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OP Pking in Alora

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Posted 17 September 2023 - 02:32 PM #1

Kush Mintz

Kush Mintz
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What is your suggestion?:

Hello everyone or to whoever is reading this.

I have been trying to come up with a reasonable way to make pking fair for everyone.

"One thing iv noticed pkers doing is going out into the wildy to pull a target

and then going back home rebanking then once they have a target or whatever,

(the game should automaticly clear the target when they go home but doesnt).

they do ::wests is one method i know of and spawn to their target in seconds

They have to do ::Wests which allows them to quickly get to wildy to get to target 

because they cant at home. This command shouldnt be used unless already in wildy.


Is this in OSRS?: I think this is the same runescape mechanics 

Has this suggestion been accepted already?:


How would this benefit Alora?:

It would give players who do slayer tasks and bosses out in wildy a fair chance to get to a safe place.

I think wildy is op right now in alora and needs to be toned down a couple notches.


Just want to share a experience that happened just recently:

Right before the end of the night i was gonna go hit the supply chest that appeared,

and while i was on my way to the supply chest i noticed a pker so i logged out

before he could attack.

so I was like i will just log in tmr when i get back on.

Legit logs back in and not even within 30 secs i already have a targeted pker attacking before i can get to safety.


Any feed back would be greatly appreciated



-Kush Mintz

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