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Alora Newspaper 7/6/2019

Alora Newspaper June

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Hello everyone, welcome to this month's edition of the Alora Newspaper!


It's been one hell of a month for the month of June if you've missed anything here's a "quick" rundown on things.







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The full list can be found by clicking https://www.alora.io...official-rules/







If you want to check out the entire update list, click https://www.alora.io...rum/14-updates/
There have been quite a few changes to the staff team recently, you can see them below here:
Not Tauri has been promoted to Server Moderator.
Revol has been promoted to Server Support.
Moral Truth has been promoted to Server Support. He will be staying at this position permanently.

Rank transfers:
Loinen22 has transferred his Global Moderator status back to Kaamea.

Smiv has resigned from Server Moderator.

Fe China has been demoted and permanently removed from the community for breaking staff rules.
CMF SoW (aka Sin of Wrath) has been promoted to Server Support.
EIM Zarox has been promoted to Server Moderator.
Vape Tricks has been promoted to Server Moderator.
Doofy has been promoted to Forum Moderator.
To gain has returned to the Staff Team as a Forum Moderator.
Iron Champie has been promoted to Global Moderator.

Rank Transfers:
Sassafras has transferred his Global Moderator status from Eucalyptus.
Groot has transferred his Administrator status from Code 002.
God has transferred his Administrator status from hsoJ.
Not Enzo has been promoted to Server Support.

Immortal Fox has resigned from Global Moderator.
Loo has resigned from Forum Moderator.
Jisoo has resigned from Forum Moderator.
Endeavor has resigned from Server Moderator.
Revol has resigned from Server Support.
Sassafras has resigned from Global Moderator.
Also as always, we are always looking for more Server Supports to join our team, if you are interested and have met all the requirements, you can apply here:
For more info on the Staff updates, click https://www.alora.io...-staff-updates/
This month I will be interviewing: Morgen and IM Moe
Mr. Zulrah himself :DoggoKek:  and our own Arabian Knight!
Welcome to the casting couch Morgen!!!
Groot: If you could travel anywhere in the world for free where would you go and why?

Morgen: I'd go to Spain, I've been there before and loved it the weather was always lovely and the McDonald's is the best I've ever had, for real its great, and my grandad saw Bale out there (football player) when he went.

Groot: What do you enjoy the most about alora? (I'll guess its zulrah)

Morgen: I'd say it's a tie between Zulrah and the community, obviously I love Zulrah I've spent most of my time on Alora killing it but the community it great specifically the memes and reactions of people getting low drop items, people loose there minds including myself when someone gets a low mutagen or pet :)

Groot: When you're not playing alora what do you enjoy doing? Whether it's another game or something in the outside world.

Morgen: I think my favourite thing to do when not playing Alora is movie nights, I always love watching films and so many great ones this year.

Groot: Any of them in particular?

Morgen: Marvel films, I am a huge nerd when it comes to superhero films
I am also excited for John Wick 3

Groot: What are some of your favorite foods?

Morgen: Am a simple man, am tied between fish and chipe or pizza and garlic bread

Groot: If there was anything you could do in the world before you died what would you do and why?

Morgen: That's a tough question because there is so much in the world to do, am a simple man, I'd love to different places and try out there food, I love food. I'd go to every country and see who has the best fried chicken legit, that's sounds like the dream

Groot: What is your favorite era of history?

Morgen: In my opinion my favourite specific area in history was when the computers were made it was called "The Z1" and created in the late 1930s, I think it's crazy how far we have come since and continue to.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.. IM Moe!!

Groot: What do you find the most enjoyable within alora?

IM Moe: The most enjoyable thing about Alora has to be the community and staff team. As cliche as that sounds, it is mostly just for the memes. A lot of friendship bonds have been forged, and there is always entertainment around the corner. I've never been apart of such an awesome gaming community.

Groot: What would the perfect dinner menu consist of?

IM Moe: I think it would have to be some Egyptian Macaroni Bechamel (it is the same as greece pastitsio) as the main dish, with a side of sirloin steak. I would also have some hummus on the side with some grilled pita bread.

Groot: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

IM Moe:If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Amsterdam. I've been to some other countries, but away from scenery there are things in Amsterdam I would love to try that I shouldn't discuss here. :wink:

Groot: If you had the ability to go back in time and change anything within the course of history. What would you change and why?

IM Moe: I think I would go back and stop 9/11, and also warn all government agencies of the outcomes from providing too much trust into operatives and operations. I think over the course of time, people have begun to realize the governments of all countries do shady shit for stupid results. I would love to fix that, because all it leads to is racism and violence.

Groot:What would your dream car/truck/SUV be if you had no limitations on expenses?

IM Moe:The 900hp Brabus Mercedes Benz Maybach S650 for sure. Perfect mix of luxury and sport. The fucking features are ridiculous. (Twin turbo V12:heart_eyes:)

Groot: What is your most prideful achievement you've achieved in your life?

IM Moe: During my junior year of high school, I was able to purchase my first sports car via cryptocurrency. I actually had to leave school early (called dad, told him to make an excuse and pick me up so I can go sell the coins.

Groot: If you could change anything or add anything into Alora what would you do?

IM Moe: I would love for Omicron to add a PK tournament NPC that runs everyday outside of the weekend events, Ive suggested it before but it was closed not declined.


Have any interview questions that you would like to ask any of the staff members?
Don't hesitate to send me a private message via forums / Discord and I'll include them in next edition along with the answers from that staff member!
Welcome back everyone it's been quite an interesting past few weeks for some of you.
I must say you're clever for the name YeetThatPuss but your luck is also there to match!
Okay for real y'all have got to chill with these low xp rare pets. Looking at you Baldism!
:what: Didn't I just say CHILL Squelch....
Someone find Adex and make sure he's okay after this one. Because Sexy Scape got their Zammy pet at just 90kc!!
DanDevil pretty much said everything himself! (seriously send help to Adex!)
Group HiH gets a big RIP from me all that RNG to a jar..... (Flashbacks to Kraken for me)
1,000 kill count Chambers of Xeric has been accomplished by Joey!!!!!!
Well, would you look at that! Steel Nogan has reached 4.6billion XP on an Ironman!!
If y'all haven't checked out Detharrow26's Pet Completionist progress log you're really missing out here it is!!
IM Moe coming in hot with the first full set of Rogue's!
OCE Vajyena I must say that's a clean looking bank. But what on earth is that potions tab!
I reeeeally want this pet! Your luck is absolutley insane Elite Nikka
Little wue shows us how its done to get the Staff of the Dead super early into the grind!
OKAY CHILL Eally black you're hurting me over here!
On the topic of pets, I want really bad Brambo has gotten the Groot pet.... at 1kc...
EIM Fixal I know quite a few people have added you to their hit list with this one, myself included...
Oh Hey! It's me! with the double Hilty boys. (Where's my ******* Rapier!)
J boogs is a mad man doing 200m XP Hunter! (For a normie :DoggoKek:)
Not going to lie to you Im real That's some nice progress on the Realism account!
Dynasty Clan has had some very fortunate achievements this month here's a peep at what they've been up too!
ICE has also been having a pretty swell week with the achievements! Keep them coming ladies and gentlemen!
This is the biggest grind I think we all have ever witnessed just take a gander at Slow kid.
Miya has got the RNG on lock down with back to back hilts from the God event!
Granted this was for a normie.... Have a seat got his Arcane Sigil at such a low kill count!
I'm pretty confident in saying this might be the only piece of 3rd Age Druidic that has come out of a CLUE SCROLL!!! Very very nice Copenhagen
Damz pretty much said it himself! *DON'T OPEN IF EASILY TRIGGERED!*
Our resident sweatlord Detharrow26 shows us what you "could" get from 500 ToB completions!
IM Moe has gotten super lucky with an Ultimate Mystery Box!

Want to be featured in the newest section of the Alora Newspaper?
Make a topic in our Goals and Achievements section or PM me on the forums / Discord with your accomplishment!
The MOTM poll has concluded and here are the final results received from the community.
The 3 top winners have been picked and the final voting has taken place amongst the staff team.
The winner of June MOTM is...

Congratulations! You have stood out in the eye of the community as well as in the eye of the staff team. Thank you for being a great member here on Alora.  :)
Contact Lowkey for your 3 bonds prize in-game, and your Forum Awards will be active shortly.
The June Community Awards are out now!
Visit this link to see the results;
Also please make sure to check out our streamers when they are live! They would love to have you keep them company while they grind out whatever it is they are grinding that day!
Make sure to Subscribe to all of them also every little bit of support helps tremendously!
If I've missed anyone I do apologize just message me on the forums or on Discord with a link to your channel and I will add you in.
That concludes this month’s edition of the Alora Newspaper!
Read our last Newspaper by clicking down below:



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Iron 2Ridic

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love these love these LOVE THESE

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Eim ash
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the drops are hurting me...I think am injured.. send ambulance  :10out10:  :KAPOW:

and am pretty happy to see dynasty in the post  :rolleyes:



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IM Moe

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IM Moe
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Thanks for interviewing me, and what an awesome newspaper this month!


So crazy to see so many resignations at the end. </3 

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Group HiH
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Group HiH
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Nice post, and yes that jar was a rip....

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beans n cake
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Love reading these.

QQ. Is the new yell rule include avdertisimg for raids chats? Because if we can only yell once per 5 to fill a group that is kinda hard...

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Always fun reading recaps of recent events, thank you for doing this sir! <3



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Just want to say it was great being interviewed, although I may not have the best answers I did enjoy the experience.


Fantastic work with the Newspaper, as always Groot

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J boogs
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love these love these LOVE THESE

Can relate with this, I love reading the monthly newspapers, always nice to see what has been going on with other players through-out Alora!

Thanks again @Groot for taking the time to put together this wonderful newspaper month by month. <3

#500th post btw :P


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Awesome read as always

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Was fun to read the Alora newspaper like always :) Keep it coming! <3

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Moral Truth

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Was awesome to read interviews from Morgen and IM Moe both are awesome members of the community. <3


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Love reading the news letters. Very well done @Groot !

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Good job brother.


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Thanks for another good read @Groot, as always I love seeing the "What's Happening" section.

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These are actually amazing, please keep doing them.