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Alora Store 


Ultimate mystery box

120 tokens
The ultimate mystery box - contains the most exclusive items!


Cosmetic mystery box  

100 tokens
The cosmetic mystery box - may contain highly exclusive items! Available to Ironmen/Realism.


Drop booster  

12 tokens
Provides a 15% higher chance of rare drops from all monsters, bosses and Raids. Lasts 30 minutes.


Name change ticket  

200 tokens
Allows you a name change to any 3-12 character name, if it is available.

Alora bond ($10)  

100 tokens
Trade your tokens/rank.
WARNING: You will lose $10 from your rank!

Alora bond ($50)  

500 tokens
Trade your tokens/rank.
WARNING: You will lose $50 from your rank!

Alora bond ($100)  

1,000 tokens
Trade your tokens/rank.
WARNING: You will lose $100 from your rank!

Super mystery box

80 tokens
The superior mystery box - double down and try your luck for incredible rewards!

Mystery box

50 tokens
Full of mystery! Could it be a Dharok's platebody.. or a white partyhat?!

Raid booster  

10 tokens
+35% Boost to points gained in the Tombs of Amascut, Theatre of Blood & Chambers of Xeric for 1 hour

Pet booster  

10 tokens
Provides a 25% higher chance on pets from bosses, skilling and mini-games! Lasts 30 minutes.

Gauntlet booster  

12 tokens
Provides a 25% higher chance of obtaining rare loot from The Gauntlet. Lasts 60 minutes.

Clue booster  

15 tokens
Provides a +20% chance of obtaining super rare items from clue scrolls. Lasts 1 hour.

Farmer's blessing  

300 tokens
A wearable blessing that allows you to teleport to numerous Farming patches.

Imbuement scroll  

75 tokens
Imbues any item that can be imbued! One-time use only. Tradable.

GIM removal ticket  

250 tokens
Allows you to initiate a vote to kick a player from your Group Ironman team.

Ring of wealth (i)  

50 tokens
A mysteriously imbued lucky ring.

Rune pouch  

60 tokens
The rune pouch is an item that can store 16,000 of three types of runes.

Imbued heart  

50 tokens
This heart holds a magical power within. Temporarily raise your Magic as often as you wish.

Herb sack  

100 tokens
The herb sack can store up to 30 of any grimy herb, for a total of 420 herbs!

Dice bag  

1,000 tokens
A percentile dice bag which rolls from 0-100. Perfect for dice gambles!

Coal bag  

100 tokens
Holds your coal for you!

Seed box  

75 tokens
The seed box can store up to 2,147,483,647 seeds of six different types!

Instance tokens  

70 tokens
A pack of 10 tradable Instance tokens - each can open 1 instance of any kind!

Gem bag  

75 tokens
The gem bag can store up to 60 of any gem up to Dragonstone, up to a total of 300!

Prayer scroll

400 tokens
Unlock one of the 2 new prayers: Rigour or Augury, by using this tradable scroll!

Bounty teleport scroll

80 tokens
A tradable scroll that unlocks a teleport to take you directly to your target!

Bank expansion scroll  

450 tokens
Unlocks +100 additional bank spaces. Tradable. Up to two scrolls can be used on one account.

Crystal key

10 tokens
A mysterious key for a mysterious chest.