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[27/11/18] Last Man Standing, PvP/Wilderness Improvements, Venom, QOL & bug fixes

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Hotfixes (Nov 28 / 2018):

  • Last Man Standing:
    • Fixed ladder leading to broken area in Moser settlement
    • The lobby waiting time has been reduced from 200 seconds to 120.
    • Ironman fixes:
      • Ironmen/Classics can now use the Vending shrines.
      • Ironmen can now receive loot from kills.
    • Loot fix:
      • Previously, 3 items from a player you killed would not be dropped. All items will now be dropped as intended.
    • The PJ timer in LMS has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Dragon claws being noted has been fixed.
    • Pets can no longer be brought in with you.
    • A bug which may have caused players to be able to move before the 5 second countdown has been fixed.
    • Experience drops will now be shown in the arena.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fixed many items that were equippable but shouldn’t have been (eg. Ensouled heads)
    • Pets will no longer be lost on death in dangerous Battle Royale.
    • Slayer Master right-click options (All of them, including Steve at ::dz) are now fixed.
  • Wilderness:
    • The northernmost fishing spot in the Resource area has been removed (not existent on OSRS)
  • Royal seed pod:
    • This item is now available to Ironmen (and normal players) in the Loyalty point shop for 50,000 points.



Hello everyone,


Today’s update took longer than usual due to some content being very time consuming, but we’ve made sure to pack a ton of things into it!  The update brings some much needed PvP improvements and bug fixes, as well as some important performance/speed improvements as well as a ton of QOL features such as boss killtime announcements to show when records are broken, arrows above Theatre of Blood chests, and many more QOL/bug fixes. 


Lastly, a brand new mini-game is now live! Do you have what it takes to be the Last Man Standing?


  • Performance improvements for EU players:
    • We’ve added a few new connection servers for European players, which should improve latency issues and make the game feel a bit smoother. The previous connection server for EU players was overloaded and not optimal for the smoothest gameplay. 
    • Additionally, a bug was sometimes selecting an entirely inconvenient server  (NA based) for EU players, causing increased latency. All EU players should see slight improvements in ping/lowered latency, which will hopefully help to improve delays felt in item switching, prayer toggling, in PvP situations and in general gameplay. Australia/Asia players may also see a slight improvement, though we do plan to improve connection speeds for Australian players even further in the near future.
      • PLEASE NOTE: To fully take advantage of this, you will need to have the absolute latest client. If you login and you get a red message that says “Your client is outdated!”, you’re still using the same old (and probably slower) connection server.


  • Last Man Standing:
    • The Last Man Standing minigame is now available! Within this mini-game, you will spawn on an island with equal combat stats and no items or equipment except for a spear, and finding valuable items to fight for your life in hopes of becoming the Last Man Standing.
    • Features:
      • Players start with 99 in all combat stats regardless of your combat stats on Alora (you could be level 3). The only exception is your prayer points, which is reduced to 10.
      • You’ll have to loot chests, cupboards and drawers around the island to find equipment and supplies.
      • You can use the Vending shrines, which allow you to sell your items for survival tokens, and to buy certain items from.
      • A dangerous fog will slowly start to surround the island, pushing you to a final location where the battle will end. If you are too deep in the fog, you will begin taking damage at 1 tick, but this will rapidly increase to 10 damage per tick if you do not run back into the safe zone.
      • Defeating a player will earn you a bloody key, which can be used on a previously looted chest/draws/cupboards and still allow you to find loot. On top of this, using one of these keys will restore your hit points to 99.
        • If you defeated one of the final few players (3-5 depending on how big the game is), you will receive a bloodier key. This key is the same as the bloody key, which also restores a bit of prayer, special attack energy, and is guaranteed to give food. Lastly, it also has an increased chance of giving a top tier special attack weapon, and is the only way to get Dragon claws on the island.
      • Occasionally, you’ll receive a broadcast which tells you that a magical loot crate has spawned on the island, denoting its location.
      • Dogs will spawn in certain areas on the island in groups of 3, and can be killed for a chance of receiving Sharks, Prayer potions and Super energy potions.
    • Notes:
      • This minigame can be played at any time with an entrance fee of 1M per player. This money is added to a pot which is divided between the last 2 players standing.
        • 1st place will receive 65% of the pot
        • 2nd place will receive 25% of the pot
      • All prayers can be used regardless of whether you unlocked them, except redemption and protect item which cannot be used at all.
      • You can teleport here by using the Mini-game menu on the Teleport interface, or by typing ::lms.



  • Miscellaneous:
    • Tournament cup updated with October’s EIM tournament.
    • Veterans who are Ironmen or Classics will now also have their respective icon shown next to their yells / clan chat messages, etc.
    • The “Hide all donator icons” button was missing from the settings tab, this has been re-added.
    • The Birthday NPC / cake at home have been removed.
    • Pet insurance fixes:
      • Pet insurance will now work for pets which you have lost by accidentally doing ::empty.
      • Fixed a bug which caused the Mini Vanguard to insure as an Olmlet even though you did not have the Olmlet pet (or metamorphic dust to turn Vanguard into one).
        • NOTE: If you previously had this bug and your Pet insurance only shows Olmlet instead of Mini Vanguard (and you don’t own an Olmlet/Dust) then you may need to re-insure your pet!
    • Grim reaper hood now hides your hair/face.
    • Latest PvM cup winners added to the Tournament cup list.
  • HCIM Death update:
    • If an HCIM dies to a player or NPC, the news announcement will now also say which player or NPC they died to.
  • Pre-update warning:
    • We will now issue a notice approximately 20 minutes before an update, which will disable Raids, Last Man Standing and the Inferno so that players do not get halfway through a raid and then are forced to log off.
      • If you are already in a Raid or any other one of these mini-games, you will be able to finish them within those 20 minutes.
  • Slayer cancel QOL:
    • You can now right-click the Slayer Master and select “Cancel-task” to quickly cancel your task without opening the interface at all. You will still be presented with a confirmation box to make sure you’d like to cancel your task, as well as the point cost (if applicable).
  • Serpentine visage dismantling:
    • You can now dismantle the Serpentine visage for 20,000 Zulrah scales. A warning will be shown before confirming.
  • Alorian donator capes update:
    • The teleport option on this cape will now ask you whether you’d like to teleport to the old Donator zone or the new one.
  • Theatre of Blood changes:
    • Chest arrow QOL + Animation/open chest:
      • An arrow will now be shown above the chest that belongs to you in the reward area. This will make looting easier and not force you to click on every chest, and the player(s) with a purple chest will know immediately that it is theirs.
      • Additionally, players will now play an animation upon “opening” the chest, and the chest will physically open rather than remaining static. This lets all the participants in the room know that their teammates have opened their chests and are ready to move on.
    • Bug fixes:
      • Scythe vitur stand animation fixed:
        • The way that you hold the Scythe of vitur was previously too ‘angular’, and is now held more upright as it is in OSRS.
      • Sotetseg’s special attack (red ball with shared damage) was able to be dodged sometimes, this can no longer be done.
  • Combat fixes/changes:
    • Venom has been added! (See below)
    • Prayer drain had a bug which limited how many points you’d lose per tick. This has been matched to OSRS (tested).
      • Prayer flicking is also more accurate to how it is on OSRS.
    • Dragon claw special attack accuracy has been slightly boosted (~30%)
    • Dragon spear special attack fix:
      • Using this special attack on players that were frozen previously did not ‘push’ them as it is supposed to. This has been fixed.
    • Red bar fix:
      • Previously, any player with 3/99 HP or lower would be completely red barred (no green on their HP bar) making it difficult to know if you KO’d them. This has been fixed, and will reflect their health more accurately, showing a tiny bit of green even at 1/99 HP.
        • This change will apply to both PvP and PvM, and will help to more accurately reflect the HP an enemy has remaining in all situations.
        • We’ve also applied this fix to the enemy info box in the top left corner, so that HP bar will also no longer red-bar.
          • Lastly, for this overlay, if you are fighting a player with more than 99 HP (juggernaut or using saradomin brew) the HP bar will not spill out of the black box and be longer than usual.
    • Halberd attack speed (including Dragon and Crystal) was too fast, and has been slightly slowed down to match OSRS.
    • Magic fixes:
      • Delay fix:
        • Some Magic spells were slightly delayed and not damaging other players quickly enough. We’ve removed this delay and attempted to match everything perfectly to OSRS. The damage (hitsplat) will show up at the same time as before, but the GFX / block animation / enemy retaliation will all happen sooner than before.
      • Specific fixes:
        • Bind/Snare/Entrangle/Freeze spell changes:
        • Multi-spell fixes
          • For multi-spells (eg. Barrage), the multi effects (AoE) will now be calculated earlier so that the players that were next to the target at the time of cast will be affected, but not the players that run in afterwards.
        • Teleblock effect will now apply 1 tick (0.6s) earlier, giving targets less time to teleport away during the spell cast.
    • Range/Melee changes:
      • The defend animation will now show up earlier for melee/ranged attacks.
    • Dark bow fix:
      • The dark bow was firing 1 tick too quickly. This has been fixed, bringing the attack speed to 5.4 seconds, with the rapid mode bringing it down to 4.8 seconds.
      • Additionally, the Dark bow’s special attack has been slightly tweaked. Previously, it guaranteed 8 damage on each hit (or 4 if the player was using Protect from Range). This is still applicable for Dragon arrows, but if you are using any other type of arrow, the damage is 5/3 rather than 8/4.
  • Wilderness changes:
    • Saradomin brews dropped in the wilderness will now be shown after 2x the regular amount of time it takes to show items (2 minutes rather than 1), rather than 10x previously (10 mins).
    • Multi-zone lines fixed for a few areas (matched to OSRS):
      • All of the affected areas are in level 39-46 wilderness:
        • Areas that are now Multi:
          • North of Black chinchompas
          • An area north-east of the lava maze
        • Areas that are now Singles:
          • North of the lava maze, around the Rune ore mining area
          • On the north side of the lava maze, but still within the maze, an area that was previously multi was incorrect.
    • Revenant cave multi-zones fix:
      • The entrances to the revenant caves (both north and south) have a few steps (~5 steps) that are non-multi within the cave, this has been fixed to match OSRS.
    • A gate in level 42 wilderness (Near the ladder to go down to KBD) was occasionally bugged and has been fixed. (one side would open, and the other side would stay closed, example: https://i.imgur.com/0sN4QAN.png)
      • This may inadvertently have fixed other bugged gates in the game, though this is the only one that was reported bugged at the moment.
    • NPC aggressive distance (how close an NPC must be to you to be able to ‘notice’ and attack you) in the wilderness has been reduced, meaning you can walk a bit closer to NPCs without being targeted. 
      • Most NPC’s aggression distances were reduced by only 1 step, though some monsters, like bats, have been reduced by 2 steps.
    • Resource area fixes:
      • On logout, players will be placed outside the resource area.
      • If attempting to go through the resource area gate while frozen, you would previously get bugged for a long time. This has been fixed, allowing to to enter while frozen (as long as you are right next to the gate).
  • Royal seed pod added to PK Point Exchange:
    • This pod will allow you to 1-click teleport to the Grand tree up to level 30 Wilderness. It can be used an unlimited number of times.
      • Cost: 2,000 PK points.
      • If lost upon death, it will be sent to the item reclaim shop and can be retrieved for 100,000 coins.
  • Dragon hunter crossbow recolour:
    • The base colours of the Dragon hunter crossbow have been updated to resemble the Great Olm, making it distinguishable from the Dragon crossbow. 
  • Agility QOL:
    • You can now perform alchemy (and other spells, such as plank make) while running to your next Agility obstacle without cancelling your pending agility action.
  • Boss Killtime Record Announcements:
    • Players who beat the previously set Killtime records for Bosses and certain Minigames will now be announced on the yell channel!
      • This includes time records for:
        • All bosses
        • Barrow
        • Raids 1 & 2
        • The Inferno
        • Fight Caves
  • Venom:
    • Venom is now part of the Alora combat system! This is a very important change to note for both PvM and PvP.
      • Venom is a stronger variant of poison, which, rather than decreasing in strength over time, increases in strength. It always starts at 6 damage, and increases by 2 damage every 18 seconds up to a max of 20 damage. It will not go away until it is cured, or until you or your enemy is dead.
        • Curing:
          • Drinking any dose of Anti-poison potion will convert the venom to poison. Then, drinking another sip will fully cure the poison.
          • New potions, such as the Anti-venom potions can cure venom in one sip and provide some immunity (up to 3 minutes for Anti-venom+)
        • Immunity:
          • Wearing a Serpentine helmet will provide permanent immunity to Venom (and poison).
      • Weapons that can inflict venom to players and monsters at a 25% chance:
        • Weapons:
          • Trident of the Swamp
          • Toxic staff of the dead
          • Toxic blowpipe
        • Note:
          • These weapons have a 100% chance to inflict venom on an NPC if also wearing the Serpentine helmet.
      • Monsters that are immune to venom only (but can be inflicted with poison):
        • Chaos Elemental, Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Supreme, Demonic gorilla, Giant Mole, Kalphite Queen, Kraken, Obor, TzTok-Jad, Vet'ion
        • NOTE: All the monsters that are immune to poison (see below) cannot be envenomed either. The difference is that the list above can still be poisoned. 
      • Monsters that can inflict venom on you:
        • Zulrah and its Snakelings
        • Vorkath
  • Poison changes:
    • Poison will now hit players more rapidly, once every 18 seconds as it is in OSRS (decrementing by 1 damage every 4 hits).
      • Previously, poison would only hit you once every minute (approximately)
    • Many NPCs now immune to poison (matched to OSRS):
      • By design, the following NPCs are also immune to Venom:
        • Abyssal Sire, Brutal dragon, Cerberus, Commander Zilyana, Corporeal Beast, General Graardor, Glough, Juvinate, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Keef, Kob, Kree'arra, Kruk, Mithril dragon, Lizardman, Lizardman brute, Lizardman shaman, Great Olm, Scion, Snakeling, Spawn, Smoke devil, Thermonuclear smoke devil, Callisto, Venenatis, Vorkath, Zulrah
  • New Potions and Resources (Related to Venom):
    • Coconut milk:
      • Use a Hammer on a Coconut to get two Coconut halves, then use the pieces on Vials of water to create Coconut milk.
    • Antidote++
      • Creation:
        • Mix an Irit into a vial of coconut milk at 79 Herblore for 177.5 XP.
          • On OSRS, Magic roots are also required to create this potion. Considering Venom is being added to the game quite late, we’re removing the requirement to mix Magic roots into the potion to speed up the amount of Antidote++ potions (and other potions below) being brought into the game.
      • Effect:
        • Cures poison and provides second longest immunity, at 12 minutes. You must drink two sips to cure venom, the second sip will cure poison. This potion is identical to the Superantipoison (which is already in-game) but provides 2x the poison immunity, and is used to create Anti-venom potions (below).
    • Anti-venom: 
      • Creation:
        • Mix Zulrah scales and Antidote++ at 87 Herblore for 30 XP per dose. (for 4 dose, 120 XP total)
          • Five scales will create one dose, so 20 scales will be needed to create a four-dose Anti-venom.
      • Effect:
        • Cures venom and poison in one sip. 12 minutes immunity to poison, and one minute immunity to venom.
    • Anti-venom+:
      • Creation:
        • Torstol + Anti-venom at 94 Herblore for 125 XP.
      • Effect:
        • Cures venom and poison in one sip. 15 minute immunity to poison, and 3 minute immunity to venom.
      • Note:
        • Takes 4 ticks to create one potion, unlike other potions which take two ticks.
  • Sky color on OpenGL:
    • The default sky colour on HD mode has been changed to look less bright and blue, and more realistic.
























We hope you enjoy this update :) We've taken extra time to test out LMS and the other content in this update, but there's still a chance that there may be a few bugs. If you find any, be sure to let us know by creating a topic in the Bug Report section!




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Thank you for the great update as per usual!



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What an incredible update, cheers for this mate absolutely perfect


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Thanks Mom

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thanks boss

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Thanks for the update! 

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Thanks for this! <3

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so bp is op now?

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Great updates! Goodjob! :)


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Looks great, especially LMS and right-click cancel task. Thanks for all the PVP improvements!

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Massive changes in this update. Great job as usual @Omicron :handshake:



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damn good updates! ily omi

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Awesome thanks boss!
The slayer one should of been added long time ago

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Fire update bb

I’m loving these QOLS!

Can’t wait to give LMS a shot and make @Lowkey plank








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Looking good! Love the Arrows over the ToB Chests!!


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Amazing updates!! I'm so happy right now! Thank you!
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Little sad not seeing the classic or 3rd age updates, guess we'll have to wait even more. Atleast we got right click cancel tasks now though


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Good update thank you

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Pog, omw.
Thanks for the amazing updates, the list is huge! <3



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Thank you for the updates, Dan!
Yours sincerely,

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Great updates! Glad to see more content coming into game. Keep up the good work.

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