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#481192 Add events tab

Posted by Tbow Loc on 17 March 2024 - 08:01 AM

Support minus shooting star. Afaik, can use poh to check the status on it.

#481092 Staff Update 3/15/24

Posted by Tbow Loc on 15 March 2024 - 05:12 PM

Let's go yeet!

#480954 Wilderness target

Posted by Tbow Loc on 14 March 2024 - 05:42 PM

The wilderness is a dangerous place. Ultimately, if you decide to enter, you are taking the risk.

#480760 Staff Update 3/10/24

Posted by Tbow Loc on 10 March 2024 - 12:26 PM

Congrats on the promo Logann and more importantly congrats on the tbow 2k is absolutely insane

#480461 Add a ::boosts command

Posted by Tbow Loc on 04 March 2024 - 03:13 PM

Excellent suggestion Mhk

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#480165 February 2024 MOTM (Winner)

Posted by Tbow Loc on 29 February 2024 - 07:47 PM

Congrats on the win

#480054 Adventures of Poptart267

Posted by Tbow Loc on 27 February 2024 - 07:39 AM

Congratulations on fatherhood! Cherish the first year because time will fly. Gl on the grinds!

#478854 HCIM Safe Deaths

Posted by Tbow Loc on 04 February 2024 - 03:18 PM

Wouldn't be fair to new HCs given that there's been years for HCs to gather these items with safe deaths. I support but it should've done forever ago.

#478754 Awakener's orb

Posted by Tbow Loc on 03 February 2024 - 09:49 PM

Support from me

#478641 Scar Essence Mine

Posted by Tbow Loc on 02 February 2024 - 04:41 PM

I agree with logan

#478433 Desert Treasure II

Posted by Tbow Loc on 31 January 2024 - 08:14 PM

Thanks, I'll be using this guide!

#478431 January 2024 MOTM (Winner)

Posted by Tbow Loc on 31 January 2024 - 08:13 PM

Grats cous!

#478430 [30/1/24] Desert Treasure II, Collection Log Hiscores, Poison Waste Dungeon...

Posted by Tbow Loc on 31 January 2024 - 08:13 PM

Finally, let's go

#478337 Commander Zilyana Guide

Posted by Tbow Loc on 30 January 2024 - 08:22 PM

Nice guide logan

#478094 RoW Misinformation

Posted by Tbow Loc on 26 January 2024 - 08:37 PM

Hey gamers,


Let me preface this by saying this isn't really a big deal, but if we can prevent ourselves from providing newer players incorrect information, why not, right?


During my time spent in the Alora cc, I've encountered a couple instances where players (including staff) have been spreading incorrect information regarding the ring of wealth. People have been claiming that by wearing a ring of wealth (and, as a result, increasing your chances at a drop from the rare drop table), you will be decreasing your chance of receiving a rare drop from any given monster's rare drop table.


This is not the case. It's stated on the ring of wealth wiki that drops from the rare drop table and monster drops are rolled parallel to one another but do not affect each other. Some players were pretty adamant that this was incorrect, and I found it strange that omi would change this, so I just messaged him for confirmation.


Happy gaming!