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Free the Penguin - Real Alan

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Posted 24 May 2024 - 05:29 AM #1

Real Alex

Real Alex
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What is your suggestion?
Real Alan was sent to Port Sarim Jail on March 14, 2023 for penguining around at Nex.  He has been perm forum muted for over a year now following his staff feedback post on the incident. As a result, he is unable to make bug reports, appeals, guides, and game suggestion.
How would this benefit Alora?
Alan has contributed numerous game suggestions, bug finds, and guides in the past.  Freeing Real Alan will lead to new suggestions (eg: ring of pursuit), more community bug awareness (tecu salamander trees currently bugged), and more guides (DT2, master clue, drop rates breakdowns)
Past contributions to Alora
-identified bug: hm tob only dropping sanguine kits (no holy kits)
-gave us ability to get house pet from mahogany homes and long/curved bones
-wrote the tempoross / giants foundry guides / Corp drop rate guides
-contributed to Nex adjustments (can’t join after starting, additional damage requirements, more than 1 unique per kill)
-improving nightmare drop rates (attempted but failed)
-came up with idea for golden tench hunts

Posted 24 May 2024 - 06:32 AM #2

gim crohn
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gim crohn
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Punishments like this demonstrate bias and vendettas against players that staff don't particularly enjoy dealing with. We have had multiple mass un-bans allowing members of the community to rejoin after scamming, RWTing, doxxing, ddosing, botting, breaking literally every single rule in the game - because it's good for business primarily but theoretically justified by saying everyone deserves another chance. 


This doesn't track with @Real Alan, can he be annoying? Absolutely. Is he usually making a bigger deal out of something than needs to be? Of course, he's a realism player. Is he sometimes very cringe? Fuck yes. However, being cringe is in fact - not a crime. Being difficult to deal with - is also not a crime worthy of indefinite punishment if we're allowing people who've broken every rule in the game to return to the game (and some of them become staff themselves) We've got plenty of cringe lolcows on Alora forums, discord, and in-game already one more just adds content to the game and community.


If you're an employee at a business as these staff members are - your job isn't just to do fun giveaways and events, flex your crown and get some monthly tokens. It's also to deal with the situations and the people that others don't want to deal with themselves. That's part of the role, Alan is not unreasonably toxic, he doesn't make threats of violence, he doesn't even pose any threat to anyone in-game at all; If you think he does you should fight him in the wilderness I'm sure you'll be surprised! 


Tl;Dr Alan can be cringe both ingame and on the forums it doesn't make sense that he's silenced for this long for simply for being cringe. 



Posted 24 May 2024 - 08:46 AM #3

Not Shadow
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Not Shadow
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Hello @Real Alex ,


I think you should refer Alan to this section : https://www.alora.io...rum/27-appeals/

Your suggestion has been declined, if you feel this was wrongfully done please contact a Forum Moderator+.



Wow stuff, just wow.





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