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Alora is available on most operating systems, including  iOS &  Android. Simply download the client from one of the options below to get started.

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JAR Launcher
multi-platform | .JAR File | 26.3 mb
Windows 64-bit
Installer | 55.7 mb
Mac OS
Application | 152.9 mb
iOS / iPhone
Web-app| 10 mb
Mobile app | .apk file | 10 mb
Windows 32-bit
Installer | 55.7 mb

Using an M1 Mac? Use the installer below:

M1 Mac Application

Having issues on Windows? Try the general installer:

Windows Installer

None of the options above worked? Try the .ZIP file.

NOTE: The .ZIP file does not auto-update.

The .ZIP file MUST be extracted before running!

Can't run the client?

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Frequently reported problems
Client issues guide

Other issues?

Graphical issues with RuneLite sidebar? Try using this launcher!

If you are unable to launch the client, please post a support topic here and our team will be happy to assist you:
Support Section