/2018.


The first update consistend of: PVP Armour and weapons, Soul Runecrafting, lunar spells and a few fixes;

The second update consisted of:  The Halloween Event, Alorian capes, donator toggle, Banking QoL and fixes.


Huge thank you to @[member="Omicron"] for being a beast!



08/10/2018 Patch notes





Blast Furnace updates: A cap of 100 bars has been added to the dispenser.  This means that if you have more ores in the melting pot, but have 100 unclaimed bars, no more bars will be made until you remove the unclaimed ones. Ordan will now present a confirmation box before spending money on more hours in the Blast Furnace. He will list the total hours and final cost and ask you to confirm. Steel bars fixed: Previously, any Iron ores deposited into the Blast furnace would be turned into Iron bars (no coal required), and Steel bars could never be created. The furnace will now prioritize steel, so that if you have at least 1 coal, Steel bars will be created. Simply do not add any coal if you would like to create Iron bars. Clue scroll changes: Your clue completion count is now counted (as of this update) for each type of clue. Clues completed before this update will not be counted. The # you’ve completed will be displayed after every clue. Sack of scrolls: A clue completionist reward which is available after completing at least 150 clues in total (of any type) This item can be purchased from the Skillcape shop for 1,000,000 GP. Goldsmith gauntlets added: Goldsmith gauntlets can now be purchased from the Loyalty Point Exchange for 50,000 points. These gauntlets allow you to obtain 2.5x the usual experience when smelting Gold bars. This applied to: Normal smelting, Blast furnace XP, and Superheat spell. Ahrim’s staff update: Ahrim’s staff can now be used to autocast spells. Ignore list upgrade: Ignore list capacity has been upgraded from 100 to 200 maximum names. You must update your client to have the updated list, and if not, your list will have the old maximum (100) but will send you a warning that you are using an outdated client. Lunar spell updates: Humidify spell can now be casted: Casting this spell requires level 68 Magic and 1 Soul rune, 1 Fire rune, and 3 Water runes, and provides 65 Magic experience (before any multipliers based on your game mode). This spell can humidify your water-containing vessels (empty buckets, jugs, and vials) and can also be used to soften clay. Monster examine: You can now use the Monster examine spell to get more details on any attackable NPC. Tan leather: You can now tan up to 5 hides with this spell, assuming you have level 78 Magic and 2 Soul runes, 1 Nature rune, and 5 Fire runes. Hides that may be tanned: Green, blue, red and black dragonhide Cowhide Snakeskin Outdated client warning: We try to keep our old clients as compatible as possible, but it is always best to be on the latest clients. Some players choose to play with the ZIP file rather than the launcher, and may not know when client updates occur. To prevent this, players on old clients will now receive a warning on login that their client is outdated and may not be supported in the future. Miscellaneous: Amounts on the NPC drop table interface are now formatted. Fixed a bug which caused quest tab dialogues to display “Line1” rather than the intended text. Fixed the bug which caused the “Trust this computer for 31 days?” dialogue to appear when speaking to other npcs. Scorpia safespot fixed. Tournament cup updated with August’s King of the Skill event winner (Sololite) Clan chat changes: The clan chat member list will now be sorted alphabetically rather than by rank. (to match OSRS update) Runecrafting updates: Soul runecrafting: Soul runes can now be crafted!  The way that these are crafted is quite different from other runes, and you’ll need to have the following stats: 38+ Mining 38+ Crafting 90+ Runecrafting (Recommended) 73+ Agility How to craft Soul runes: First, you’ll need to teleport to the Arceuus essence mine. Here, you’ll be able to mine Dense essence blocks.  You can access this area through the teleport wizard, on the skilling menu. Once mined, you can take these to the Dark altar to the west and convert the blocks into Dark essence blocks. Using essence blocks on the altar reduces Prayer points by 1 point per block, but also provides 2.5 Runecrafting experience per block. These dark essence blocks can then be used with a chisel and crushed into Dark essence fragments. Each block can be broken down into 4 fragments. Finally, you can head to the Soul altar east of the mines to turn these fragments into Soul runes. Note: You can only have a maximum of 108 Dark essence fragments in your inventory. Therefore, it is advisable to mine a full inventory, break them down, then mine another full inventory to take to the Soul altar but only break them done after you’ve converted the first 108 fragments into runes. Runecrafting pouches -> Untradable reclaim: If you die with your Runecrafting pouches, you can now reclaim them for the Lost items manager at the following costs: Small pouch - 100k Medium pouch - 200k Large pouch - 400k Giant pouch - 800k Combat changes: Opal bolt special attack fixed: Opal bolts (e) and Opal dragon bolts (e) can now trigger the bolt special “Lucky Lightning” which has a 5% chance and deals extra damage on your target based on your visible ranged level. Formula: (visible ranged level * 10%) Eg. At 112 ranged level (boosted), the extra damage is 11. Dwarf cannon change: The Dwarf cannon can now hit enemies up to 9 steps away rather than the previous 6 step maximum. Javelin bug: Javelins were providing too much Ranged attack bonus (Should only be Ranged strength). Affected Javelins have been fixed. Additionally, the Ranged strength of each of these javelins was too high as of a recent OSRS update. They have been updated (slightly lowered) to match OSRS bonuses. Theatre of Blood reward changes: We’ve increased the number of rune drops from ToB, specifically for Ironmen as many blood runes are used in the Theatre. Blood rune: Old range: 40-400 runes New range: 250-1200 runes Death rune: Old range: 50-500 runes New range: 300-1300 runes Pet changes: Pets will now follow you as soon as you log in rather than going to your inventory every time, assuming there is enough room around you for your pet to appear. Zulrah loot dismantling: Tanzanite fang, Magic fang and Serpentine visage can now all be dismantled for 20,000 Zulrah scales for each item. This is useful for Ironmen who have multiple drops of the same kind and no need for duplicates. A warning dialogue will be displayed to ensure that dismantling is what you would like to do. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Redesign: The Thermonuclear smoke devil has been graphically reworked.  Additionally, the Pet smoke devil has been changed to match and given a transform option, allowing it to switch between the boss and regular Smoke devil models.  Ancient PvP Armour and Weaponry: PvP armour/weapons are finally here! These powerful pieces of equipments are ancient artifacts in the Wilderness and can be obtained by rare chance from killing any monster over level 50 combat. Equipment: Statius’s Warhammer, full helm, chest plate and platelegs. Statius's warhammer special attack, Smash, costs 35% of the wielder's special attack energy. Upon a successful hit it will deal anywhere between 25% and 125% of the wielder's standard max hit, any successful hit will lower the opponents defence level by 30%. Vesta’s longsword, spear, platebody, plateskirt. The Vesta's longsword special attack costs 25% special energy and will deal anywhere between 20% and 120% of the wielder's standard max hit, the accuracy of this special attack is rolled against 25% of the opponent's defence. The Vesta’s spear special attack costs 50% of the wielder's special attack energy. Upon use the spear will damage all targets within 8 tiles surrounding the player. Outside of multicombat zones, only one target is damaged. This special attack can hit a maximum of 16 targets at once. Morrigan’s javelin, throwing axe, leather top and chaps. Zuriel’s staff, hood, robe top and robe bottom. The staff provides a 10% magic damage boost. Binding: When received, these items are tradable, but NOT equipable. To make them equipable, you must bind the item to your account (right-click option), which makes it become untradable. Once you have binded the item, there is no going back. It is locked to your account until it crumbles to dust. A warning is displayed before binding. Degradation: These items, unlike any other items in Alora, will degrade after a number of uses in combat. All of the items have 5,000 uses before degrading. A “use” is defined by you attacking another enemy. Each combat action is 1 use. Balancing: Outside of the wilderness, the bonuses from these pieces of equipment have been nerfed 20%. This does not apply to PvM within the wilderness, as these are primarily intended to be used for PvP and wilderness PvM. Formula to hit the drop table for these items is as follows: Assuming the monster is at least level 50 combat: Step 1. Denominator = 20,000 - ((npcCombatLevel - 50) * 150) Level 50 combat: 1 out of 20,000 chance Level 100 combat: 1 out of 12,500 chance Level 150+ combat (same rate after 150 combat): 1/5,000 chance Step 2: (Wilderness level) Reduce denominator by wilderness level * 50. If the monster is level 150, the rate is 1/5,000. Assuming we are in level 50 wilderness, reduce this by (50 * 50), bringing our rate down to 1/2,500. Step 3: (Hotspot) If you are in a hotspot, an additional 10% reduction will be applied to your rate. Carrying over the example above at level 50 wilderness with a level 150 combat enemy (1/2,500 chance), if we are also in a hotzone, this is reduced to 1/2,250. Step 4: (Multiplier) This rate is applied at the very end, and the final denominator is simply divided by the multiplier. The multiplier is currently set at 1.5, though we can change this for events and/or if the armours are appearing too commonly. 2,250 / 1.5 = 1,500. Final chance is 1/1,500 Once you hit the drop table, some items are rarer than others (eg. Javelins and thrown axes are more common than Statius’s warhammer). Other notes: If you kill another player who has a piece of PvP equipment that is degraded, you will receive 250 PK points (per piece of equipment) assuming you are eligible for PKP. (not suspected to be farming) All of the equipment requires 78 defence to wear, and the weaponry requires 78 in whichever skill it is based in. (eg. Zuriel’s staff requires 78 Magic)


Store: Mithril seeds can now be purchased by Ironmen and Classics. Imbued hearts can now be purchased by Ironmen and Classics. Coal bag has been added to the store, and can also be purchased by Ironmen/Classics. PvP Mystery Box: A new mystery box, the PvP mystery box, is now available in the store! At a cost of 350 tokens, it has a guaranteed chance of any piece of the new Ancient PvP equipment. Note: The rewards include Morrigan’s javelins and throwing axes to balance out the loot. Additionally, weapons are more rare to obtain than equipment.


Forum/Website updates: Terms of Service page upon registering has been updated to match our current rules. (  




28/10/2018 Patch Notes:





Halloween event: This year’s, Eric’s determined to hold the spookiest halloween event for his niece and nephew. He won’t be ridiculed again, but he needs your help to organize it! Speak to Eric at home to be teleported to Port Sarim, where you’ll help him on his adventure this Halloween. Without saying too much, we’ll let you figure out the rest in-game, but we will mention that the rewards can be reclaimed from the lost items shop if lost. Alorian capes: A new set of capes can now be obtained! Donator capes: 4 new donator capes have been added, and as long as you meet the rank requirement, you can obtain these capes from the Donation manager and switch between the colors as you please.  These capes cost 500K gp, but once you buy one, you can swap through any color you have unlocked. Extreme Legendary Uber Master Notes: You can use the right-click ‘Teleport’ option to get to the Donator zone. You can use the ‘Switch-color’ option to swap between any of the cape colors that your rank allows you to have. If you lose or downgrade your donator rank, you will no longer be able to equip your cape. If lost on death, they can be reclaimed from the Lost items manager for 250k (half of the original price). Veteran cape: A sneak peak of the Veteran cape is included in the media below, which will be released on Alora’s 2nd birthday on November 4th. This cape is highly exclusive and is only available to players who have a join date of at least 2 years. On the date of release, only 1,325 accounts will be eligible. By New Years 2019, that number will have increased to a whopping 34,500 accounts. Keep an eye out for this cape on November 4th  ;) Donator icon toggles: #1. Hiding your own icon from everyone: You are now able to hide your own icon if you do not want to show that your are a donator or simply hate the look of the $ symbol. This is togglable by speaking to the Donation manager at home, and can easily be turned on or off whenever you’d like.  Notes: All donator benefits will still be active on your account, and you will still have access to the Donator zone! This will not hide your donator status. This cannot be hidden at the moment, and this toggle only applies to in-game areas. (chat, yells, clan chat messages, news messages, next to username in chatbox) For ironman, when using the yell channel, it will simply no longer show the color of your donator group, meaning it will use the default Classic/Ironman/etc color. #2. Hiding all icons on your client: You can now choose to hide everyone’s donator icons (including your own, if applicable) on Alora. This means that by toggling this setting, you will no longer see any donator icons ($ symbols) in all in-game areas. (chat, yells, clan chat messages, news messages, next to username in chatbox) Notes: This toggle was requested by numerous players as it will make your game look a little bit less like a private server, especially for youtube videos. The setting can be toggled by going to your settings tab, clicking the “Extra settings” button (wrench and hammer) and scrolling down to the bottom. Banking QOL update: You can now set a pre-defined amount to withdraw or deposit when banking!  The buttons at the bottom of your bank can be toggled to allow you to deposit/withdraw 1, 5, 10, All or a pre-defined amount (X) when you are withdrawing or depositing items. This will be remembered the next time you open your bank, until you relog, at which point the amount is reset to the default (1). Mouse wheel zoom update: You can now use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out without holding the CTRL key. This can be toggled in your settings menu by clicking on the zoom button, and will save to your character on logout to remember your preference. By default, this option is disabled. Scrolling without holding CTRL will work anywhere as long as your mouse is not over a scrollable interface. (eg. Bank interface, chatbox, friends list, etc) New bonus rate: Clue scroll bonus Event managers can now set a bonus rate for Clue scrolls, giving you a better chance at receiving good loot from your caskets! This also applies to the Clue hunter rewards and makes them easier to obtain. This does NOT apply to obtaining clue scrolls from NPC loot, it only applies to the loot you get from opening your final casket from the clue. Client login fix: Many of you have likely experienced the login screen bug where you click “Login” and nothing happens, but if you click again it will log you in just fine. This has been fixed, and players should now be able to login normally on the first click. Additionally, this fixes another bug where you would connect to a login server that is not optimal for you (more latency), when your client should be prioritizing the lowest latency server. Forum profile command added: You can now type ::profile/;;profile in-game to pull up a user’s forum profile. For example, typing in ‘;;profile king purple’ will take you to @King purple ’s forum profile ( This will quickly allow you to locate a user, whether online or offline, if you’d like to send them a message on the forums. Youtube shortcuts: ::yt can now be used instead of ::youtube to find someone’s stream ::lowkey and ::salter can now be used to link to @Lowkey and @Salter's streams. If anyone would like their own stream, and has proven that they stream consistently, send me a PM to add a link for yours. Client fix on Linux: Some users reported their middle mouse button not working on Linux based operating systems. Although untested, this should now be fixed. Reclaimable items update: The following items can now be reclaimed from the Lost items manager if lost on death: Imbued god capes (Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak) - 500K GP Imbued max god capes (Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak) - 600k GP Drop notifications: Similar to how you receive a purple message when you obtain a Money casket drop, a purple message will now be received when an NPC in the wilderness drops a Mysterious emblem or a Slayer enchantment. Soul rune crafting updates: Rather than 108 essence fragments, you can now hold up to 111 fragments in your inventory (accurate to OSRS). Realistically, with 27 in your inventory (minus one slot for a chisel), you’ll only need to hold 108 anyway in most cases. We’ve received positive feedback overall on the difficulty of Soul RCing, but many players believed that the experience rate should be more rewarding for an activity that is more difficult and click intensive than other types of Runecrafting. To address these concerns, we’ve increased the experience rate per rune to 59.4 experience (previously 29.7), doubling the XP/hr. Although this may seem like a big jump, it is still slower experience than crafting other runes (eg. Bloods). Veteran yell update: If a Veteran player who is also a donator yells in-game, the [Veteran] tag will now also have the donator icon of their rank next to it. If a Veteran donator speaks in the Clan channel, the donator icon will appear. If a Veteran donator receives a rare drop or any other type of news announcement, their donator rank will appear.  Wilderness loot skull bonuses: PvP Armour drops: PvP armour drops are now up to 30% more common when red-skulled, and 15% more common when regular skulled. This applies to all wilderness monsters that drop these armours. All other revenant drops: Any revenant drop with a less than 1/100 rate will be 20% more common when red-skulled, and 10% more common when regular skulled. PvP Armour updates: Exchange prices (& protection value) of all of these items has been increased dramatically. This ensures that when dying in the wilderness with these items, they are protected over most other items of lesser value. The 20% nerf outside of the wilderness has been removed in certain areas, providing the full effect of these equipments.  These areas include: FFA Clan wars Clan wars Battle Royale Basically, any PvP area has been included, except for the Duel Arena. All non-wildy PvM areas still nerf the bonuses by 20%. Special attack updates: Vesta’s spear will now make the user immune to any Melee attacks for 8 ticks (4.8 seconds) after using it. Additionally, the delay between using two Vesta’s spear specials in a row has been removed.  If you use two in a row, you will not receive 16 ticks of immunity, though. It is a maximum of 8 ticks from the current time, meaning you will have to re-use the special attack after 5 seconds to get the full benefit of ~10 seconds of melee immunity. Dagannoth Rex update: Dagannoth Rex was not properly defending against Melee/Ranged attack styles, making him too easy to defeat. The following has been updated: He will no longer take any damage from Melee/Range attacks. Magic must be used to harm him. New tournament arena: As you may have noticed with last weekend’s EIM Tournament, we have added the DMM maps to use for future tournaments (and eventually actual DMM tournaments when we get there).  Event managers can toggle between this area and the old tournament ring near the Grand Tree. Slayer tower bank chest upgrade: The bank chest at the top floor of the Slayer tower (before Grotesque guardians) can now be used to note/unnote items by using them on the chest. This will give some benefit to UIM who unlock the chest. Untradable reclaim update: The following items will now be sent to the Lost items manager on death if lost: Goldsmith gauntlets (250k GP buy back) Ice gloves (250k GP buy back) Combat changes: Mithril seeds will now move you 1 step even if you are frozen.  Orb charging fixes: When charging certain orbs, you do not need runes if you are wearing the correct staff. This was slightly bugged, as it would not check for Battlestaffs, Mystic staffs and mixed rune (Eg. Steam) staffs. This is now fixed and should check all types of staffs. Miscellaneous: King kurask animations fixed. Barbarian assault icons reverted to being in the cape slot, as they were causing hands to be invisible. Deadman’s chest (plate body) will now be a full platebody, no longer showing the arms through the top. Essence blocks / Zulrah scales can no longer be ‘equipped’ from the equipment interface. A few of the Skeletal wyverns were constantly hitting 0s. Their attack bonuses and max hits have been fixed. Fixed a bug with insuring Vanguard pet through Probita. The Teleport wizard will now face any player that speaks to him, and not only change direction when teleporting someone.



If you want to check out the entire update list, click HERE!


Once again, huge props to @[member="Omicron"] .  :10out10:




Over the last month there have been some changes to the staff team, you can see them below:


Staff updates as of October 3rd and 20th:



Moe has been promoted to Global Moderator.

Loo has been promoted to Global Moderator.

Code 002 has been promoted to Global Moderator.Scuffed EIM has been promoted to Global Moderator.

M A C K has been promoted to Forum Moderator.

Paine has been promoted to Server Moderator.Smiv has been promoted to Server Moderator.

Nhk has been promoted to Server Support.Fe mag3 fe has been promoted to Server Support.Trade For GP has been promoted to Server Support.



Chase has been demoted from Forum Moderator due to lack of activity.

Epico has been demoted for lack of activity.



Ja ke, better known as Collerkar76 has resigned from Global Moderator due to time constraints.

Raud Flame I has resigned from Server Moderator due to time constraints.

Mob1 has resigned from Server Moderator.

Ramon has resigned from his Global Moderator position.Kaamea has resigned from his Global Moderator position.Eim 40a has resigned from his Server Moderator position.


For more info on the Staff updates, click HERE!



I have decided to interview our lovely dyslexic Administrator @[member="hsoJ"] and the best PVMer in the game's history: @[member="ragragrag46"] ! I hope you enjoy hearing what they had to say.  ^_^ 



Greetings, @[member="hsoJ"] .



[Member="King Purple"] : What is your best memory on Alora ?


[Member="Hsoj"]: The best memory that I have that came from Alora was probably meeting Lowkey or Horror irl. (No homo)



[Member="King Purple"]: In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?


[Member="Hsoj"]: A wonder and forgiving place, Kinda like 4chan.



[Member="King Purple"]: Who is a celebrity you admire and why?


[Member="Hsoj"]: I'd probably answer with this... Eminem. Because he's the goat and thats relatable.



[Member="King Purple"]: How do you manage to get the same number of staff reports as you have forum awards? Whats the key to keep this balance? 


[Member="Hsoj"]: Honestly, its a grind. I try to be the best at everything I do. The record holder is at an unrealistically reachable amount as he was.. yeah. But, I keep balance by working hard and banning my way to the top. I will get there one day!!!!



[Member="King Purple"]: Who was (or still is) your celebrity crush?


[Member="Hsoj"]: [Member="Madasfuk"] or [Member="Ragragrag46"]. Next question.



[Member="King Purple"]: What is your secret talent most people don't know about?


[Member="Hsoj"]: I am double jointed in all of my fingers?



[Member="King Purple"]: What is your favourite pass-time outside of slaving on Alora?


[Member="Hsoj"]: Screaming at sports on my television set while being slightly inebriated with friends.



[Member="King Purple"]: What is the most recent thing you've lied about?


[Member="Hsoj"]: I voted [Member="Not Hellish"] for best something on the community awards... :/



[Member="Hsoj"]: I just want to thank you for doing the newspaper this month so there was a 0% chance I would have to. Also, I will remember to unlike the "giveaway" post you use to choose the interviews next time instead of forgetting and ending up where we are now. I hate you.


[Member="King Purple"]: Thank you sir....




Next on our list is [Member="Ragragrag46"]!



Greetings, @[member="ragragrag46"] .



[Member="King Purple"]: Which is your favorite Quote?


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: "Get rich or die trying", I like it because it represents PKers in any game. They take risks to make bank and if they fail its all gone.



[Member="King Purple"]: What is your favorite genre of music?


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: To be honest it depends on what I am doing. Working out probably techno, but, when slapping ironmen I'll listen to Classic, because the PM's I get afterwards makes me want to relax.  :D



[Member="King Purple"]: What is your relationship with ironmen at the moment ?


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: Tough question, I like some ironmen because they don't cry after they die in the wilderness, they know it is a dangerous zone. And no matter how many times They tell me " 0 risk sad F***** PKer" I will still hit you, so I'd say I'm alright with some Ironmen.



[Member="King Purple"]: Who would you let punch you directly in the face ?


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: This one is easy, [Member="Inferno"], because he is a bald 5'5 Ankou. (I've known him irl for like 18 years).



[Member="King Purple"]: What got you into PVMing, since you are mainly a PKer?


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: To be honest I have never hated pvming, it is fine and fun to do sometimes but I can't see myself logging in to this game to mainly pvm. I get more joy of killing people in wilderness because it takes skill to switch gear + prayers. Raids are good money tho. Ever since I got my scythe after a horrible grind, doing certain bosses is chill and easy so I tought why not.



[Member="King Purple"]: What is your favorite thing about Alora?


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: Absolutely the yell where I've gotten my mutes also. It winds up the game if you are bored, and, just overall good content. People take things too seriously and it makes it even better.



[Member="King Purple"]: What is your favorite Pass-time outside of Alora?


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: Working out and playing Soccer with my friends.



[Member="King Purple"]: What is your biggest fear? 


[Member="Ragragrag46"]: That one day I get so bored I might consider making an ironman.


Thank you for answering these questions, [Member="Ragragrag46"] !




Have any interview questions you would like to ask any of the staff members?

Don't hesitate to send me or [Member="Dante"] a private message via forums/discord and I'll include them in next edition along with the answers from that staff member!







The MOTM poll has concluded and here are the final results received from the community.

The 3 top winners have been picked and the final voting has taken place among the staff team


The very final winner of November MOTM is...





Congratulations [Member="Noobair"] ! You have stood out in the eye of the community as well as in the eye of the staff team. Thank you for being a great member here on Alora    :)

Contact Lowkey for your 3 bonds prize in-game, and your Forum Awards will be active shortly.


Stay tuned until the next month when voting takes place!










The August Community Awards are out now!

Visit this link to see the results;


Visit this link to take a look at the signatures @[member="Dumbshit"] made for the winners:






That concludes the end of this newspaper! 

Read our last newspaper by clicking HERE!

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October Community Award Signatures

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As always, thanks to Dumbshit for his hardwork  <3













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