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DKYFoHI.png Founder is the owner of the server and its website. The founder has full power and is in charge of the server along with handling donation support tickets, donations and releasing updates.



DKYFoHI.png Community Manager's are responsible for the staff team. They are obligated to manage the staff team and deal with any staff related issues. It is the second most important role after the Founder.



DKYFoHI.png Advertisement Manager's primary responsibility is to handle Alora's public advertisement. They are responsible for Alora's social media handling, Youtubers, and off-site activities.



DKYFoHI.png Administrators are members of staff who have access to in-game and forums Admin Control Panels. They handle most support tickets (2FA resets & password resets, etc) that cannot be handled by Global Moderators. Administrators will assist players in complex situations & administrate the server/forums and help lower staff out.



DKYFoHI.png Event Managers are responsible for executing a variety of events every week. In doing so, they make sure that the events that they host are up to par in terms of creativity, fairness, player-contentment, and originality. Event Managers are members of staff who are focused on organizing the weekly events, tournaments etc. Their aim is to ensure that the community gets involved into the server activity.

Note that Event Manager can be a primary/secondary rank, meaning on some occasions they can assist in administrator/moderator situations as well.



sb5CFxz.png Global Moderators are members of staff who are focused on moderating both in-game and forums (Forum & Server moderator combined). Global Moderators have to handle appeals, player reports, monitor in-game/forums, forward any serious issues to Administrators and guide Server Moderators as they essentially are the right-hand of administrators.



m47GP7t.png Forum Moderators are members of staff who are focused on moderating our forums. They have to ensure no forum rules are broken, monitor the content, issue warnings to any wrongdoers. They will primarily deal with forum related reports, however they essentially have some in-game powers, therefore you may see them assisting in-game too.



wsszlCf.png Server Moderators are members of staff who only have power in-game. They aim to monitor the server, watch over the Support section frequently, give out in-game punishments, deal with appeals, player reports, in other words, keep the community clean and safe for everyone meanwhile helping out the players.



hDNR4Y0.png Server Supports are the lowest ranks of staff. They barely have any power as their goal is to assist the community, answer questions in help clan chats, personal messages etc. Other duties include helping players with account recoveries, rank transfers and forum award requests.


For a staff list, click here.



9a7EAUA.png Veterans are members of Alora who have been around the community for a while. It is a respected rank and can be obtained after a list of requirements have been met.



Your account must be at least 1 year old.

You must have 50 or more days play time in-game.

You must have 30 or more days online time on the forums.

You must have at least 250 post count on the forums.

You must have 0 indiscretions within the last 3 months.

You must provide proof that you meet ALL of the requirements.

If you apply without having met the requirements, your request will be declined.


In addition, those who currently hold the Veteran rank are held to the following standards:

You will not receive an infraction resulting in a ban/mute in-game or losing your ability to post on the forums.

You will represent Alora in a positive way at all times.

You will be respectful to other members of the community.

Failure to do so will result in your rank being removed.

If your rank is removed, you must wait 3 months before you're eligible to re-apply.



Anyone who reaches Global Moderator are exempt from the normal application requirements and will be granted the Veteran rank upon promotion.

The Administration Team reserves the right to decline/remove the Veteran rank as they see fit.

Players may NOT combine any of the requirements between accounts. The account you wish to hold the Veteran Rank on must meet ALL of the requirements.

If any staff member meets all of the requirements but post count this may be overlooked, since anything staff-related on the forums does not grant post count. This is enforced through the Administration Team's discretion.



Ex-Staff are members of the community who are no longer apart of the staff team. This rank is obtainable for those that have reached the rank of Server Moderator or have been a Server Support for longer than a month. Staff members that were demoted from the staff team cannot be granted this rank.



KRJGRwM.png Youtubers are members of the community who provide server related media to the community. They get perks if they attain this rank, however they must provide content regularly and promote the server on YouTube.



Applicants must have at least 50 subscribers, followers, etc.(Dependent on the platform used)

Applicants must have made 6 or more videos/streams for Alora.

Applicants must have been creating content for Alora for at least 2 weeks. This is to ensure videos aren't being added in quick succession just to obtain the rank.

The quality of the videos and/or streams must meet Moe's quality standards. Failure to do so will result in the application being denied or the rank being removed from those holding the rank currently.


In addition, those who currently hold the Youtuber rank are held to the following standards:

Members that hold the Youtuber rank are required to represent Alora positively all the time. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the rank being removed.

Content being made for Alora must not discuss or advertise other active Runescape Private Servers.

Content Creators are only allowed to advertise videos or streams every 5 minutes. This rule applies to the entirety of Alora.



The Youtuber rank acts as an Extreme Donator Rank.

If you currently hold a higher donator rank the higher rank will take precedence.

Unique forum award and Discord roles.

Access to the Content Creator channel in Discord to promote your content to the server.

Access the Content Creator Zone/Lounge in-game (::cz)



Graphic Designers are members of the community who provide artwork by posting it on forums. They mostly provide unofficial graphic design to the community. In order to apply for this rank, please contact an Official Graphic Designer. Graphic Designers also have a separate set of rules that they must follow here.



Active in the Graphics section.

You must have a post count of at least 15.

You must not have any infractions on the forums/in-game within the last 30 days.

You understand the basic Graphic Design Principles and Elements.

You're creative.

Ability to produce high quality pieces of work.


In addition, those that wish to apply for the Designer rank will benefit greatly if they can showcase the following: 

You study Graphics Design at university or college.

Have a few years of experience.

Have opened a GFX shop on Alora.

Study another form of art.

Have a portfolio that demonstrates your best works.

Have experience with multiple Adobe products: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom etc.



Official Graphic Designers are members of the community who provide official artwork for the server. They design the homepage, unique headers or any other work requested by the Founder. They are in charge of regular graphic designers and are entitled to rank them when appropriate. Official Graphic Designers also have a separate set of rules that they must follow here.


Donators are members of the community that have contributed to the server by donating money or redeeming in-game bonds/rank tickets.

They have plenty of benefits after donating that can be found here: http://www.alora.io/store -> FAQ.



4V6GTEY.pngEternal Donator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $20,000.



gpV3gar.pngImmortal Donator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $10,000.



2HLdmGo.pngMaster Donator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $5,000.



PDTg99I.pngUber Donator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $2,500.



3yDEsr5.pngLegendary Donator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $750.



CMZ9Xfa.pngExtreme Donator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $250.



eihQcNx.pngSuper Donator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $50.



wjJLpUU.pngDonator's are players that have reached a total donated amount of at least $10.












For more information about the above game modes, click here.



If you come across any errors, feel free to send me a message!




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