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Feedback on GIM Removal ticket & GIM Invite limit.

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Posted 15 November 2023 - 07:51 PM #1

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Hello all,


previously I made a support ticket under technical issues & I wanted to start off by apologizing for the curse word I used. I was very frustrated & that was unbecoming of me as an adult.

I'm very new to Alora as are my close friends that I have started playing group ironman with & so far we'd been having a ton of fun!!


Because of one of the players going inactive for life reasons & another wanting to play we recently purchased a GIM removal ticket with the intention of swapping the players out after we lost all of our remaining lives not knowing we are limited to 5 invites. Sincerely all 5 of us did not know this was even mentioned because we were that excited to play the game we missed it.


It was communicated to me that this information is included in the dialogue portion of when you first originally start the character/group to which I and none of my cohorts had any recollection of & the only real rule I could find to take note of before we did buy the ticket was from the group orb stating that HCIM's cannot join new groups. Which is fair play.


Unfortunately be that the situation I feel like I needed to submit some feedback about the situation & hopefully if I am wrong it can be challenged because I'd like to learn from this situation if I'm potentially going to continue playing let alone consider spending any money.



Firstly, why does the GIM Removal ticket even exist in the online store if it serves no effective functionality when you have 5 players? It's essentially a misleading $25 vanity ticket for high scores?... If a player becomes inactive you'd have a better time simply compelling him to give you the account & using it for menial afk tasks. Additionally, the store having no true description on items effectively played a role into this as it could've easily included a disclaimer potentially notating plainly that if you're at 5 players no one else can be added & that it's functionality is cosmetic/vanity. Which frankly to a new player could be kind of confusing if they breeze past in-game dialogue at the very start carelessly like so many do in every game ever. Essentially, I'm simply asking if an upgrade in visibility is warranted since there practically is none after the brief dialogue in-game the owner mentioned existed in his ticket reply. Frankly If you guys can employ staff, charge money for purchases, and maintain a rsps I think it'd be pretty easy to go the extra inch to condition this information to new players, but what do I know I'm new. :mellow:


Secondly, why is the group invite limit not simply a functional value that can be displayed via the group ironman orb UI. It would to much sense & it would reinforce that this is clearly communicated at the start of the game. Which again, we had a super hard time remembering that it was even mentioned due to behaving like normal gamers & skipping dialogue. (Not shifting blame as the blame is still with us but alluding to context.)


Thirdly, I understand how ticket systems work after working in customer service when I was younger. I understand that the ticket was closed because my question was effectively answered or because I may have been rude. But this gave me no recourse for providing immediate feedback or asking additional questions until I asked a staffer. It kind of felt like an unwelcoming middle finger to my frustration so to speak.

Pretty standard practice is to close tickets out when you've effectively concluded the inquirer no longer needs help, not when you no longer feel like answering. You are free to run the forums as you please though.



Anyways despite losing our 5th & one of our friends wasting $25 we want to keep playing! Despite this experience being pretty frustrating & it having outright tainted our experience so far, so we'll see.

This created 2 people who are salty because one gave up their spot to give the other an opportunity to have fun & because the other wasted $25 because of miscommunication and being new and 4 other players who have now handicapped their entire group experience from the get go.



Anyways thanks for reading the novel & I look forwarding to having a discourse over this.

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