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#307764 Horus - The journey so far

Posted by KP on 29 July 2019 - 12:47 PM

Hello dads,

in this topic I will be showing off some of the drops, achievements and collection log accomplishments that i achieved on my realism account "Horus".

Its nothing special so far, but I will keep updating it from time to time with random stuff.

I didn't screenshot everything important, but ill show what i have !



UPDATE #2 ( 04/09/2019 )




Stats as of  04/09/2019




At the moment, my goal is to rush 90 fishing so that I can cap at COX.

After that, the pursuit for the prayer scrolls continues.


The bank (SUPER MESSY)






Collection Log progress


Nothing too crazy, apart from zyliana, so ill only show a few:










y4RfJ4S.pngeRGSIwS.pngmAYzJem.gifbmb6GYT.gifKyh729M.pngd72ROrh.gif7icZ2FE.gifZ9WiL1r.gif L5eCVjb.png      NboEj0O.png     8uSZwYg.png



I don't have any skilling goals, Maxing is not on my plans anytime soon. I was never a skiller, some of the skills literally piss me off so with  that being said, maxing will come with time (fuck runecrafting).





Random Screenshots/achievements:




PS: I see a lot of people scared of trying out realism because the "2x XP gamemode" scares them. It is never 2x because of the way alora works, and this is by far the most rewarding gamemode I have ever played. When you do slayer, and get any type of drop, it either has value to you , or it sells on the market. PVMing and bossing are actually fantastic money, getting a skillcape is a huge accomplishment, etc etc. 
Don't be scared, come  join the fun !

Hope you enjoyed dads, love you all. <3