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LattePerfect received 1 x Smoke battlestaff from Thermonuclear smoke devil! (#768)

Rhyperior has reached level 99 in Farming!

Gigawatt is on a killstreak of 13 and can be shut down for 26% bonus PKP!

Xyo just opened the Bloody chest in deep wilderness!

Xyo received 1 x Bloody key from Revenant pyrefiend! (#3)

Sucks received a Rock golem pet at 110.7m Mining XP!

Revitalizing received 1 x Ancient emblem from Revenant imp! (#374)

Sidgon received 1 x Bandos boots from General Graardor! (#276)

Multitize has reached level 99 in Range!

Hardcore Ironman dscim spec has fallen at 1,402 to Coffee Enema!

Emlinem1 has reached 200M experience in Hitpoints!

LattePerfect has slain Thermonuclear smoke devil a total of 750 times!

lil sted has reached level 99 in Strength!

pach2 received 1 x Berserker ring from Dagannoth Rex! (#49)

357 received 1 x Crystal armour seed from The Gauntlet (Corrupted)! (#20)

Dark received 1 x Prayer scroll as a Chambers of Xeric reward! (#7)

tankymctank has reached level 99 in Farming!

Revitalizing just looted the Wilderness supply chest!

ElClassico received a Heron pet at 10.9m Fishing XP!

Burkaaano received 1 x Black mask from Cave horror! (#7,931)

Forum Activity

Bronze-man Mode

Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am by Jtitlefight

[Selenagomez] Staff Application

Aug 10, 2022 7:21 pm by Selenagomez

Buying torva plate legs and + selling torva helm!

Aug 10, 2022 9:32 am by AnnaBorshin

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