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Steps on Creating a High Quality Suggestion Thread

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The suggestions section here on the forum receives a sizable voluminous handful of incipient conceptions every week, some good and some not so good. Alora's staff team genuinely values suggestions and aim to locate as many great conceptions as possible to pass on to Omicron .


To help with this aim, I thought it would be genuinely subsidiary to provide everyone with steps on the how to get the most out of your suggestions, and the best way to present them to the staff team. 





Step 1 - Before Creating Your Suggestion Thread


Make sure that there aren't any already existing threads of your suggestion:

First of all, endeavour to probe if there isn't a homogeneous thread to your suggestion you optate to engender. If no one else has posted a similar conception recently, feel in liberty to engender an incipient suggestion thread. Please be as detailed as possible! This gives the suggestion a higher chance to get incorporated into the game/on to the forum.


If the suggestion already exists, give feedback on the already existing suggestion:

First of all, endeavour to probe if there isn't a similar thread to the suggestion you optate to engender. If there is a suggestion thread akin to your suggestion, please give feedback on that suggestion in lieu of making an incipient suggestion.

When commenting on a suggestion, please be detailed as possible, give feedback and let them ken what's good about it and what not.​


Avoid posting on threads older than a fortnight, and if your version of the suggestion is consummately different than an already subsisting one, make an incipient suggestion and verbally express how your version is different to others.



Step 2 - Coming up With an Idea


Think of a need, fill that need:

Try and cerebrate of something missing from the game. You should then visually examine cerebrating up a logical solution to fill that gap in the game. It's withal a good conception to cogitate whether it's genuinely worth integrating.


Think about what impact such a suggestion could have:

This is probably the most important point when it comes to making an idea.

Balance is a major issue for ascertaining a good suggestion. A conception might sound good because it makes something more facile, but if that has a major negative impact on other areas of the game, such as the economy or inspiritment of rule breaking, then Omicron won't be able to introduce it.

Ask yourself whether your suggestion justifies any major impact to the game. If it would only make things a diminutive bit more facile, but could cause balancing issues then you may need to go back to the drawing board.


Don't focus on the end goal:

When putting forward a suggestion, make sure you are cerebrating of how the suggestion could benefit all players, not just those at the terminus goal (unless of course it's high level content).



Step 3 - Presenting Your Idea on The Forum


Creating a title:

Before you begin to write up your suggestion, you will be required to enter in a title.

Make a title that describes as briefly as possible the main conception abaft your suggestion. The community and staff team need to grasp the main conception of your suggestion by reading the title, this is probably the most paramount part of the suggestion.


Structure your suggestion:

A structured suggestion is facile on the ocular perceivers and can get a lot more information across, structuring your suggestion is highly recommended.

A clear and facile to read suggestion is a prosperous suggestion.


Make yourself presentable:

Utilize clear language when making your suggestion and evade falling into the pitfalls of being exorbitantly negative about why you cerebrate certain things don't work or are left out. Recollect that you have all the time in the world to engender your thread, so there is no desideratum to rush it.


Hook your reader:

When you make a suggestion, or any thread authentically, you require to ascertain you prehend your reader expeditiously. Having pages of text to find what you are proposing may put people off. The staff team receive a substantial amount of suggestions every week, so it authentically avails them if they can visually perceive what we are suggesting expeditiously.


Getting back to structuring your suggestion:

  • Make titles and paragraphs, divide your suggestion into different sections
  • Don't hesitate to use colours, don't overuse the colours or other formatting though
  • Use spoilers when you want to go into specific details about one item, so it doesn't take up the whole thread, people also have the choice to read those specifics if they chose to
  • Use indentations, giving people the choice to go into details or not is important, put the most important information closer to the left and the specifics closer to the right
  • Use spaces, when you move from one point to the other add a line break between them as people would skip the whole paragraph if they get bored of the first two lines

Try and anticipate questions that the rest of the community, as well as the staff team will be asking about your suggestion and answer them afore hand, this could include:

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • Why is it needed?
  • What problems does it solve?
  • Why is that feature like that and not like this?

Adding Additional Information:

This could include:

  • Problems that may arise from your suggestion
  • Possible extra features that could be added to the suggestion
  • A list of your sources, if you were inspired by other suggestions

Adding Tags:

Tags allow members and staff team to probe and find your thread when probing for suggestions cognate to a certain topic, they increment the threads overtness during these searches.


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