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2016 Veteran.. Coming back after a long.. long hiatus of gaming.

05 December 2022 - 03:41 PM

Hello everyone,


Dedicated here or some of you might know me as Kev - I've came back after a long, long break.

Had some personal things in real life to deal with and sort out my life journey to blossom myself into who I became today.

I've seen Alora since day 1 and it is still blossoming as usual and continues to do so.





I remember a couple months after release and joining and just absolutely falling in love with the server. And the crazy part - is I get that same feeling today...

It's really astonishing on how quick time as flown by since 2016 and I really miss every minute of it.

I really hope everyone is doing well in-game and ofcourse aswell as IRL. 



Can't wait to hop back into the action with you guys.



I was working on 4.6b and comp cape... Sitting at 3b XP and I'm less than 10 diary entries away from completing so... Time to GET TO WORK!!


Cya in-game!