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Account Name (IGN) - I carry her

Discord Tag (Name#0000) - Shane#9874

What is your current rank? - Corporal
When did you last apply for a rank? - 12th February

What rank are you applying for? - Sergeant
What are your strengths? - Activite, Helpful & Friendly :>

What are your weaknesses? - The will to level up my skills instead of slaying.


In a short paragraph, please explain why you feel you deserve the rank you're applying for - I've been in ICE for a while now in which I believe I have been helpful when it comes to cc members questions, making sure any new people in the cc are felt welcomed and also letting people know about the clan when speaking to them if they are new to the server and are a white dot and not purple. :) My activity is pretty high up there and always try to be on my best behaviour in the cc. :>


Your Application has been accepted and you have been Promoted to Sergeant.

In Topic: What Song Are You Currently Listening To? (Pt. 2)

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In Topic: ICE [Ironman/Classic/Elite] PVM/PVP/SKILLING

18 March 2019 - 04:05 PM

Discord Tag - Possibly #1762

How long have you been in ICE? - 1 Month

What position are you applying for? - Corporal

Have you ever been in a Staff position or position of Power? - Yes

If so, where and what did your duties entail? (Put N/A if not) - Head Admininstrator (ScapeRune) & Youtuber/Moderator (OSFrantic) - Head Admin, i was in charge of the staff team, Events, and other duties were watching the server, helping out anytime someone needed help. Also organizing events and great structure and communcation with my staff team.

How much time do you spend on Alora and in the CC daily? - All day & Night literally never stop playing :P

Being in the Discord is REQUIRED. Are you willing to be active in the Discord and attend weekly meetings? - yes (I play 24/7)

Why would you like to work with us? - Ice is a great community and a wonderful cc with great personality, great people always dedicated to helping and answering questions, i would love to be apart of ice #1 cc in alora

What skills do you posess that would make you a good addition to our Team? - Positive attitude, Always on , never negative, like to help people, and events with the cc!

This application is for a Staff Position (LT+). Please fill out the following template: