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[3/3/18] World Event: God bosses, New pets, Wilderness fixes & many bug fixes / QOL!

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Hey guys,


This update took a little bit longer than anticipated, primarily due to having to spend a few days securing our systems further last week as well as having to implement some preventative measure for bots (which we will continue to do). Nonetheless, the update is here with plenty of new content for you to dive right into! :) Please note that some game/forum updates shown here may already be in-game from a previous background update.



Game updates:

  • Pet updates:
    • Metamorphosis versions:
      • Corporeal critter is now available!
        • This pet is a metamorphosis version of the Dark core dropped by the Corporeal beast. You can switch between the pets as you’d like, and if you’ve already insured your Dark core, your Corporeal critter is also insured (no need to pay twice).
      • TzRek-Jad
        • This pet is a metamorphosis version of the Jal-Nib-Rek pet dropped by TzKal-Zuk in the Inferno. You can switch between the pets as you’d like, and if you’ve already insured your Jal-Nib-Rek pet, your TzRek-Jad pet is also insured.
      • All dialogues for the new pets are also functional.
      • Fixed a bug where the “head” of the NPC in the dialogue would be invisible after metamorphosis.
    • New pets to obtain:
      • 3 new awesome looking pets can now be obtained! Through the World bosses event, any one of the 3 bosses can drop their own pet. Once you receive one, you can transform it into any one of the others (metamorphosis). 
  • Super anti-fire updates:
    • In some cases, the Super anti-fire effect would not function properly (not reducing damage enough). This has been fixed.
    • Super anti-fire potions can now be decanted.
    • A warning will now be issued before your Super anti-fire protection runs out (in the chatbox).
    • Fixed a bug where Super anti-fire protection would remain after the timer runs out.
    • You can no longer drink Super anti-fire potions with one already active.
  • Vorkath/DS2 updates:
    • You can now kill Vorkath for Slayer experience on a Blue dragon task.
    • Dragonfire ward is now tradable.
    • The “Quest completed!” Interface had a Mage arena II cape on the interface. This has been updated to a Mythical cape.
    • The “Zombified spawn” that shoots out of Vorkath’s mouth will now be shot to wherever you are nearest to.
    • Fixed a bug where Vorkath would disappear mid-kill while “moon-walking” back and forth.
    • Fixed a combat bug where certain NPCs could not attack you back at a certain distance (Eg. Adamant dragon safespot is now patched)
    • Duel bug fix:
      • If a player dced or x-logged during the “countdown” portion of a duel, the player who did not log out would be stuck inside the duel arena, and both players’ staked items would be lost. This has been fixed, and the player who x-logs or disconnects will lose the duel (similar to forfeiting).
  • Box trap updates:
    • Box traps can no longer be triggered by invisible chinchompas.
    • The rate at which chinchompas are “lured” towards box traps has been slightly reduced.
    • Once a chinchompa is caught, it will now spawn in a completely new location rather than immediately under the caught box trap.
  • Make Flax spell benefits for donators:
    • Donators can now make more flax per cast:
      • Normal players: 5 per cast
      • Regular/Super donator: 6
      • Extreme/Legendary: 7
      • Uber: 9
      • Master: 10
  • Vote shop updates / Ornament kits:
    • With the addition of a new voting website (7 total, 6 required), we figured it’d be a good time to release some new items into the vote shop. These include:
      • Anguish ornament kit ~ 180 vote points:
        • You can now create a Necklace of Anguish (or). The same bonuses apply as the regular necklace.
      • Godsword ornament kits ~ 250 vote points each:
        • All godsword can now be ornamented! There are 4 different kits available in the vote shop. The ornamented godswords all have their correct combat configurations/special attacks/etc.
  • Fremennik Slayer cave shortcut fixes:
    • The “strange floor” shortcut to Pyrefiends now requires level 81 Agility.
    • The “crevice” shortcut from Basilisks to Turoths (previously not working) is now functional and requires level 62 Agility to use.
  • Teleport interface updated:
    • Seer’s village is now available on the Cities teleport page.
      • This was requested so that players could set Seer’s as their home teleport and teleport back there immediately upon completing the Seer’s rooftop agility course (this is possible in OSRS).
    • Additionally, a bug which did not allow you to set your home as Draynor village or the Myth’s guild has been fixed. Both are possible, with the Myth’s guild being a convenient home teleport for Wrath runecrafting.
    • Warning on right-click “Previous teleport” option:
      • When teleporting on the PvP menu (eg. To Dark castle), there is typically no warning issued.
        • This is fine, but when you right-click the Teleportation wizard to teleport to the last location, some players may have forgotten that their last location was in the wilderness. 
          • To combat this, a warning will be shown on the right-click previous teleport option if the destination is in the wilderness.
  • Equipment fix:
    • Many items that should not be able to be equipped were equipable through the equipment interface, and have been fixed.
  • Missing item requirement fixes:
    • Dragon chainbody (g)
    • Dragon platelegs (g)
    • Dragon plateskirt (g)
    • Dragon full helm (g)
    • Dragon sq shield (g)
    • Dragon platebody (g)
    • Leaf bladed spear
    • Leaf bladed sword
    • Leaf bladed battle-axe
  • Area fixes:
    • Smoke devil dungeon (including Thermonuclear boss room) is now entirely multi as it is in OSRS.
    • TzHaar city is now multi as intended. This includes Mor-Ul-Rek.
  • Cannon fixes:
    • Slayer Tower basement no longer allows cannons to be set up. 
    • Cannons will no longer be able to “steal” other players’ monsters in single combat areas. The cannon will only target NPCs that are either already in combat with the owner of the cannon, or not in combat at all.
      • If the player who is fighting the NPC doesn’t attack it for 6 seconds or longer, the cannon could then damage the NPC.
      • With this being said, players can still technically steal an NPC that a cannon has hit. Since a cannon works in a single zone (as long as the player is hidden and not being attacked), it would be too overpowered if the cannon could hog every NPC in a single area. This is why we’ve given other players the ability to steal NPCs that have been attacked by a cannon (but not if the cannon’s owner is already in combat with the NPC).
  • Dark blue graceful added:
    • This graceful set can be achieved by recovering with Graceful marks just as the other sets are, but the price of each piece is ~1.5x higher.
      • This is simply a cosmetic change, all other effects/bonuses of this set are the same as the other graceful sets.
  • Clue Hunter update:
    • The Helm of Raedwald (Clue hunter set helmet) can now be obtained when completing clues.
  • Dharok NPC update:
    • Dharok the Wretched will now be able to hit players for very high damage when he gets low on hitpoints. Be sure to keep your Melee protection prayer on while fighting him.
    • Additionally, a bug had caused Dharok to always hit 0s, which has also been fixed. His default max hit is 29, but at 1hp he can hit up to 64.
  • Tentacle whip dissolve warning:
    • When dismantling the Abyssal tentacle, a red warning will appear to notify you that you will not get back the tentacle upon dissolving. You will only have the whip returned.
  • Blowpipe nerf:
    • Blowpipe accuracy has been slightly nerfed (~15%) in PvM.
  • Thieving updates:
    • Ardougne knights thieving:
      • You can now pickpocket Ardougne knights for 1.5k each.
      • These are a good option once your Thieving level is a bit higher as you stop failing on them at 95 Thieving.
    • Formula for pickpocketing improved:
      • The failure rate for pickpocketing has been decreased, meaning you’ll fail less often across the board.
  • Battle Royale fix:
    • Multi-spells now work as intended. Previously, an ice barrage would only hit 1 player even if the arena is multi.
  • Kourend Catacombs update:
    • Dwarf cannon can no longer be used here.
    • To allow for Magic training through bursting, we’ve made some changes:
      • Abyssal demons in the catacombs were very buggy. They’d “freeze” and attack you from long-range. 
        • Additionally, there weren’t enough of them in the area. Both issues have been addressed.
  • Slayer task changes:
    • Nechrayels can now be assigned by a Slayer master. (35-100)
    • Dust devils can now be assigned by a Slayer master. (55-125)
      • While on a Dust devil task, Smoke devils can be killed and you will still gain experience.
    • Slayer helm / Black mask bonuses fix:
      • We’ve changed the way that Slayer helm/Black mask bonuses work. Previously, if you had a task, your bonus would only work on that exact NPC (Eg. Blue dragon task, bonus on Blue dragon). Now, your helmet bonuses will also be applied to any related NPCs, such as Vorkath while on a Blue dragon task.
  • Completionist Monkey updates:
    • Crush attack bonus increased from +4 to +6 to match the Mythical cape.
    • Ranged attack bonus increased from +4 to +8 to match Ava’s assembler.
  • Staff of Light:
    • The staff of light can now be created! 
      • You can create this staff by using Saradomin’s Light (dropped by Commander Zilyana) on the Toxic staff of the dead.
        • It is identical in stats, bonuses and special attack to the Toxic staff of the dead.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The Samurai kata (hat) now hides your hair when equipped as intended (so that your hair doesn’t poke out of the hat).
    • Changing your gender will no longer reset your appearance colours (skin color included).
    • Dragon pickaxe with ornament kit now has the special attack bar.
    • Mage Arena II demons’ models have been changed:
      • Since these demons are no longer in the OSRS cache, we’ve been forced to replace them with other demons which we can work with. OSRS replaced them with some very cool looking demons which we will be using for other new content, World Boss Events. (see below)
      • You can also no longer damage these demons with melee at all. Previously, you would only hit 20% of your normal damage with melee. Now the damage is as follows:
        • 100% - Correct god spell (eg. Flames of Zamorak on Demon of Darkness)
        • 100% - Twisted bow
        • 20% - Any other mage spell
        • 0% - Any ranged/melee attack
    • Salve amulet damage bonus fixed:
      • The salve amulet(s) damage bonuses where not working as intended (accuracy was fine, though). This is now fixed, and both accuracy and damage bonuses should work perfectly.
    • Banshee prayer bug fixed:
      • Prayers will now be turned off when drained to 0 by Banshee’s screech.
    • Bond opening fixed/logged:
      • When opening bonds, Master donators would sometimes be set back to Uber. This has been fixed.
      • Additionally, we’re now logging bond openings for staff to be able to see when players open bonds.
    • Fire strike spell requirements fixed:
      • Now takes 2 air runes instead of 1 (Thanks @fake fanv)
    • Hit delay bug fixed:
      • While in combat, players could perform certain skillcap emotes to delay damage. Eventually, all the damage would hit the player all at once, but it is a bug nonetheless. Skillcape emotes can no longer be performed while in combat.
    • Event NPCs spawned by admins will now be aggressive towards players (if the NPC is intended to be aggressive) and will walk around rather than staying on the same tile.
    • Edible seaweed and Kebabs can now be eaten (Thanks for the major bug report @uTorrent)
  • Wilderness/Combat changes:
    • Resource gate changes:
      • Resource gate now opens.
        • Previously, this gate would teleport you through. It will now allow 1 person to enter at a time. 
      • Cost reduction for donators:
        • The price to enter is now reduced from 10,000 for donators:
          • Master ~ 1k
          • Uber ~ 2k
          • Legendary ~ 2.5k
          • Extreme ~ 4k
          • Super ~ 6k
          • Regular ~ 8k
    • Axe hut changes:
      • Picklocking the axe-hut doors was a bit buggy, sometimes you would not face the door when attempting to pick the lock. This should now be fixed.
      • When frozen and attempting to picklock the axe hut doors, you would not walk through if successfully picked. You should now be able to even if frozen.
        • With that being said, you’ll still be frozen on the other side as well. You can continue to picklock through the doors until you’re unfrozen if you choose to.
    • Bounty hunter QOL:
      • The chatbox message when you’re assigned a target will now say “You’ve been assigned a target: <username>” rather than “You’ve been assigned a target!”.
    • NPC changes:
      • Many Hobgoblins have been added west of black chinchompas. (Hobgoblin mine)
      • Many Zombies have been removed from the ruins south of black chinchompas.
      • Fixed freezing bug with NPC:
        • Sometimes NPCs would lose aggression towards you after being frozen (and just follow you around stupidly without attacking). This should no longer happen.
    • Teleblock change:
      • Whether the teleblock time will be full or half was previously determined when the spell landed, but the check will now be done as soon as the spell is casted. This means that if you aren’t praying Protect from Magic while the spell is casted, turning it on later will not halve the TB time. (Reported as a bug by players, if this is incorrect please let me know.)
    • EdgePvP changes:
      • EdgePvP (Instance) PJ timer increased to match the Edgeville wilderness PJ timer.
      • A rejuvenation pool has been added to the Edgeville PvP instance. It functions the same way that the regular Edgeville pool does.
    • DDS experience drop fix:
      • The DDS special attack would sometimes still send an XP drop if you hit 0-0. This should no longer occur.
    • Revenant caves minimum combat level:
      • You must now be at least level 50 combat to enter the Revenant caves.
        • This is to prevent the unintended low levels abusing the Leaf-bladed axe’s lack of Attack level requirement to kill the imps without worrying about being killed by other players. The Leaf-bladed equipment is also fixed so it makes this less of an issue, but we’ve added this requirement just in case there are other broken items we are unaware of.
          • This also applies to the Revenant cave teleport scroll.
  • Bloody key boost:
    • Bloody key loot has been heavily boosted across the board. Certain items such as DFS/Arcane spirit shield rates have been increased, but we’ve also removed general junk (ancient staff, d boots, etc) as well as increasing the chance of getting any single rare item.
  • Hunter - Box trap reset option:
    • You can now reset your box traps that have either caught a creature or collapsed.
      • If a creature is caught, you will collect the creature and re-set the trap.
      • If no creature is caught, you will take down the trap and re-set it.
    • This is no faster than taking down and re-setting the box trap manually, it is simply more convenient.
  • Staff updates — anti-bot measures:
    • As temporary bot prevention while we work on automated bot identification and prevention, we’ve added some new features for staff to use to track down bots. Our next update will focus on better random events as well as ways of flagging accounts that may be botting, which will then be sent to staff members for manual verification.
  • New random event:
    • A new random event which will ask players a random question has been added.
      • Topics:
        • General knowledge (eg. Name of the server)
        • Basic mathematics
        • Basic spelling task
        • Dynamic questions:
          • “Player-unique” questions. For example, “What is your current total level?”
          • “Server-unique” questions. For example, “What is the current bonus skill of the day?”
            • You can often use abbreviations for answers. For example, if the bonus skill of the day is Hitpoints, you can enter “hp” and it will suffice.
      • The same random event rewards as the old “Odd one out” event will be given.
      • If the player fails 3 times, they will be jailed and the staff team will be notified. If the player does not answer it within 5 minutes, they will also fail the random.
    • Random events will now also be presented during:
      • Fishing
      • Digging a Barrows grave
      • Boarding the Zulrah boat
      • Runecrafting
      • Agility course obstacles (not shortcuts)
        • Excludes wilderness agility course
    • It is important to note that random events do not show up unless you are actively performing an action (eg. Clicking on something). For this reason, most cases of players failing to solve a random in time are likely to be bots. 
      • The only exception is fishing, where you only have a possibility to get a random event on the first fish you catch. (Assuming you are still around for the first fish)
        • If you are semi-AFK fishing, you’ll have up to 5 minutes to answer the question.
  • Agility course fixes:
    • All courses:
      • Less “delays” when clicking obstacles to make the course progress more quickly (there was a 0.6 second delay on many object actions that was unnecessary).
    • Gnome course:
      • Fixed some objects you could quickly click for double experience drops.
      • Fixed a bug where you could “no clip” onto the second floor.


World bosses event - Gods’ Battalion:

  • Backstory/Lore: (Thanks to F 8 for the awesome idea and creating the backstory!)
    • Before Zorgoth was defeated and his conquest to take over Alora suppressed in Dragon Slayer 2, he opened a pulsating rift located at ::event while he was attempting to summon Vorkath, the undead dragon. From this point forth, every 2-3 hours the 3 demon disciples of Guthix, Zamorak and Saradomin will descend upon the ::event area to torment any players fearsome enough to take them on. Porazdir being a Tsutsaroth demon, who was once one of Zamorak's most trusted generals during the God Wars. Justiciar Zachariah a Saradominist Justiciar, in the elite of Saradomin's army. Derwen is an ancient servant of Guthix. He takes great interest in Justiciar Zachariah and Porazdir, attempting to keep a balance between them. Each of these Demons are essence of what they used to be in the ancient God Wars, originally they were encaged in an endless fight to the death. You must stop these beasts before they reap carnage across Alora!
  • General:
    • Three bosses — each one appointed by a specific God, will spawn together once every 2-3 hours.
      • Attacking any of the bosses for at least 100 damage will grant you with the “Blessing of the Gods”:
        • Granted once any of the bosses die, this give a stackable, bonus experience of 20% for 30 minutes. This is reduced to 10% for Classic mode players.
        • You will receive a chatbox messaging stating when the bonus experience starts/ends as follows:
          • “Blessing of the Gods is now granting you 20% bonus experience for 30 minutes!”
          • “Your Blessing of the Gods has worn out.”
        • This timer saves on logout and will only be reduced if you are active (AFK players don’t lose time).
      • These bosses spawn at the ;;event area which is a safe death, multi-combat area.
  • Possible loot:
    • NOTE: For each boss, the top 2 hitters will be rewarded loot. 6 people will be able to loot in total during each event.
    • Shared:
      • Supplies:
        • White berries, desert goat horn, teak plank, mahogany plank, pure essence, numerous herbs, flax, coal, crushed bird’s nests, grapes, magic logs, uncut gems (incl. dragonstone)
      • Special:
        • Clue bottles (hard and elite)
        • Clue nests (hard and elite)
      • Rare:
        • Staff of light (reskinned Toxic staff of the dead)
        • God boss pet (Baby porazdir, Baby justiciar, Baby Derwen — but all 3 can be metamorphosed into one another, so you only require 1)
    • Unique:
      • Saradomin:
        • Saradomin dragon hide set, cloak
        • Holy blessing
        • Saradomin hilt
      • Guthix:
        • Guthix dragon hide set, cloak
        • Peaceful blessing
        • Bandos hilt
      • Zamorak:
        • Zamorak dragon hide set, cloak
        • Unholy blessing
        • Zamorak hilt
  • Bosses:
    • Saradomin boss - Justiciar Zachariah:
      • Attacks evenly with both Magic and Melee. Can hit multiple enemies with either attack depending on your distance. (Within 2 steps for melee, within 8 steps for the magic special)
      • Weakness:
        • Ranged
      • Strategy:
        • Zachariah’s melee attack is the strongest. Keep your distance and attack with range. 
    • Guthix boss - Derwen:
      • Attacks primarily with magic, and sometimes with range. Can hit multiple enemies. Highest hitting of all 3 bosses.
      • Weakness:
        • Melee
      • Strategy:
        • Protect from Magic and damage with melee.
    • Zamorak boss - Porazdir:
      • Attacks primarily with range, and sometimes with melee. Can hit multiple enemies.
      • Weakness:
        • Magic
      • Strategy:
        • Protect from range while keeping distance and attack with magic. 
    • General strategy:
      • Combined with the strategies above, try to keep the bosses separated. Since they can all damage multiple players, it is best to not be within fighting distance of 2 or more of them at the same time. Drag each one out to it’s own corner and isolate it.
  • Pet(s):
    • All 3 bosses can drop a pet version of themselves. Once you have obtained one of these pets, you can morph it into any one of the others. In essence, one pet means you have obtained access to all 3: Baby Justiciar, Baby Derwen and Baby Porazdir. 
    • You can “Pray-to” these pets for a cool effect/over-head shout.


Website updates:

  • A birthday calendar to list today’s birthdays will now be listed on the sidebar of the forums.
  • Highscores will no longer show 2279 total level (all invalid ranks have been fixed).
  • @tagging fixed:
    • A notorious bug was that newly created accounts (through the client) would not be able to be @Tagged on the forums, or @‘d in private messages.
      • This issue should now be fixed for new accounts. Any old accounts’ @tagging should also be fixed.
  • Forums crash (redirect loop) fixed:
    • New accounts created in-game would not be able to properly access the forums without the page breaking. This has been fixed.
  • Easy 2fa link:
    • www.alora.io/2fa will now take you to your use CP 2fa settings page for easy access/referrals.
  • Performance optimizations:
    • Some areas of the website have been optimized for faster page loads, particularly for the first time a user loads our website, but also smaller optimizations for existing users.
      • This includes:
        • Minifying all javascript/css
        • Using google’s CDN for JS where possible
        • Compressing images to reduce file size
        • Removing useless/duplicate scripts
        • Limiting the # of images that can be loaded in a topic preview for recent news on the homepage (rather than loading useless GIFs from an update that cannot be viewed)
      • These optimizations reduce the total homepage size by nearly 50% and increase the page load speed by over 35%. This also applies to the forums, but to a lesser extent.
  • Security updates:
    • Many security updates have been applied to both the website and game.



Store updates:

  • New items:
    • The God bosses pet (which can transform between all 3 new pets: Baby justiciar, derwen and porazdir) is now available for 1500 tokens!
  • Rune pouch in the store now has an ironman symbol next to it (has been buyable for some time now, but it was missing the symbol).
  • “Custom Donation” button added to FAQ on shop to link to the customs thread.



Client updates:

  • The welcome screen on resizable has been fixed (invalid placement for the Welcome message)
  • Fixed a bug with HD + Resizable on Macs, where your client would be sized incorrectly.







































We hope you enjoy this update! :) As always, please report any bugs to myself, staff members or in the correct section on the forums.




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F 8

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Wow amazing update @Omicron can't wait to try new bosses!

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Not Salter

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Awesome updates!

Looking forward to playing!

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That look DOPE! excited!


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Huge list of updates, love it! 
Can't wait to check out these new World Bosses!

Keep up the good work Omicron!

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Artwork done by the amazing Richard Mei!

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Classic mob

Classic mob
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ty for these amazing bug fixes and new pets! tyvm!







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Austin Post

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Enjoyed going through this very long list of updates...Thank-you very much for all your hard work, Omicron! Excited to log back in-game and try out some of the newly content. 

Best Regards,

Austin Post


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Oh Du Hast

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Fix Prayer flicking please.
Good updates, can't wait to see what today brings.

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great stuff

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fake fanv

fake fanv
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Thanks alot for the awesome update <3


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Hc tauri
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sick update! keep it up

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Looking good. Once again great updates!



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Austin Post

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Austin Post
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Been training the Hunter skill for 5 minutes and can already tell a huge difference between how it was before this game update to how it is now. Definitely more bearable to train. 

Best Regards,

Austin Post


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Looks amazing! Thanks for these updates ! :)

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as expected from papa omicron simply the best!!! <3

that bp nerf tho... :(

Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:54 AM #17

Skunky uk

Skunky uk
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amazing updates! shame you still forgot to add the empty watering can to the ironman store / constrction store :(

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:56 AM #18

OsRs Tyler
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OsRs Tyler
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Nice man! Thank you!
Excited for this :)

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Posted 03 March 2018 - 08:09 AM #19

Vista Point
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Vista Point
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The amount of bug fixes and added content in one update is unbelievable! Amazing thank you!

p.s: Blowpipe nerfed nooooooooooo!!!!!!! ='<

Posted 03 March 2018 - 08:23 AM #20

Austin Post

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Austin Post
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The option to lay a collapsed box trap actually makes you pick it up and place it into your inventory, rather than lay it/re-lay it.

Best Regards,

Austin Post


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