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[09/02/23] Theatre of Blood Drop Rate Boost & Upgrades, Trading Post Item Sink, Interface Changes, and much more!

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Hotfixes [16/2/23]:

  • Abyssal Portal Fixes:
    • The Abyssal portal in the Vespula room will now have the proper pathing.
      • Previously, when a player would try to attack the portal in some layouts, it wouldn’t path the player to an attackable tile.
        • This was always the case for Vespula rooms on the second floor.
        • Left-clicking the portal should now always path the player to a tile that they can attack the portal from, but is also underneath Vespula while she is defending the portal.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where some npc’s would no longer be aggressive.
    • Fixed a bug where the wiki banner would sometimes be in the incorrect position when going from resizeable to fixed after dragging the minimap to a new location.
    • Fixed a bug where the second hitsplat would not appear when using the granite maul special attack twice on the same tick.
      • The damage would still register, however it would not visibly appear.
    • Fixed a bug where player's pets would be temporarily deleted until they relogged after manually leaving the grotesque guardians instance.
    • Fixed a bug where players would get a notification that they'd unlocked 2 new songs every time they logged in.
    • The LMS information box will now draw under the xp counter if it is visible, rather than to the left of it.
    • Fixed a bug where leather would be deleted before the player crafted the item, leading to an issue where cancelling the action would result in lost leather and no finished product.
    • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes not be properly notified that they've been granted Apmeken's sight.
    • Fixed a bug where players could freeze Verzik in phase 3 before his web attack, causing him to not properly move to the centre of the room.
    • Skotizo will no longer teleblock players if they have teleblock immunity.
    • Upgrading to expert mining gloves will now properly be logged in the Collection log.
    • The Chambers of Xeric bug which would cause extreme elevation in some rooms should no longer occur.
    • True black username titles can no longer be set, and the option has been replaced with a more gray color.
      • This change was made because it is the exact same color as regular usernames, so it's impossible to tell what part of it is a player's title vs. their username.
      • If you had a black title before, it will now be replaced with this new gray color.
    • The resizeable chatbox transparency will now always properly reset the transparency after another chatbox window closes.
      • Previously, if a player opened a search box, it would often reset the transparency of the chatbox, and lead to strangely coloured text on a non-transparent chatbox.
        • The transparency will now always be reset when these search boxes are closed.
    • Fixed a bug where the 2010/2008 interface styles had the incorrect spellbook sprite on resizeable, and it would disappear when the tab was selected.
    • Non-weakened boulders in the ToA BaBa fight can now be attacked.
    • Tombs of Amascut instance maps will now be spaced out further from other instances (eg. PoH).


Hotfixes [13/2/23]:

  • Fixed an issue with melee not working when attacking bigger npc’s on certain tiles.
  • Fixed an issue with anglerfish not healing when in combat with another player.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not use capital letters in their private messages.
  • Fixed a bug where npc aggression would end at bosses (such as GWD).
  • All divine potions, rather than just the super combat potions, are now tradable.
  • The noted master scroll books are now tradable.
  • The toxic blowpipe now takes range strength bonuses from equipment into account.
  • The Zuriel’s staff idle animation now matches OSRS.
  • The elidinis ward (f)/(or)'s value has been increased to match the arcane spirit shield.
  • Fixed a bug with the GOTR minigame not working after a few hours of uptime.
  • Adjusted run energy to be more similar to how it previously was.


Hello everyone,
Today's update comes as a much needed QoL/Bug-Fix update while we work on a larger piece of content that we're planning to release shortly after this update: Combat Achievements! This upcoming update has over 450 different combat related tasks for players to immerse themselves in, as well as many rewards along the way. This update requires more testing and is a lot more intensive as we have to code in each task manually, which is why we've decided to release today's update as a stand-alone while we finish polishing the next update.
Some of the most notable changes in this update include the Theatre of Blood's drop rate being boosted alongside many other QoL changes in the raid, as well as the Trading Post now acting as an item sink to remove some items from the game and increase their value over time. We've also added some other helpful QoL such as being able to "Give-all" vote books and bonds to your ironmen, more accurate exchange prices on all items, Bryophyta's staff functionality, and the ability to move around the Minimap and XP counter anywhere on the screen.

  • Give-all option on item transfers:
    • When using an item on another player to transfer them over (eg. Vote books, Bonds, etc) you can now choose to "Give-all" rather than having to transfer all of the items one-by-one.
      • Be careful, as this process cannot be reversed! The option to give-all items is highlighted in red to caution players from accidentally giving all of their items.
  • Website:
    • The Wiki button has been removed from the website.
      • The wiki was outdated and underused, and we'd like players to simply focus on the Guides section of the forums for Alora-specific content, while most other content is in line with OSRS and can be found on their wiki in full detail.
  • Trading Post Item Sink:
    • A newly implemented item sink system is now active on Alora.
      • This system uses gold that has been removed from the game through the well of goodwill, and the trading post tax to purchase and delete certain items from the game.
        • There are other gold sinks in the game that could in theory contribute to the gold pool for this system, but we’ve decided against using them for the time being, since we see a lot of value from keeping some proper gold sinks around.
        • Items donated to the well of goodwill will not contribute anything to this system.
      • The system will standby until it has accumulated at least 3 billion gold.
        • Once it has enough gold stored, it will attempt to purchase an item from the trading post from a custom list that is similar to the one OSRS uses.
          • This happens during random time intervals that can range from 5 to 45 minutes.
          • For the time being, the system will only work for the regular trading post, and not the realism one.
          • The more expensive the item, the less likely it is to be purchased, so for example, a blowpipe will be far more likely to be purchased compared to a twisted bow.
          • The system will also only pay what it thinks is a fair price for an item, and will instead purchase another item if the prices of an item are too high in the trading post.
  • Item Exchange Price calculation:
    • Item prices will now be updated based on trading post history every time the server is rebooted.
      • The way this works is that it will take the average of the latest transactions over the trading post, without factoring in extreme examples (eg. If someone accidentally sells a bond for 1gp).
      • This will allow players to more accurately estimate item prices, and also have more accurate item values for Well of Goodwill donations and Items Kept on Death determination.
  • Npc Aggression Changes:
    • We’ve changed the aggression system to match OSRS.
      • Previously, we’d make npc’s aggressive for 10 minutes at a time, and after that period, npc’s would no longer be aggressive towards a player until they moved to another tile (the distance doesn’t matter).
        • This isn’t ideal, since players often stay in an area for over 10 minutes expecting to lose aggression for convenience purposes, so that they are not attacked by an npc right after killing the one they were just fighting.
          • With these new changes, players will still have npc aggression towards them for 10 minutes at a time, but after that 10 minutes, players must run a few tiles outside of the aggression zone to make npc’s aggressive again.
            • We’ve also updating the npc aggression plugin to match Runelite, allowing players to see the new aggression zones.
  • Npc Interaction Priority Changes:
    • The npc that the player is currently interacting with (following, speaking to, attacking) will now prioritize drawing/context options over other npc’s that are on the same tile as that npc.
  • Theatre of Blood Changes:
    • Drop rate changes:
      • The theatre of blood hard mode ornament kit drop rates have been increased by 35%.
        • The Holy ornament kit will now also be more likely than the sanguine kit, similar to OSRS.
      • The drop rate for purples has been changed from 1/9.1 (regular) and 1/8.1 (hard mode) to 1/8.1 (regular) and 1/7.1 (hard mode).
    • The following attacks/mechanics now have sounds:
      • Poison pools splashing
      • Poison pool damage ticks
      • Xarpus changing to his quadrant attack when he reaches 25% health
      • Exhumed skeletons opening
      • Exhumed skeletons closing
      • Exhumed skeletons firing healing projectiles
      • Healing projectiles being absorbed by Xarpus
      • Maidens blood attack projectile/landing
      • Maidens shadow attack
      • Being hit by the blood splats at Maiden
      • Bloat flies hitting a player
      • Bloat waking up after sleeping
      • Verzik’s phase 1/2/3 attacks
      • Verzik pillars falling
      • Verzik’s phase 2/3 defence sounds
    • Damage at bloat is now reduced by 50% when he is not asleep.
    • Players will now respawn closer to the chest after dying in the Bloat room.
    • Players will no longer take any damage from Nylocas Vasilias while protecting from melee during it’s melee phase.
    • Players can now attack Nylocas on the walkways.
    • Players will no longer be able to walk under/through verzik in phase 3 during her web attack.
    • Verzik's green ball attack damage will now be ignored if Verzik has died.
      • This should make the pathing for web running easier.
    • Added a slight delay before Verzik starts firing webs when she returns to the centre of the room.
  • Bryophyta’s Staff:
    • The Bryophyta’s Staff now functions properly, allowing players to store up to 1,000 nature runes within it.
      • The staff can be uncharged at any time.
      • The staff, when charged, has a 1/15 chance to not use
    • All charges will be lost on pvp death.
    • A check option has also been added while equipped.
  • Run Energy Changes:
    • Run energy has been changed to effect drain more when a player’s weight is higher.
      • This will make the graceful outfit, or any weight reducing outfits actually have a use.
        • The max weight is capped at 64 kg, and any higher weight will not effect drain.
  • Client Changes:
    • Players can now drag the minimap and xp counter to freely position them.
      • This feature is only available on the Runelite client, and can be done similar to other runelite overlays, by holding alt (or the binded key), then dragging the interface.
        • This can only be done on resizable mode.
        • Players can hold alt and right-click on the xp counter or minimap to reset the position to the normal area.
  • Clan Instance Notification Changes:
    • Clan owners now have the option to enable/disable the clan chat notifications when a player joins an instance.
  • Lottery Ticket Purchase Changes:
    • Players can now only purchase a maximum of 240 tickets when the lottery timer reaches 24 hours before the lottery draws.
      • This amount decreases by 10 tickets every hour, so at the 24th hour, the amount is 240 tickets, and at the 12th hour, it’ll be only 120 tickets.
        • This amount does not reset every hour, so if a player purchase 240 tickets at the 24th hour, they can no longer purchase anymore until after the lottery resets.
      • Players can still purchase as many tickets as they want if the lottery is more than 24 hours before drawing.
  • Resizable Mouse Accuracy Changes:
    • There was previously an issue on Resizable that was causing clicks to be inaccurate, this was especially noticeable if the player was more zoomed out.
      • This issue should now be fixed for LD/HD/117HD/GPU, and clicks should now be 100% accurate on resizable, regardless of zoom/client size.
  • Music Changes:
    • The following content now has the proper music:
      • The pyramid plunder minigame
      • The Fight caves
      • The Hespori fight
      • The Grotesque Guardians fight
      • The Cerberus fight
      • Last man standing
      • The lunar diplomacy fight
      • The Chambers of Xeric
      • The Skotizo fight
      • The Zulrah fight
      • Clan wars
      • The Mountain Daughter quest
      • The corporeal beast fight
      • The KBD fight
      • The Alchemical Hydra fight
    • Added music to many different world areas that previously did not have it.
    • Fixed a bug where switching back to auto wouldn’t adjust the music in some areas.
    • Players will now auto-unlock 129 new music tracks related to quests, random events, and unaccessible areas on Alora.
      • If we’ve missed any, let us know!
      • This means that we’ve increased the requirements for the music cape from 140 tracks to 269 tracks, but this will not affect any players who already have the cape.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Npc's/players will no longer be able to attack diagonally between two objects.
      • An example is shown in the image below, where previously npc’s/players could attack the player between the rocks with melee.
    • Fixed a bug where some trimmed adamant armour was improperly named as "Adam" rather than "Adamant".
    • The ecumenical key will now be added to the collection log when players use shards to make one.
    • Fixed a bug where the Bow of Faerdhinen (inactive) could not be noted.
    • Fixed a bug where players could fall into the pit with the "Mind the gap" invocation enabled if they moved in front of the pit 1 tick after the stun wore off.
    • The windmill attack during the second Warden phase will no longer deal damage if the Warden is knocked down.
    • Fixed a bug where the menu entry swapper wouldn't allow players to swap de-prioritized options (options that show up below the examine option, and are not left-click actions).
      • For example, players could not previously swap the “Sit-on” option with the “Remove” option on a bench in their POH.
        • This will still not work with objects that only have 1 single option (a mahogany table for example), since the menu entry swapper needs at least 2 actions to swap.
    • Divine super combat potions are now tradeable.
    • Fixed a bug with world implings not despawning/respawning properly sometimes.
    • Implings will now despawn after 5 minutes of being not moving.
      • This should fix the issue with some implings (primarily crystal implings) getting stuck.
    • Players will now get 26 points from depositing 100 fruit in Tithe farm, rather than 25.
    • Inverted Santa hat can now be dropped (rather than destroyed).
    • Fixed a bug where players would continue doing 1 last action after cancelling the action by moving/clicking away.
      • This mostly just applied to cooking/crafting/herblore, but players will no longer perform the actions after clicking away.
    • Fixed a bug with the Dinh's bulwark not attacking up to 10 enemies if they were larger than 1x1.
    • Fixed a bug where the Saradomin godsword special attack was not restoring enough prayer points.
    • Fixed a bug where GWD melee minions could be glitched into a corner and ignored.
      • Minions will now properly return to their spawn points when out of combat.
    • Fixed a bug with planks not properly being removed from the plank sack sometimes.
    • Fixed a bug with lumberjack set pieces not being added to the collection log when obtained from guild master lars.
    • In Pyramid Plunder, the Blisterwood flail was sometimes being rewarded from other urns (rather than the golden chest) and not being announced.
    • The points/reward chance overlay from the TOA plugin can now be turned off.
    • Achievement diary change:
      • A bug was previously allowing players to benefit from higher Achievement diary tiers without completing all of the lower ones.
        • For example, if you complete all of the Elite Falador diary tasks, you will also need to complete the Easy/Medium/Hard Falador tasks before unlocking the Elite perks.
    • The duplicate teleport crystal has been removed from the Iorwerth warrior drop table.
    • Fixed a bug where players would be notified they needed to be inside of their house to remove/build an object when doing mahogany homes contracts.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not teleport after completing the Prifddinas agility course.
    • Fixed a bug where the agility overlays wouldn't show up for some Prifddinas obstacles.
    • Fixed a bug where loot would not properly be distributed at Nightmare/Nex.
    • The equipment interface will now show the extra 2.5% accuracy/damage from the elite void set.
    • Players can now pickup items with an open looting bag if their inventory is full.
    • Pharaoh's scepter will no longer break and become an un-equippable version when noted.
    • Fixed a bug where cave krakens could sometimes not be attacked.
    • The candy cane holiday item is no longer tradable.
    • Players can now open the Items kept on death and equipment stats interfaces if they have recently attacked a player/npc, but have not been attacked.
    • Players can no longer setup traps on fires.
    • Logging out of the Akkha challenge room with mirrors in your inventory will now drop them to the ground for other players to use.
    • Players will no longer get stuck in BaBa's rocks when they fall from the ceiling.
    • Venanatis was previously poisoning itself rather than poisoning players it was attacking. This has been fixed.
    • The "Abyssal Protector" pet from the Guardians of the Rift will now have the Alora 1.23x drop modifier applied to it, making it 23% easier to obtain (Pet boosters still apply and reduce it a further 25%).
    • Using clay or a pot of flour on a bucket of water will no longer give you an "Empty bucket" that cannot be dropped (only destroyed), but will now give you the regular bucket item that can easily be dropped.
    • Maledictus (Revenant boss) will now more reliably spawn, and if it doesn't spawn for 2 hours it will be forced to spawn.
    • Ancient mace special attack should now properly restore prayer, and can take it over your maximum prayer level.
    • The Keris partisan of the sun special attack will now warn you that you can only use the special attack within the Tombs of Amascut if you try to use it elsewhere.
    • In Tombs of Amascut with the "Mind the Gap" invocation turned on, players will no longer fall into the pit for stepping on one of the bottom middle tiles.
      • You will only fall in the pit if you are knocked back by a boulder or when BaBa jumps to the top of the room, assuming you are in the middle and hit the pit upon knock back.
    • Fixed a bug where the Bounty hunter interface was not visible.
    • Fixed a bug where magic spells would only show damage drops on splashes.
    • Players will no longer fail their Fight caves tasks by logging out during the fight.
    • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t transform their monkey capes into another monkey variant.
    • Christmas boxes now have correct placeholders.
    • The LMS info box will now move out of the way to make room for the xp counter if it is displayed.
    • The ring of suffering (I)’s protection value has been increased.
    • Verzik’s tornado attack will now only heal verzik for 3x the damage dealt to the player, rather than 2.5% of her max hitpoints.
    • Verzik’s tornado’s will now disappear temporarily for 18 ticks after a player is hit by one.
      • It will then re-appear on/near the player, and they’ll have 3 ticks to get away before it starts tracking them again.
    • Fixed a bug with the Ice demon's HP not tracking correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where the Abyssal portal in the vespula room did not have correct pathing.
  • Quality of Life:
    • The RFD chest in Lumbridge basement is now useable/visible.
    • Elysian spirit shield (or) is now tradable.
    • Npc's will now end combat with a player after that player teleports, regardless of the distance.
    • The 3rd age axe/pickaxe now have the same special attack as the dragon axe/pickaxe.
    • Renamed the Lake Molch teleport to Aerial Fishing in the teleport wizard menu.
    • The seed box "Check" option will now use the OSRS interface to withdraw/add/manage seeds more easily.
    • The empty Master scroll book is now tradeable.
    • Adjusted the position of the Edgeville wilderness shooting start to be on the safe side of the ditch.
    • The random event from digging at Barrows is now 3x less common.
    • The dwarf multi-cannon will now be placed on the same tile the player is on.
    • The jar of miasma will now be announced in yell.
    • Anglerfish will no longer overheal in the wilderness if the player has recently been in combat.
    • The granite maul special attack damage will now be registered 1 tick sooner.
    • Players can now install the Radius markers plugin in the Plugin-hub.
    • Players now have 3 ticks to move when the red symbols spawn at Zalcano before they take damage.
    • The player information tab has been updated to match OSRS.
    • Realism players can now permanently revert their accounts to the classic game mode by speaking to Paul in Evil dave’s house.
    • The Blisterwood flail will now appear in the chatbox search for the trading post.
    • The bracelet of slaughter now has an equipment check option.
    • Players can now equip the rada’s blessing (4) while banking.
    • The granite longsword will no longer be announced over yell.
    • Dragon boots drops will no longer be announced over yell.
    • The bank search input is now case insensitive.
    • The amulet of bounty now has a check option while equipped.
    • The ice completionist cape has been renamed to the Frozen completionist cape.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies in the Mahogany homes dialogues.
    • Adjusted Kalphite Queen's accuracy to match more closely to OSRS.
      • This should be a significant decrease in her accuracy against players.
    • Antidote++ now provides 36 seconds of venom immunity.
    • Players can now use the imbuement scroll directly on the tzkal/tztok/vampyric slayer helmets.
    • The spin flax spell will now count towards the daily task of spinning 250 flax.
    • Spellbook swapping when using a cape will no longer have an animation/graphic.
    • The instance timer at nex/nightmare will now be drawn below the xp counter if it is showing.
    • The final prifddinas obstacle will now have a smoother transition.
    • Iban's blast now has the proper spell attack sound.
    • Well of Goodwill price has been reduced to 150m.
    • A permanent Healer will now be spawned at the entrance to Nex.
    • The Lottery winners list in-game will now show the date when they won the lottery.
    • Classic mode players will now be auto-placed in the "Alora" clan chat, rather than the "Classic" clan chat.
    • Filling buckets/jugs/bowls/vials/gourds with water or sand will now be 2x as fast (once per tick, rather than once every two ticks).



We hope you enjoy this update!



Omicron & Chad

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Bobby lazer

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HA omi uses inventory tags, sick update though, thanks daddy

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beautiful, just beautiful.

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Thanks for the update! Doing great work as always.




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Tbow Loc

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Such an awesome update, thank you.

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Amazing update! Thank you

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massive update! also thx for all the bug fixes/qol

very happy for the new tob rates to!

Posted 11 February 2023 - 09:01 PM #8

Grey Helm

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Wonderful update, thank you Omi & Chad!!


Posted 11 February 2023 - 09:01 PM #9

Green eyes
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amazing updates, especially the trading post 1 and 150m well.


good calls

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Thanks for the update.

Community Awards


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Really appecrciate the work put in behind the scenes for Alora, once again another great UPDATE :)


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Tob really needed that boost.. the population there has drastically decreased for teams. Thanks Omi.

Posted 11 February 2023 - 10:26 PM #13

Unicorn UwU

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Amazing update! Always making the game more enjoyable <3

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by Sunnii

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Big ups for adding a trading post sink. There's been ALOT of discussions on how to fix the economy and this is atleast a start.

Fire updates as usual!

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I'm such a fan of the music and sound QoL! Thank you for that :withlove:

Posted 12 February 2023 - 02:02 AM #16


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Thanks for the update boys! QoLs for days. ❤️





Posted 12 February 2023 - 04:22 AM #17



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Very nice update! Ty omi <3

Drops and achievements:


Posted 12 February 2023 - 05:57 AM #18

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very nice update and tweaks! ty

Posted 12 February 2023 - 08:42 AM #19


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Absolutely beautiful! I can't thank you enough. Thank you!!!


Posted 12 February 2023 - 08:44 AM #20

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A plethora of improvements were made to the game with this update patch, which will result in a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay for the players. 
Thanks to the Alora staff team! 

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