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In Topic: Dark Alora

Yesterday, 06:25 PM

support, my 420 eyes don't like the excessive brightness.
side note: funny how contributors on Alora need to explicitly state that they are looking for community feedback to not get their posts taken down by forum moderators for "suggesting a bug fix rather than a game suggestion" :lol:

lol I’m actually asking for it to be brighter to match osrs, but maybe it can be a toggle option to keep it dark or bright?

I feel like staff would remove it for posting basically the same thing as my bug report, but wanted feedback to see if players even wanted it brighter, since playing osrs I notice it so much it makes alora seem grainy or a lower quality than osrs and maybe other players coming osrs will feel the same.

In Topic: Dark Alora

07 June 2024 - 07:49 AM

did you check the actual client brightness ?

yes I did, the settings on my alora runelite and game client are identical to my osrs one, but alora is still darker.

In Topic: Buying/Selling GIM Bank

30 May 2024 - 07:26 AM

support, but let me keep normie gim status and new accs get fucked, i already got all the gear i need

In Topic: Veteran icon

12 March 2024 - 02:35 PM

Support I like this idea

In Topic: Falador Party Room (Drop Parties)

23 September 2023 - 11:18 AM

This would be so fun to hop in and snag some loot for my normies bank, support