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[28/2/21] PvM Accuracy Rework, Bank Tab Swapping, Revenant Cave Changes, New Daily Login Rewards & more!

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[2/3/21] Hotfixes:

  • Accuracy formula fixes:
    • Based on player feedback, we've increased overall accuracy boost to make it easier to hit on enemies across the board.
      • To understand this change, we were previously boosting player accuracy by 20% over OSRS's formulas.
      • Now, we've kept that boost at 20%, but we also decrease enemy defence by 20%, improving your chances to land a hit dramatically.
        • This will make all PvM slightly easier, including the Gauntlet.
    • Twisted bow accuracy formula has been corrected and now works as intended.
      • Keep in mind that the Twisted bow is most effective against enemies with high Magic level or Magic attack bonus, so that is where you will see the bow perform best.
    • Reduced the defensive bonuses for Venenatis and Callisto by a further 20% for all combat styles.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Made the warning when using a Vorkath's head on a ranging/max cape clear that a player will not get an assembler cape from doing so, just the effect of the assembler.


[1/3/21] Hotfixes:

  • Killtime wipe:
    • Due to the changes in the accuracy formula, we've reset the killtimes for bosses and players now have a chance to make a name for themselves on a fresh scoreboard.
  • Ranged combat fixes:
    • Adjusted Twisted bow formula to match OSRS 1:1 and tested on a number of different NPCs. It should match any online calculator that you use to determine the max hit.
      • The Twisted bow also received a +4 prayer bonus that was not correctly being applied.
      • In the Chambers of Xeric, the maximum hit with the Twisted bow is 99.
    • Heavy ballista ranged bonus will now appear in your equipment interface.
  • Revenant caves fix:
    • Sometimes, you would be unable to attack a player in the Revenant caves even though they were able to attack you. This bug has been fixed and will no longer occur.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • XP counter/tracker fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where the XP tracker would think your boosted stat level was your real level when calculating remaining experience/progress.
      • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get stuck when teleported near KBD.
      • Fixed a bug where the XP counter would sometimes show negative remaining XP.
      • Fixed a bug where the XP counter would count experience over 200m for individual skills, and over 4.6b for fully maxed players.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not empty their birdhouses.
    • Removed a duplicate house teleport option from the max cape interface.
    • Fixed the stats on Olm's Left and Right claws, so players should hit a lot more accurately using the appropriate attack styles.
    • Fixed the stats for the 3 types of Vanguards, so players will now be required to use the appropriate attack style to fight them.
    • Adjusted the bonuses of the various forms of Verzik Vitur to match OSRS.
    • The XP Counter yellow box will no longer draw outside of the client bounds if it's aligned to the left side of the screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the Void Knight Mage set wasn't adding 45% to a player's magic accuracy in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed an issue where the special attack button on the 2010 game frame wouldn't be clickable when first launching the client.
    • Fixed some wrong def for the smaller Nylocas variants.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Clicking the "Show Xp Drops" button near the minimap will now force the context menu to open so that new players can easily see the ability to customize their Xp counter.
    • All of the text on the Boost display interface (for experience boosts, vote boosts, etc) will now be purple, to make it more readable.


Hello everyone,
Today's update features a full PvM accuracy rework which has been long overdue. We began writing the code for Alora as far back as 8 years ago, and at the time not only did we not fully understand the accuracy system, but servers were not focusing on perfecting PvM to match it to OSRS. We've taken the time to ensure that PvM now feels identical to OSRS, with certain weapons being more powerful against different enemies. For example, you'll now need to use stab weapons against Corporeal beast, and crush weapons will perform best against The Nightmare. This also means that we are able to make the Twisted bow 100% accurate to OSRS in terms of damage against different bosses, and it will now be most powerful against NPCs with high magic attack bonuses (or level), such as Commander Zilyana, Alchemical Hydra, and brutal black dragons.
Aside from these PvM changes, we made sure to bring in a bunch of QoL changes and content updates as well. Firstly, you can now swap bank tabs around to quickly organize your bank without having to move a single item at a time. Simple drag a tab over to another tab to swap them, or right-click a tab and select "Swap tab". The Revenant Caves now implement a "Singles-Plus" mechanic, which means that although it is now a single-combat zone, you can attack players while they are in combat with NPCs. Two new Daily login reward patterns have been added to spice up the rewards, and a bunch of other updates for both the server and RuneLite client are listed below, which we're sure you'll enjoy:

  • PvM Combat Accuracy Complete Rework:
    • The PvM Combat system has been completely changed and re-worked in terms of accuracy.
      • Previously, accuracy was calculated by only taking into account an NPC’s magic defence bonus, ranged defence bonus, or melee defence bonus.
        • There was no differentiation between the stab/slash/crush attack styles, so selecting these styles made no difference for accuracy.
        • We also did not take into account an NPC’s magic or defence level for accuracy calculations.
        • Overall, this system severely limited the combat system in terms of accuracy and individual weaknesses, and made it so that most NPC’s had similar defensive stats, and would be susceptible to all attack styles and skills (magic/ranged/melee).
          • This also meant that we had to use custom formulas for weapons that based their damage off of these stats, such as the twisted bow.
    • The New System:
      • We’ve changed the system entirely, so that it now uses a combination of an NPC’s level (magic level for mage defence, or defence level for range/melee attacks), as well as the NPC’s defensive bonus (crush/stab/slash/magic/ranged) to calculate the accuracy/effectiveness of an attack.
        • These changes will mean that players will now need to consider an NPC’s weaknesses and strengths before fighting them.
          • Here are a few examples:
            • Corporeal beast:
              • Previously players could use the slash style while attacking it with a zamorakian spear, and it would have the same accuracy as the stab style.
                • Now, players will notice they will hit far less frequently if they’re not using the stab attack style.
            • Dagannoth Rex:
              • The accuracy of magic attacks for Dagannoth Rex (as well as other NPC’s with very low magic levels, such as barrows melee brothers) will be far more accurate (nearing 100%) with a low magic accuracy bonus on the player’s end.
        • Along with these new changes, the Twisted bow’s formulas for boosting accuracy and damage have also been reworked, so they now exactly match the ones used in OSRS.
          • That is, the accuracy boost (capped at 140%), as well as the damage boost (capped at 250%), will now be based off of the NPC’s magic level or magic accuracy bonus (the higher of the two).
    • We want players to have an immersive and positive experience when playing Alora, so this system is going to be tested for a few weeks, and tweaked in any way we feel is necessary. It will require more strategic planning for different bosses, but it will also make certain weapons more useful and powerful in different situations.
      • If players hate the new system, we’ve made it simple to revert.
        • We’ve also added ways to tweak the accuracy so that it’s slightly boosted if we deem that it’s necessary to do so.
      • We encourage players to provide us with feedback on the new system, and we’ll make a poll in the future voting to see if we should keep the changes, or revert them back to the original system.
  • Weapon changes:
    • Verac's set effect boost:
      • The Verac's set effect (ignoring enemy defence) now occurs 25% of the time, it was a bit lower at 20% previously.
      • Additionally, the Verac's set always adds +1 to your damage as intended when the effect occurs, making it impossible to hit 0 when it occurs..
    • Abyssal bludgeon's effect now matches OSRS, dealing extra damage for every missing prayer point (0.5% extra damage for every prayer point missing).
    • Zamorak Godsword:
      • The ZGS special attack freeze will now be removed if a player is more than 12 tiles away, similar to all other freeze spells.
      • The ZGS special attack freeze timer will no longer be halved if a player is praying magic.
  • Max hit changes:
    • The melee max hit formula was slightly tweaked to match OSRS, in most cases you will not notice this as the changes are very slight, but it will push the damage up in a few cases for special attacks, including godswords.
      • If you'd like to confirm that the max hit is accurate, our formula is the same that Oldschool.tools uses, so your ;;maxhit results should be identical to their results.
  • PvP changes:
    • Players will no longer be able to exploit a bug which allowed them to use a Granite maul and Armadyl godsword special attack both in the same tick (Gmaul->AGS)
  • Bank updates:
    • Tab swapping:
      • You can now drag an entire tab to move it around in your bank, to properly rearrange your tabs without having to drag every item 1 by 1.
      • You can also right-click the tab header and type in the # of the tab you'd like to swap it with.
    • Filler fix:
      • Using the "clear-all" feature on fillers was sometimes missing some fillers in tabs. It will now remove all fillers as intended.
  • Daily Login System Changes:
    • Adjusted the text on the daily login rewards interface.
      • The “Current Streak” label will now be “Claimable Rewards”, since that’s what it indicates.
      • The “Highest Streak” label will now be “Current Streak”, since this actually tracks your current standing streak.
    • Added 2 new rotations of 14 rewards, so there are now 5 possible rotations on 14 day-streaks.
  • Chambers of Xeric changes:
    • Olm changes:
      • Olm will no longer execute any special attacks if there aren't any players he is able to target (based on the direction he is facing).
        • This allows players to continuously "run" Olm's head without having to worry about special attacks.
  • Runelite/Client Changes:
    • The clue scroll tag feature now works properly with the bank tags/clue scroll plugin.
      • This means that once a player has opened their clue scroll and has the instructions on how to complete the clue, they can open their bank and search for the items they need quickly and easily.
        • Searching “clue”, will return all items that contain clue, as usual, but will also add the items required for the step of a player’s clue scroll.
        • Searching “tag:clue” will only return the items necessary to complete the clue step.
    • Fixed an issue where the clue scroll emote overlay wouldn’t work properly on the 2010 gameframe.
    • The Configurations on the Mouse Tooltips Runelite plugin now work properly.
      • Previously the UI/Chatbox/Spellbook tooltip toggles didn’t do what they were supposed to.
    • A player’s donator icon will now show up next to their name if they’re private messaging a player.
      • This icon only shows up for regular players (ironmen/classic/realism/etc… rank images will still take priority).
      • The donator icons will not show up if a player has toggled the “Hide all donator icons” feature in the client settings.
    • The Youtuber icon will now show up if a Youtuber pm’s a player (assuming they’re playing the regular game mode).
    • Fixed a bug where the "Next combat level" overlay would appear on tabs other than the combat information tab.
    • A configuration has been added to Entity Hider Plugin that allows players to hide ignored players.
    • The player name of the client which sends tray notifications is now included in notification title.
    • The chat notifications plugin has a new option to send you notifications for receiving private messages.
    • A Use swap has been added for battlestaves in the Menu Entry Swapper plugin.
    • The screenshot plugin now has an configurable threshold for which Valuable drops to screenshot. This allows setting a very low valuable drop notification in order to see the drops in the chat box, but still screenshot certain valuable ones.
    • The XP Globes plugin can now show your virtual level in the tooltip.
    • The Idle Notifier plugin now supports low & high run energy notifications.
    • Many of the existing color configuration options for overlays now support adjusting their transparency too.
    • The Zalcano plugin now includes a damage counter to track how much damage you have done to the health and shield, to let you easily track if you've done enough damage to be eligible for drops, uniques, or the pet.
    • The status bars health bar is now recolored when infected by a parasite.
    • Added a config to the menu entry swapper plugin to swap the "eat" option with "Guzzle" on the dwarven rock cake.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Players now have an option to filter the Yell tab by to only show news messages rather than all Yell related messages.
      • If this filter is selected, players will only see messages pertaining to new kildcount records, and player drops, excluding all yell messages.
    • Lucky implings will now announce many different rare drops over yell, such as Ranger boots, rather than only 3rd age items.
    • The Slayer Exchange "Reward Points:" indicator will now update after purchasing items from the Slayer Exchange.
    • Players now have a "Claim-all" option in the Daily Login Rewards interface which will claim all of the available rewards.
    • The Achievement cape now supports teleports to all the achievement diary NPC locations.
    • The Max cape will now list teleports to all of the POH portals around the map when a player clicks the POH portals option with the cape equipped.
    • The Max cape will now show all the teleports to the POH portals along with all of the previous teleports when a player clicks the “teleports” option on their max cape through the inventory.
    • The Construction Skillcape (as well as the max cape) now has the option to teleport to any of the POH portals around the map.
    • The "Valuable Drop" notifcation will now list the Trading Post value of the item.
    • Npc's that are spawned and in the event area will now drop loot under the players, similar to how Kraken/Zulrah do.
    • The Maiden of Sugadinti's attack speed has been reduced from 4 ticks to 10 ticks.
    • Alchemical Hydra's attack speed has been reduced from 4 ticks to 6 ticks.
    • The logout button in the top right corner of the screen in the 2010 gameframe will now change a player's tab to the logout tab.
    • The Tekton Onyx drop will now be announced in Yell when a player receives it.
    • The Uncut onyx from bird's nests will now be announced when a player receives one.
    • Players will now be asked to confirm their trading post purchases if they select the All or Buy-x options.
    • Added a countdown timer to show when the next round will start for Tournaments.
    • The Energy well that players use before fighting Olm will no longer lower your hitpoints if they were boosted past your current level.
    • Players will no longer have their boosted stats reduced to the normal level when entering a new CoX session.
    • Chest counters:
      • When opening the Bloody Chest or Wilderness Supply Chest, you will now be notified of how many chests you've opened.
        • The counter starts at 0 as of this update, so previous chests you've opened do not count towards it.
      • If someone receives a rare drop from the Bloody or Wilderness Supply Chest, the drop announcement will now show the # of chests they've opened.
    • Players will now be guaranteed a Weapon frame after killing the third weak monster in the Gauntlet if they haven't yet received one.
    • Any gems earned from mining will now be automatically added into an open gem bag.
    • Players can now speak to Watson to see which clues they've handed in/which are left to be handed in.
    • All items in Alry the Angler's fishing shop have been reduced to half the amount of Mulch Pearls that they used to cost.
    • Added placeholders for the twisted clothing (T1, T2, T3) and twisted banner
    • Players can now speak to Bryn to re-obtain their Gauntlet Cape if they've previously emptied or destroyed it.
    • Correctly praying against The Nightmare’s default trybrid attacks will now block 85% of the incoming damage rather than the previous 70%.
    • Players can now use the left-click "Build" option on an empty bird house space.
      • This will automatically build the best birdhouse available in the player’s inventory, given that they have the proper hunter level to build it.
    • Made it so that players will no longer need to have their statius warhammer/any other hammer-type weapon (excluding the DWH) equipped to smash/restore a jewelled crab.
    • Clue boosters will now last for 60 minutes rather than 30 minutes.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where Fixed mode would extend by 3 pixels creating a thin black strip on Mac Clients.
    • Fixed the animation and graphics for the Skeletal Wyvern's magic attack.
    • Blood blitz will now provide extra magic experience for any damage done, as with all spells.
    • Fixed a bug where players would get 2 notifications that they cut a log, and one would say "Evergreen logs".
      • Players will now only receive 1 notification stating “You get some logs.”.
    • The VLS slash animation will no longer make your player do a broken animation.
    • Trying to build a CoX medium storage unit by clicking on it will now only require 4 planks rather than 6.
    • Fixed a bug where players couldn't trim topiaries with magic secateurs equipped.
    • Fixed a bug where players would temporarily got invisible if they were wearing specific items while a graphic was playing.
    • Fixed a bug where players would zoom in/out when scrolling through the kill records if they didn't have their zoom locked.
    • Fixed a bug with 2010 gameframe where the quest icon would draw a regular blue quest icon over the proper quest icon.
    • Fixed a bug where the XP counter setup button would not be positioned properly on Fixed mode when first logging on if you were using the 2010 gameframe.
    • Pet fixes:
      • Balloon animal was following players too closely, it will now keep a bit more distance.
      • Badger & other daily login reward pets are no longer broken on 2010 mode.
    • Reduced the item value of superantipoison potions.
    • Fixed an issue where clearing private messages wouldn't remove them until a player changed chatbox tabs.
    • The boosted basilisk jaw drop rate will now apply to regular basilisk tasks (rather than just basilisk knights).
    • The elder (+) potion will now boost your attack/strength/defence by 5 + 13% of your base level, rather than 3 + 10% of your base level.
    • Fixed an issue where if a player died with a master clue and then relogged before it disappeared, they wouldn't be able to get another one.
    • The Keystone crystal will now be properly removed when exiting a raid.
    • Fixed a bug where the bounty hunter teleport wouldn't properly display the target's wilderness level if they were in some dungeons.
    • Added a placeholder for the orange Vet'ion Jr variant.
    • If a player loses a master clue to the Zulrah death box clearing, they will now be able to get a new one.
    • Fixed an issue where demonic gorillas could sometimes attack a player with melee but the player would not be able to attack them.
    • Adjusted the spawn positions of Wingman Skree and Flight Kilisa so that it's no longer possible to be out of their range when they respawn.
    • Fixed a bug where some pieces of Black graceful did not have any weight reduction.
    • Fixed a bug where players couldn't properly exit The Gauntlet during a session.
    • Fixed a bug where the Attas Seed was not providing the proper yield boost.
    • Players can no longer setup their cannons in the Revenant area.
    • Fixed an issue where K'ril tsutsaroth's respawn time was still 40 seconds rather than 38.
    • The Nightmare's Parasites will no longer heal it after they've died.
    • Increased The Nightmare’s Ranged and Magic defensive stats from 250 to 600.
    • The Nightmare will no longer temporarily disappear when using the spore attack in phase 3.
    • The nightmares attacks will now be every 6 ticks (3.6 seconds) instead of 5 ticks (3 seconds).
    • Players can no longer pickup their pets while in the gauntlet.
    • Removed some debugging related text when using the Silver sickle ( B).
    • Fixed a bug with placeholders not working for the trailblazer outfits.
    • The item value for shrimp (used for item overlays) has been fixed as it was far too high.
    • Dragon claw special attack changes:
      • The animation has been changed to the OSRS one (dumped directly from OSRS this time to ensure accuracy).
  • Cape Rack Changes:
    • The cape rack functionality now fully works.
      • This means that players can now right click items hanging on their cape rack to teleport to the appropriate location, with some exceptions.
        • Not all skillcapes have an option when right-clicking, since they don’t all have teleports/features.
        • The Max cape has a “Perks” option which will allow players to either spell book swap, choose from the normal max cape teleports, or the POH portals.
        • The Magic cape has a spell book swap option rather than a teleport.
  • Revenant Cave Changes:
    • The Revenant cave is now a Singles-Plus combat area.
      • This means that the previous parts of the Revenant cave that were multi-way combat, as well as singles combat, are now singles-plus, which is effectively the same as singles, except for that if a player is in combat with an NPC, other players will be able to attack them.
    • All regular monsters have been removed, and the revenants have been spread out around the cave to match this map:
    • The risk required to enter the Revenant caves has been increased to 750k, rather than 250k.
      • This change was justified by the fact that we haven’t nerfed the loot from revenants at all, as well as the fact that we don’t have a fee required to enter.
    • There is a new exit to from the revenant caves in level 26 wilderness.
  • Xp Counter Changes:
    • The Xp drops will now be aligned with the xp counter position.
      • This means that if you have your XP counter aligned to the right, the xp drops and text will be drawn on the right-edge of the counter to take up the least amount of space (and same goes for the centre/left).
        • If players group their xp drops, and receive multiple drops in 1 tick (So that the grouping actually takes effect), it will always be right-aligned.
    • Adjusted the spacing of grouped skill icons so that they don’t look so strange.
    • Adjusted the positioning of xp drop text so that it's not so far away from the xp icons.
    • The Xp counter will now centre text better, and no longer have strange offsets.
    • The Xp counter will no longer show “Lots!” when your experience has exceeded 2.147b for total experience, and will now show up to 4.6b (the max amount of experience).
  • Gauntlet Changes:
    • Players will now be guaranteed to receive a weapon component for another type of weapon when killing the same Demi-boss 2 or more times.
      • For example, the first time killing a corrupted dark beast, the player will get a corrupted bowstring, but each time after that, they’ll get either a corrupted spike or corrupted orb.
    • The max hit of the crystal staves in the Gauntlet has been increased from 35 to 39.
  • Varrock Diary Perk Addition:
    • The Varrock diaries now have 4 new perks:
      • Varrock easy diaries:
        • 5% decrease in the cost of making planks (spells and manually).
      • Varrock medium diaries:
        • 10% decrease in the cost of making planks (spells and manually).
      • Varrock hard diaries:
        • 15% decrease in the cost of making planks (spells and manually).
      • Varrock Elite diaries:
        • 20% decrease in the cost of making planks (spells and manually).
  • Collection Log Additions:
    • All Pets:
      • Little Nightmare has been added to this log.
    • Slayer:
      • The following items have been added to the log:
        • Crawling hands
        • Cockatrice heads
        • Basilisk heads
        • Kurask heads
        • The Slayer Ring (eternal)
        • The Dust battlestaff
        • Wyvern Visage
        • Dragon Thrownaxe
        • Dragon Harpoon
        • Dragon Sword
        • Dragon Knife
        • Drake’s Tooth
        • Drake’s Claw
        • Basilisk Jaw
        • Dagon’hai Hat
        • Dagon’hai Robe Top
        • Dagon’hai Robe Bottom
        • Blood Shard
    • Miscellaneous:
      • The following items have been added to the log:
        • Ecumenical Key
        • Chewed Bones
        • Xeric’s Talisman (inert)
  • Drag Changes:
    • Players will no longer be able to use the ::drag or ::dragdistance commands on the runelite client.
      • This functionality can be fully handled through the Anti-Drag plugin.
    • Anti-drag plugin changes:
      • Fixed an issue where the proper drag values would not get set when logging in.
      • Added a configuration for drag distance.
        • Drag distance controls the amount of pixels the player needs to drag an item before it registers as a drag, rather than a click.
    • The ::drag command will now properly save between logins on the vanilla client.
  • Monster Drop Searcher Changes:
    • Updated the Monster drop searcher interface to return partial matches for searched NPC's.
      • This will now allow players to partially search names of NPC’s so that they don’t need to perfectly type it out each time.
        • The results returned will try to match the typed string as best as possible, and the rest of the results will be approximations based on the input.
          • The maximum results that can be seen at any given moment are 4 npc’s.
  • Giant Mole Changes:
    • Giant mole will now only burrow if it’s health is less than 50%.
    • Giant mole will now have a chance to burrow even if a player is attacking it from a safespot.
    • The Falador Shield 3/4 now has a functional mole locator.
      • Players can right click “Check” in their inventory, or “Mole-Locator” while equipped, and it will locate the exact position of the mole whether they’re in an instance or the default mole cave.
      • The Mole Locator will automatically trigger when a player enters the regular (non-instanced) mole cave with the Falador shield 3/4 in their inventory.




We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please immediately report any bugs that you encounter.
Omicron & Chad

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very nice update!


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Massive update! Lots of quality of life and awesome additions! Great job @Omicron!

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Still not sure about Rev caves as singles, according to the size of the cavern now.

For the rest looks good

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HC Mitsuki
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now you all can see me get every pair of boots from lucky implings except Rangers :P sick update tho as always :)

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Love the Update!! So happy about the tab swaps as well!!



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Awesome update! Love most small changes!
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About time , much needed updates !

Thank you Omi !

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Oh yeah! previously was more time spending avoiding targeting attacks at olm while hand is healing.... Finally its fixed.

Ty for updates!





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Did the magic delay get fixed?!

Some very nice updates :)
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Nice updates! Thanks!
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some pogger updates! keep up the good work!

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Thanks so much for these updates, especially the Olm one!   :PepeKkay:

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Only 16 days playtime, smh... 


Jokes aside, I'm glad you took Alora to a new level. Good job.

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Nice updates! Thank you very much for the Olm fix

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Massive update, thank you omi!

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Mr Chong

Mr Chong
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Thank you for the updates @Omicron 

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good updates,


i see nothing about crystal pick, not sure if you've seen the bug report. Right now crystal pickaxe can not be stored in Soul Altar clue stash which it should, same as dragon pickaxe.


Also when storing items into stash, if a player doesn't have another 3 empty inventory slots, the action won't continue. This check should be done only if a player is withdrawing items from the stash, not when storing them back inside.

alota fagina is another account i use(d)

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Solid update, been waiting for this for a while! Cant wait to see what you have in store for the next update

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nice updates! thanks alot

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