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[15/11/20] Wintertodt, Arceuus Library, Tears of Guthix, Bank Space Increase & more!

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[16/11/20] Hotfixes

  • Wintertodt fixes:
    • 50 Firemaking is now required to enter.
    • Rejuvenation potions have been fixed (no longer invisible).
    • On 2010 mode, objects will no longer be broken.
    • The braziers should extinguish less frequently in general.
    • Fixed an issue with Pyromancers dying.
    • Wintertodt’s health has been reduced by about 15%.
    • Feeding the braziers now has a chance to deal damage to Wintertodt.
    • Previously feeding the Braziers was just for points (since it’s unclear how else it affects the fight on OSRS), but this was added to help speed up kills with larger teams.
    • Any feedback is highly encouraged and appreciated, since balancing Wintertodt is a difficult task to get right.
    • Most of the timers are dynamic, based on Wintertodt’s health (and potential the number of players involved), but the way it’s calculated is not known to anyone but the Jagex team, so if something feels wrong, let us know!
  • Client changes:
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the client chatbox would cause client issues.
    • Temporarily reverted the skilling interface changes for the time being.
    • Fixed a bug with Mahogany homes when clicking the options on the build interface.
    • Fixed a bug with the construction interface not accepting key input if you didn’t have key-remapping on.
  • Other changes:
    • Reduced the amount of tears required for the diary achievement from 125 to 100. 
    • The achievement said 100, but it was actually 125, so it was reduced to for consistency.

Hello everyone,
As we showcased in our previous Development blog, Wintertodt and the Arceuus Library are here! On top of that, we've released Tears of Guthix, expanded bank sizes to hold up to 1,000 items, and added many QoL changes and bug fixes.
In Other News…
In just a few days, we'll be releasing information on a future update that we're very excited about. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

  • Website changes:
    • Vote changes:
      • Top100Arena has been removed. You are now required to vote on only 4 websites rather than 5 to obtain an auth.
    • Hiscores changes:
      • Some players would have incorrect stats displayed on the Hiscores (or the RuneLite hiscores). This should no longer occur.
    • Forum changes:
      • The styling for Eternal donators in private messages will now show up properly (white frosted background, blueish white glow around their messages)
    • Store changes:
      • When purchasing items from the store as an Eternal donator, your rank will no longer be set back to Immortal.
  • Bank size increase for donators:
    • We've seen this suggestion come up a few times as players get close to their maximum bank size, and we've always put this change aside since it was quite difficult with the old bank code and OSRS's bank size limitations.
      • We decided to take the time to rewrite some parts of the bank system to allow for bigger banks, and we've added the following limits based on donator rank:
        • 768 - Normal players
        • 780 - Regular donators
        • 800 - Super donators
        • 825 - Extreme donators
        • 850 - Legendary donators
        • 875 - Uber donators
        • 900 - Master donators
        • 950 - Immortal donators
        • 1,000 - Eternal donators
      • On top of this, having your 2FA (Two-factor authentication) enabled will give you an extra 16 slots in your bank.
        • If you are already an Eternal donator, this will not affect you as 1,000 items is the absolute maximum that a bank can store.
  • Teleport Wizard changes:
    • A number of new teleport options have been added:
      • Minigames:
        • Tears of Guthix
        • Wintertodt
        • Arceuus Library
        • Tithe Farm
      • Skilling:
        • Mahogany Homes
      • Monsters:
        • Ice Trolls
        • Suqahs
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Timed bonuses set by event managers would sometimes turn off a few hours early, this should no longer occur.
    • The 2020 Halloween event has been removed.
    • The 2020 Anniversary event has been removed.
  • Wilderness changes:
    • Last update we removed Bounty Hunter target priority due to issues in PvP.
      • We've re-added target priority, but only if your target is in combat with an NPC (not a player).
        • For example, if your target is fighting the Crazy archaeologist, you can still attack them.
  • Quality of Life:
    • House pet rate fix:
      • House pets will now be easier to obtain when doing high level builds in your player-owned house.
        • This bonus was already present, but not much of an added bonus so it has been significantly increased.
    • Clicking the report abuse button in-game (or the secondary "report bug" option) will no longer open a link on your browser immediately.
      • You will now be presented with a confirmation box to make sure you want to open your browser, to avoid misclicks.
    • Unfinished broad arrowheads and Unfinished broad bolts have been added back to the Slayer shop.
    • The Nightmare's shield will now start at 2,000 (instead of 2,400), and scale by 235 for each player inside after the 5th member.
    • Updated the ::2FA command to re-direct to the more recent/up-to-date thread, courtesy of @J boogs.
    • The Lottery will now announce how many tickets the winner had purchased.
    • The inventory setups Presets feature will no longer force placeholders on items withdrawn if they were the last item in the slot.
    • Eternal donators who select their own tasks will no longer receive a prompt asking them if they’d like to repeat their last task (slayer cape perk).
    • Eternal donators can now choose to remove their titles.
    • Removed the Classic clan chat announcement.
    • Removed the Elite clan chat announcement.
    • Players who obtain a wilderness boss/demi-boss task will now be able to enter an amount for the task (between 3-35), similar to the konar/nieve boss tasks.
    • Added Chaos elemental as a possible Wilderness slayer task.
    • The following items will now remove NPC aggression in the corresponding GWD areas:
      • War blessing will now remove Bandos NPC aggression.
      • Guardian boots will now remove Bandos NPC aggression.
      • Ancient blessing will now remove Armadyl NPC aggression.
    • Added placeholders for the following items:
      • Clown bow tie
      • Clown Mask
      • Clown Gown
      • Clown shoes
      • Clown trousers
      • Gingerbread shield
      • Wearable grain
      • Kruk jr
      • Karamjan monkey
      • Zombie monkey
      • Skeleton monkey
      • Maniacal monkey
      • Princely monkey
      • Prayer scroll
  • Bug fixes:
    • The humidify spell now works for watering cans.
    • Fixed an issue where the Lookup menu option wouldn't work properly if a player had a title.
    • The Vengeance Other spell will now provide 108 base Magic experience when casted.
    • The Vengeance spell will now provide 112 base Magic experience when casted.
    • Fixed an issue where the Skill calculator was showing the wrong experience values for Blood runes and Soul runes.
    • Fixed an issue where eternal donators would get a regular dense essence block instead of a dark essence block when they got an extra ore.
    • The Mahogany homes furniture will only appear as broken if you’re nearby to the house you’re supposed to repair the furniture of.
    • Fixed an issue where players could speak to any of the contract NPC’s to complete their mahogany homes contract.
    • Fixed an issue that caused disconnections when using the inventory setups plugin in rare instances.
    • The farming patch in the south end of the Tithe farm now counts as a valid patch.
    • The blood shard will now appear in the trading post item search interface.
    • Fixed an issue where choosing the option to repeat your last slayer task due to the slayer cape perk would give you a different task.
    • Climbing the myth's guild staircase from the back will no longer no-clip the player.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some clients to crash in the Morytania swamp.
      • Any Eternal skins obtained by Immortal donators were removed as well.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some clients to crash in the Morytania swamp.
    • Fixed a bug where hasta's were able to do regular damage on corporeal beast.
    • Broad arrows can now be used with the magic longbow.
    • Depositing items into your bank from a container (eg. Looting bag, Seed box, etc) but not having enough space for the container itself will still refresh the items in your bank.
  • Wintertodt:
    • Wintertodt has arrived on Alora, and it’s no joke!
      • Players will now be able to help the Pyromancers of Kourend in their fight against Wintertodt.
        • Level 50 firemaking is required to participate in this fight.
        • To start, simply use the teleport wizard skilling menu to teleport to Wintertodt, or use the Games necklace teleport.
          • Once you’ve arrived, you must enter through the Doors of Dinh to face Wintertodt.
            • Players will enter into a safe zone surrounding by crates with supplies in them (Bronze axe, tinderbox, concoctions, knives, hammers)
              • Players can click on these crates to take supplies to help them in their fight, if they don’t already have the necessary items.
              • The safe zone ends as the player moves north towards The Wintertodt, and then they’ll begin to take various types of damage.
                • Safe zone:
                • Damage types:
                  • Passive cold damage:
                    • Players in the dangerous area will periodically take passive cold damage which is unavoidable.
                      • The damage taken is based on the amount of braziers lit, and the amount of warm items that are worn.
                        • The more braziers that are lit, and the more warm items that the player has on (up to 4 items) will reduce the amount of damage taken.
                      • This attack happens more frequently when the Wintertodt has high energy.
                  • Snowfall attack:
                    • Periodically, The Wintertodt will send a 3x3 snowfall over a random player inside, and a few moments later, large amounts of snow will fall on that area.
                      • Any players in that 3x3 area will take a significant amount of damage, and should move to avoid it.
                      • This snowfall attack will only target players who are not standing next to a wall, so it is advised to stay close to walls to avoid being targeted.
                  • Heavy brazier snowfall:
                    • Occasionally, a heavy snowfall will target a lit brazier, which will then cause the brazier to break apart, and deal damage to the pyromancer, and any players next to the brazier.
                      • This occurs more frequently at lower energy.
                  • Light brazier snowfall:
                    • Occasionally, a light snowfall will target a lit brazier, causing it to be extinguished (no damage dealt to anyone).
                      • This occurs more frequently at lower energy.
          • Pyromancers:
            • The pyromancers will be stationed around all 4 braziers to assist in the fight against the Wintertodt.
              • These pyromancers will guide the flames into the centre of the Wintertodt, but will occasionally take damage from the fight.
                • Damage:
                  • Heavy brazier snowfall will cause the pyromancers to take damage.
                  • Occasionally, snow will fall directly on the pyromancers, also causing them to take damage.
                • If a pyromancer dies, the brazier will be extinguished, and players will not be able to light it up again until the pyromancer is healed.
                  • To heal the pyromancer, players must pick the Bruma herbs nearby and add them to the concoction, then use that on the pyromancers to heal them up, so they can continue to fight.
          • There is also an agility shortcut to help move between braziers quickly.
            • This shortcut requires 60 agility, and provides 18 base agility experience.
          • Bruma roots:
            • To contribute to the fight, players will need to chop the nearby Bruma roots to feed into the braziers.
              • These can also be fletched into Bruma kindling, which will contribute more.
          • Points and experience:
            • Chopping bruma roots:
              • Points: 0
              • Experience: 0.3x player’s Woodcutting level
            • Lighting a brazier:
              • Points: 25
              • Experience: 6x player’s Firemaking level
            • Feeding a bruma root into a brazier:
              • Points: 10
              • Experience: 3x player’s Firemaking level
            • Fletching a bruma root into bruma kindling:
              • Points: 0
              • Experience: 0.6x player’s Fletching level
            • Feeding a bruma kindling into a brazier:
              • Points: 25
              • Experience: 3.8x player’s Firemaking level
            • Fixing a broken brazier:
              • Points: 25
              • Experience: 4x Player’s Construction level (no POH required)
            • Picking a bruma herb:
              • Points: 0
              • Experience: 0.1x player’s Farming level
            • Creating a rejuvenation potion:
              • Points: 30 for healing the pyromancer
              • Experience: 0.1x player’s Herblore level
            • Subduing Wintertodt:
              • Points: 0
              • Experience: 100x player’s Firemaking level
          • Interface:
            • There will be an interface present when entering Wintertodt, which will show you the status of the pyromancers and the braziers.
              • This interface will also display the points that have been amassed, as well as Wintertodt’s remaining energy.
            • Once Wintertodt has been subdued, the interface will provide a countdown timer for when Wintertodt will return.
              • This timer will be anywhere from 30-90 seconds.
              • This timer will also be present just outside of Wintertodt near the banking area.
          • Rewards:
            • Players who contribute sufficiently to subduing Wintertodt (at least 500 points) will be rewarded with 100x their level in Firemaking experience, and a supply crate.
            • Supply crate:
              • Each supply crate earned will contain a specific number of rolls on the loot table:
                • Every 500 points guarantee’s 1 extra loot roll, and every 5 points past 500 gets the player a 1% extra chance to get additional loot:
                  • For example:
                    • 505 points = 2 rolls + 1% chance of an extra roll
                    • 750 points = 2 rolls + 50% chance of an extra roll
                    • 1005 points = 3 rolls + 1% chance of an extra roll
                    • 1500 points = 4 rolls
              • The max amount of rolls a supply crate can offer is 28, meaning that it is not beneficial to gain more than 13,500 points in any fight against the Wintertodt, as you will not be rewarded after those initial 13,500 points.
              • When opened, the supply crate will provide loot according to this page:
                • https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Supply_crate
                • The chances of the rare rewards have been increased by about 20%.
                • The chances of the regular rewards are not public, but we’ve done our best to estimate them, and players will higher levels in the corresponding skills will have a higher chance of obtaining the better items on those tables.
                  • Furthermore, we’ve also doubled the amount of loot a player would obtain on each roll.
                    • This means, for example, that on OSRS the roll for Uncut ruby’s is between 2-4 noted uncut rubies, on Alora it would be between 4-8 noted uncut rubies.
            • Trading in duplicates:
              • If a player rolls on the Pyromancer set piece table, they will obtain the pyromancer set piece that they have the least amount of.
                • This guarantees that players will not initially obtain duplicate pieces.
              • Players can trade in their duplicate wintertodt uniques to Ignisia, who is standing right outside of the bank in the Wintertodt area.
                • Ignisia accepts the following items which can be traded in:
                  • Tome of Fire:
                    • This can be traded in for either a supply crate with 1 loot roll, or 250 Burnt pages.
                  • Bruma Torch:
                  • Warm gloves:
                  • Any Pyromancer set piece:
                    • These can all be traded in for either a supply crate with 1 loot roll, or 50 burnt pages.
  • Tome of Fire changes:
    • With the introduction of Wintertodt, the Tome of Fire will now require charges to provide the bonus damage for fire-based spells.
      • The Tome of Fire can be charged with Burnt pages, which provide 20 pages each.
        • The Tome of Fire can hod a maximum of 20,000 charges.
        • Players can choose to add or remove pages at any moment, however they must have at least 20 charges to remove a page.
      • If a player uses the Tome of Fire and it runs out of charges, it will be converted into a Tome of Fire (empty) which will need to be recharged again.
    • Players can trade in their duplicate Tomes to Ignisia just outside of the Wintertodt area for 250 burnt pages.
  • Phoenix pet changes:
    • Phoenix pet can now only be obtained from Wintertodt instead of Firemaking.
  • Hitpoint regeneration changes:
    • The Regen Bracelet will now allow players to heal 2 hitpoints instead of 1 each time their hitpoints recover.
    • The Hitpoint cape will now allow players to heal an extra 1 hitpoint every minute (2 if they have a Regen Bracelet equipped).
    • The Rapid restore prayer will now reduce the amount of time for the heal cycles to be every 30 seconds instead of 1 minute (this does not apply to the Hitpoint cape’s extra healing).
  • Kourend Library (Arceuus):
    • Players can now hunt down books for the academics of the Kourend Library.
      • To start, players must speak to either Professor Gracklebone, Sam, or Villia in the Kourend Library.
        • Once spoken to, they will ask for your help in finding a specific book, which you’ll then have to bring them.
          • You’ll be required to search the bookshelves on 3 separate floors of the library, and once you find the proper book, you can bring it to the npc who requested it.
            • They’ll reward you with a Book of arcane knowledge, which will provide you with experience when read.
              • Players can choose to either obtain Magic experience (11x their level, base experience) or Runecrafting experience (4x their level, base experience).
    • The location of the books in the library will be shuffled around every 60-90 minutes, so players will need to frequently re-locate the books.
    • Runelite Kourend Library plugin:
      • We’ve added the Kourend Library plugin to runelite, which does an amazing job of tracking down where the books in the library are, and which ones you’ll need to bring to the npc.
  • Skilling interface changes:
    • The new skilling interface will now remember your previously selected option, and will allow either the original numbered option key to be pressed, or the “space” key instead.
      • This will show up on the interface by replacing the number with the word “space” to indicate that the player can simply hit the “space” key to select their previous action.
      • These options are temporary, and will not be saved when the client is closed and re-opened.
  • Construction interface changes:
    • The construction interface will now respond to keyboard inputs.
      • All construction items in the interface will now begin with the number the player can type on their keyboard to build that specific item.
        • For example, if the first item is a wooden table, it’ll show up in the interface as “1: Wooden table”, and if the player presses “1” on their keyboard, it’ll build that item, meaning they don’t have to click it with their mouse.
      • These changes also apply for mahogany homes and chambers of xeric usages.
  • Wine making changes:
    • Players can now make Wine of Zamorak.
      • To do so, simply use Zamorak’s grapes on a jug of water, and you can create the wine of Zamorak.
        • This requires level 65 cooking to do so, and provides 200 base cooking experience for each jug created.
    • The experience gained from making regular wine has been reduced to 200, as it was previously too high.
      • This change will also be reflected in the skill calculator plugin.
  • Clue Scroll Collection Log Rework:
    • The clue scroll collection log section has been completely re-done, and now each log will contain all of the possible items that a player can get from the given clue scroll type.
      • This means over 160+ new items have been added to the collection logs, so get hunting!
  • Diary changes:
    • Lumbridge medium diary:
      • A new task has been added to the Lumbridge medium diaries, which is to finish the Tears of Guthix minigame with 100 tears.
  • Tears of Guthix
    • Players can now participate in the Tears of Guthix minigame.
      • How it works:
        • This minigame works similar to how it does in OSRS, where players will have a set amount of time to collect tears off the wall inside of the bowl they’re carrying.
          • The amount of time the player will have in the room is based on their quest points.
            • Players will have 15 seconds (25 game ticks) for every quest point they have, meaning they will have at most 150 seconds (250 game ticks) assuming all quests are completed.
          • Players can collect either the blue tears or the green tears:
            • Green tears reduce the amount of tears collected by 1 for each tick the player is collecting them.
            • Blue tears increase the amount of tears collected by 1 for each tick the player is collecting them.
            • The tears move positions every 9 seconds, so players must continuously click the tears when they move.
          • The goal is to collect as many blue tears as possible, since the more blue tears you have, the more experience you’ll get.
            • Once the timer is up, the player will exit the room and drink the tears collecting, and will be rewarded experience in the lowest skill they have.
              • The experience given will be as follows per tear:
                • 10 experience if the player’s level is between 1-19.
                • 26.6 experience if the player’s level is between 20 and 29.
                • 60 experience if the player’s level greater than 30.
                • Players can also obtain 10% bonus experience if they’ve completed the Lumbridge medium diaries.
      • How often can I play?
        • On OSRS, the minigame is accessible once every week, however on Alora we’ve reduced this time to 72 hours.
      • Getting there:
        • Players can speak to the Teleport wizard in edgeville and select the Tears of Guthix option in the “minigames” section.
        • Players can also use the teleport option on the Games necklace to get there.
      • Requirements:
        • At least 1 quest point to enter.
      • Runelite Plugin:
        • The Tears of Guthix plugin has been added to the Runelite client, which helps players track the blue tears, and how long they’ll be on the wall for before moving again.


We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any bugs that you encounter in the bug report section :)
Omicron & Chad

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First, insane work :)

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Amazing update @Omicron!



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Awesome! These are some great additions

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yes long awaited! Thanks omi!

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Awesome update! Very pog.


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Now this is what we call Poggers. Good work, Omi great update :D

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thank you for all your hard work, amazing updates

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Some good work! Thanks omicron and the staff team! 











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Great update! Love bank expansions! <3

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Great work, solid additions!! Thanks boss x

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Great update.


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Looks amazing!

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What a HUGE and fucking AWESOME update @Omicron ! Thank you guys for the content, and very excited for the next update! <3


Great work Dan & Chad.

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awesome update! thx for all this! very good work :)

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Awesome update! Good work :).

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Pog update!


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Always coming out with absolutely amazing updates! great job Dan and Chad!

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Very nice, thanks for the update!



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Amazing updates as always ;)