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[23/1/21] Experience trackers, Item Retrieval Interface, RuneLite updates & more

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Posted 23 January 2021 - 08:57 PM #1



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Hello everyone,
Our 2nd update of the year brings some great QoL features, such as the long awaited Experience trackers! You'll now be able to set goals and keep track of them, and you'll also have the ability to customize the speed/size/placement and color of your XP drops. We're also making Ultimate Ironmen's lives easier by updating our Item retrieval system and allowing them to individually withdraw items, effectively creating 2 storage systems (Nightmare and Zulrah) for them. Aside from this, we've implemented many of your suggestions, such as increasing Rune Shop stocks and making the stock replenish more quickly. Finally, we've updated and improved a number of RuneLite features. We'll let you check out the full list of updates below:


  • Quality of life:
    • The "Walk here" option will now be removed when a player is using an item on something or casting a spell.
      • This means that misclicks while trying to use an item or cast a spell on an object/player/npc will no longer cause a player to walk to a specific tile.
    • The clue scroll plugin will now properly highlight the emote required for the step, and automatically set your scrollbar position to the correct location.
    • The Thyria's Wares rune shop in Arceuus has been opened to all players (previously locked to League players).
    • Leaving the Grotesque guardians chamber will now heal poison/venom, as well as health, prayer, and run energy.
    • Players will now receive experience for the extra ore they mine when wearing the varrock platebody.
    • Players can now update the dragon kiteshield ornament kit as a ~1/18k loot chance from Master clue scroll caskets.
    • Players can now use the trailblazer ornament kits on the infernal skilling equipment.
    • The Godwars dungeon bosses respawn timer has been reduced from 43 seconds to 35 seconds.
    • Changed the Western provinces elite diary task to grow 2 dragonfruit trees at the Tree Gnome patch to be the fruit tree patch in the Tree gnome stronghold near the gnome agility course (this has also been clarified in the task description).
    • Made the 2010 mode Abyssal tentacle/Lava whip/Ice whip idle animations look a lot more natural.
    • Added a "Group change details" option on the Group ironman orb that will let players know how many transfers they have left, and how long until their next transfer is available.
    • Players can now trade in their extra spirit seeds to Guildmaster Jane in the Farming guild for a hard-tier seed pack.
      • To do so, just use the spirit seed on Guildmaster Jane, or speak with her and ask her to trade in your spirit seed.
    • Players can now click on another players name in the trading post to add them as a friend.
    • Players can now hover over their total level in the skills tab to see their total experience.
    • The bone crusher will no longer crush long/curved bones.
    • All left-clicks on a specific achievement diary will now be registered as right clicks, so that players will be able to easy see the "view perks" option.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where stat boosting/draining potions would not work in LMS.
    • Adjusted the position of the Inventory tag overlays so that they better outline tagged items.
    • Fixed a bug where item overlays (inventory tags, item charges, etc..) would drag the overlay of all duplicate items in your inventory when dragging one specific item.
    • Players will now stop cooking if the fire they've lit has burnt out.
    • Fixed an issue where killing some NPC's outside of GWD (bloodvelds in nieve's cave, for example), would increase a player's GWD killcount.
    • The super antifire timer on the vanilla client will now only show for 3 minutes, rather than 6 minutes.
    • Players will no longer be spammed with the "You can't reach that!" message when fighting abyssal sire with melee.
    • The Abyssal Sire respiratory systems will now be visible on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where some combat effects (for example guthan's healing) would be triggered by cannonballs.
    • Fixed an issue where checking your slayer streak using the slayer helmet wouldn't update the runelite plugin properly.
    • 2010 mode fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where the mahogany homes broken mirror in Ross’s house would be invisible in 2010 mode.
      • Norman in Falador (Construction contract) will no longer be a "Man" NPC on 2010 mode.
      • Wizard Mizgog in the Wizard tower will no longer be invisible on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug which was causing a crash on the 4th floor of the Grand tree, as well as on White Wolf Mountain.
    • When hovering over the server time, it will no longer show your Runecrafting points.
    • Players can now dismantle their trailblazer tools to get the ornament kit back.
    • If you typed in your password wrong, it would sometimes say "incorrect password" and then overwrite your username with the last username you logged in with (instead of the account you're currently trying to log into). This should no longer occur.
  • Rune Shop Changes:
    • Stock increases:
      • Wizard’s guild:
        • Blood rune stock increase from 250->500
        • Law rune stock increase from 300->500
        • Death rune stock increase from 300->750
      • Baba Yaga’s Rune shop:
        • Blood rune stock increase from 250->500
        • Death rune stock increase from 500->1000
        • Cosmic rune stock increase from 250->500
        • Soul rune stock increase from 250->500
        • Astral rune stock increase from 250->500
      • Thyria’s Wares:
        • Death rune stock increase from 300->500
        • Nature rune stock increase from 300-500
    • Stock additions:
      • Added 500 blood runes to Thyria’s wares rune store.
      • Added 2500 blood rune stock to Tzhaar-Mej’s rune store
    • Restock rate changes:
      • The restock rate for rune shops has been doubled from 6 runes every 30 seconds to 12.
    • Price changes:
      • The price of all runes in all shops have been increased slightly.
        • The Tzhaar-Mej Roh’s rune store is exempt from this increase, since it uses tokkul as a currency.
  • Runelite Changes:
    • The ground item despawn timers can now be set to either seconds or ticks instead of showing the pie circle.
    • Players will now be able to set a custom overworld and cave skybox colors using the skybox plugin.
    • Players can now use CTRL-F (or any keybind they set through the Bank plugin) to search their bank.
    • The item charges plugin has been updated to show the potion doses left on all CoX potions.
    • Players can now label any tiles they've marked in the world. 
  • Extreme Slayer Task Changes:
    • The following adjustments have been made to the chances of getting an extreme slayer task from Konar or Nieve:
      • Eternal/Immortal/Master donators will now have 2x the chance to get an extreme slayer task.
        • This bumps up the chance from a previous ~7.7% to 15% from Nieve.
      • Uber/Legendary/Extreme donators will now have 1.5x the chance to get an extreme slayer task.
        • This bumps up the chance from a previous 7.7% to ~11.5%.
  • Item Retrieval Changes:
    • Zulrah:
      • We’ve updated the Zulrah item retrieval service by adding an interface which players can now use to view and withdraw the items they’ve lost when dying to Zulrah.
        • This new interface will allow players to withdraw a specific amount of a given item in the death box and leave the rest of the items there.
          • There is also an option to withdraw all, and even destroy the items in the death box.
        • NOTE: Players who die an unsafe death will still lose all the items store in the death box, this has not changed!
        • The 100k gp fee will still need to be paid before a player can view the items in the death box.
    • Nightmare:
      • We’ve updated the Nightmare item retrieval service by adding an interface which players can now use to view and withdraw the items they’ve lost when dying to the Nightmare.
        • This new interface will allow players to withdraw a specific amount of a given item in the death box and leave the rest of the items there.
          • There is also an option to withdraw all, and even destroy the items in the death box.
        • NOTE: Players who die an unsafe death anywhere else in the game will not lose the items stored in this death box UNLESS they die again to the Nightmare, in which case their items will be overridden.
          • This makes it more useful for UIM’s to store items and retrieve them individually, however we will not be refunding lost items due to player mistakes under any circumstances.
        • The 250k gp fee will still need to be paid before a player can view the items in the death box.
  • Xp Tracker Interface:
    • Players can now right-click the XP counter button near their minimap and click “Setup” to access a new settings interface that will allow them to completely customize their xp tracker progress.
      • Counter settings:
        • Position:
          • This drop down menu allows players to select a position for the XP counter/drops to be shown.
        • Size:
          • This drop down menu allows players to select a size for the XP counter and droplet text.
        • Speed:
          • This drop down menu allows players to select the speed that the droplets will rise at.
        • Duration:
          • This drop down menu allows players to select the length which the xp counter will remain visible for after gaining experience.
        • Counter:
          • This drop down menu allows players to select a skill to display on the experience counter.
            • By default this will display the current experience in that skill (or your total experience).
        • Progress bar:
          • This drop down menu will allow players to select the skill they want to show a progress bar for.
            • The progress bar will be rendered just below the experience counter.
        • Colour:
          • This drop down menu will allow players to select the color of the experience droplets text.
        • Group:
          • This drop down menu allows players to select whether they want to group all of their experience drops in the same droplet, or have them separated.
            • For example, when attacking with a whip on controlled, normally this would show 4 separate experience drops (hitpoints, strength, attack, defence), but the group setting would only display 1 droplet with the total experience.
        • Fake Drops:
          • This drop down menu allows players to toggle the fake XP drops on/off if their combat stat is locked.
      • Goals/Trackers:
        • Players will also find the option to set a goal or tracker for every skill (including total).
          • When a player clicks on the skill they want, it will open a window that will allow the player to select a series of settings to create a goal or tracker.
            • No tracker or goal:
              • This disables the tracker/goal for that skill, and won’t change anything shown on the counter or progress bar if this skill is selected.
            • Tracker:
              • This will allow players to set a starting point (experience or level) that is less than or equal to their current experience, and this will cause the counter to show only the experience you’ve gained above the start point if this skill is selected to be shown on the counter.
                • It will also show you information about your tracker when hovering over the experience counter.
                  • The information shown includes the experience above your start point, the start point itself, and the total experience in that skill.
            • Goals:
              • This option allows players to select a start/end point to create a goal for themselves in a specific skill.
                • Once a goal is set, the progress towards that goal will be displayed on the progress bar (rather than progress towards the next level) if that skill is selected to show on the progress bar.
                  • Players can also hover their cursor over the progress bar to show the following information:
                    • Percentage towards goal completed
                    • Goal start point
                    • Current experience
                    • Goal end point
                    • Remaining experience to goal

We hope you enjoy this update! Please let us know if any bugs arise so that we can patch them up.
Omicron & Chad

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Hell yes! I can finally set my experience goals for 200m! Thanks Omi great update!

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thank you for adding more blood runes to shops ! 

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Thank you for these nice updates and bugfixes. I very like the new clue emote highlight. 

Posted 24 January 2021 - 03:20 AM #5

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Great update and bug fixes, thank you!

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Thanks for the update! Looks good











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Been waiting for an update like this to play my uim again thanks for the Qol

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1/18k chance from master clues?
Challenge accepted.


Posted 24 January 2021 - 03:45 AM #9

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nice updates!

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Awesome update, can set 200M goals now on the XP Tracker ^^ tyvm.

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Thats some nice updates keep them coming!

Posted 24 January 2021 - 06:45 AM #12



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nice updates! thanks for all those bug fixes

Posted 24 January 2021 - 06:49 AM #13

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Awesome QoL update, Dadicron! <3

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Amazing QoL Updates Omi! Good job

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Amazing updates , also nice to see some bug fixes.
Soul wars pet loc ? :(








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Really nice to see big changes and improvements being made while taking a break. Definitely been diving in and enjoying the content. Thank you!



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Thanks for the QoL Updates Omicron  :ph34r:

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Great QoL changes and bug fixes. Thanks and keep up the good work @Omicron!

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Dan, Chad, some great updates here cheers!

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