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[6/6/2023] Wilderness Boss Rework & Voidwaker, New Hairstyles, Crystal Armor Recolors, Summer Sale & more!

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Hello everyone,
Today we're bringing a huge update -- one of our biggest ones yet! The long awaited Wilderness Boss Rework is now here, and aside from some exciting new boss mechanics, and mini versions of the bosses, there is also a plethora of new items to obtain, including the powerful Voidwaker. Aside from this, we've got so many different updates to bring to Alora, including things like new plugins, the ability to recolor your Crystal armor, many brand new hairstyles, fast-map loading (experimental) and much more.

  • Summer Sale:
    • With the arrival of June (and perhaps to celebrate the 6/6/6 Falador Massacre), our Summer Sale has begun!
      • You'll earn 25% bonus tokens on all purchases in the store.
      • Rank tickets purchased during this time will also include bonuses, giving 4.5x rank rather than 4x:
        • $100 option: $400 Rank ticket -> $450 Rank ticket
        • $150 option: $600 Rank Ticket -> $675 Rank ticket
      • We've added a few favorites to the list of sale items, including:
        • Black partyhat (4,500 tokens -> 4,000 tokens)
        • Drop booster (15 tokens -> 12 tokens)
        • Ultimate mystery box (150 tokens -> 120 tokens)
        • Cosmetic mystery box (100 tokens -> 80 tokens)
        • Slayer helm ornament kits (1,000 tokens -> 750 tokens, and 750 tokens -> 600 tokens)
        • Gauntlet bundle (300 tokens -> 250 tokens)


  • Wilderness Update:
    • Vet’ion, Venenatis, and Callisto have all been re-worked this update, which includes weaker singles-plus variants.
      • Each of these wilderness bosses have been relocated into caves in the deep wilderness, approximately near where they used to be located.
      • The main 3 bosses are located in multi-combat areas of the wilderness, so beware!
        • Players can only enter these dens from one entrance, marked on the world map, however leaving the cave will spit you out in one of 3 possible locations in the new Escape Caves.
          • These caves have 4 exits, which gives players many options to get away, but beware, since the caves are filled with spiders and bears which are very aggressive.
      • There are also 3 new wilderness bosses, which are weaker versions of the 3 bosses mentioned, and are located in singles-plus caves.
        • These caves can be accessed from entrances located in the wilderness levels 20-30.
          • The precise locations can be found using the world map.
        • These bosses, Calvar’ion, Spindel, and Artio, have the exact same combat mechanics as their stronger variants, however they will have less hitpoints, and deal reduced damage.
          • This also means that their loot rates will not be as good as the stronger variants.
    • Venenatis:
      • Venenatis is a giant spider who lives in the Silk Chasm, a cave that can be accessed in level 35 wilderness.
        • She has 850(515 for Spindel) hitpoints, and multiple new attacks.
          • Melee Attack: Venenatis will lunge at any players within her attack range.
          • Ranged Attack: Venenatis will spit a green projectile at any players outside of her melee attack range.
          • Magic Attack: Venenatis will launch a web-like projectile at any players outside of her melee attack range.
          • Sticky Web: Venenatis will occasionally deploy a sticky web at a player, sending a white-blue web at the target's location.
            • Once it hits the ground, it will expand into a 7x7 AOE (5x5 in Spindel’s lair), and any players standing on these webs will take 3 damage, lose 3 prayer, and 10 run energy each game tick (0.6 seconds).
          • Spiderlings: Venenatis will occasionally call spiderlings to assist her in battle.
            • These Spiderlings are rather weak, and will be killed in one hit, however each time they attack a player, they will drain a prayer point, regardless of if any damage was taken.
              • They will also empower Spindel/Vet’ion, increasing the damage that they do through prayer for each spidering alive.
      • Venenatis no longer has the ability to poison players.
    • Vet’ion:
      • Vet’ion is a giant skeleton who lives in a tomb located in level 34 wilderness.
        • He has 255(150 for Calvar’ion) hitpoints in each phase, of which there are 2, and the following attacks:
          • Magic attack: Vet'ion launches bolts of lightning across the arena.
            • There will be four bolts targeting random tiles in the arena, while one will always land next to a player in a 3x3 AoE around them, including the centre tile.
              • One targeted bolt will appear for every player in the chamber, capped at seven.
          • Hellhounds: Upon reaching half health, Vet'ion will summon two skeletal hellhounds to attack players.
            • While the hellhounds are alive, Vet’ion will be immune to any damage.
              • This attack happens once for each phase.
          • Shield Bash: Vet'ion will raise his shield to bash an area in front of and underneath him; shadows will appear forewarning the AoE of the attack.
            • If the player doesn't move out of range, they'll take up to 35 damage and be unable to attack for the next 4.8 seconds.
              • This attack is only used when in melee distance.
          • Enraged Form: Upon losing all health in his first form, Vet'ion will unleash a blast of orange lightning around him and restore his health to full. 
    • Callisto:
      • Callisto is an enormous bear that resides in Callisto's Den, located in level 40 wilderness.
        • He has 1,000 HP, and it is strongly recommended that he is fought in a group due to his attacks:
          • Melee attack:
            • Callisto will swipe anyone nearby with an AoE attack that can deal up to 55 damage (Prayer reduces damage by 50%).
              • For this reason, it is recommended to freeze Callisto, or surround him as a group and tank with Melee prayer whenever he targets you.
          • Ranged attack:
            • Callisto's default attack at a distance, which is the weakest and easiest to avoid. (Prayer reaches damage by 50%).
          • Magic attack (knockback):
            • Every so often, Callisto will target one player with a slow magic attack, and if they are not praying against it, it will knock them back to the wall and stun them, causing them to take high damage (the closer you are to the wall, the more damage you take -- up to 50).
          • Bear traps:
            • At 66% and 33% hitpoints, Callisto will howl and begin to lay bear traps around the room. These can be walked over, but if you stand for more than 1 tick on a trap, it will stun you and deal up to 15 damage.
    • Rewards:
      • Each of the 3 wilderness bosses that has been re-worked has also been given a new drop table.
        • The improved rewards and their exact rates can be found using the monster drop searcher interface in the server statistics quest tab.
        • The main rewards that players will be gunning for are the following:
          • Skull of Vet’ion:
            • Players can attach this skull, which is a rare drop from Vet’ion and Calvar’ion, to the Thammaron’s Sceptre to create the Accursed Sceptre.
              • This new sceptre is charged with Revenant ether, and requires level 70 Magic to equip.
                • The sceptre, like its weaker variant, provides a 50% bonus to accuracy and damage against npc’s in the wilderness.
                  • This sceptre can has 2 forms that players can freely choose between.
                    • The default sceptre has a built-in spell which uses 1 ether per attack.
                      • The max hit of this spell is calculated as followers:
                        • Max = magicLevel/3 - 6
                    • Players can also convert the staff into the Accursed Sceptre (A) by right-clicking it in their inventory and selecting the “Transform” option.
                      • This will allow players to cast spells from a spellbook, and auto-cast spells from the standard and ancient spellbooks.
                        • This form can auto-cast the flames of Zamorak spell.
              • It also has a special attack, Condemn, which consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy, and costs 1 revenant ether.
                • The special attack hits an enemy with a 50% increase to max hit and accuracy, and upon a successful hit, also drains the target's Defence and Magic by 15%, regardless of the damage inflicted.
                  • If the target's levels are already lowered by some amount, Condemn will only drain them up to 15%, but no further, meaning multiple attacks will not stack.
          • Fangs of Venenatis:
            • These will attach to the Craw’s bow to create the Webweaver bow, which will increase it’s stats, and give it a special attack.
              • The Webweaver bow shares the same 50% damage/accuracy boost as the Craw’s bow, and also costs 1 ether per attack.
            • The webweaver bow has a special attack, Swarm, which consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy.
              • The special attack hits an enemy four times in succession with doubled accuracy, each dealing up to 40% of the player's max hit, which also consumes 4 charges.
                • Each hit also has a chance to inflict poison, starting at 4 damage.
          • Claws of Callisto:
            • These will attach to the Viggora’s chainmace to create the Ursine chainmace, which will increase it’s stats, and give it a special attack.
              • The Ursine chainmace shares the same 50% damage/accuracy boost as the Viggora’s chainmace, and also costs 1 ether per attack.
            • The ursine chainmace has a special attack, Bear Down, which consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy.
              • The special attack hits an enemy with doubled accuracy, and upon a successful hit, also deals 20 damage over 6 seconds, prevents running for 3.6 seconds (6 ticks) and reduces the target's Agility level by 20.
                • The accuracy roll for Bear Down is based on the offensive bonuses of one's currently select style, which is rolled against an opponent's slash defence.
          • Voidwaker:
            • Each of the 3 bosses and their weaker variants drop a specific component required to create the Voidwaker.
              • Voidwaker blade: Dropped by Vet’ion/Calvar’ion
              • Voidwaker hilt: Dropped by Callisto/Artio
              • Voidwaker gem: Dropped by Venenatis/Spindel
            • The Voidwaker requires 75 attack to wield.
            • The Voidwaker also has a special attack, Disrupt, which consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy. The special attack deals guaranteed Magic damage between 50-150% of the wielder's maximum melee hit. The special attack will provide Magic experience with the same formula as powered staffs.
              • As you can imagine, the guaranteed damage makes this weapon and it’s special attack very unique/special, in both PvP and PvM.

New Hairstyles

    • Hairstyles have been updated! Visit the Makeover mage to have a look at all of the new hairstyles.
      • Hairstyles are no longer gender-locked, either, so you could have whichever hairstyle you'd like on your character.


  • Crystal Armor Recoloring:
    • Players can now recolor their crystal helm/body/legs, similarly to recoloring the crystal crown.
      • Recolor Crystals can be purchased from Lliann’s wares in Prifddinas.
    • Players can use 1 crystal of any color on any piece of crystal armor to recolor it to the same color as the crystal used on it.
      • Players can purchase a new crystal from Lliann to change the color again whenever they’d like.
    • The set effects/death mechanics work exactly the same as the normal crystal armor.
      • In a PvP death, the items are turned into armor crystals and given to the pker.



  • Kalphite Queen update:
    • The Dragon pickaxe can now be obtained as a drop from KQ at a 1/400 rate (adjusted to 1/325 with Alora drop rate modifier).



  • Discord announcement update:
    • Discord game drop announcements will now include the exchange value of the item received.



  • Consumable cooldowns plugin:
    • This plugin is now available on the RuneLite Plugin Hub!
    • This plugin adds cooldown indicators for the various consumable items in your inventory, and supports nearly all consumables in the game.


  • Max hit calculator plugin:
    • This plugin is now available on the RuneLite Plugin Hub!
      • Calculates max hit for melee, ranged, and magic weapons.
        • Automatically grabs your currently auto-casted spell, no need for input anywhere
        • Currently only blowpipe is not automatic, used dart type must be set in plugin settings.
      • Calculates max special attack hit for all damage boosting special attacks.
      • Calculates max hit against specific types (e.g. kalphites bonus, tome of fire bonus, wilderness bonus).
      • Calculates max special attack against specific type bonuses (e.g. dragon longsword spec while against slayer task).
      • Provides tooltip displaying required stats for next max hit.
      • Provides tooltip predicting new max hit when hovering over equipment items in inventory.
      • Provides tooltip displaying max hit of a combat spell in the spell book.
      • Provides tooltip showing max hit of a combat spell in the auto-cast selection screen.


  • Client Java Support Changes:
    • The Vanilla and Runelite clients no longer support Java 8.
      • This should not effect the majority of users, since the version we package with the Mac/Windows applications is Java 11, however if anyone is having issues launching the client, we recommend you delete the old client and download the windows installer if you’re on windows, or the Mac installer if you’re using an apple device.
        • Players who are on Linux using the standalone Jar launcher with Java 8 will need to update their 
  • Website updates:
    • Website loading time should be a bit quicker, especially when changing between pages.
  • Tithe Farm Changes:
    • Tithe farm has been revamped to make it faster/easier.
      • Players can now bring in 10,000 seeds rather than 100 at a time.
      • The overall system works more or less the same, where the players goal is to fill a sack with 100 fruit, however the point system has been slightly changed to allow for more points, and for them to be given more consistently.
        • Players will now receive 1 point for every 3 fruit deposited, and 2 bonus points for filling the sack with 100 fruit.
          • This increases the total points per 100 fruit deposited from 28 to 35.
          • The bonus experience gained for depositing more than 74 fruit still remains the same.
    • The amount of Bologa’s blessings received from the Tithe farm shop has been increased from 10 to 20.
    • Herb boxes have been added to the Tithe farm rewards shop for 30 points each.
  • Filtering updates:
    • Prayer filtering:
      • By enabling the prayers filter via right-clicking the prayer icon, players may now alter the contents of their prayers interface based on a number of filters by clicking the "Filters" button on the bottom of the prayer interface:
        • Lower tiers of tiered prayers
        • Tiered prayers even if multi-skill prayers are available
        • Rapid Healing prayers
        • Prayers the player lacks the Prayer level to activate
        • Prayers the player lacks the requirements to activate
  • The Magic spellbook now has an option to resize the spellbook icons outside of the wilderness.
    • This will only work when a player has enough filtered spells that there would be room to resize the icons
  • Client Changes:
    • Low detail non-gpu FPS unlocking has been moved from the interface styles plugin to the fps control plugin.
    • The FPS control plugin’s FPS limiting feature is now properly functional, allowing players to limit their FPS to as low as 1 FPS when the client is not in focus.
    • The Alora HD plugin has been renamed to Alora Client Settings and has been expanded to include more features specific/unique to the Alora client.
      • The disable animations and ld draw distance configs from the Interface styles plugin has been relocated to the Alora Client Settings plugin.
        • All of the Alora Native HD configurations have been given their own section in the plugin’s configuration.
    • Fast map loading:
      • This feature is currently experimental, so players will need to manually enable it in the Alora Client Settings plugin.
      • We’ve improved the client’s map loading by quite a bit, leading to much faster load times when moving into a new map area/region.
        • This will, in many cases, allow for much smoother transitions when a player need to load a new area.
      • Projectiles and graphics will no longer disappear when loading new parts of the map if this feature is enabled.
    • Players can now use the Herblore Recipes Plugin, which has been directly added to the main plugins list.
    • Herb box loot will now be tracked on the loot tracker if the bank-all option is not used.
    • 64-bit Linux devices (using non-ARM architecture) should now be able to use Alora HD.
    • The Special attack counter and DPS plugins have been updated to match OSRS.
    • Party Plugin:
      • Players can now use the party plugin to create parties and invite other players to them.
        • Being in a party with other players will allow you to track their stats, mark tiles for them, view their DPS/damage contributions, and share special attack counter data.
    • Players can now use the “Copy to Clipboard” configuration in the Chat History Plugin on player messages.
      • This will allow players to right-click on other player’s chatbox messages and copy them directly to their clipboard.
  • Bounty Hunter Teleport Changes:
    • The Bounty hunter teleport will now bring players between 9-15 tiles away from their targets, rather than in immediate attack distance.
    • The teleport will also only bring players outside of the new wilderness boss entrances, rather than inside of them.
      • It also will not be useable if their target is in the escape caves.
  • Chinchompa Changes:
    • Black chinchompas will now target up to 12 npcs in PvM, and 10 players in PvP.
    • Red/Gray chinchompas will now target up to 11 npcs in PvM, and 9 players in PvP.
    • Chinchompa accuracy has been changed to follow the guidelines shown below, basing the accuracy on only the attack style/distance to the target.
  • Wilderness Chest changes:
    • Wilderness Logout Prevention Timers:
      • A logout prevention timer has been added for when players loot a Bloody chest or Supply chest.
        • This timer will ensure that the player must stay online for at least 1 minute, regardless of whether they try to close the client, disconnect, etc.
    • Warning:
      • Upon opening the Bloody chest or Supply chest for the first time, you will be presented with a warning and confirmation screen to confirm that you understand you will be prevented from logging out for 1 minute, skulled, and also tele blocked in the case of Supply chest.
    • Supply chest chance to fail:
      • There is now a chance to fail looting the Supply chest.
        • The chance by default is 1/12, which increases to 1/6 if you have a lockpick in your inventory.
        • If you fail 14 times in a row, your 15th attempt will guarantee a successful chest.
  • Alora Native HD Changes:
    • Fixed a bug where the login screen would disappear when hovering over the “play now” button.
    • Tombs of Amascut is now fully supported in HD.
      • Previously players would need to switch to LD to enter the Tombs of Amascut, however they can now participate in Alora’s native HD without having to turn it off.
  • Bank Equipment Interface Changes:
    • Bank equip options will now be prioritized when the equipment interface is open while banking.
      • This means players will no longer have to right-click an equippable item to select the “wear” option, it’ll now be a left-click option when the equipment interface is open, making gearing in the bank far more convenient.
    • The Bank equipment stats interface has had it’s layout changed to look more appealing, and will now show weapon attack speeds (base speeds, and speed from the current selected attack style).
  • Quality of Life:
    • K'ril Tsutaroth now has the same combat mechanics as General Graardor.
      • This means that he will only attack a player when he is within melee distance of that player, otherwise he will continue to follow his target until he can do so.
    • Items dropped in Chambers of Xeric will now appear to all eligible players instantly, similar to Tombs of Amascut and Theatre of Blood mechanics.
      • Items dropped worth more than 1 million coins total will prompt the user to confirm they want to drop that item even though it will appear instantly to everyone.
        • Players will have an option to make these warnings permanently disappear.
    • The Verzik vitur Phase 3 tornadoes will now spawn 4-10 tiles away from the targetted player, rather then from Verzik.
    • The Cockatrice/Cockathrice drain effect now works properly.
      • Players will be required to use a mirror or V’s shield to fight them, otherwise their stats will be drained significantly.
    • Players can now cook cakes by using an egg, pot of flour, and bucket of milk on a cake tin and then cooking it.
      • This requires level 40 cooking, at will provide 180 base cooking experience.
    • Players can now make chocolate cake by using chocolate dust/chocolate bars on regular cake.
    • Players can now cook bread using bread dough.
      • This requires level 1 cooking, and grants 40 base cooking experience.
    • Players can now choose to make pastry dough, bread dough, or pizza base when mixing a pot of flour with water.
    • The dwarven stout effects now work properly.
    • Konar slayer tasks now count towards the “Complete 3 hard slayer tasks” daily task.
    • Verzik will now only spawn exploding nylocas equal to the number of players currently alive in the fight.
    • Slayers enchantments will no longer be announced in yell.
    • Players will no longer receive the looting bag as a drop if they already have one.
    • Abyssal dagger special attack energy has been reduced from 50% to 25%.
    • You can now duel/gamble players that have the same IP address as you.
    • The cost of making unfinished potions for realism players is now 33% cheaper.
    • Players can now make weapon poison++ at level 82 Herblore by using a cave nightshade on a vial of coconut milk, then adding poison ivy berries.
      • This provides 190 base Herblore experience.
    • The instance timer is now draggable through runelite.
    • A shadow will now appear on the tile the grotesque guardian rock fall attacks appear on.
    • Entering the inferno will no longer melt purple sweets, but simply notify the player that they cannot eat them in the inferno.
    • All Halo types can now be stored in the POH armour case.
    • The Idle animation for the Viggora’s chainmace has been updated to the correct one.
    • Players will now get a failure notification if the “You are not prepared” combat achievement fails.
    • Verzik Vitur will no longer spawn exploding melee Nylocas.
    • The inventory icons for the Theatre of blood transmogrified pets has been updated to match OSRS.
    • The inventory icon for the Jalrek-jad pet has been updated to match OSRS.
    • The lil’ nylo pets now have their appropriate color in their inventory item names.
      • For example, the mage nylo pet is now called “lil’ nylo (cyan)”.
    • Exp drop sprites will now be drawn normally rather than flipped.
    • The messages from cutting dense essence will now be filtered as spam.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where magic would only do half damage at Corporeal beast.
    • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't be able to move for a few ticks after trying to search a previously opened sarcophagus in Pyramid plunder.
    • Fixed a bug with the pyramid plunder plugin highlight doors config not working.
      • We’ve also added an option to select the color of the highlighted doors.
    • The Nightmare Collection log entry will now show combine kills for The Nightmare and Phosani's Nightmare.
    • Drop announcements for Phosani's Nightmare will now indicate they are from Phosani, and show the Phosani killcount, rather than the regular nightmare one.
    • De-iron message from Elite Ironman will no longer say that you de-ironed to Normal Ironman, but to Classic.
    • Fixed a graphical bug with the larupia hat.
    • Fixed a bug where opening the npc drops interface by right-clicking the npc wouldn’t always select the proper variant to show stats for.
      • An example would be dagannoths, who have many variants, would always show the level 135 variant when right-clicking.
        • This will now show the exact stats for the npc examined.
    • Adjusted an imp spawn that was spawning on a ladder in Kourend castle.
    • Fixed a bug where Giant moles spawned for events would dig to their lair under falador.
    • Orb-walking / Vorkath "Woox-walking" fix:
      • Orb-walking is being able to attack an enemy from a couple of steps away rather than having to wait until you get right next to them. This works in most cases, but with larger NPCs sometimes it would only work on a specific side of the NPC.
        • For example, when "Woox-walking" at Vorkath with melee, you could only properly do it if you were towards Vorkath's south-west corner, but not south-east or any other side of the boss.
    • Fixed a bug where the drop searcher interface was showing the incorrect drop rates.
      • It was adding the 1.23x Alora drop constant twice, rather than once.
        • This did not effect actual loot rates, and was just a visual glitch.
    • Dragon claw special attack has been fixed to match OSRS.
      • On Alora, the guaranteed damage ranges (assuming you land a hit, but missed the previous one) were not being properly applied. They are as follows:
        • 1st hit: Between 1/2 of ordinary max hit to (maxHit - 1)
        • 2nd hit: Between 3/8 to 7/8 of max hit
        • 3rd hit: Between 1/4 to 3/4 of max hit
        • 4th hit: Between 1/4 to 5/4 of max hit (if you miss all other hits, this one can hit the highest single damage)
    • Stamina potion effect will now persist through logout.
    • NPC Drop table updates:
      • Many missing NPC drop tables have been added:
        • Zombie, Demon spawn, Relleka civilians, Nardah civilians, Burthrope civilians, Tribespeople (Karamja jungle), Wilderness camp bandits, Desert camp bandits, Watchman, Gardener, Screaming twisted banshee, Elf archer, Infernal pyrelord, Tormented warrior, Dad, Jungle demon, Locust, Scarab swarm, Pirate guard, Jail guard, Oomlie bird, King Roald, Menaphite thugs, Head thief, Crushing hand, Evil chicken, Foreman, Lynx tamer, Al-Kharid warrior, Spider, Ram, Vulture, Spawn, Ice demon
      • Additionally, Sotetseg & Muttadiles now have the chance of dropping Long bones and Curved bones.
    • Fixed a bug where the "You are not prepared" combat achievement task would only register at raid level 151 or higher.
    • Fixed a bug where players would complete a combat achievement on a boss they didn’t receive kill credit for.
      • This only works in group fights (raids, tempoross, zalcano, nex, nightmare, etc…)
    • Fixed a bug where some walls weren’t rendering in HD.
    • Fixed a bug where upgrading the slayer helmet through Ghommal would remove the imbuement on the helmet.
    • Players can no longer complete the Playing with Jads combat achievement through inferno training.
    • Fixed a bug where selected the "Other" option on the combat achievements interface would freeze the client.
    • Fixed a bug where some of the zulrah speed tasks could be completed while on a slayer task.
    • Fixed a bug where the dark core would not move after being spawned.
    • Fixed a bug with the Dark core animations on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the Flying carpet would disappear after a few minutes.
    • Fixed a few Combat achievement description typos.
    • Fixed a bug where the Preview option on the combat monkey would show a cape and a monkey on your back.
    • Fixed a bug where 2 tiles were still invisible at Wintertodt when using the Low detail plugin.
    • Fixed a bug where the tiles underneath Vorkath were invisible when using the Low detail plugin.
    • The Keris Partisan of the Sun healing effect now works on Energy Siphons in the final phase of the Warden fight.
    • Fixed a bug where chat commands were not working.
    • Event npc's will no longer count for combat achievement tasks.
    • Replaced the duplicate Hans npc’s in lumbridge with men.
    • Fixed a bug where some of the chambers of xeric speed tasks could be completed in any group size.
    • Players can now use empty vials on fishing spots in the Corrupted gauntlet.
    • Fixed a bug where the together we'll fall task would sometimes be completed before killing all 3 vanguards.
    • Updated the description of the weed whacker task specify that the flowers need to be killed within 6 seconds (not 5) of them opening.
    • Fixed a bug where some graphics looked incorrect/pixelated.
    • Fixed a bug with the Shayzien protector task not working properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the Dclaw spec would play the dds spec sound on top of the dclaw sound.
    • Fixed a bug where the digsite pendant wouldn't consume a charge when used from the inventory.
    • Fixed a bug where the Avernic defender would be lost in a PvP death.
    • Fixed a bug where the scabaras challenge puzzle tiles would not show flip the tile on the other side properly when checking if they matched.
    • Players must now pass the barrier at Bloat to fail the Personal space combat achievement.
    • The Dragon bolt special will no longer trigger when a player is using a super-antifire potion.
    • Players will now stop cooking when their fire runs out.
    • Fixed a bug where the Two-Down task would fail if a player got hit by Bloat's flies or falling body parts.
    • Fixed a bug where some OSRS weapon animations were still broken on 2010 mode when not having gloves equipped.
    • Fixed a bug where players could trigger the 4.6b experience announcement more than once.
    • Fixed a bug where some Revenant drops wouldn't announce the amount of times the item was received.
    • The toxic staff of the dead can now autocast Arceuus spells.
    • Fixed a bug where the clue scroll plugin emote overlay would sometimes not highlight the emote properly.
    • The Abyssal protector pet will only be announced once rather than twice.
    • Fixed a bug with the explorer's ring teleport gfx/animation on 2010 mode.

As this is a much larger update than usual, we're expecting some bugs, so please report them as soon as they are found so we could get them fixed up as soon as possible :)
We hope you enjoy this update!
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Holy update! Can't wait ! <3

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Thanks for all your hard work in bringing these updates to Alora, @ Omicron !

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Outstanding update! always know how to keep your players happy <3

Outstanding update! always know how to keep your players happy <3

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:33 PM #5

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Huge update! Let’s go!
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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:38 PM #6

Tae Iron

Tae Iron
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Finally lets go! Ty!

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:38 PM #7



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Great update with some much needed fixes! Thanks Omicron.

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:44 PM #8

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:44 PM #9



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very big updates! thx alot

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:48 PM #10

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HUGE UPDATE ! I am actually excited to grind the voidwalker out and do some PKing <3 pogggg

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Posted Image

Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:51 PM #11


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Excited to see this update! LFG!! :D

Excited to see this update! LFG!! :D

Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:52 PM #12

It Happened

It Happened
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Huge update, ty as always Omi <3

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:55 PM #13


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Huge update, just wondering if dragon pickaxe got added to the kalphite queen drop table with the wilderness rework?


*Blows Kiss*

Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:58 PM #14

The Inferno

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The Inferno
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lets goo

Posted 06 June 2023 - 04:18 PM #15


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Coming in with the goods!

Huuuge update! Thanks team!

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 04:55 PM #16


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huge update !!!!

Posted 06 June 2023 - 06:08 PM #17

No Rugrats

No Rugrats
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The update everyone has been waiting for. Thanks for taking your time in fixing this up for continous gameplay that everyone will enjoy. Truly appreciated for all you do @ Omicron and the rest of the team. Much love!

Posted 06 June 2023 - 06:55 PM #18


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SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH what a great update! Thank you

Posted 06 June 2023 - 10:06 PM #19


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Big update, looks great :D

Posted 06 June 2023 - 11:45 PM #20



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Thank you for the update! Huge QoL and so much new content! :withlove:

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