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In Topic: Fix "The Collector" NPC

Yesterday, 11:06 PM

No support.


It doesn't make sense to enable a feature like this for a selective number of game modes when the game news channel can prove that a player of any game mode authentically obtained an item. At least for announced drops. This would provide an unfair advantage to the game modes mentioned despite any player being able to demonstrate valid proof that they obtained a drop legitimately. Yet they would be forced to regrind the same drop if they wanted to fill the slot again just because of their game mode.

I can definitely see where you're coming from. Ideally, if it were feasible, it should be available to all ironmen, but the fact that It's not available to some game modes because of the questionable integrity of other game modes doesn't seem completely fair either. It's a preventative measure for some games modes and, as a result, the other ones are getting screwed over.

In Topic: Fix "The Collector" NPC

Yesterday, 09:00 PM

Support if there is a way to do that avoiding the possible manipulations.

Agreed! At the very least, it could be implemented for regular ironmen/hardcore ironmen seeing as they are incapable of trading and don't have any partners  :khaledthink:

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Yesterday, 10:49 AM

Would be a nice QOl update 

Nice forum signature  :DoggoKek:

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Yesterday, 10:11 AM

Hook line and sinker!

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Yesterday, 10:09 AM

QoL is always welcomed