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[12/2/19] PvP/Wilderness changes, Discord announcement bot, De-classic, Instance respawns & more!

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Hotfixes [13/2/19]:

  • Konar task fixes:
    • Fixed Rune dragons task from Konar (Typo, wasn't counting kills)
    • Fixed Jelly task in Kourend catacombs
    • Fixed the Aberrant spectre task in Kourend catacombs
    • Fixed drops (and tested). Many times that the table was being rolled, no items were being received due to the items being quite rare and there being no guarantees to receive items. 
      • The drop rates have been fixed, and you will always receive at least 1 item when hitting the table.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fixed problem with picked up items taking 1 longer to appear in your inventory
    • Fixed problem with inventory 'flashing' for a second when opening the bank.
    • Fixed Shayzien set effect with Slayer helmets.
    • Fixed a bug with Shooting stars (same player receiving XP drops).
    • Fire/Ice/Moss/Hill giant death times reduced (loot will appear more quickly)
  • Zulrah fixes:
    • Fixed Zulrah's which respawn being the incorrect colour at times
    • Calquat tree seed drop fixed (Green cape)
  • Wilderness GWD cave changes:
    • The entrance area (cave with the boulder) is no longer multi-combat.
    • There are now 2 entrances inside the GWD cave, meaning that upon entering you will end up at a different location in the cave based on which entrance you use (The jetting wall or the boulder pass).
  • Quick prayer changes:
    • Quick prayer no longer turns off any other prayers when toggled. For example, if your quick prayer is smite and eagle eye, but you already have protect item prayer on, it previously would turn off protect item. This should no longer happen.
  • Discord announcement changes:
    • Players without a profile picture will now show the default forum profile picture on announcements (rather than an empty space where the picture should be).
    • Announcements which have no picture (eg. Skilling related, kill streaks, etc) were not appearing in the #game_news channel. This has been fixed.
  • Brimhaven dungeon entrance / exit:
    • When teleporting to the Brimhaven dungeon, you can now use the exit to leave and quickly end up in Brimhaven. You can also re-enter from the outside.
      • This will help with Calquat tree farming runs, providing a quicker way to get to them. In the future, we may add a Brimhaven city teleport as well.


Hey guys,


Today's update brings some long awaited PvP and Wilderness changes which we hope you'll enjoy, as well as a ton of Slayer/Karuulm dungeon fixes and changes, a Discord announcement bot which will display in-game achievements in real time on Discord, the ability to De-classic, certain instanced bosses being able to respawn and many more bug fixes and QOL to be excited about.


  • Konar’s drop table changes:
    • General changes:
      • Fixed a bug with Konar’s drop table causing some NPCs to not have access to it.
      • Konar's drop table is now far more common to hit.
      • Konar's drop table will now give more items when it is hit.
    • Loot additions:
      • We've decided to improve the drop table to better suit Alora, so we've added the following items:
        • Sanfew's serum (3) (noted)
        • Battlestaves (noted)
        • Unpowered orbs (noted)
        • Noted food (sharks, monkfish and manta rays)
        • Noted bars (Mithril, adamant)
        • Herblore secondaries (noted):
          • Chocolate bars, Snape grass, Mort myre fungus, Blue dragon scales, Bird's nests, Wine of Zamorak, Whiteberries and Potato cactus
  • Bone experience changes:
    • The experience given for the new bones obtained from slaying monsters in the Karuulm slayer dungeon has been increased:
      • Wyrm bones now give 50 XP when buried. (Previously 30)
      • Drake bones now give 80 XP when buried. (Previously 60)
      • Hydra bones now give 110 XP when buried. (Previously 90)
  • De-classic option:
    • Classic players can now choose to de-classic to the normal game mode if they would like, by speaking to Paul in Edgeville.
      • If you are within your first hour of game-time, this is free to do, but afterwards it will cost 10m GP.
      • Any classic swords will be removed from your account upon doing this.
      • This action is permanent and irreversible, so choose wisely before going ahead with the de-classic.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The animation for cutting down Dense essence blocks has been changed to the correct one.
    • Zulrah's 'Calquat tree seed' drop has been fixed (was a cape).
    • Ivandis flail (custom item) changes:
    • Retribution can no longer damage players who are not in attackable areas.
    • Removed a random 'Man' from the Catacombs of Kourend (near Abyssal demons).
  • Shayzien armour / Slayer helmet combination:
    • Legendary donators (and above) can now use any Slayer helmet in conjunction with the Shayzien equipment and still receive the protection bonuses from wearing the full set.
  • Hydra changes:
    • Hydra’s respawn time is now approximately 20 seconds rather than 60.
    • Hydra can no longer be frozen.
    • Poison protection from potions like anti-poison and the Serpentine helmet now reduce the damage taken from the Hydra's special poison attack. 
    • New drops:
      • Hydra jar
        • This jar can be configured in your player owned house to show a Hydra display.
      • Hydra heads
        • The hydra heads can be used on a Slayer helmet (and the imbued variant) to create a Hydra slayer helmet.
  • Drake changes:
    • The Drake's fire attack can now be resisted by dragonfire protection such as the Anti-dragon shield. This will work as it does with the metal dragons. 
  • Shooting star changes:
    • Shooting stars will now award the first 3 players to locate it with Mining experience rather than only the 1st player.
      • The XP is slightly reduced from what it used to give, here are the amounts for each player:
        • Base formula (unchanged):
          • (mining_level * 5) * game_mode_multiplier
            • For example, for a level 99 mining ironman:
              • (99 * 5) * 30 = 14.850 experience
        • 1st player: 80% of previous amount
        • 2nd player: 50% of previous amount
        • 3rd player: 33% of previous amount
  • Boss respawns:
    • As a QOL update, to prevent you from having to teleport home and return to the instanced area, many instanced bosses will now respawn after being killed:
      • Zulrah will now respawn indefinitely, with a 20 second respawn timer.
      • Cerberus will now respawn indefinitely, with a 20 second respawn timer.
      • Kraken will now respawn indefinitely, with a 20 second respawn timer.
  • Bone fixes:
    • Wyrm/Drake bones now restore 3 prayer points if buried while wearing a Dragonbone necklace.
    • Hydra bones now restore 4 prayer points if buried while wearing a Dragonbone necklace.
    • Kourend Catacbombs fix:
      • All bones will now provide the prayer point restoration if buried in the Catacombs of Kourend, even if you aren’t wearing a Dragonbone necklace.
  • Slayer changes:
    • Removed impossible tasks from Konar’s list:
      • Taverley Greater demon
      • Taverley Fire giant
    • Fixed tasks:
      • The Waterbirth dagannoths task from Konar is now fixed.
    • Fixed error message:
      • When having a location-based Slayer task and killing any other monster, you would receive the following message:
        • You must slay this creature in the <area_name>.
      • This message will now only appear if you are attempting to slay your assigned monster (eg. Abyssal demon) in the wrong location (in Slayer Tower rather than Catacombs which is assigned).
    • Slayer helmet (i) and other item effects fixed on Konar’s tasks.
  • Monster changes:
    • Hydra / wyrms maximum attack distance increased by 2 steps (from 6 to 8 steps away) to prevent safe-spotting.
  • Pet drop announcement fix:
    • Receiving a pet from a boss (eg. Ikkle Hydra) was still announcing it without showing the kildcount, this has been fixed.
  • Karuulm Slayer dungeon changes:
    • Alchemical Hydra shortcut:
      • A shortcut from the main room in the Karuulm Slayer dungeon can take you closer to the Alchemical Hydra, bypassing the regular Hydra room.
        • To enter the mysterious pipe shortcut, you must have at least level 88 Agility.
    • Legendary donator perk:
      • If you are a Legendary donator, you will no longer take damage in the Karuulm slayer dungeon if you are not wearing protective footwear. You'll be able to go in there without equipment and not take any damage.
  • Raids 1 reward changes:
    • Dragon thrownaxes, Dragon swords and Dragon harpoons have been removed from the Chambers of Xeric rare drop table.
      • The chance of hitting rates is still exactly the same, you'll just have more of a chance to receive another item from the rare loot table rather than these 3 (improved loot overall considering this).
  • Last man standing changes:
    • The Dragon Warhammer can now be obtained within the arena.
      • This weapon can be obtained from any chest, and is not limited to using a Bloody key.
  • Collection log updates:
    • Skilling pets:
      • Phoenix pet has been added.
    • Hydra tab:
      • Hydra jar has been added.
      • Hydra heads have been added.
  • Yell update:
    • The yells of players who have Ex-staff as their primary rank will now contain any applicable icons based on your secondary ranks.
      • For example, if you are a Classic mode player, the classic icon will appear next to your yell. If you are a Master donator, then the master donator icon will appear next to your yell.
  • Friend's list update:
    • Upon request, the size of the friends list has been updated from 200 players to 300.
  • Saradomin Godwars Dungeon updates:
    • Commander Zilyana:
      • A bug was allowing Commander Zilyana to hit through Magic protection prayer. This will no longer occur, and she will hit 0 if you have the correct prayer up.
  • Catacombs of Kourend updates:
    • Certain NPCs in the catacombs can 'walk through' each other, and pile up on the same tile. For example, if you are fighting Abyssal demons here, you will now be able to stack many of them on the same tile, and ice barrage / chinchompa them easily on the same stack. Previously, they would all have to take up a separate tile and could not occupy the same tile.
      • Affected NPCs:
        • Abyssal demons
        • Dust devils
        • Nechryaels
  • Farming updates:




  • PvP/Combat/Wilderness Changes: (Thanks to @Kitty is bad for the compiled list)
    • Item switching improvements:
      • Switching between equipment should feel smoother, with less timing differences between the items being equipped (they'll show up on your character at the same time if you get them all in the same tick).
    • Combat accuracy formula changes:
      • We've made some changes to the combat formula to match it more closely to OSRS's formula:
        • Magic accuracy has been slightly improved, leading to less splashing in combat.
        • Ranged accuracy has been slightly reduced, allowing people to more effectively tank against range.
    • Ranged combat distance fix:
      • The # of steps from which you can attack other players or monsters varies with each ranged weapon, and Alora’s system wasn’t matching OSRS’s. Certain weapons such as blowpipes and knives are now much more short-ranged weapons, as they should be. We’ve updated to use the following:
        • Darts:
          • Normal: 3
          • Long range: 5
        • Knives / throwing axes:
          • Normal: 4
          • Long range: 6
        • Blowpipe:
          • Normal: 5
          • Long range: 7
        • Shortbows:
          • Normal: 7
          • Long range: 9
        • Crossbows:
          • Normal: 7 (8 if ACB)
          • Long range: 9 (8 if ACB)
        • Longbows:
          • Normal: 7
          • Long range: 10
        • Seercull:
          • Normal: 8
          • Long range: 10
        • Ballistas / Chinchompas / 3rd age bow:
          • Normal: 9
          • Long range: 10
        • Crystal bow / Dark bow / Ogre bow / Twisted bow:
          • Normal: 10
          • Long range: 10
    • Food/potion changes:
      • Max HP fix:
        • If you eat an Anglerfish it can take you up to 121hp, but if you drink a brew after this it would reduce you to 115hp (max for brews). Drinking a brew will no longer reduce you from your current hitpoints.
      • Pot-blocking:
        • After drinking a potion (or brew), there should be a delay before you can eat any food. This delay was non-existent on Alora. There will now be a delay, but you can still go from eating food to drinking a potion with zero delay.
          • This means that you must eat/drink in the correct order (food first, then potion/brew) to get around this delay (as it is in OSRS).
    • Ancient teleport tablets:
      • Ancient teleport tablets have been added to the Grand Supply Shop to allow for more convenient navigation around the wilderness:
        • Annakarl, Carrallangar, Dareeyak, Ghorrock, Kharyrll, Lassar, Paddewwa and Senntisten teleport tablets
    • Magic skillcape:
      • The Magic skillcape now allows you to swap your spellbook (to any spellbook that you have already unlocked) up to 5 times per day. This allows you to potentially swap from ancients to the modern spellbook to tele-block while in the wilderness.
        • This timer starts as soon as you use it, and resets 24 hours later. For example, if you use it at 2:00 PM, you can use it up to 4 more times before 2:00 PM the next day.
    • Wilderness changes:
      • PJ Timer changes:
        • The PJ timer after being in combat with an NPC in the wilderness has been reduced, allowing other players to attack you earlier after combat with an NPC.
      • Hotzone changes:
        • Black chinchompa hotzone has now been added to the rotation of zones.
      • NPC changes:
        • Zombies animations in certain areas were very buggy and caused the NPCs to appear as if they were hitting you from very far away. This has been fixed.
      • GWD cave:
        • The GWD cave now has a main entrance area which you must go through before ending up in the GWD area. This area can act as a buffer between yourself and players who are tailing you, allowing you to escape more easily, as there is a boulder to squeeze through in the area.
    • Ancient mace:
      • The Ancient mace has been added to the PK Point Exchange for 1,500 PK points!
        • The Ancient mace requires level 15 attack and 25 prayer to wield.
        • If lost on death, it can be reclaimed from the lost item shop for 125k.
        • This mace has a special attack which drains the opponent's prayer points for 100% of the damage you hit, and restores your prayer by the same amount. It also ignores melee protection prayer.



  • Store changes:
    • PvP mystery box removal:
      • The PvP mystery box has been removed from the store. The items that were originally obtainable from this box can now be found in the Super mystery box. (See below)
    • Super mystery box updates:
      • Loot additions:
        • All PvP armour (Vesta, Statius, Zuriel, Morrigan's) are now possible rewards. 
          • Weapon are in the Extremely rare loot section.
          • Equipment is in the Rare loot section.
        • Dragon warhammers are now a possible reward. (Extremely rare loot)
        • Prayer scrolls can are now a possible reward. (Extremely rare loot)
        • Instance token pack (10 tokens) are now a possible reward. (Rare loot)
        • Drop boosters and Pet boosters are now a possible reward. (Common loot)
          • The amount is randomized between 2-5 scrolls. 
      • Other changes:
        • Barrows sets are now less likely to be obtained.



  • Discord bot:
    • A new discord channel (game_news) has been created, and will list in-game announcements in real-time!
      • No longer will you have to be in-game to check out the latest drops or achievements in the community.
      • The channel will list the same news that is announced in-game.
    • All of the in-game details will be shown, as well as the forum profile picture of the player, and their username will be a link to their forum profile as well.
    • There will also be an item icon image (if applicable) for the drop. For certain announcements, such as maxing out a skill, different icons will also be shown.
    • Lastly, the color on the announcement is based on your rank colour (for example, as a Legendary donator, your Discord announcements will have a purple color).


























Enjoy! :)




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Death kid

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AMAZING UPDATES! Thank you so much for your efforts. Love the QoL updates and major bug fixes.

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    • Ancient teleport tablets:
      • Ancient teleport tablets have been added to the Grand Supply Shop to allow for more convenient navigation around the wilderness:
        • Annakarl, Carrallangar, Dareeyak, Ghorrock, Kharyrll, Lassar, Paddewwa and Senntisten teleport tablets



Free shout-out to the boys! Very nice to see all of these quality of life changes! :) 

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Nomads Iron

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Great update, thank you alot!

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So many wonderful updates I don't even know where to start. Huge pog champs for the Konar drop table being fixed as well as the addition of the new slayer helmet. A lot of players (Mostly Ironman I'd say) are going to be thankful for the Shayzien change, I know I certainly am. 


You've been working your butt off these past two months Omicron & it all goes to show. Thanks yet again for the continuous updates. 



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EIM 1gp

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I LOVE IT <3 thanks papa !! :wub:

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DB Aspect
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This is legit soooo epic!! I ran upstairs to start my pc when I saw this!!





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Amazing update thanks omi!!

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GIM Scape
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Thanks for the updates ! 

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very nice upgrade , thank you dad


Posted 12 February 2019 - 05:01 AM #11

EIM Zarox

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Great fucking update, amazing work, Omni.

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King purple
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This man is a god.

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Amazing update, so many good fixes in here.

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Posted 12 February 2019 - 05:03 AM #14

Not Enzo
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Huge content updates, so excited!

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You da man @Omicron, thanks a lot!

Especially the PvP fixes, highly appreciated. <3




Posted 12 February 2019 - 05:11 AM #16

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Fixed tasks:

  • The Waterbirth dagannoths task from Konar is now fixed.

@Omicron I believe there was also Jellies and Aberrant Spectres at Kourend which never worked either, were these also fixed or will they be fixed next update perhaps? :D


Pog af update though, looking forward to finally being able to get some konar drops from slayer finally! Boss respawns as well, ooof! Was looking forward to the farming guild, but all in due time I suppose! (:

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Okay, This is epic.


Amazing list of updates dad @Omicron

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Posted 12 February 2019 - 05:12 AM #18

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POGCHAMP! Love the update, thanks for taking the time and effort to take our suggestions posted a few weeks ago! 

Posted 12 February 2019 - 05:15 AM #19

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Omllllllllllllllll <3











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Elite teebow
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Fantastic update :D can't wait to get some nests etc on the konar drop table :D