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[November] Community Awards

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Posted 28 November 2019 - 03:11 AM #81

Group Ironman

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Best Event Manager: @KP



Best Administrator: @Mack


Best Global Moderator: @22


Best Forum Moderator: @Laardii


Best Server Moderator: @Jisoo


Best Server Support: @Death Kid


Most active on Discord: @EIM Zarox


Most active In-game: @Kharyrll


Most active on Forums: @22


Most Respected: @Lowkey


Most Potential Promotion: @Loinen22


Funniest Staff Member: @Josh


Overall Best Staff Member: @Lowkey






Most Active In-game: @Noobair


Most Active on Forums: N/A


Most Active on Discord: @Paine


Most Active Overall: @Noobair


Most Wealthy: @Josh


Most Addicted to Gambling: @Josh


Most Friendly: @Noobair


Most Respected: @Noobair


Coolest Veteran: @Vuqe


Best Helper: @Moral truth


Best Edgeville Pker: @Ragragrag46


Best Hybrid: @Ragragrag46


Best NH Pker: @KONSTA


Best PvMer: @Blackpoiint


Best Raider: @2 Ridiculous


Best Skiller: @Noobair


Best Clan: @Ice !!


Best Ironman: @Vuqe


Best Hardcore Ironman: @e dm (smashing his hcim)


Best Ultimate Ironman: @sycamore


Best Elite Ironman: @Noobair


Best Group ironman (Team): Hairline loc


Best Group Ironman (Player): @Kharyrll


Best Realism Player: @Real Try


Best Classic Player: @Not a Nerd


Best GFX Designer: @DB Aspect


Best Youtuber: @Iron Jace


Best Streamer: @Lowkey


Top Overall: @KP !!<3




Posted 28 November 2019 - 11:02 AM #82


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    Love Lain



Best Event Manager: KP


Best Administrator: Kharyrll


Best Global Moderator: IM Moe


Best Forum Moderator: Laardii


Best Server Moderator: J boogs


Best Server Support: Moral truth


Most active on Discord: Lowkey


Most active In-game: To gain


Most active on Forums: Loinen22


Most Respected: Omicron


Most Potential Promotion: IM Moe


Funniest Staff Member: Lowkey


Overall Best Staff Member: 






Most Active In-game: Noobair


Most Active on Forums: 


Most Active on Discord: 


Most Active Overall: Noobair


Most Wealthy: Hey im will


Most Addicted to Gambling:


Most Friendly: Miya


Most Respected: KP


Coolest Veteran: arcadus


Best Helper: Mafiabae


Best Edgeville Pker:


Best Hybrid:


Best NH Pker:


Best PvMer:


Best Raider:


Best Skiller: Noobair


Best Clan: Dynasty


Best Ironman: F


Best Hardcore Ironman: Snakelings


Best Ultimate Ironman: sycamore


Best Elite Ironman: Noobair


Best Group ironman (Team): CMF


Best Group Ironman (Player): Fiji Drip 


Best Realism Player: Its Wii


Best Classic Player: No


Best GFX Designer: FRD


Best Youtuber: Iron Qiya


Best Streamer: Lowkey


Top Overall: Noobair

Posted 28 November 2019 - 02:00 PM #83


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Counting now, thanks for voting :)

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