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[14/4/18]Elite Ironman Is OUT NOW! (+ Duo Slayer, Lizardman caves, and more!)

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Hello everyone,


I’m very excited to announce that Elite Ironman Mode is now live! You can jump straight in and create an Elite ironman on a fresh account (or any account that you already own that has not yet completed the beginner tutorial) and participate in the action! Make sure to check out the PvP tournament as well as the numerous events with both IRL Cash prizes and token rewards for those who are brave enough to compete:


PvP tournament ($500 in Cash prizes): http://www.alora.io/forums/topic/32927-elite-ironman-pvp-tournament-500-in-cash-prizes

Elite competitions ($380 in Token prizes): http://www.alora.io/forums/topic/32918-elite-ironman-release-announced-competition-information/



Without further ado…


  • Elite Ironman (Duo) mode is now available!
    • Elite Ironman is a new challenge for Ironmen who want a lower XP rate than the standard modes, but do not want the open economy of Classic mode or the death mechanics of the HCIM. It also opens the door to a brand new Duo/Partner functionality which allows you to choose a friend to play the new game mode with! Here are the details:
      • Experience rate:
        • 4x base rate
          • This rate is slightly lower than Classic mode to provide a new challenge for players who desire more challenging gameplay, and to truly live up to the “Elite” name the game mode entails.
      • Experience bonuses:
        • The same limitations of the HCIM/Classic modes apply. Typical XP bonuses such as the Well of Goodwill will give 50% of the usual bonus (15% rather than 30%), and Vote books can only be opened once every 12 hours.
      • Duo/Partner feature:
        • A long requested feature, Elite Ironman can now choose to play with (or without!) a partner in their adventure.
          • This partner is the only player you can trade with, and can only be chosen once!
          • A partner can only be chosen within the first 12 hours of play time (time actually spent in-game, NOT the time since your account was created).
            • This means that you and the person you’d like to be your partner must “pair” within the first 12 hours of playtime. After that, you can no longer choose a partner, NOR can you modify your existing partner.
            • You and your partner both, of course, must be Elite Ironmen and not already have partners.
            • You can speak to Paul at home to select a partner.
      • Highscores:
        • The highscores for the Elite Ironman mode are also available, and they will show:
          • a) If a player has a partner, the partner’s name will be listed
          • OR
          • B) If they do not have a partner, it will be noted that they are Solo EIM players.
      • Vote books:
        • You can only open a vote book once every 12 hours.
        • Other accounts (normal) can not give you vote books. Only your partner can.
        • You cannot open another vote book if you still have bonus XP.
      • Bonds/donations:
        • Bonds are the only item you can transfer from your main to your EIM.
        • The same donation rules that apply to other ironmen/classics apply to EIM (mostly cosmetic only).
      • Clan chat:
        • “Elite” clan chat will be auto-joined for elite players (if not already full).
      • De-ironing:
        • If you wish to de-iron, you have to options:
          • IF you were solo:
            • You can de-iron to either Regular Ironman, or to Classic mode. The choice is yours.
          • IF you were duo:
            • You can ONLY de-iron to Classic. Since you had the trading ability, you can never be a regular ironman again.
      • Gold:
        • Similar to Classics, Elites receive half the usual gold. This is because we allow Elites to de-iron to Classic, and do not want to allow people to smuggle more gold than there should be into the Classic economy.
      • Unique Item:
        • Since the Elite Ironman don’t have a gold Ironman set, an item to signify their status has been added: The Champion’s cape.
          • This cape will be give to every Elite Ironman, and can be re-obtained from Paul if lost.



  • Duo Slayer
    • You can now partner up with another player on your Slayer tasks!
      • How to partner up/unpartner:
        • Use an Enchanted gem (purchased from Slayer store) on another player to partner up with them!
          • You and the other player must both:
            • Be online
            • Not already have a Slayer task or a Slayer partner.
        • Once you send a request, the other player will have to confirm. Once confirmed, you will be partnered up!
          • If you already have a Slayer task, your new partner will be given the same task.
      • How it works:
        • When you kill an assigned slayer monster you receive full Slayer points for the kill.
          • If your partner is nearby (within 64 steps), you will split the experience at a 75%/25% split for that kill. The killer will receive 75%, and the partner 25%. Additionally, the # of kills they need for their task will also be deducted.
      • What’s the point?
        • Duo Slayer is simply a way to work with your friends towards tasks. There isn’t a huge added benefit, but you do receive 10% extra Slayer points from completing tasks when you’re in a duo.
          • Additionally, since you receive Slayer points whenever you complete a task, there is a slight benefit to completing the tasks more quickly in a duo.
      • Can I partner with anyone?
        • Yes. Regardless of game modes, you can choose anyone to be your Slayer partner. If your experience rates are different, you will not receive more experience than you usually would. The base experience is split, and then your mode multiplier is factored in. You can only have Slayer partner at a time, though.
      • What happens if I cancel our task/complete our task?
        • Your partner must be online to change your task. If they are not online and you need to cancel your task or get a new one, you’ll have to unpartner with that player.
        • If your partner is online, you can cancel/change your task as you normally would, and your partner will be put on the same task.
      • NOTE:
        • When selecting a task as a duo, both of your Slayer levels are factored in. For example, if one player has 20 Slayer and the other has 95 Slayer, you cannot get Abyssal demons as a task since one of the players doesn’t have the requirements.



  • Lizardman Shaman Cave:
    • The Lizardman Shaman cave is now added! Due to crowding issues at times, we’ve decided to implement these caves.
      • Players will no longer be limited to the previous 3 Shamans, but can now fight an extra 10 Shamans within the caves.
        • The cave can be accessed from the usual Lizardman area. You will see a cave there that you can enter.
    • Notes:
      • The caves are single-combat, so only 1 shaman can attack you at a time.
      • Dwarf multi-cannons can not be used within these caves.



  • Server performance improvements:
    • Recently, we’ve devoted some time into resolving the issues that cause the server to have occasional lag spikes at around the ~4-5 day uptime mark. We’re confident that some recent changes we’ve made to the game engine code will help to greatly alleviate this issue and may solve it permanently. 
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Varrock armour (chest plates) and Black wizard robes (t and g) now cover your body without “holes”.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to change between custom skin colours once you already had one (eg. Going from red to yellow skin at the Make over mage)
    • Fixed broken no-clip ladder in Ape Atoll. 
    • Zul-andra teleport can no longer be worn.
    • Rune pouch fix:
      • Wrath runes no longer show up as “faded” in the Rune pouch interface. You can now store 5, 10, or X number of wrath runes in your pouch as with any other rune.
    • Karambwan fishing fixed:
      • The fishing spots on the Karamja dock now allow you to fish Karambwan as intended.
    • Object interaction bug:
      • Fixed a bug which allowed you to interact with objects (eg. A Runecrafting altar) from afar.
        • This also includes the same sort of bug with Item-on-object actions.
    • ::shops command fixed:
      • This command will now take all Ironmen to Paul.
  • Ironman shop update:
    • Home teleport tablets added to Ironman shop for the time being.
      • Once tab creation in Construction is added, this will be removed.
  • Fixed Trade bug:
    • Sometimes, when trying to trade an ironman/classic and not being able to, if you opened the equipment interface after and equipped an item, you would potentially lose that item permanently. This has been patched.
  • ::appeal command added:
    • Takes you directly to the appeals section on the forum.
  • Easter/April fools events removed:
    • The Easter bunny NPCs and the full event have been removed, as well as the fake Partyhat drops and the Corporeal beast Elysian dust.
  • Abyssal sire fix:
    • Sometimes the loot dropped under Abyssal sire would be on a tile that could not be looted. This has been fixed, and the loot should always appear on a lootable tile.
  • Herblore secondary spawns:
    • Spawns such as Snape grass, whiteberries, etc. will now respawn at a much faster rate. The previous rate of 30-45 seconds for respawn has been changed to 10-15 seconds.
    • Zamorak wine updates:
      • All Wine of Zamorak drops will now be noted, including drops from the following NPCs:
        • Chaos Fanatic, Cerberus, Kalphite Queen, Greater Nechryael, Balfrug Kreeyath, Zakl’n Gritch, and Tstanon Karlak. 




PVP Updates:

  • Combat fixes:
  • PK Point Exchange updates:
    • Removals:
      • Dark bow
      • Granite maul
      • Master wand
      • Barrow sets
      • Dragon boots
      • Regen Bracelet
      • All infinity pieces
      • Mage's book
      • Ranger boots
    • New Additions:
      • Bloody key
        • 2k PKP
      • Armadyl crossbow
        • 5.5k PKP
      • Staff of Light
        • 3k PKP
      • Bandos chestplate
        • 4k PKP
      • Bandos tassets
        • 4.5k PKP
      • Eternal boots
        • 2k PKP
      • Pegasian boots
        • 5k PKP
      • Primordial boots
        • 5.5k PKP
    • Price changes:
      • Armadyl godsword
        • Reduced to 5k PKP
      • Abyssal tentacle
        • Reduced to 4k PKP
      • Toxic staff of the dead
        • Reduced to 2.5k PKP
      • Dragon claws:
        • Reduced to 9.5k PKP
      • Malediction ward
      • Odium ward
        • Reduced to 3k PKP
      • Blessed spirit shield
        • Reduced to 2.75k PKP
      • Dragonfire shield
        • Reduced to 6.5k PKP
      • Amulet of the damned
        • Reduced to 1.2k PKP
      • Amulet of torture
      • Amulet of anguish
        • Reduced to 6k PKP
      • Tormented bracelet
        • Reduced 3k PKP
      • Ring of suffering
        • Reduced to 2.5k PKP
      • All whip and dark bow paints
        • Reduced to 500 PKP
      • Ring of wealth scroll
        • Reduced to 1k PKP
      • Occult necklace
        • Reduced to 750 PKP













We hope you enjoy these updates! Good luck on the PvP tournament and competitions for those who will be participating :)




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Sick update omicron! :D

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Thanks dad you're the best.


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Thanks for the updates!

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Exciting! Can't wait to see what this new game-mode has to offer us. ^_^

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Thanks for the major update, will be sure to jump in on EIM as soon as I can!


You guys been cleaning up the server like damn, thats a ton of bug fixes, feelsgoodman.png .



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this is a big update! tyvm much love







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x4 xp. Looks like me and @Salter are gonna become REALLLLLLLL close these next few days/weeks >.>


Epic update and lots of hype around this. Super excited. Thanks omi.






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That's epic updates. I wish everyone alot of fun with the new mode!

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Looks good.

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I've never been so horny over a rsps update...  :P

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Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for the sick updates! Happy to see duo-slayer added and going to try out the new mode. Nice work! :D




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Nice update #Hype!

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I love you


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Even the non-EIM updates look really good, thanks Omi

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Great update!

Look forward to trying it

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Fucking stoked!!

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I love you


I love you too.

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