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[11/7/23] Gambling Rework, Hiscores Rework, New Interfaces, Auto-Escape Crystal, Immortal Rank Transfers, ToB Party System & more!

Full Update

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Hello everyone,
Today we're bringing you a huge QoL update to enhance your experience! First order of business is to bring in an additional free Rank Transfer for players who reach Immortal donator rank, to add a sort of stepping stone from Uber to Eternal in terms of rank transfers. We took the time this update to improve many parts of the game and website, including a streamlined new settings interface along with some new settings to tinker with, a reworked Hiscores now allowing you to see who has the most boss kills, clue scroll completions, and PvP statistics such as kills, killstreak, KDR and even deaths (highest death count being quite the achievement in it's own right!
Many interfaces throughout the game have been updated, such as Probita's pet interface, the addition of the Guide price checker (equipment tab), a new Items Kept on Death interface, Pet House interface. Gambling has also been touched up to be a more smooth experience with less bugs and more details during the gamble (displaying your current hand, as well as a chance at obtaining the elusive Flower crown if you're lucky enough!
We'll let you break down the rest of this lengthy update:

  • Immortal Donator Rank Transfer Unlock:
    • Players who reach Immortal donator rank ($10,000) will now unlock a 3rd free donator rank transfer!
      • We've decided to add this since we felt that the gap between the last free transfer at Uber ($2,500) and Eternal ($20,000) was too big without including a transfer unlock in between, so this gives players another perk on the Immortal unlock.
      • Of course, current Immortal donators will also unlock this transfer, regardless of whether you've used up your previous transfers or paid for a transfer in the past.


  • Hiscores Rework:
    • Hiscores have been heavily reworked! Aside from visual improvements and easier filtering / general bug fixes, you can now view the following hiscores:
      • PvP Statistics
        • KDR
        • Killstreak
        • Kills
        • Deaths
      • Clues
        • Total clue count, as well as individual clue count hiscores
      • Bosses
        • Bosses and raids killcount hiscores can now be viewed.
    • All of the hiscores above can be sorted by game mode type.
    • Viewing personal pages will now also show Boss killcounts and kill times.
      • In the near future, personal pages will also include clues/PvP statistics (along with additional ranking sections that have yet to be added) and skill ranks.


  • Trading Post Price Guide Interface:
    • Players can now use the price guide button in the equipment interface to calculate the estimated value of certain items.
    • Players can add any tradable items from their inventory to the interface, and it will provide the total price of all the items, based on the current exchange value.
      • Players can also use the search feature to lookup the price of any tradable items.



  • Item Consumption Device:
    • A new device has been attached to the trading post which will allow players to monitor the new Item consumption system.
      • Players will be able to view the total number of items destroyed, the current gp pool being used to purchase items to destroy, the history of all items that were destroyed, including the amount and average purchase price, and the 5 most recent items purchased and destroyed.
      • The device will also send up a puff of smoke every time it destroys another item.
      • Players initially may notice that many of the purchases seem distributed unequally (many prayer scrolls, light bearers, etc…), and this is due to the way we previously updated item values.
        • As time goes on, you’ll notice that it should start purchasing items more evenly (based on their price).



  • Gamble Updates:
    • Flower crown:
      • You will now have a 1/8,000 chance every plant (during a Gambling session, so 1/1,600 per gamble) to obtain the Flower crown!
        • The tradable crown has 9 different color variants, and can be switched by right-clicking and selecting the "Change-style" option.
        • When obtained during a gamble, your character will have a rainbow-colored graphic play around them to let others know that you received the crown.
    • Predictive hand:
      • While planting, you will now be able to see in the chatbox what hand you have so far (eg. Three of a Kind) as well as your opponent's hand.
      • You'll also see color indicators to let you know whether you or the other player is winning.
      • Lastly, you can also see the total pot size in the chatbox.
    • QoL:
      • The yellow plus icon for the pot size is now a treasure chest icon.
      • You can now speak 2 ticks sooner at the end of a gamble.
        • Additionally, the winning player sometimes could not speak until they closed the Reward interface -- this will no longer be an issue.
      • Command changes:
        • ::fp and ::blackjack will now bring you to the Gamble zone.
        • The ;;gamble command will now bring you a bit closer to the gamble area, to the eastern end of the bridge.
    • Bugs:
      • When claiming GP from the Trading post (or claiming any items that would normally go to your inventory), they will now go to your bank even if it is full as long as you have a placeholder for it.
        • (Eg. You have a full bank and inventory but placeholder for gold, it will bank the gold)
      • Fixed a bug that would allow the loser in a gamble to logout at the last second, wiping the prize from the game and not awarding the winner.
      • Fixed a bug where if you staked too many items in the gamble window they would disappear.
      • Sometimes after starting a new gamble the accept button would still show "..2.."  from a previously cancelled gamble.





  • Plugin-hub additions:
    • The Better NPC Highlight plugin is now available on the Plugin Hub:
      • Effective Levels:
        • Modifies the level in the stats tab to reflect additional bonuses, such as from prayer, and attack styles.
      • Player Outline:
        • Outlines the player to always make them visible, even when behind objects
      • Tile Packs:
        • A collection of tile markers players can freely install
      • The Loading Lines plugin is now available on the plugin hub.
        • This plugin can draw lines on the region boundaries which can be displayed on the canvas, minimap, and world map.
      • The Slayer Assistant plugin is now available on the plugin hub.
        • This plugin can show players information regarding certain slayer npcs.
      • 9 Different styles of highlighting
        • Each highlight style has a name and ID list, color picker, width adjustment, and some offer an option to turn off/on anti-aliasing
        • Exclusion list of what NPCs highlights you do not want to hide when Ignore Dead NPCs is enabled
        • Respawn timer in ticks or seconds
        • Turbo mode for rave enthusiasts


  • Donator Zone Additions:
    • Crystal Outcrops:
      • Crystal outcrops have been added to the gem mine in the donator zone.
        • These outcrops, when cut, will provide players with salve shards, which can be used on a ball of wool to produce a salve amulet (e).
        • Requirements:
          • Extreme donator+ for access to the mines.
          • There are no crafting or mining requirements, but players need a chisel to cut the outcrops.
          • Players must have previously purchased a salve amulet from Nieve to learn how to cut these outcrops.


  • Pet Insurance Interface:
    • Probita now uses a proper interface for viewing insured pets, as well as reclaiming them.
      • The “Check” right-click option, or asking to reclaim a pet will open this interface.
      • Players can click the “reclaim” option on any pets in the bottom box to reclaim them for the appropriate fee.


  • Pet House Interface:
    • Interacting with the pet menagerie in your house can now be done through a much cleaner interface.
      • Players can quickly view, remove, and add pets to their house menagerie.
      • Players can also use this interface to toggle their pets’ ability to roam their house.


  • Items Kept On Death Interface:
    • We’ve updated the Items kept on death interface to a more modern variant, which allows players to see more accurately which items will be kept/lost in certain circumstances.
      • This will also highlight items that go to the reclaimables shop on death and show them as kept, so players can accurately see which items will be dropped to the ground or lost when killed.


  • New Clan Settings:
    • Clan owners have 3 new settings to for their clan chats:
      • Announce Collection Logs:
        • This was previously a toggle, but has been given a drop-down menu so that owners can specify the minimum rank that the player must have to have their collection logs announced.
        • Items logged from The Collector will not be announced in the clan chat.
      • Announce Achievements:
        • This setting, when enabled, will announce when eligible members complete a combat achievement tier, or an achievement diary tier (as well as an entire diary region).
      • Announce Personal Bests:
        • This setting announces to the entire clan when a player beats their previously set personal best record for PvM encounters.
          • This only counts solo encounters (excluding raids).


  • New Settings Interface:
    • We’ve re-worked the extra settings interface to be far more functional than previously.
      • The new interface will open a proper interface in the viewport, rather than a smaller interface in the player’s settings tab.
        • It will also provide detailed descriptions of the settings, and sort them into sections to make settings easier to find, as well as reduce clutter.
        • As some of you may have noticed, the extra settings interfaces on the vanilla/runelite client had different options, leaving many of the newer ones out of the Vanilla client entirely.
          • This new interface allows both clients to have access to all settings, with a dedicated section for vanilla client settings, which can only be accessed when using the vanilla client.
        • We’ve took this opportunity to expand the settings interface and add a few new settings for both clients:
          • Combat Achievements Repeat Failure:
            • When enabled, this will still notify players in their chatbox when they’ve failed a combat achievement, even if it’s already been completed.
          • Combat Achievements - Repeat Completion:
            • When enabled, this will notify players when they’ve re-completed a combat achievement task that they’ve already completed in the past.
          • Hide Wiki Banner:
            • This option hides the wiki banner underneath the minimap, and has been moved from the Interface styles plugin.
              • Players who had this toggled in the interface styles plugin will need to re-enable it in the new settings interface.
          • Always Stack Tabs:
            • When enabled and in modern resizable mode, this will cause the tabs on the bottom of the screen to stack onto of each other at all times, similar to how they do when the client dimensions are minimized.


  • Ironman Rune Packs:
    • Paul now sells 3 types of rune packs in his shop, with unlimited stock!
      • Paul has difficulties sourcing runes consistently, so the packs in his shop are a mystery box of sorts, and will provide 500 total random runes of certain types.
        • Elemental rune packs:
          • These packs cost 125k each, and provide 500 random air, water, earth, and fire runes.
        • Combination rune packs:
          • These packs cost 200k each, and provide 500 random mist, steam, dust, smoke, mud, and lava runes.
        • Catalytic rune packs:
          • These packs cost 650k each, and provide 500 random nature, chaos, death, blood, and soul runes.
            • Players who complete the elite/master/grandmaster combat achievements have a higher chance to pull blood runes from these packs.
              • Elite: 10% increased chance
              • Master: 25% increased chance
              • Grandmaster: 50% increased chance
            • Players who’ve completed the elite falador diaries will also have a 15% increased chance to obtain soul runes from these packs.


  • PvP Changes:
    • The Singles Plus and Singles area pj timers have been increased to 20 ticks (12 seconds).
    • Players must now wait 5 seconds (9 ticks) before they can teleport after using a special attack on another player.
    • Players will no longer receive a notification that their target has teleported to them via the bounty hunter teleport.
  • Presets Plugin Changes:
    • Players can now view their presets in standard mode, compact mode, or in icon mode.
      • Icon mode shows the setups as square icons with items indicating the setup.
        • Players can right-click the setup to change the item that is shown for that specific setup.
    • Sections.
      • Players can now choose to sort their inventory setups by sections that they create, and assign individual presets to.


  • Chatbox Changes:
    • The split private messages/broadcasts will now move down along with the chatbox when it is hidden by the player.
    • Booster-scroll related messages will now have a scroll icon next to them.
    • Kill time messages will now have a clock icon next to them.


  • Giant’s Foundry Shop:
    • Players can now sell back some items to the Giant’s Foundry Rewards Shop.
      • The following items can be sold back:
        • Double ammo mould for 1,600 reputation (original = 2,000)
        • Smithing catalyst for 12 reputation (original = 15)
        • Ore pack for 160 reputation (original = 200)
        • Smith’s tunic for 3,200 reputation (original = 4,000)
        • Smith’s trousers for 3,200 reputation (original = 4,000)
        • Smith’s boots for 2,800 reputation (original = 3,500)
        • Smith’s gloves for 2,800 reputation (original = 3,500)




  • Escape Crystal Changes:
    • The Escape crystal “activate” option now functions as a home teleport when not in a session/raid.
    • The Escape crystals can now be equipped in the ring slot.
      • This does not have any stat requirements, nor does it provide any bonuses.
      • Teammates can still use the escape crystal on each other to teleport them to safety if the crystals are equipped.
    • Ring of Life Effect:
      • The Escape crystals now have an option to act as a ring of life only when equipped.
        • This option can be toggled on/off using the right-click Configure option on the crystal.
        • Enabling this option will disable the auto-activation feature when it is equipped.
    • Auto-activation timer:
      • Players can now set a timer (2-300 seconds) which will teleport the player to safety if they have not clicked/sent a chat message/rotated their camera in the set time after an npc/player attacks them.
      • This works in the same minigames/raids as previously (Raids 1/2/3, pest control, inferno, fight caves), and will also now work when outside of a minigame/raid.
        • The teleport will not function if the player is higher than level 20 wilderness.
        • This will also work in the Gauntlet if the player has the auto-activation set, and has a crystal equipped (with the ring of life setting disabled), or in their inventory.
          • Players will receive a notification that the effect is active.



  • Music Plugin Changes:
    • Fixed an issue where the search/filter buttons were not visible on the music tab.
    • Added options to mute sounds that come from your own player, other players, or npc’s.
      • These are mostly limited to combat/area sounds, and may not cover every sound, but it will work for the vast majority.



  • Theatre of Blood Changes:
    • Party System:
      • The Theatre of Blood no longer uses clan membership to build a team, but will instead use an interface similar to the Tombs of Amascut.
        • Players must create a party using the Notice board outside of the Theatre of Blood, and other players can then apply to join a party, similar to TOA.
        • Any player who wants to enter a raid must be part of a party.
    • The “Team work makes the dream work” combat achievement will only fail in hardmode TOB, rather than normal.
    • Verzik Phase 3 Auto Attack Damage:
      • Verzik Vitur will now deal 40% damage on succesfully prayed against auto-attacks (mage/melee/range attacks), rather than the previous 60%.
    • Fixed a bug where a second ball attack would randomly appear from some players at Sotetseg.
    • Players will no longer be immune to Sotetseg's big red ball attack after recently leaving the maze.
    • The Theatre of Blood scaling now applies to 1-man and 2-man teams, however at a slightly weaker rate.
      • 1-man teams scale to 55%
      • 2-man teams scale to 65%
      • 3-man teams scale to 75%
      • 4-man teams scale to 87.5%
    • Verzik Vitur will no longer select a new tank after her Phase 3 web attack unless the previous tank is dead/no longer in the room.


  • Equipment interface update:
    • The equipment stats interface has been updated to provide more details.


  • Tome of Fire / Tome of Water boost changes:
    • The damage bonuses from these books will now stack with other Magic damage bonuses multiplicatively rather than additively, meaning that your Magic max hit potential should be higher.
      • In max gear casting Fire surge with a Harmonized nightmare staff, this brings the max hit from 45 to 49.
  • Dragon Claws Special Attack Changes:
    • The Dragon claws special attack now always rolls against the slash defence of the target.
    • The Dragon claws special attack now properly guarantees a damage range based on the first successful hit.
  • Prayer Reordering Plugin Changes:
    • The Prayer re-ordering plugin now works with the new prayer filtering system.
      • This means player’s swaps will be maintained in their relative orders, regardless of filter options.
        • They will also no longer be moved to the incorrect positions when some prayers are hidden.
    • The x position has been slightly adjusted to fit within the interface bounds.
    • Fixed a bug where the first option would sometimes be “lock” even after restarting the client, even though the prayers were not currently unlocked.
  • The bounty hunter teleport will now teleport hunters closer to their targets if their targets are running.
    • This is to account for the gap created during the teleport animation delay.
      • The ranges are now as follows:
        • Idle: 9-15 tiles from the target’s location
        • Walking: 7-13 tiles from the target’s location
        • Running: 4-10 tiles from the targets location
  • Quality of Life:
    • Nex will no longer face the most recent player who attacked her, and will now solely focus on her target.
    • The "lookup" option on the hiscore plugin now appears when right clicking any player's name in the clan chat list.
    • Rune pouches have been added back to the Wilderness boss drop tables at a 1/250 drop rate.
      • They’ve also been added to the spinder/artio/calvar’ion drop tables at a 1/500 rate.
    • Players can now drag the guardians of the rift overlay using runelite.
    • Players without 2FA enabled will now be warned when opening a vote book that they will only receive vote points, and no bonuses when opening a vote book.
      • This only appears once per login.
    • The Little Nightmare pet now has a Metamorphosis option.
    • Players can now store anti-panties in the toy box in their Player owned houses.
    • Players will no longer be knocked back/take damage from Ba-Ba's boulders if he's dead/dying.
    • When claiming donations, you must now have enough inventory or bank spaces. Items will no longer be dropped to the floor if you have no space anywhere -- instead, you will not be able to claim the donation.
    • Players can now enable/disable the examine high/low alch and exchange prices given when examining an item through the settings interface.
    • The Bracelet of Ethereum drop rates have been adjusted to match OSRS (with the 1.23x increase factor applied).
    • Dagannoths now drop totem pieces/ancient shards (catacombs only) and medium clue scrolls.
    • The beanie can now be stored in the easy POH treasure chest.
    • The ::commands command will now more neatly display all commands.
      • It will also separately list all teleport commands at the bottom of the list.
    • Filling buckets with compost is now a repeated process, so players will no longer need to click multiple times to fill their buckets.
    • Players who’ve completed the Grandmaster combat achievements can now have up to 15 spellbook swaps per day from eligible skillcapes (rather than the standard 5).
    • Players who’ve completed the Master combat achievements can now have up to 10 spellbook swaps per day from eligible skillcapes (rather than the standard 5).
    • The dragon pickaxe has been added to the Kalphite Queen Collection log.
    • Bank fillers will now be inserted into the currently viewed tab.
    • Players will now get a hint arrow showing the location of Revenant Maledictus when entering the Revenant caves.
    • Players now have a chance to get 30-50 cave worms from Scavenger Beasts.
    • The abyssal dagger special attack now only does up to 85% of the standard max hit.
    • The abyssal dagger special attack now shares an attack roll for both hits, meaning if one lands, the other lands as well.
      • Keep in mind damage rolls from 0-max, so players may still see a 0 on one of the special attack hits, even if it lands.
    • Paying a POH servant will no longer cancel the withdrawal/unnoting dialogue if the player has enough money to pay the servant their fee.
    • Players no longer require 1 Nightmare killcount to fight Phosani's Nightmare.
    • The fill option on the soul bearer will now send all ensouled heads in a player’s inventory to their bank if possible.
      • Players can recharge the soul bearer by using the blood or soul runes on it.
    • The cost of the Salve amulet has been reduced by 200 points (1000 slayer points).
    • The cost of the Silver Sickle ( B) has been reduced by 100 vote points (200 points).
    • Goldsmith Gauntlets have been added to the Daily task shop.
    • The cost of the Goldsmith/Chaos/Cooking gauntlets have been reduced by 40 points (60 points) in the Daily task shop.
    • The Bank will no longer shift items/refresh the entire bank when depositing or withdrawing 1 item.
      • This should fix an issue with FPS drops when withdrawing multiple items in quick succession.
      • Players without placeholders on will also notice empty spaces when removing items from their bank now, which is intended behaviour.
        • The bank will close these gaps when it is re-opened.
    • The dice bag now has a placeholder.
    • Revenant Maledictus now shows a damage overlay while fighting it.
    • Krystilia has been freed from prison early due to good behavior.
    • The RuneLite Skill Calculator now has options for:
      • Carpenter's outfit (2.5% Construction boost)
      • Pyramancer's outfit (2.5% Firemaking boost)
      • Prospector's outfit (2.5% Mining boost)
    • Vile Vigour now only drains prayer points equal to the missing run energy the player needs.
    • Crystal implings can now freely move over all fences in Prifddinas.
    • Players will now be notified/congratulated after reaching various total level milestones.
    • After a server reboot, the first 5 players to log in will be told that they were the (1st/2nd/3rd/etc) to log in.
      • Gone are the days of 100 people saying "First!" over yell and nobody truly knowing!
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the Ardougne achievement diary task would not track the whiteberry harvest progress properly.
    • The serpentine helm now shows up on the chatbox item search interface.
    • Fixed a bug where defensive animations would queue up when fighting a lot of npc’s and taking a lot of hits, causing other actions (such as drinking a potion) to trigger the defend animation.
    • Fixed a bug with location hints not working for Wilderness slayer tasks.
    • Chopping Saplings in the ice demon room now works correctly.
      • Players with any woodcutting level can now chop the saplings, and for every 12 woodcutting levels above 12, the player has a chance to get extra kinding.
        • For example, at level 12, players can only get 1 kindling, at level 24, they can get 1-2, at level 96, they can get 1-8.
    • Exchange prices for items should now be more accurate.
      • For example, Drop boosters had an exchange value of 8m for a very long time, but should now hover around 13.1m.
    • Scorpio no longer drops Rune Pouch.
    • The greater abyssal demon will no longer teleport into walls.
    • The dark core will no longer follow players.
    • The Elidinis' Ward (F) and Elidinis' Ward (or) are now lost in PvP deaths.
    • Fixed a bug with the rune pouch overlay showing the incorrect runes.
    • Anglerfish no longer overheal players in the Edgeville PvP instance.
    • Fixed when a bug where inserting an item into a tab from a different tab would mess up other bank tab ordering.
    • Fixed a bug with examining an item showing the incorrect high/low alch prices sometimes.
    • Players will no longer fail the Fancy feet combat achievement if their teammates die.
    • Fixed the stepping stone shortcuts in the brimhaven dungeon.
    • The bracelet of Etherum will now directly absorb ether charges, rather than picking them up and then trying to absorb them.
    • The eternal teleport crystal is now tradable.
    • General Graardor now uses melee 2/3 of the time, rather than 50% of the time.
    • Fixed a bug where throwing a chinchompa would notify the player of their chance to hit.
    • Fixed a bug where 2 of the new Teak trees near the ruins of Uzer didn't count towards the medium desert diary task.
    • The Low detail plugin no longer removes the floor in the Mount Quidamortem tents.
    • Fixed a bug with some placeholders showing a null item on 2010 mode.
    • Dark cores will no longer heal Corporeal beast after it has reached 0hp.
    • Sometimes, chatbox messages for Booster scrolls were the wrong color (eg. Pet booster message being red rather than blue).
    • It is no longer possible to splash on the Max hit dummy.
    • Fixed a bug where the Accursed sceptre could not be used sometimes.
    • Fixed a bug where the Fight Caves Head-on combat achievement was not working properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the "You Didn't Say Anything About a Bat" combat achievement was not working properly.
    • Fixed a bug where Callisto/Artio would teleport their target back after they’ve teleport out sometimes during the knockback attack.
    • The nightmare's shadow attack will no longer damage players after it has died.
    • Fixed a bug where the Voidwaker special attack was not adding the undead/slayer bonus damage properly.
    • Fixed a bug where thralls could not be summoned on specific tiles in the Nex chamber.
    • The Seers village rooftop objects will now properly render in low detail.
    • The "Perfect Wardens" Combat achievement task will no longer fail after being hit by Obelisk energy balls in Phase 1, meaning that Phase 1 cannot disqualify this task at all.
    • On the first-startup for a new player, sometimes the game frame would be glitched (partially black) and could only be fixed by reloading. This should no longer occur.
    • The Grotesque Guardians fight will no longer provide individual kill times for dawn/dusk, but rather an overall time for the Grotesque guardians encounter.
    • Fixed a bug where the grotesque guardians killtime was not properly tracking for the combat achievements.
    • Fixed the sound of the craw's bow firing.
    • The Wilderness lines plugin from the plugin-hub has been re-enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where the minimap plugin recolored dots would be reset sometimes after logging out.
    • Fixed a bug where examining an item in the Tombs of Amascut loot interface would crash the client.
    • Fixed a bug with some Killcount combat achievements not auto-completing until the player increased their killcount.
    • Fixed the special attack sound for the abyssal dagger.
    • Fixed a bug where the Dawnbringer special attack was not dealing damage.
    • Fixed a bug where Vet’ion would reman unattackable if the hounds despawned.
    • The teleports to Callisto/Venenatis/Vet'ion have been moved closer to their entrances.
    • Fixed a bug where poison/venom would not hit players if they were too far from the target that inflicted it.
    • Tele block will no longer trigger vengeance.
    • The Voidwaker special attack graphic will now play on the target rather than attacker.
    • The Voidwaker now has a bank placeholder.
    • Fixed a Guardians of the Rift typo.
    • Fixed a bug with the thrall timers not properly increasing the timers for the grandmaster/master combat achievement diary perks. 
    • Making chocolate cake now provides 30 cooking experience.
    • Fixed a bug where the new model chathead animations were not working properly on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug with tile indicators and ground markers not working properly at venenatis/spindel.
    • Fixed a bug where the hp hud was not updating properly in the Crondis puzzle room.
    • Fixed a bug where players would fail the Personal space combat achievement by stepping on the same tile before they passed the barrier at Bloat.
    • Fixed a typo in the Crystal Singing Recipes interface.
    • Fixed a bug with the Runelite hiscores not showing the correct killcounts.
    • Fixed a bug where Private messages would disappear after 100 new messages were added to the chatbox.

As always, we hope you enjoy this update! We're already working on the next one, and we've still got a lot more to come this summer, so buckle up ;)
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Thank you boys <3





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Thanks a bunch gamers, another great update


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Absolutely huge update!

Thanks a ton lads.

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Lots of great stuff, thanks for the update!

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Awesome update, love the new highscores! Really custom & cool feature to have here for the boys :D <3 thanks dads

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Great QoL update! Nice to see those as always!


#FreeKrystilia worked

Posted 12 July 2023 - 12:51 AM #8

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some muchly needed QOL along with some juicy balances, keep up the great work fellas!  :D

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Posted 12 July 2023 - 01:48 AM #9


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Great update as always, thanks.

Posted 12 July 2023 - 03:13 AM #10

Fe Arkz
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Amazing update as always! Alora #1

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Click the banner to check out #Phereus

Posted 12 July 2023 - 03:29 AM #11

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Wow massive updates. Ty Omicron and the team 

Posted 12 July 2023 - 03:40 AM #12


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This update has so much stuff holy shit, great stuff guys!

Muspah soon please !  :PepeHands:

KP | One | Horus



Posted 12 July 2023 - 04:12 AM #13

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Wow massive updates. Ty Omicron and the team 

Posted 12 July 2023 - 05:11 AM #14


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Huge W. Nice job guys!

Posted 12 July 2023 - 05:41 AM #15

It Happened

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Huge update, thank you boys!
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Posted 12 July 2023 - 06:08 AM #16

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Great update, thank you Alora team  :withlove:

Posted 12 July 2023 - 08:31 AM #17


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Great update! Thank you for your work @Omicron!

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Ma un giorno, una volta lei ci riuscirà

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Posted 12 July 2023 - 08:35 AM #18

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Sick update, thank you boys!

Posted 12 July 2023 - 12:51 PM #19

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Great update! Thanks Omi and team!

Posted 12 July 2023 - 12:51 PM #20


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Sweet updates, good one!

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