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Crystal Chest Loot Table

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The Crystal Chest







The crystal chest is found in Edgeville's bank, by Mr. Daily NPC. 


The crystal chest is locked and can only be opened using a crystal key. Opening the crystal chest grants a variety of rewards.



As stated above, the crystal chest can only opened using a crystal key.

aGpq1xK.png + bfyDSeP.png = w0bg5j7.png

Crystal keys and its parts can be obtained from a huge majority of monsters throughout Alora. They are also obtainable from the following stores:

  • QhgkZs9.png Donator Store, costing 10 tokens per crystal key.
  • cjc2I6q.png Vote Store, costing 10 points per crystal key.
  • 0oBrdUO.gif Slayer Store, costing 100 points per crystal key.

Crystal key and its parts are tradeable, and are popular buy/sell items in the trading post. Crystal key is bought and sold within the trading post for roughly around 500K per.




The Crystal Chest Rewards




Common Rewards

  • bOWUFNi.png Ball of Wool
  • uMbyUk3.png Coins 
  • 5wvEutk.png Amulet of Power
  • SgsdaXK.png Amulet of Strength
  • VEiWUeg.png Uncut Dragonstone
  • YIYeMCp.png Amulet of Glory(4)
  • f2IEgDK.png Magic Logs
  • tsHY2Ig.png Runite Bars
  • QIDFmQV.png Raw Karambwans

Uncommon Rewards

  • KudHoPd.png Rune Armoury 
  • BO71o6m.png Dragon Med Helm
  • LGNTU1o.pnghnKZsVk.png5OWZxkL.pngFszR9kC.png Dragon Weaponry 
  • zbHF1bd.pngrmYAil8.png Trimmed Wizard Robes 
  • C7MvmBf.pngFQSab6y.png Trimmed Black Armoury 

Rare Rewards

  • MeB2Xqy.png Magic Stone
  • lydmNST.png Uncharged Ring of Wealth
  • h0wkAjW.png Dragon Boots
  • fRRz2Ho.png Robin Hood Hat
  • jlALrbd.png Ranger Boots
  • eQ4O2hW.png Uncut Onyx 



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