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PkP points and how much $$ you can make!

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Posted 06 January 2017 - 01:29 PM #1



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Hey guys,


Just a few days ago we brought a new system for emblems and how they work. Not only will they grant you GP they will also give you Pk points. (See below for rates)


  • Emblems now award PKP as well as GP at these rates:
    • Tier 1 120k GP 96 PKP
    • Tier 2 200k GP 160 PKP
    • Tier 3 320k GP 256 PKP
    • Tier 4 480k GP 384 PKP
    • Tier 5 800k GP 560 PKP
    • Tier 6 1.4m GP 826 PKP
    • Tier 7 2.4m GP 1128 PKP
    • Tier 8 3.6m GP 1843 PKP
    • Tier 9 5.6m GP 3072 PKP
    • Tier 10 8m GP 4096 PKP
  • Emblems now upgrade when you kill someone on death(this mechanic was previously broken):
    • You do not need to kill a target to upgrade an emblem in your inventory
  • As long as your kill is eligible for PKP(not same IP/Mac, not a recently killed person, etc) you will also receive pkp.     


Now with that being said, I tested this out just to see how much money i could actually make.


I started with a tier 2 emblem and went all the way to tier 9 in a matter of 1 hour or so. During that time period I managed to make well over 20-30m just from the loot I pked (Was mainly fighting dhers). I cashed my emblem out at tier 9 because I didn't want to risk losing 3k pk points and nearly 6m cash. I walked away with 40mish loot (depending on what you buy from the store) in just 1 hour.


The point I'm trying to make here is that Pking is very profitable the way it's set right now, especially during our bonus pkp days.


Would also like to hear some feedback from you guys on how we can continue our efforts on getting more players into the wilderness.





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