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Christmas Giveaway 2020


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Posted 12 December 2020 - 08:07 AM #1

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Holiday Greetings!


2020's been quite a ride

With so many ups and downs

So lets see if Santa Ankou can change the emotional tide

With gifts and goodies for all....except for clowns



Christmas Giveaway

Starting ETA: 12/26/2020

(Don't want it to crash it with server events hosted by event managers)


Holiday Reqs: The Color: RED





Well I should pretty much get to the point instead of beating around the coincidently holiday decorated bush....but i'm not! Anyways! Similarly to the other annual giveaways i've been hosting for I think pretty much my entire time here on Alora, save for the 1st year...I think?, there's going to be an special requirement that'll act as a ticket for participation


           *This year's holiday requirement is RED, so any item that's red colored. Ex: Dragon armor, Santa hat, Zamorak d'hide, etc.

                             -As long as I can see it on your character, your good! 


                    *So no items in the ring slot or arrow slot cause no one can see that on your character



  • ​As usual, there will be 14 separate rounds of either racing or HNS (Racing basically "First to (location)" )

                       Upon finding Santa Ankou at various locations around Alora, participants must trade to secure the win. Then they must say whether they've been either "Naughty" or                    "Nice" so that they can be rewarded 


          (Please note that saying "Naughty" or "Nice" will not guarantee a 'nice' item for saying "Nice" and vice verse for saying "Naughty")

  • Each Participant can win up to 2 times for the duration of the 14 rounds


  • Leftover rewards will be given a second thought as to whether or not they'll be given away or simply be stored for future giveaways



This years possible winnings:




(Left side: "Nice" gifts, Right side: "Naughty" gifts)


Note: Invent WILL be shuffled with 1 item from each side

And yes, that is 100k coal >:3




But wait! There's more!


This year, I have an extra present for you all to have a chance in winning!



5 extra rounds of HNS, put your knowledge to the test to have a chance of winning much bigger presents from Santa Ankou!

(I really should stop with the ankou......... But i'm not!)


Prizes will be as followed


  1.  Bandos set + tent whip
  2. The outfit that Robin Hood himself would be proud of! aka Rangers' set   (BOW NOT INCLUDED)
  3. Ancient Wyvern Shield
  4. Full Justicar + Dinh's for that extra tankiness
  5. White Phat


Donations: (apparently if there are any of you with a more...cheerful spirit I guess)

   *Lady Zoe: Full Justicar + Dinh's


I hope everyone else looks forward to this and also STAY SAFE out there! Santa Ankou will still be arriving this holiday season!






Author's Note:   Birthday is coming up in 5 days, oh man i'm already feeling old XD  Happy Early 24 for me




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-no pet-

(Also what happens when you cant find cool ass pictures)

Posted 14 December 2020 - 07:30 AM #2

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Fun! and happy birthday in advance!!

Posted 14 December 2020 - 04:07 PM #3

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Haha this seems like a fun event’! Also happy birthday!

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