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In Topic: Remove KC capes from Raids Collection Log

24 March 2023 - 07:44 PM

Support, 3k raids at 20 mins ea (if you're lucky to do 3k raids all in 20 mins) is 1k hours of just raiding for 3 green logs, most players will rather invest that time in something else. Getting an item to complete a log seems much better for the game, plus seeing the hype in yell over that last item.

In Topic: Update Giant Foundry Shop

22 March 2023 - 07:47 AM

So u buy items twice?

Already have collection done months ago :) 

The point

Holdinap's head


Support for obvious reasons though

In Topic: Celestial Ring Charges

09 March 2023 - 08:40 AM

Amm, we do have donor status here that gives extra ores when mining.


Neutral to this

To that I would say we also had the donator status's doing this when we gave the varrock armour 4 to give the extra ore when mining. This is just to make it actually worth charging the celestial ring for a bonus reward, anyone who doesn't charge it won't get the added benefit.

In Topic: Re-adjust Nightmare / Phosani Drop Rates

09 March 2023 - 08:35 AM

Because you're such a mathmatician I'll show my SUPPORT, this content is becoming more and more dead as the days go by and the item values are on a fast race to the bottom.


Also the reason players solo Phosani over normal is because anyone doing this is most likely an ironman wanting to finish the log, and if it takes 1.69 days as a 4 man that's about 6.76 days to get something in your name vs 4.51 days to get it solo.


I don't agree with having to make the content harder before buffing the rate, since these items can't be 'devalued' if they really aren't even useful in the majority of cases. Full inquisitor went from 1b a set to 600m in a matter of days and I wouldn't be shocked if it's even less now. Unless OSRS makes these items great again, which will be hard to match on Alora due to our combat system and boosts/def nerfs, I don't see any reason anyone does this other than collection log purposes. It's not like your zerker pking scene exists on here.


I know that adding more of these items into the game is NOT going to help their price, but at this point, nothing will. This is only so players have more of a reason to go since it'll be easier additions to their collection log.


Edit: After some clarification with Alan, it's about 1.69 days for ea individual player in a team of 4 to get a drop, which is way better than soloing Phosani. The real problem is not being able to get a team.


I'd 100% support better drop rates in Phosani for a solo player to match the time invested to a team of 4 in regular nightmare.


4 man regular nm:

orb ~1.67 days

armour piece ~8hrs


NEW Phosani solo:

orb ~1.67 days

armour piece ~8hrs


Realistically you aren't going to find a dedicated team of 4 to do it for days at a time all when bonus is on, so let it be soloable content for the same time investment.

In Topic: Highscores

06 February 2023 - 11:08 AM

It's possible to sort the rankings based on who got 4.6b experience first, but there's no chance the individual skills will be sorted.

AFAIK that information wasn't tracked and there's thousands of players with 200m exp's in each skill right now.

I don't think individual skills is even worth the effort atm, but the overall max skillers imo is worth it. To save Omi time I'd even be content in having it track only after the new skill is released, but I'm just saying we should get ahead of the curve while we can.