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How to get HD working on Mac OSX

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[HD on Mac tutorial]

Note: Macs that are running High Sierra will have a more difficult time running HD, but it is possible! Once you have completely followed this tutorial (install Java 1.6 as outlined below), head over to the other tutorial to get HD working on High Sierra: http://www.alora.io/...sx-high-sierra/

Many OSX users have had trouble running Alora in HD on their Macs, so we decided to spend some time implementing the ability to run it with a few modifications.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure Java 1.6 is downloaded and installed. You can download that here:

Once that’s downloaded and installed, replace your Alora client launcher with the MAC version:

Once that’s all done, run the latest launcher and you should be able to turn on the HD setting and enjoy it with everyone else!

Note: This also allows you to run your Mac with the integrated graphics card, rather than forcing discrete. If you do plan to use HD though, it will have to use your discrete graphics card.

*As a mac user, you can still use alora.jar OR alora_mac.jar. The difference is that you will likely have to run the Mac version (unless your Mac is ancient) to get HD working, and if you use the non-Mac version it will always force your discrete graphics card, while the Mac version will use the integrated for low definition graphics if not on OpenGL.


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