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[14/7/19] Motherlode Mine, Cave Krakens, Kalphite Queen Rework, Mort Myre Fungus Collection & more!

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[15/7/19] Hotfixes:

Max capes and monkey capes will no longer have the Defence cape effect (teleporting you out at < 10% HP) Elemental runes (water, air, earth, fire) prices increased in the new Rune shop in the Wizard's guild. Fixed major issue with NPC movement / combat introduced last update: Not being able to attack spiders in Theatre of Blood Implings flying out of range Being able to attack monsters through objects Killing Kraken on a Cave Kraken task now counts towards your task. Silver jewellery can now be strung once again.


Hello everyone,


We're back with another round of weekly updates! We've worked hard to push this one out right at the start of the weekend. This week, we're introducing the Motherlode Mine, which provides a viable way to train Mining, as well as the introduction 


Motherlode Mine: The Motherlode mine is now open for miners who are at least level 30 Mining! Access: You can reach the Motherlode mine by using the Teleport Wizard, or by using the Skills necklace. Alternatively, you can use one of the two shortcuts in the Falador mines. Features: This mining area features Ore veins, which can be mined for pay-dirt and yield 60 Mining experience. These ore veins occasionally deplete, with the ores on the lower level having a higher chance of depleting. The veins also have a chance to give uncut gems. Pay-dirt: The clean the pay-dirt that is mined, you can fill it into the hopper. When deposited, it will be taken through a water circuit and will flow towards the sack at the end. The sack can then be searched to collect various ores, ranging from Coal to Runite.  Higher level ores will yield more experience. You will also have a chance to receive Golden nuggets, which can be used in Prospector Percy's Nugget Shop. Sack size: The sack can hold up to 108 pay-dirt initially, but can also be upgraded by paying Prospector Percy 200 golden nuggets, which brings the maximum up to 189 pay-dirt. Hazards: Rockfalls: Occasionally, rocks will fall in certain areas of the mine, damaging any unlucky players who are standing under them for 1-4 HP. These can be mined away for 10 Mining experience. Broken struts: Occasionally, the struts on the water wheels will break. This event affects everybody in the mine, and if both water wheels break, then the machinery can no longer clean pay-dirt for anyone. The struts can be fixed by using a hammer on them and grants some Smithing experience (1.5x the player's Smithing level). Upper level: To access the upper level, you must have at least level 72 Mining and pay Prospector Percy a one-time fee of 10M GP. The upper level contains 68 additional ores that are closer to each other compared to the lower level. They also have a lower chance of depleting. Rewards: You can trade Prospector Percy to purchase the following items in exchange for golden nuggets: Prospector outfit - 180 golden nuggets for full set This set, comprised of helmet (40), jacket (60), legs (50) and boots (30) will provide a 2% boost to Mining experience when fully worn: Helmet - 0.4% Jacket - 0.8% Legs - 0.6% Boots - 0.2% Bag full of gems - 40 golden nuggets These bags can be opened to obtain 40 random noted, uncut gems. The gems can range from Sapphire to Onyx, but we must warn you that the chance of an Onyx is slim to none. Here are the rates: Sapphire - 49.93% Emerald - 34.68% Ruby - 11.8% Diamond - 3.9% Dragonstone - 0.62% Onyx - 0.000001% Coal bag - 100 Golden nuggets Gem bag - 100 Golden nuggets Wizard's Guild Rune shop: Wizard Sinina on the second floor of the guild now sells all kinds of runes (except Cosmic, Astral and Wrath) with a limited stock of up to 5,000 of each rune for elemental, and between 250-400 for other runes. You can also purchase Rune packs in this shop, carrying between 35-80 packs in stock for any type. This shop is available to Ironmen. Rogue set upgrade: The Rogue set now also provides a chance at double loot from stalls, and not only from pickpocketing. Vote shop updates: Silver sickle ( b ) has been added to the vote shop for 300 vote points. Mort Myre fungus collection: Players can now use Silver Sickle( b ), which is purchasable in the Vote shop, to cast bloom in a 1 tile radius around the player, which will turn any Rotting logs into Mort Myre fungus logs. Using the sickle deducts 6 prayer points. Each log the player picks will provide them with 2 Mort Myre fungi, and the player can cast bloom an unlimited number of times. Note: All previous Mort myre fungus spawns have been removed, since they are redundant, and take away utility from the silver sickle. Miscellaneous: Fixed a graphical issue on the Achievement shop interface (Karamja gloves were gigantic). You can now 'investigate' the Kourend statue in Zeah to enter the Catacombs. You can also leave through the exit rope to go up to the surface. Jewellery fixes: Amulets of Glory, Rings of Dueling and Games necklaces now have charges removed when used in the equipment tab, as they were previously bugged. The Amulet of glory will not be lost, but the other two will crumble to dust upon being fully used. Games necklace teleports added: Burthorpe Barbarian outpost Kouren Corporeal beast Wintertodt Skills necklace teleports added: Fishing guild Motherlode mine Crafting guild Cooking guild Woodcutting guild Xeric's talisman teleports added: Xeric's Lookout Xeric's Glade Xeric's Inferno Xeric's Heart Xeric's Honor Amulet of glory teleports fixed to include both Karamja and Al-Kharid, while the Duel Arena has been removed from the list. Bonesack utility has been added: The bone sack (from the Achievement shop) can now be used to fill with various types of bones. It can hold bones, big bones, baby dragon bones, dragon bones, superior dragon bones, wyvern bones, lava dragon bones, Drake bones, Wyrm bones, Dagannoth bones, and Hydra bones. Players can store the following amounts based on their rank: (bones in total, regardless of type) Regular players->Super donators: 7 bones Extreme Donators->Legendary Donators: 9 bones Uber donators->Master donators: 11 bones Immortal donators: 13 bones Note: If you die with the bone sack, it will drop all of the stored bones. Cave krakens have been added! You can now disturb the Whirlpools in the Kraken cave to force Cave krakens to rise to the surface of the murky waters. After awakening the Cave krakens, they will attack you with solely Magic. You should also retaliate with Magic, as Melee cannot be used and Ranged attacks are heavily reduced against them. Notable loot: Kraken tentacle Trident of the seas Other loot: Many staff / rune drops, as well as some seeds including Torstol and Snapdragon. Notes: You must be level 87 Slayer to attack these monsters. Slayer: You can now obtain Cave krakens as a Slayer task on a hard Slayer task and be assigned between 55 and 140 to slay. Impling catching update: You can now catch implings in Puro Puro without a jar, whether you are doing so barehanded or with a net. Catching them barehanded will simply automatically loot the impling, without storing it in a jar. You can also now do so without any inventory space, and the loot will simply drop to the floor. Kalphite Queen rework: Prayer mechanics: Phase 1 is now more resistant to Ranged/Magic attacks. Melee should be the choice during this phase. Phase 2 is now more resistant to Melee attacks, requiring you to use Ranged or Magic to damage her. You can also use Verac's to hit through the prayer, but other combat types will remain slightly more accurate. Attack mechanics: Her Ranged/Mage attacks are 100% accurate as intended, and will always hit (still a slight chance to hit 0 through RNG, and still reducible by Prayer). Her Ranged attacks will now drain 1 Prayer point if they hit more than 0. If wearing a Spectral spirit shield, there is only a 50% chance that your Prayer will be drained upon being damaged. Other bugs: Upon transforming to the second phase, the KQ will re-attack the previous target. Fixed a bug where players who died and returned to the area would see the old form of the KQ rather than the 2nd form, if it is transformed. The 'transformation' time between phase 1 and phase 2 has been reduced by a few seconds, as it was slightly longer than it should be. Gold crafting has been fixed: You can now use gold bars on any furnace again to create gold jewellery. Sand crab changes: Aggro/respawn fixes: After respawning, some Sand crabs would not properly aggro on you, or they would not turn back into Rocks. They have now been fixed entirely and should work the same way that Rock crabs do. Multi-combat zone fixes: Crab claw isle is now a multi-combat as intended. The bank area is now single combat as intended. The south-east shore is now single combat as intended. Master Farmer update: You can now obtain Hops seeds from pickpocketing the Master Farmer, which should help for Birdhouse seed collection. Miscellaneous: The description for the Gem bag in the web-store has been fixed. Fixed a bug which caused HCIM to lose status if they died immediately after leaving the Recipe for Disaster mini-quest. The Fremennik Slayer dungeon entrance and exit have been fixed. Larran's key, although typically untradeable, now always drops on death, even if another player kills you. Cape fixes: Regular players can no longer use the Donator zone chinchompa teleport. Using certain Max cape functions that had options (eg. Chinchompas, Spellbook swap) would cause your player to perform the max cape emote. This should no longer occur. Ardougne max cape unique teleports (Kandarin monastery and Ardougne farm) have been fixed. Infernal max cape options have been fixed. Daily tasks fix: Daily tasks were not resetting at the proper time (server time) and would sometimes reset 6 hours prior to midnight. This has been fixed. Castle wars barricade fix: Burning barricades would make the underlying tile blocked from being walked on. This has been fixed.








We hope you enjoy this update! :)




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[6/7/19] ZMI Runecrafting, Silver Jewellery, Draynor Rooftop Course, Clue Boosters & more!

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Hello everyone,


Note: Abyssal tentacle degrading was originally in this update, but has since been removed and may be polled at a later date.


As promised, our second batch of weekly updates is now live! We've taken some time to adjust the Theatre of Blood drop rates, as they were recently released by the OSRS development team. On top of this, we've got plenty of new content such as ZMI Runecrafting, another low-level Draynor Rooftop Agility Course and fully treatable and enchantable Silver Jewellery. We hope you find can all find something to enjoy in this update! :)


ZMI Runecrafting: Players can now access and use the ZMI altar! Players must run through the long/safe path, or dangerous/short path to get the altar, and can craft pure essence on it. The altar rewards all runes except for Wrath runes, and has no level requirement to use. With that being said, the higher your Runecrafting level is, the more likely you are to get a better rune. Players will receive 1 rune per pure essence they craft, or 1-2 runes if they are donator+. Players can't teleport out of the ZMI area, unless they use the Ourania teleport in the Lunar spell, which is free to use, as all spellbook teleports are. Access: You can teleport to the ZMI area through the Teleport Wizard, or through the Ourania teleport in the Lunar spell book. Blood Runecrafting change: Blood runes are now crafted with Dense essence blocks, similar to soul runes, rather than pure essence. Abyssal tentacles dissolving: The Abyssal tentacle now degrades. When you create one, it has 10,000 uses, and once the uses are up, your tentacle consumers your abyssal whip, and returns a tentacle to the player. Players who have a tentacle in-game currently will have 10k uses automatically added to their accounts. Trader Stan's charter shop has been added: Trader stan is in Port Sarim, and he sells general items, including glassblowing pipes, buckets of sand, seaweed, and soda ash, and is accessible by all game modes. His stock, unlike other shops in Alora, goes down in number when people purchase items. These items slowly restock over time (2 per 30 seconds). Barehanded impling catching: Players can now catch implings barehanded. If the player has the necessary level (see hunter guide), they can catch implings barehanded without any net required. Silver jewellery crafting and enchanting: You can now craft Silver jewellery by using your Silver bars on any furnace while having the appropriate mould (and gem) in your inventory. Jewellery that can currently be created and enchanted: Opal Necklace: Requires level 16 crafting to make, using a silver bar and a necklace mould. Players can use the level 1 enchant spell on an Opal Necklace to create the Dodgy Necklace, which provides a 25% chance to succeed with a pickpocket if you were going to fail it. The necklace has 10 charges, and will break after the uses are used. Players can right click the necklace to check the uses left, and break it to reset their uses. Opal bracelet: Requires level 22 crafting to make, using a silver bar and a bracelet mould. Players can use a level 1 enchant on an Opal Bracelet to create the Expeditious bracelet, which provides a 25% chance to decrease the monsters left on a task by 2, as opposed to 1. The bracelet has 30 charges, and will break after the uses are used. Players can right click the bracelet to check the uses left, and break it to reset their uses. Opal amulet: Requires level 27 crafting to make, using a silver bar and an amulet mould. Players can use a level 1 enchant an Opal amulet to create the Amulet of Bounty, which provides a 25% chance of not using a seed when farming. The amulet has 10 charges, and will break after the uses are used. Players can right click the amulet to check the uses left, and break it to reset their uses. Jade necklace: Requires level 25 crafting to make, using a silver bar and a necklace mould. Players can use a level 2 enchant on a Jade necklace to create the Necklace of Passage, which provides various teleports around the game. The necklace has 5 charges, and will break after they are used. Jade amulet: Requires level 34 crafting to make, using a silver bar and an amulet mould. Players can use a level 2 enchant on a Jade amulet to create the Amulet of Chemistry, which provides a 5% chance to receive an extra dose when creating potions. The amulet has 5 charges, and will break after the uses are used. Players can right click the amulet to check the uses left, and break it to reset their uses. Topaz necklace: Requires level 32 crafting to make, using a silver bar and a necklace mould. Players can use a level 3 enchant on a Topaz necklace to create the Necklace of Faith, which will boost a players prayer by 10% if their hitpoints fall below 20%, and they are wearing the necklace. The necklace will turn to dust when the perk is used. Topaz bracelet: Requires level 38 crafting to make, using a silver bar and a bracelet mould. Players can use a level 3 enchant on a Topaz Bracelet to create the Bracelet of Slaughter, which provides a 25% chance to not decrease the monsters left on a task. The bracelet has 30 charges, and will break after the uses are used. Players can right click the bracelet to check the uses left, and break it to reset their uses. Topaz amulet: Requires level 45 crafting to make, using a silver bar and an amulet mould. Players can use a level 3 enchant on a Topaz amulet to create the Burning Amulet, which provides various wilderness teleport options. The amulet has 5 charges, and will break after the uses are used. Players can right click the amulet to check the uses left, and break it to reset their uses. Draynor Rooftop Agility course: The Draynor Rooftop course is now available for low-level Agility training! With a requirement of 10 Agility, players now have an alternative to the Gnome agility course for low-level training. The full course will give 120 experience (before multipliers) as well as 1-2 Marks of grace upon completion of a lap. Cape changes: Max cape update: The 'Features' right-click option while the Max cape is in your inventory can now be used to swap your spell book. Max cape options have been added to the following combination capes: Fire max cape Saradomin max cape (+imbued variant) Zamorak max cape (+ imbued variant) Guthix max cape (+imbued variant) Ava's max cape Ardougne max cape This cape has only been given some of the options (notably the Spellbook swap) as it already has its own options. Infernal max cape Assembler max cape Monkey (completionist) cape options update: The Monkey has been given the same right-click options in the inventory and equipment tab as the Max capes. Previously, it only had a Teleport option in your inventory. It will now feature the Spellbook swap option as well, and both options will be available in the equipment tab right-click. Vote reward shop price fixes: We intended to make the Rogue outfit 2,000 points (and 1,000 for restricted game modes), but following the previous update it was 2,250 points. We've corrected this to 2,000/1,000 by reducing the price of the Rogue mask to 350 from 500, and the price of the top/bottom to 575 from 625. Slayer vote book bonus fix: Due to the Slayer bonus from Vote books only being a 25% increased, this means that if you receive 2 points, 25% more is 2.5, which the server would then round down and keep at 2. This is now fixed, and the server will round upwards instead, to give you 3 points (effectively a 50% bonus in this case). Miscellaneous: The Wilderness supply chest would spawn about 2 seconds before the announcement was made, but it will now spawn simultaneous to the announcement. Edgeville dungeon / Varrock sewer obstacle pipe: Players with 51 Agility can now use the pipe to cross between these two areas, which should speed up Red spiders' eggs collecting. Client updates: The zoom buttons in the Settings tab have been fixed to properly zoom in and out. The middle button resets the zoom to the default. Wesley the Crusher: Wesley is now standing near Zahur by the Edgeville Furnace to crush your Herblore items for you! He can crush any item that requires a Pestle and Mortar, such s: Unicorn horns Blue dragon scales Bird nests Chocolate bars Goat horns Kebbit teeth Lava scales Superior dragon bones Wesley charges 500 coins per item, and is able to crush noted items. (except for Bird nests which are un-notable) This price is reduced for Donator ranks: Normal: 500 Regular Donator: 475 Super: 450 Extreme: 425 Legendary: 375 Uber: 325 Master: 275 Immortal: 200 Sand crabs: Sand crabs can now be fought in Zeah! These crabs are located on a sandy shore south of Zeah, which can be accessed by using the Teleport wizard and going Monsters -> Sand Crabs. They have more hitpoints than Rock crabs, and there are more of them, making it a prime area for combat training. Seaweed spawns: There are now a whopping 28 seaweed spawns along this shore, making it the best area for collecting seaweed at the moment. There is also a bank chest on the shore. Crabclaw Isle: A private island to fight crabs is available to the south of the shore, for a fee of 100k GP. You can stay here as long as you'd like, but if you leave, you'll have to pay another 100k to revisit. Theatre of Blood changes: Killtime record QOL: The killtime records will now display the full team for ToB, whereas it usually shows 3 players maximum for other bosses/mini-games. Points system / Loot rate matching OSRS: OSRS recently released the exact formulas (# of points given for different actions in the raid, and how the affect the loot rates) which we've taken the time to implement into Alora's Theatre of Blood. We now have near-100% accurate rates for the reward system in the Theatre of Blood. This also means that Lil Zik is completely separate from the loot table, and is rolled at a 1/650 rate but does not affect your rare loot whatsoever. Here's how it works in a nutshell (full image below with more details): An 'invisible' point system in the background keeps track of your progress: Dying reduces your points. Dealing the most damage in a room/phase gives you more points. Participating in each room gives you points. (AFKing will not) Raid boosters increase the # of points you can obtain. At the end, 1 player will be chosen as the MVP, which will be eligible for the rare loot. The MVP is chosen based on how many points you have out of the team total. For example, if you have 30% of the team's points, you have a 30% chance of being the MVP. The MVP will then roll for the rare loot, which has an 11% chance. This 11% chance is reduced by deaths in your team, but is also increased by the vote bonus, server bonus on weekend events and drop scroll boosters. Once you hit the rare drop table, you will be guaranteed one item at the following rates: 1/19 -  Scythe of Vitur 2/19 - Ghrazi rapier 2/19 - Sanguinesti staff 2/19 - Justiciar face guard 2/19 - Justiciar chest guard 2/19 - Justiciar leg guards 8/19 - Avernic defender hilt




Store updates: Clue booster: Clue boosters can now be purchased from the donation store! These will boost the chance of obtaining super rare loot from opening Clue scroll caskets by 20% for 1 hour, at the cost of 15 tokens. Ideally, you'd complete your caskets and save the clues before using one of these boosters to maximize the benefit. The booster will also increase your chance of receiving the Clue hunter outfit pieces. These can be purchased by any game mode, but have the same restrictions a well: EIM/GIM cannot open another booster if there is still time remaining on the current one. EIM/GIM/HCIM/Classic/Realism can only open 1 Clue booster every 3 hours.









Make sure to report any bugs that you find as soon as you encounter them!


Best Regards,

Alora Staff Team

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Alora Newspaper 7/6/2019

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Hello everyone, welcome to this month's edition of the Alora Newspaper!


It's been one hell of a month for the month of June if you've missed anything here's a "quick" rundown on things.


Date & time of updated rule:


2019-06-22 (22:16 CET+1)


Updated section:


14. World Yell


Time or date that the updated rule(s) will be put into effect:


2019-06-22 (22:20 CET+1)


Part(s) added, changed or removed:


Changed to



Members may use world yell to advertise clan chats & group activities. This should be done at a minimum interval of every 5 minutes for the same clan. First offenders will receive a warning, followed by 24-hour yell mute, with the ending result being a 48-hour mute.• a. Closed Clan Chats must provide a [;;topic xxxxxx] for their sign-up page to ensure people understand how to join the clan chat & which requirements there are. [/Spoiler]From [Spoiler]

Members may not use world yell to advertise clan chats with the exception of the server clan chats such as






. Group activities are



. This includes gambling chats, clan chats, etc. First offenders will receive a


, followed by

24-hour mute

, with the ending result being a

48-hour mute

. If a member has been given direct permission by another staff member, they may

disregard this rule.




Brief explanation:


This rule was adjusted to accurately portray how we interpret the old rule in-game.




Date & time of updated rule: June 23rd, 2019Updated section: Rule #13: Player versus Player (PvP)Time or date that the updated rule(s) will be put into effect: ImmediatelyPart(s) added, changed or removed: Highlighted in YELLOW




13. Player versus Player (PvP)

Alora is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected, etc., while in the wilderness. The wilderness, or 'No man's land', if you will, for the most part, has no restrictions; hence why it can be referred to as 'No man's land'. However, we do have a few rules:

• a. PvP-Farming will be an automatic permanent ban with no chance of appeal on all accounts involved, followed up by an IP-Ban.• b. Luring is allowed for the most part. The few exceptions to this rule are members cannot attempt to lure via world yell or servers clan chats such as Alora and Help. Attempting to lure staff by asking for help whilst in the wilderness or anything else that involves blatant deception will result in a ban. The first offense will result in a 24-hour ban followed up by a 72-hour ban with the ending result being a 7-day ban + bank wipe.• c. Attacking another player while you only have 1 item or essentially no valuable risk with the intent to negatively affect another player's experience in the wilderness is against the rules and will not be tolerated. (ex. Using a ZGS and constantly returning to a specific area or person and harassing the player.) This rule is applied to the entirety of PvP across Alora. However, certain areas of PvP will follow specific rules. While in Edgeville and ::edgepvp, the act of griefing fights will not be allowed. (ex. Walking over players constantly or placing items such as cannons down.) Pjing/Rushing is allowed; But if reported with sufficient evidence of being an on-going issue and considered harassment, it will be dealt with by staff discretion. First offenders will receive a 5-hour jail followed by a 24-hour ban, increasing to a 7-day ban, and finally, a permanent ban.• d. X-Logging from the server will result in a 24-hour ban, then a 48-hour ban, and finally, a permanent ban, as doing this causes an unfair advantage for other members of the community.






13. Player versus Player (PvP)

Alora is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected, etc., while in the wilderness. The wilderness, or 'No man's land', if you will, for the most part, has no restrictions; hence why it can be referred to as 'No man's land'. However, we do have a few rules:

• a. PvP-Farming will be an automatic permanent ban with no chance of appeal on all accounts involved, followed up by an IP-Ban.• b. Luring is allowed for the most part. The few exceptions to this rule are members cannot attempt to lure via world yell or servers clan chats such as Alora and Help. Attempting to lure staff by asking for help whilst in the wilderness or anything else that involves blatant deception will result in a ban. The first offense will result in a 24-hour ban followed up by a 72-hour ban with the ending result being a 7-day ban + bank wipe.• c. Attacking another player while you only have 1 item or essentially no valuable risk with the intent to negatively affect another player's experience in the wilderness is against the rules and will not be tolerated. (ex. Using a ZGS and constantly returning to a specific area or person and harassing the player.) This rule is applied to the entirety of PvP across Alora. However, certain areas of PvP will follow specific rules. While in Edgeville and ::edgepvp, the act of griefing fights will not be allowed. (ex. Walking over players constantly or placing items such as cannons down.) Pjing/Rushing is allowed; But if reported with sufficient evidence of being an on-going issue and considered harassment, it will be dealt with by staff discretion. First offenders will receive a 5-hour jail followed by a 24-hour ban, increasing to a 7-day ban, and finally, a permanent ban.• d. X-Logging from the server will result in a 24-hour ban, then a 48-hour ban, and finally, a permanent ban, as doing this causes an unfair advantage for other members of the community.


• e. Intentionally throwing or actively participating in the farming of Castlewars games in an attempt to earn quick and easy tickets will not be tolerated. First offenders will receive a 24-hour ban as well as a wipe of ALL Castlewars tickets/rewards, followed by a 48-hour ban, and finally, a permanent ban.



Brief explanation: With the addition of Castlewars to the game, we have to draw the line that farming these tickets unfairly without actually playing the game is something that will not be tolerated. This rule will be enforced via staff discretion.




Keep up to date with our rules.

The full list can be found by clicking



[23/6/19] Hotfixes:

Castle Wars changes: God's blessing timer from playing Castle Wars is now stackable. Time before the game starts increased from 90 seconds to 120. In the waiting room, the "Time left in the current game" was wrong and now shows the correct time. You can no longer teleport out of the waiting room (You can leave through the portal). Upon dying, autocast will no longer be canceled. Helmets and capes can no longer be worn inside. A bug with staircases which kept you in the game after it ended has been fixed. A game announcement will now be sent to players to announce that another Castle Wars game is starting in 2 minutes. Voting changes: Due to some vote websites not always working correctly, especially, lately, we've changed the required # of votes to 3/5. Gem bag has been added to the Vote shop as intended (500 points).





Hello everyone,


Today's update brings a classic mini-game with it... Castle Wars! You can now hop right in and help your team to capture as many flags as possible, with a unique twist on the rewards table. Rewards include some convenient items for ironmen such as runes, herb boxes, seed packs, as well as many cosmetics such as the Saradomin hoods/capes/banners that are on OSRS, but also some items unique to our reward shop such as the new Dagon'hai robes! Aside from this, many QOL updates and bug fixes have also been applied, such as some reductions on Trading post taxes for online players, and a new search functionality that lists online players first.



Without further ado...


Castle Wars: The Castle Wars mini-game is now released! Hop right in by using the Teleport wizard or typing in ;;cwars Lobby: You can enter any of the three God portals: Zamorak, Guthix or Saradomin Be warned, if you enter a portal wearing the armour of another God (eg. Entering Zamorak wearing a Guthix d'hide piece), you will be converted into an animal of their choice! (Sheep, Imp or Rabbit) In-game: Underground tunnels: The tunnels can be used to travel underground and can be entered from either base (Sara/Zammy), as well as in the center of the battleground. Within these tunnels, you may encounter some collapsed rocks. You can mine these away with a pickaxe, or use 2 explosive potions to take them down.  You can also collapse a wall yourself to create a rock deposit and block players from following you, but this also requires either 1 explosive potion or a pickaxe, which takes slightly longer. If you collapse a wall which has players standing near it (where the rocks fall), any players in this zone will be instantly killed (including your team-mates). At the start of every game, all sides of the tunnel (North/east/south/west) will have rock deposits that you must break your way through. Objective: You must capture the other team's flag while protecting your own. You can protect your own by setting up barricades to deter other players, keeping the underground tunnels protected and monitoring the castle walls and holding players off. Rewards: You will receive Castle Wars tickets as follows upon completion of a game: Shut-out win (1-0) = 3 tickets to winning team, 1 ticket for losing team. Regular win (2-1) = 2 tickets to the winning team, 1 ticket for losing team. Scoreless tie (0-0) = 2 tickets for both teams. Regular tie (1-1) = 1 ticket for both teams. Donator bonus: If you are an Extreme donator or higher, you will receive 1 bonus ticket per game. If you are Uber donator or higher, you will receive 2 bonus tickets per game. Server bonus: Event managers can set Castle Wars events to give bonus tickets! (Up to 1.5x, but will give a minimum of 1 extra ticket always. Ticket Exchange: Lanthus can exchange your tickets for the following rewards: Castle wars hoods (Saradomin or Zamorak) 50 tickets Castle wars capes (Saradomin or Zamorak) 100 tickets Castle wars banners (Saradomin or Zamorak) 250 tickets Seed pack: 4 tickets Herb box: 4 tickets Dagon'hai outfit: 250 tickets for hat 500 tickets for top OR bottom Rat pole 40 tickets Gadderhammer 60 tickets Sheep pet 250 tickets Castle wars bracelet (1) 1 ticket This bracelet is a single-use bracelet that gives you +20% damage and makes bandaids heal 50% more in the Castle wars arena. It is removed after the game. It is also tradable. Blessing of The Gods: Upon the completion of each successful game, you will receive 20, 15, or 10 minutes on your Blessing of the Gods timer (20% bonus XP) depending on whether your team won, tied, or lost, respectively. To make this a viable method of obtaining bonus XP, your blessing timer will not go down while you are playing Castle Wars (in the waiting area or in-game). Additionally, you are required to participate in the mini-game (dealing damage, setting up barriers, etc) to obtain this blessing as well as tickets in general. The timer doesn't work in the Castle wars mini-game either, so you won't be able to perform any skilling tasks while inside to benefit from the 'frozen' XP bonus. Herb box: Herb boxes are now available! You can receive 10 random herbs from these boxes, including: Guam, Marrentill, Tarromin, Harralander, Ranarr, Irit, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Cadantine, Lantadyme, and Dwarf weed At the moment, the only method of obtaining these boxes is through the Castle Wars Ticket Exchange.



Trading Post Updates: To make the Trading post more convenient, we are adding three new features: 1. Online sellers show up first When searching for a specific item on the Trading Post, by default the listings at the top will be for sellers who are online. This gives buyers the opportunity to negotiate with online sellers more easily. 2. Online status is shown on listings No matter where you are searching, you will be able to easily see the online/offline status of the seller. 3. Trading post fee reimbursement To lessen the burden of the Trading post fees, sellers who are online will receive 50% of the total fees collected from the sale. This will allow sellers to offer a lower price to sell their items as long as they are online at the time of sale. For example, if you sell a bond for 400m, 10m is added as tax, bringing the total to 102.5m. If you are online when this item is sold, you will collect 405m. If you are offline when this item is sold, you will collect 400m. Vote shop reward updates: Numerous items have been added to the Vote shop: Instance tokens - 80 vote points PER token We've decided to add an alternative method from the donation store to obtaining these tokens. Rogue outfit: This exclusive, never-seen-before cosmetic outfit can only be obtained from the Vote store and costs 4,000 vote points for the full set. NOTE: This cost is reduced by 50% for Classics/EIM/Realism/HCIM/GIM. This is due to the fact that they can only open Vote books once every few hours and are more limited, and also that the Rogue outfit is not tradable. Price per piece: Trousers/Top - 1,250 each Mask - 1,000 points Boots/Gloves - 500 each Gem bag - 500 vote points Details found below. Realism mode changes: The PKP exchange can now be used by Realism players, though it is similar to the Ironman PKP exchange in that the stock is not as overpowered as the normal PKP exchange. Realism players can now sell back to the General store. Rogue outfit: (Obtained from the Vote shop) The Rogue outfit pieces each provide a % chance of receiving double loot when pickpocketing NPCs (Full set effect: 18%). Bonus chance: Mask - 4% Top - 5% Trousers - 5% Boots - 2% Gloves - 2% You will receive the following hatbox message when your set helps you steal double the loot: "Your rogue outfit allows you to stealthily steal double the loot." Gem bag: (Thanks to @[member="GIM Rockstar"] for the suggestion!) The Gem bag can now be used to store 60 of each of the following gems (300 total): Uncut sapphire Uncut emerald Uncut ruby Uncut diamond Uncut dragonstone This bag can be used when slaying monsters that drop gems frequently, or when gem mining. You can also use it when crafting jewelry, to quickly withdraw gems that you are cutting. Obtaining: There are currently two methods of obtaining the Gem bag: Vote shop - 500 vote points Donation store - 75 tokens Losing on death: If lost on death, you can reclaim the bag from the Lost items manager for 250,000 GP. Instance refunds: If you have an active instance with at least 30 minutes remaining on the clock (1/3 of the total room time) when the 5-minute update timer starts, you will automatically receive an instance token to open a new instance when the server restarts. You will no longer be able to open instances when a pending update is announced 10 minutes before the timer starts (when Raids are disabled). Superglass make spell fix: This spell will now yield an extra 30% Molten glass as intended (no extra experience). Bank search bugs fixed: A bug that occurred when searching for items in the bank that prevented you from withdrawing them (when not on the main tab) has now been fixed. Another bug, which quickly closed the search interface after clicking it, has also been fixed. Collection log fixes: Dragon chainbody drop (found in the Slayer, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, and Kalphite Queen sections) was not properly being counted when received and has been fixed. Banner animation fixes: All in-game banners (eg. Arceuus, Western, etc) had the wrong animations, and would be held 'backwards'. We've fixed all of these animations to make them look how they should, including stand, walk, run, block, and attack animations. Miscellaneous: The chance of inflicting an enemy with venom when wearing a Serpentine helmet now works for Tanzanite and Magma helmets. A few bad ram/goblin spawns in Lumbridge have been fixed. The unholy symbol now goes into the amulet slot rather than the weapon slot. Rune Warhammer animations have been fixed. Fixed a typo in Sir Loyal T's dialogue. Crafting Slayer helmets now requires level 55 Crafting. Ferocious gloves are now tradable. The teleport wizard can now take you to the Wilderness mammoths area. Players can now slash through webs by using a knife on them. A few tiles in the Edgeville dungeon were safe, they have been fixed and are now considered non-safe wilderness areas. Ring of recoil no longer appears twice in the Grand supply shops (Normal and for Realism). Requirement fixes: Dragon full helmet now requires 60 Defence to wear. Fixed a bug in the starter tutorial which would not put you back at the right location if you logged out half-way through the tutorial. Dragonfire ward (noted) is now tradable. Boots of lightness, Spotted cape, Spottier cape now reduce weight as intended. Insatiable bloodvelds/regular bloodvelds can now drop 3, 10, or 30 blood runes. Insatiable mutated bloodvelds now drop 7 or 30 blood runes. Players can now remove lava/volcanic whip imbuement with a cleaning cloth. Blue and black wizard hats now give +2 Magic bonus as intended. Runner boots now require 40 defence to wear instead of 45. Elemental shield now protects you properly when fighting Wyverns. Princess blouse now equips in the correct slot. Black/Rune heraldic shields can now be equipped. Watering cans can now be filled with water. Frozen/volcanic abyssal whips and other ornamented items (anguish, tormented, torture) now protect over less valuable items. Fremennik helm now requires 30 defence to wear as intended. Zamorak brew functionality: You can now drink Zamorak brews. Wilderness/Combat changes: Weapon fixes: Vesta's longsword fix: The VLS special attack will now work properly, hitting at least 20% of the max hit when used, up to 120%. (Subject to Melee Prayer protection) Statius Warhammer fix: The Statius Warhammer special attack will now work properly, hitting at least 25% of the max hit when used, up to 125%. (Subject to Melee Prayer protection) Arclight fixes: Attack speed: Attack speed is now much faster, with the same speed as a whip. Special attack: The 'Weaken' special attack has been implemented: Weaken, which uses 50% of the player's special attack energy and lowers the opponent's Strength, Attack, and Defence levels by 5% (10% for demons). Weaken's effect is only applied if it is a successful hit. Use of the special attack does not detract from Arclight's charges. Dragon Warhammer special attack fix: The Dragon Warhammer special attack was not properly 'stacking' on NPCs. It will now work properly, with 2 successful special attacks reducing your enemy's defence by 51%. (30% lower each time, based on the current level)  Teleblock changes: The Teleblock projectile has been changed to match OSRS (purple projectile if it's going to land, otherwise gray projectile). The experience for a TB that lands is now 95, otherwise it is 84. Teleblock will now never do any damage. Teleblock is now removed upon logout (along with the timer) as it is in OSRS. Crazy Archaeologist: The Crazy Archaeologist can now be properly fought! This insane individual, who resides in The Forgotten Cemetery, can drop Malediction and Odium ward shards. You can also be assigned Crazy Archaeologist tasks from Krystilia, the Wilderness Slayer master. The Teleport wizard can now take you to The Forgotten Cemetery. Chaos Fanatic: The Chaos Fanatic can now be properly fought! The Fanatic, who resides west of the Lava Maze, also drops Malediction and Odium ward shards, as well as the Ancient staff. You can be assigned Chaos Fanatic tasks from Krystilia, the Wilderness Slayer master. The Teleport wizard can now take you directly to the Fanatic's location.



Forum updates: The # of awards displayed on your posts has been increased from 25 to 40 (Thanks to @[member="Moral Truth"] for the suggestion) With this change, a slight tweak has been made to reduce the sizes of the award images from 25x25 to 23x23


Donation updates: Gem bag: The Gem bag (more details above) can be purchased for 75 tokens. This item is available to all players, including Ironmen & Realism accounts.








We hope you enjoy this update! :) Please report any bugs that you may encounter.







Hello everyone,


Today's update comes with an exciting announcement: We now have another developer! Many of you are aware that Alora has been solo-developed for most of the past few years. In the last few months, my brother (Chad), who many of you already know and have interacted with, has taken the time to familiarize himself with Alora's code and has reached a point where we both feel confident having him work on updates full-time. He is a programmer as well, and he is more than capable of adding quality updates to Alora. This update is the result of that, and we're excited to return to doing large weekly updates to keep things fresh!


This update contains a bunch of new content, including Birdhouses, Skillcape perks, Barbarian fishing, Ents, Larran's key (Wilderness Slayer key) and more. We made sure that there was something for everyone in this one, so we hope that you enjoy it :)



Vote book personalization: Vote books now allow you to choose what type of bonus you'd like to enable once every 12 hours! Rather than only being an XP boost, you can choose from the following boosts: (All of the boosts below stack with other bonuses, such as Weekend bonuses) XP - 60 minutes of 50% boost PKP - 45 minutes of 25% boost Slayer points - 45 minutes of 25% boost Barrows points - 45 minutes of 25% boost Pest control - 45 minutes of 25% boost Castle wars - 45 minutes of 25% boost Raids - 45 minutes of 5% boost Notes: You'll still be able to open other vote books before 12 hours has passed (unless your game mode restricts it), but they will only allow you to select XP bonus. Donator bonuses work on these skills, as you'll see below in the GIF I actually receive 67 minutes of Raids bonus rather than 45 due to my Immortal donator giving me 1.5x the usual time. Boost Display: A new button in your quest tab has been added to display a full list of your active experience boosts! Boosts displayed: Server boosts (eg. Weekend events) Vote boosts (eg. From the list above) Boosters (eg. Drop booster from donation store) Other (eg. Gods blessing timer from fighting God bosses or playing Castle Wars) Minnow fishing: Donators can now take the rowboat from the Fishing guild to the Minnow platform! Equipped with a small net and level 82 Fishing, you can fish minnows on the platform. You will receive minnows in bunches of 10-14, granting 26.1 experience per bunch. You can then exchange these Minnows for noted Sharks with Kylie Minnow on the platform. Note: After you have amassed 3,000 minnows in your inventory, you can no longer fish anymore on the platform. You will either have to exchange them through Kylie or bank them to continue fishing. Realism rapier: As promised, the Realism-only weapon is now available! You can obtain the Realism rapier by speaking to Paul at home. The cost is 500k GP, as it is a relatively powerful weapon. This rapier is slightly more powerful than a Dragon scimitar, though it has a high stab bonus rather than slash. It has an Attack requirement slightly lower than that of the Dragon scimitar, at level 50 Attack. When fighting with this sword, it has the same graceful rapier animations as the Ghrazi rapier. The sword is untradeable and can be reclaimed from Paul if lost on death. Bonuses: +70 Stab +45 Slash +67 Strength Birdhouses: Birdhouses can now be used to train Hunter on Fossil Island! Location: To reach this area, you can use the Skilling menu through the Teleport wizard. Creation: Birdhouses are created by using Clockworks (purchasable in the Construction supply store) with any type of log while having a hammer and chisel in your inventory: The type of birdhouse created, Crafting level required to create it and XP gained, as well as the Hunter level required to set up the birdhouse depends on the logs used. A table has been posted below with all of the details. Setting up: Birdhouses can be set up in 4 different locations across Fossil island, which you can quickly teleport between using the Magic Mushtree network. You can use any birdhouse on any one of these 4 spaces to set up a birdhouse trap. Once set up, you'll need to fill it with 10 of any Hops seed or Herb seed. If using a Wildblood seed, or any Herb seed that is Ranarr or higher, it will count as 2 seeds and you will only need 5. Managing: After depositing 10 seeds, the trap will begin to catch birds. It will catch 1 bird every 5 to 10 minutes. After catching 10 birds, you will be notified by chatbox message that one of your traps is full. At any time during the process, you can dismantle your birdhouse to re-obtain the Clockwork. You will only ever need 4 Clockworks. If your trap caught any birds, you will receive 5-6 feathers per bird and 1 raw bird meat (dropped on the ground). When dismantling a trap with birds, you have the chance to receive Bird's nests at the following rate (per bird caught): Regular - 5% Oak - 7.5% Willow - 10% Teak - 12.5% Maple - 15% Mahogany - 17.5% Yew - 20% Redwood - 25% Barbarian fishing: Players can now fish Sturgeon, Trout, and Salmon at Otto's grotto to earn Agility and Strength experience alongside the usual Fishing. XP. Players who wish to fish here must have a Barbarian rod and bait. Barbarian rods can be purchased from Gerrant's fishing shop, or players can search the barbarian bed in Otto's house to obtain one. Requirements: All fish ~ 15 Strength and Agility Trout ~ 48 Fishing Salmon ~ 58 Fishing Sturgeon ~ 70 Fishing Access: You can use the Teleport Wizard to teleport here, by navigating to the Skilling menu. (Location name: Otto's Grotto) Arclight fix: Although the Arclight did indeed reduce enemy Defence and was stackable, it was not properly stacking for Attack/Strength reductions.  It should now work as intended, reducing all three in a stackable manner. Additionally, the stacking effect was being added multiplicatively manner, similar to the Dragon Warhammer special (meaning each special attack would reduce the enemy's stats by a lower amount than the last) rather than additively.  It will now be stacking additively, meaning each hit will indeed reduce enemy stats by 5% (or 10% if against a Demon) rather than a lower percentage each hit. Ents: Ents found in the wilderness can now be chopped after dying.  Chopping their remains will allow you to obtain several sets of noted logs according to your Woodcutting level.  You also gain 25 experience per set of logs (no matter the type). You can receive better logs when using a Rune or Dragon axe. Larran's Key: Larran's key has been added! Players have a chance to receive Larran's key (a stackable item) by killing monsters on their wilderness slayer task. Players can then go to either Larran's chest (big, in deep wilderness, or small, in low wilderness) and open it to receive items. Items in the chest are similar to Brimstone chest, but with the unique items removed. The big chest has better drops than the small chest due to the danger of opening it in deep wilderness. Graceful fixes: Wearing mixed pieces of Graceful was not working properly and has now been fixed to give the same effect no matter which combination you are wearing. Castle Wars: The time between using bandages has been cut in half. Kills and deaths will now be displayed in the chatbox at the end of a match. Rather than 10 barricades per player, the limit is now 10 barricades per team as intended. Clue scroll changes: You can now right-click clue scrolls to check how many steps you've completed on them. Weapon fixes: Toktz-xil-ul (Obsidian rings) now work as intended. General content updates: Ugthanki kebabs are now edible, and heal 19 HP, causing your player to exclaim "Yum!". Cave horrors can now be assigned as a Hard slayer task, ranging between 40-110 assigned. 2 Red spider egg spawns have been added to Varrock sewers, to match OSRS. Skillcape perk updates: Attack skillcape: Wearing this skillcape grants free access to the Cyclops room in the Warrior's guild, and will not deduct any tokens when you are inside the room as long as you are wearing the cape. Strength skillcape: You can now use the Strength cape to teleport directly to the Warrior's guild. Prayer skillcape: Players wearing the prayer cape (or trimmed, or max cape) will now receive an extra 2% of their current prayer added to their total prayer from drinking any potion that restores prayer. Construction skillcape: Players can now right-click to teleport to their house with the construction cape. Runecrafting skillcape: Although not in OSRS, we have added a perk which gives a bonus amount of runes based on the total amount crafted with multipliers. For example, if you're crafting double natures, instead of 56, if your multiplier is 15%, you'll get 64. The bonuses are as follows, and require all players to be wearing either a runecrafting skillcape or max cape: Regular player, Donator or Super donator: 5% Extreme/Legendary donator: 8% Uber donator: 10% Master donator: 12% Immortal donator: 15% Agility skillcape: Players can now use Agility skillcapes and the Max cape(s) as a graceful cape. Thieving skillcape: Players wearing Thieving skillcapes (or Max cape(s)) will now have a 10% lower chance of failing when pickpocketing or cracking safes. Crafting skillcape: Players can now use the cape to teleport to the Crafting guild an unlimited number of times. Hunter skillcape: You can now use this cape to teleport between 3 different Chinchompa areas: Red chinchompas Black chinchompas Donator zone chinchompas Mining skillcape: You now have a 5% chance to get an extra ore when wearing this cape. Smithing skillcape: Players can now use the Smithing capes or Max cape(s) as Goldsmith gauntlets to get bonus XP whenever smelting or superheating gold ore. Fishing skillcape: Players can now use this cape to teleport to the Fishing guild and Otto's grotto. Woodcutting skillcape: Players now get a 10% boosted chance for a Bird's nest (stacks with donator benefits) if they're wearing a Woodcutting skillcape or Max cape. Farming skillcape: Farming yields are boosted by 5% if players harvest their crops wearing the farming cape. Other capes: Ardougne skill cape (and Max cape) teleports added: You can now use these capes to teleport to the Ardougne farm or Monastery. Monkey (completionist) cape now works for all of these effects. Max cape teleports: You can now use the Max cape right-click teleports to teleport to the following locations: Fishing guild Warrior's guild Crafting guild Otto's Grotto Any Chinchompa teleport from the Hunter cape Player-owned house Miscellaneous / Bug fixes: The Bandos altar in the Godwars Dungeon now works as intended. Item value fixes: Infernal pickaxe value has been increased for it to protect over other items on death. Black mask (i), and al Slayer helmet(i) variants now have a higher value to properly protect over other items. Broad bolt Ranged projectile has been corrected. ;;fishing (along with the old ;;fish) command can be used to teleport to the Fishing guild. AFK fishing Karambwanji will no longer work and will cancel after a certain amount of time. Agility shortcuts: Stepping stones have been added south-east of the Barbarian village. Last man standing updates: Herb boxes and Seed packs have both been added to the LMS exchange at 100 points each. Vote shop updates: After receiving feedback, the Rogue outfit from the Vote point store has been cut to half of the previous price. (2000 points) If you have already purchased this outfit, please PM us for reimbursement of points. Wyson the Gardener's Mole exchange changes: You will now receive more bird's nests per mole claw/skin from Wyson: he is now exchanging at a 1:1 ratio for either claws or skins. Brimstone chest drop announcements: Dusk mystic pieces and Hastas will now be announced over yell when received from the chest.











As always, there may be some bugs introduced within this update. Please make sure to report them as soon as they are found so that we can patch them quickly!








If you want to check out the entire update list, click   There have been quite a few changes to the staff team recently, you can see them below here:   6/2/2019   Promotions: [member="Not Tauri"] has been promoted to Server Moderator. [member="Revol"] has been promoted to Server Support. [member="Moral Truth"] has been promoted to Server Support. He will be staying at this position permanently.Rank transfers: [member="Loinen22"] has transferred his Global Moderator status back to [member="Kaamea"].Resignations: [member="Smiv"] has resigned from Server Moderator.Demotions: [member="Fe China"] has been demoted and permanently removed from the community for breaking staff rules.   6/15/2019   Promotions: [member=CMF SoW] (aka [member=Sin of Wrath]) has been promoted to Server Support. [member=EIM Zarox] has been promoted to Server Moderator. [member=Vape Tricks] has been promoted to Server Moderator. [member=Doofy] has been promoted to Forum Moderator. [member=To Gain] has returned to the Staff Team as a Forum Moderator. [member=Iron Champie] has been promoted to Global Moderator.Rank Transfers: [member=Sassafras] has transferred his Global Moderator status from [member=Eucalyptus]. [member=Groot] has transferred his Administrator status from [member=Code 002]. [member=God] has transferred his Administrator status from [member=hsoJ].   6/29/2019   Promotions: [member="Not Enzo"] has been promoted to Server Support.Resignations: [member="Immortal Fox"] has resigned from Global Moderator. [member="Loo"] has resigned from Forum Moderator. [member="Jisoo"] has resigned from Forum Moderator. [member="Endeavor"] has resigned from Server Moderator. [member="Revol"] has resigned from Server Support. [member=sassafras] has resigned from Global Moderator.   Also as always, we are always looking for more Server Supports to join our team, if you are interested and have met all the requirements, you can apply here:   For more info on the Staff updates, click   This month I will be interviewing: [member=Morgen] and [member=Im Moe] Mr. Zulrah himself :DoggoKek:  and our own Arabian Knight!     Welcome to the casting couch [member=morgen]!!!   [member=Groot]: If you could travel anywhere in the world for free where would you go and why? [member=Morgen]: I'd go to Spain, I've been there before and loved it the weather was always lovely and the McDonald's is the best I've ever had, for real its great, and my grandad saw Bale out there (football player) when he went.[member=Groot]: What do you enjoy the most about alora? (I'll guess its zulrah)[member=Morgen]: I'd say it's a tie between Zulrah and the community, obviously I love Zulrah I've spent most of my time on Alora killing it but the community it great specifically the memes and reactions of people getting low drop items, people loose there minds including myself when someone gets a low mutagen or pet :)[member=Groot]: When you're not playing alora what do you enjoy doing? Whether it's another game or something in the outside world.[member=Morgen]: I think my favourite thing to do when not playing Alora is movie nights, I always love watching films and so many great ones this year.[member=Groot]: Any of them in particular?[member=Morgen]: Marvel films, I am a huge nerd when it comes to superhero films I am also excited for John Wick 3[member=Groot]: What are some of your favorite foods?[member=Morgen]: Am a simple man, am tied between fish and chipe or pizza and garlic bread[member=Groot]: If there was anything you could do in the world before you died what would you do and why?[member=Morgen]: That's a tough question because there is so much in the world to do, am a simple man, I'd love to different places and try out there food, I love food. I'd go to every country and see who has the best fried chicken legit, that's sounds like the dream[member=Groot]: What is your favorite era of history?[member=Morgen]: In my opinion my favourite specific area in history was when the computers were made it was called "The Z1" and created in the late 1930s, I think it's crazy how far we have come since and continue to.       The Man, The Myth, The Legend.. [member=Im moe]!![member=Groot]: What do you find the most enjoyable within alora?[member=im Moe]: The most enjoyable thing about Alora has to be the community and staff team. As cliche as that sounds, it is mostly just for the memes. A lot of friendship bonds have been forged, and there is always entertainment around the corner. I've never been apart of such an awesome gaming community.[member=Groot]: What would the perfect dinner menu consist of?[member=im Moe]: I think it would have to be some Egyptian Macaroni Bechamel (it is the same as greece pastitsio) as the main dish, with a side of sirloin steak. I would also have some hummus on the side with some grilled pita bread.[member=Groot]: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?[member=im Moe]:If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Amsterdam. I've been to some other countries, but away from scenery there are things in Amsterdam I would love to try that I shouldn't discuss here. :wink:[member=Groot]: If you had the ability to go back in time and change anything within the course of history. What would you change and why?[member=im Moe]: I think I would go back and stop 9/11, and also warn all government agencies of the outcomes from providing too much trust into operatives and operations. I think over the course of time, people have begun to realize the governments of all countries do shady shit for stupid results. I would love to fix that, because all it leads to is racism and violence.[member=Groot]:What would your dream car/truck/SUV be if you had no limitations on expenses?[member=im Moe]:The 900hp Brabus Mercedes Benz Maybach S650 for sure. Perfect mix of luxury and sport. The fucking features are ridiculous. (Twin turbo V12:heart_eyes:)   [member=Groot]: What is your most prideful achievement you've achieved in your life?[member=im Moe]: During my junior year of high school, I was able to purchase my first sports car via cryptocurrency. I actually had to leave school early (called dad, told him to make an excuse and pick me up so I can go sell the coins.[member=Groot]: If you could change anything or add anything into Alora what would you do? [member=im Moe]: I would love for [member=Omicron] to add a PK tournament NPC that runs everyday outside of the weekend events, Ive suggested it before but it was closed not declined.       Disclaimer: Have any interview questions that you would like to ask any of the staff members?   Don't hesitate to send me a private message via forums / Discord and I'll include them in next edition along with the answers from that staff member!   Welcome back everyone it's been quite an interesting past few weeks for some of you.   I must say you're clever for the name [member=yeetthatpuss] but your luck is also there to match!   Okay for real y'all have got to chill with these low xp rare pets. Looking at you [member=Baldism]!   :what: Didn't I just say CHILL [member=Squelch]....   Someone find Adex and make sure he's okay after this one. Because [member=Sexy Scape] got their Zammy pet at just 90kc!!   [member=dandevil] pretty much said everything himself! (seriously send help to Adex!)   [member=Group HiH] gets a big RIP from me all that RNG to a jar..... (Flashbacks to Kraken for me)   1,000 kill count Chambers of Xeric has been accomplished by [member=joey]!!!!!!   Well, would you look at that! [member=Steel Nogan] has reached 4.6billion XP on an Ironman!!   If y'all haven't checked out [member=Detharrow26]'s Pet Completionist progress log you're really missing out here it is!!   [member=Im Moe] coming in hot with the first full set of Rogue's!   [member=OCE Vajyena] I must say that's a clean looking bank. But what on earth is that potions tab!   I reeeeally want this pet! Your luck is absolutley insane [member=Elite Nikka]   [member=little wue] shows us how its done to get the Staff of the Dead super early into the grind!   OKAY CHILL [member=eally black] you're hurting me over here!   On the topic of pets, I want really bad [member=Brambo] has gotten the Groot pet.... at 1kc...   [member=EIM Fixal] I know quite a few people have added you to their hit list with this one, myself included...   Oh Hey! It's me! with the double Hilty boys. (Where's my ******* Rapier!)   [member=J Boogs] is a mad man doing 200m XP Hunter! (For a normie :DoggoKek:)   Not going to lie to you [member=Im Real] That's some nice progress on the Realism account!   [member=Dynasty clan] has had some very fortunate achievements this month here's a peep at what they've been up too!   ICE has also been having a pretty swell week with the achievements! Keep them coming ladies and gentlemen!   This is the biggest grind I think we all have ever witnessed just take a gander at [member=Slow Kid].   [member=Miya] has got the RNG on lock down with back to back hilts from the God event!   Granted this was for a normie.... [member=have a seat] got his Arcane Sigil at such a low kill count!   I'm pretty confident in saying this might be the only piece of 3rd Age Druidic that has come out of a CLUE SCROLL!!! Very very nice [member=copenhagen]   [member=damz] pretty much said it himself! *DON'T OPEN IF EASILY TRIGGERED!*   Our resident sweatlord [member=Detharrow26] shows us what you "could" get from 500 ToB completions!   [member=IM Moe] has gotten super lucky with an Ultimate Mystery Box!   Disclaimer:   Want to be featured in the newest section of the Alora Newspaper?   Make a topic in our Goals and Achievements section or PM me on the forums / Discord with your accomplishment!   The MOTM poll has concluded and here are the final results received from the community.   The 3 top winners have been picked and the final voting has taken place amongst the staff team.     The winner of June MOTM is...   [member=Elite Sheets]!   Congratulations! You have stood out in the eye of the community as well as in the eye of the staff team. Thank you for being a great member here on Alora.  :)   Contact Lowkey for your 3 bonds prize in-game, and your Forum Awards will be active shortly.   The June Community Awards are out now!   Visit this link to see the results;     Also please make sure to check out our streamers when they are live! They would love to have you keep them company while they grind out whatever it is they are grinding that day!     Lowkey:   Reload:   Moral Truth:   King purple:   [member=DanDevil]:     Make sure to Subscribe to all of them also every little bit of support helps tremendously!   If I've missed anyone I do apologize just message me on the forums or on Discord with a link to your channel and I will add you in.     That concludes this month’s edition of the Alora Newspaper!   Read our last Newspaper by clicking down below:


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