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Two-Factor Authentication Guide

2fa two factor two-factor authentication security

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As it seems a lot of people have been having issues regarding their accounts being hacked, I am making this thread to show you around the different two-factor authentication applications, and how to use them. You can have a Two-factor Authentication applications saved onto your mobile device, or your computer. Depending on your preference. But please; DON'T DELETE THE APPLICATION, OR WRITE DOWN THE BACKUP CODE.


  Two-factor Authentication (2FA) provides and extra layer of security for your account, generating a code which you need to enter once you login. If you have 2FA set-up, and fail to provide the code, you cannot have full access to the account. Once enabled, you have to initially enter a code to login to the Forums and In-game. It is strongly recommended to have 2FA enabled.


A list of Two-factor Authentication applications supported by Alora:


- Duo-Mobile

- Google Authentication

- Authy

- WinAuth



How to setup 2FA on Alora;



To remove 2FA;



Most Two-factor Authentication are rather straight-forward. But in the future I will possibly add how to use each program if requested. As of right now, I use Duo-Mobile as my application and it works great.


Setting up Duo-Mobile



Some Perks of Enabling 2FA:

  • Extra Security
  • Bonus EXP when redeeming Vote Books

Reminder: You must relog in game and enter in your 2fa code before you are able to get bonus EXP!


Thank you for reading this guide, if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me in-game. 

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