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Summer '20 Community Awards Results

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Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to vote on the community awards, here are the results. The signatures will be posted as soon as possible. Thank you for voting in the first seasonal community awards!
Best Event Manager - @Moe
Best Admin - @Kaamea
Best Global Mod - @Elite
Best Forum Mod - @Adex
Best Server Mod - @Classic
Best Server Support - @11
Most Active on Discord - @Champ
Most Active In-Game - @Kaamea
Most Active on Forums - @MT
Most Respected - @Mack
Most Potential Promotion - @Champ & @11 (tie)
Funniest Staff Mmember - @Lowkey
Overall Best Staff Member - @Mack
Most Active In-Game - @Vespina
Most Active on Forums - @Sheep
Most Active on Discord - @EIM Zarox
Most Active Overall - @Sheep
Most Wealthy - @Do Not RWT
Most Addicted to Gambling - @Ra
Most Friendly - @Keviin Iron
Most Respected - @Sheep
Coolest Veteran - @Extremedanny
Best Helper - @Mousey420 & @Keviin Iron (tie)
Best Edgeville Pker - @Ragragrag46
Best Hybrid - @Ragragrag46
Best NH Pker - @Ragragrag46
Best PvMer - @Noa
Best Raider - @Vespina
Best Skiller - @Sheep
Best Clan - Dynasty
Best Ironman - @IM
Best Hardcore Ironman - @HC Ashley
Best Ultimate Ironman - @Baldtimate
Best Elite Ironman - @Elite
Best Group Ironman (Team)- CMF
Best Group Ironman (Player) - @Gimslaving & @Ruby (tie)
Best Realism Player - @Realism mode
Best Classic Player - @Classic
Best GFX Designer - @Dumbshit
Best Youtuber - @Arcteryx
Best Streamer - @Lowkey
Top Overall - @Omicron



Congratulations to everyone!

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